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See what happens in Montana when…

🔥🔥 See what happens when a one-armed bounty hunter falls for the last person on earth that he should… 🔥🔥 HOOK is here! Yes! My baby is out in the world! I’m excited for me and for you! I can’t … Continue reading

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All I Want for Christmas?

No, you aren’t hallucinating! While the lawnmowers are going outside (Literally!) and the scent of chlorine from the neighbors new above ground pool wafts through the air, I’ve been plugged in (barefoot and sporting noise-canceling ear buds) to Youtube listening … Continue reading

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Adventure into Cowboy Land

Last weekend, Asa Maria Bradley and I headed through the big state of Montana to attend the Montana Writer’s conference in Billings.  Besides wanting to meet the amazing writers in Montana, I also wanted to spend some time in Billings, … Continue reading

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Texas, Wyoming, Montana — where?

Where do you like your cowboy stories to take place? Does it matter to you? I’ve written stories that take place in Texas, Tennessee Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, South Dakota, etc,  but I always wonder if it matters to the reader … Continue reading

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Cowboy Story Settings

What setting comes to mind when you think of cowboy stories? Is it a ranch in Texas? Big Sky country of Montana or Wyoming? Front range of Colorado Rockies? Then there are the ranchers in the Dakotas. The cowboys running … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle (post Alaskan vacation)

Okay, so I’m just finishing the first week back from a very long vacation (5 weeks) in which we traveled over 9000 miles from Northwest Arkansas to Alaska and back. Talk about buttitis! On our last stretch, the final push … Continue reading

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A Cowboy’s Life

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a real-life cowboy or cowgirl on the open range? What would it be like to spend hours in the saddle, spanning miles of plains, or brush-popping through valleys and hillsides no … Continue reading

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