Country Line Dancing is Making a Comeback – Are You Happy About That?

Howdy! I have something to confess. I used to teach country line dancing way back when it was popular. I taught through community education classes, at bars, and sometimes in the barn, when neighbors came to visit. I loved it.

The intricate steps and lively music kept me moving and quite a bit trimmer than I am now. Would I like to take up this sport again? I sure would. My friend Jackson Young asked me to write a line dance for one of the songs in his upcoming album, and It’s nearly complete, just one or two more moves and I should have it ready for his album release party. Woo-hoo!

Research is awesome with so many videos on YouTube now. This one, though, really caught my eye, and I sure wish I could incorporate a certain leopard Appaloosa into my routine. (sorry, the video wouldn’t embed here, so you need to click on the link, but here’s what it looks like)


What do you say? Line dancing – Hell Yeah! or Heck No!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
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Can’t help it…Spring makes me smile! by Elle James aka Myla Jackson

After the long hard winter we had, I anxiously awaited the first glimpses of spring. And here they are for your viewing pleasure!

First were the blue hyacinths, bigger than my hand and fragrant.


Then came the daffodils (not sure what kind of daffodil this is, but it’s pretty and different) DaffodilsNow my pink and yellow tulips are blooming with a vengeance and the hosta plants are leafing, ready for the first round of deer feasting (that’s right, we call it deer salad).  The sky is blue and clear of the dreary winter clouds, the sun is shining and it renews my spirit.TulipBunchYellowTulipPinkTulipskyI found the first snake in our front yard. I thought it was worm at first until I saw the ring around his neck. He looked a little beat up and shell-shocked from just waking up to a cool spring morning. (Not a fan of snakes? Even the little ones? Sorry. I think they are cool). I hope you’re enjoying your spring and that you aren’t getting the snow my friend in Montana was gifted recently. firstsnakeWhile you’re out enjoying the blooming trees and tulips, check out my upcoming release SEAL’S SEDUCTION, the 6th book in my TAKE NO PRISONERS series. It’s available for preorder and releases April 28th.

Amazon| Kobo


SEAL’S SEDUCTION (A Take No Prisoners Book #6) by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Elle James

Navy SEAL puts his training to the test when he must rescue a sexy news reporter from a hostage situation

Home on emergency leave, Navy SEAL Dusty Ford didn’t expect to run into his high school sweetheart, local news reporter Jenna Turner, figuring she’d have shaken off the dust of their hometown a long time ago. A woman as addicted to action and adventure as he was, he thought she’d have moved on. But she was still there, and every bit as distracting as she’d been when they were teens.

Jenna Turner never got over Dusty, but moved on with her life, establishing herself as a news reporter for the local station. In an effort to take on more than reporting social events and weddings, with the help of a cousin and an inside connection on the police force, she chases the hotter news items, determined to make her break into the national news scene.

Now that he’s older and wiser and his father is on the mend, Dusty tests the heat with his old flame and finds it’s sizzling. When Jenna is caught in the crossfire and taken hostage during an ATF raid, Dusty and his brothers stage a rescue operation to bring her and others out alive.

Preorder here: Amazon| Kobo

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The Nanny Plan is OUT!


Sarah M. Anderson Author, Planter of Bulbs

First off–winners from the last two months! Carol L won a copy of His Lost and Found Family! And Michelle D won a copy of Rodeo Dreams! Ladies, send your format preferences and addresses to!


LOOK! SPRING HAPPENED! I’m so excited!

Second off–Spring happened! I know for sure because my magnolia tree bloomed. YAH! Of course the magnolia blooming is a sure-fire way to guarantee that we’ll have three straight days of rain and wind. It never fails. I usually get a day of my pretty tree and then boom, awful weather. SIGH. At least the daffodils are hardy. In another week or so, the tulips will be up!

Also, I knew it was Spring because The Kid has Spring Break. He went back to school this morning. IT WAS NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON. But we had a lot of fun (mostly). We had a sleepover, saw Home (which was a super cute movie) and we spent Easter with my in-laws. Did you guys do anything special for Spring Break?

Okay! On to the sexy hero! NEW out this month is The Nanny Plan! I’m so excited about this book–it’s near and dear to my heart!

Here’s the blurb:

The Nanny Plan FINAL

This billionaire bachelor has a baby challenge… 

Being a father to his orphaned infant niece is out of this tech billionaire’s comfort zone. Lucky for Nate Longmire, Trish Hunter is a natural at motherhood, and she’s agreed to be his temporary nanny. But long glances, slow kisses and not-so-innocent touches are strictly off-limits…

Trish’s goal is to help Nate in exchange for a big donation to her charity for Lakota kids. Falling for her bachelor boss—and his adorable baby girl—is not part of the plan. But when the month is up, will she be able to walk away?

Fun stuff, right? I did a super-fun character interview with Nate and Trish over at The Book Queen’s Book Palace–I hope you check it out. It’s sort of an epilogue to the book with lots of fun insights from Trish and Nate’s point of view–and even a few surprises!

The Nanny Plan Buy Links:   Amazon | Powell’s | Indiebound | B & N | Harlequin |  iBooks | Kobo | Google

Check out this excerpt–you guys know I save all the really steamy stuff for you!

“Trish,” he groaned again, his arms held tight at his side, his hands fisted. “Look at you. You’re stunning.” His voice shook with raw desire.

And just like that, she felt desirable in spite of her underthings. She walked over to where he stood. The added height of the bed meant that, instead of having to crane her neck up to look at him, she was a few inches taller than he was. She draped her arms around his neck again.

Stunning. She hadn’t often felt beautiful. She’d had some people try to compliment her, but the best she usually got was “striking.”

“And you, as I believe I noted before, are incredibly attractive.”

He grinned up at her, the doubt gone from his eyes. “Can I touch you now or are you still seducing me?”

“I didn’t say you couldn’t touch me, did I?”

In response, his hands skimmed up the back of her thighs, over her bottom. He moved deliberately, trailing his fingertips along the waistband of her serviceable panties, over her hips, and along the elastic of her leg bands.

She couldn’t help it. She closed her eyes and let her skin take in his every movement. She tingled under his touch, little shocks of pleasure wherever his fingertips caressed her.

“You are so beautiful, Trish,” he whispered against her chest. Then he pressed his lips against the inner curve of her breast, right above the bra cup. “Let me show you how beautiful you are.”

He turned his head and kissed the other breast as he began to unhook her bra. A moment of panic flashed over her—what was she doing? Having sex with Nate? Was she crazy?—but then the bra gave and he pulled it off her shoulders and she moved her arms to let it fall helplessly between them and he—and he—

He licked her left nipple like he was licking an ice cream cone. As his tongue worked her into a hard, stiff peak, he glanced up at her. “Watch me,” he ordered and then he closed his lips around her nipple and sucked.

“Nate!” she exclaimed in a whisper at the sudden pressure. She wanted to cry out and scream his name, but she didn’t want to wake the baby. She laced her hands through his hair. “Oh…”

“Good?” he asked, his voice muffled against her skin.

“Yes,” she said. In response, he sucked again, harder. “Oh…” she managed to say again. Her legs started to shake.

One of his hands slid down her back again, tracing her bottom before coming between her legs from behind. The position locked her body to his. Softly—so softly—his fingertips rubbed over the thin fabric of her panties. The sensation of someone that wasn’t her touching her there was so overwhelming that she couldn’t even make a noise.

“Open your legs for me,” he whispered. “Let me show you how beautiful you are.”

Despite the way he had her legs pinned with his arm, she managed to scoot her knees a little further apart without losing her balance.

“Mmm,” Nate hummed as he licked her other nipple. His fingers rubbed in longer strokes, so close to hitting that hot, heavy weight in the front.

So close—but not quite. He was going to drive her mad with lust. Her! Trish Hunter, who had always been above such base things. With Nate’s mouth on her, his fingers against her—

She ground against his fingers as she held his head to her breast. “Nate,” she moaned when his teeth scraped over her nipple. “Oh, Nate…”

WHEW! *fans self* Nate is my geekiest hero yet. I hope you guys like him as much as I do!

CONTEST TIME! To celebrate the release of The Nanny Plan, I’m giving away a copy of Not the Boss’s Baby (print or e; to be announced next month on the 7th)–to be entered to win, just tell me what you did for your Spring Break!

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Blueberry stains


He’d sworn not to let sexual frustration interfere with business, but all that went out the window almost the moment she’d walked into his kitchen. He’d thought he could hold himself in check, but he couldn’t even be in the same room with her without wanting her.

Hell, she’d only come out for a job. He didn’t even want to think about how many acts of sexual harassment he’d just committed. He didn’t have a clue how to deal with himself—or with Janice. He jerked his jeans up and turned to the sink, feeling like the lowest kind of predator for taking advantage of her.

He wet a towel with hot water for Janice, but when he turned back, his breath seized in his throat. She was buck naked and propped up on her elbows, hair tangled, face flushed, torso smeared with blueberry syrup, and a slow, shy, sexy-as-hell grin on her face. The vision jolted him to the core.

She looked down at herself and shook her head with a chuckle. “You sure made a real mess of me—inside and out.”

He was on her in two steps, marauding her mouth in a ferocious kiss that left them both reeling. He released her just as abruptly. “This towel ain’t gonna cut it, Red. You need a shower.”

“I couldn’t agree more, but I’m feeling kinda sorry for those hungry cows.”

“Another half hour won’t kill them,” he grunted.

“A half hour? I can shower in ten minutes.”

“I don’t think so. Blueberry stains. You’re gonna need some help cleaning all that syrup off. It’s dripped all over your back too.”

“So you’re offering to scrub my back?” Janice’s smile grew, stretching to heart-stopping proportions.

“Hell, I made the mess. Least I can do is clean it up properly.”

“You are such a hypocrite!” She laughed. “If I recall, all this began when I tried to clean up your mess.”

“That’s right, sweetheart. I manage my own messes. And believe me when I say I’ve had plenty of experience at it,” he added dryly.

“Haven’t you ever let anyone else take care of you?” she asked, suddenly serious.

“No. Never had to. I manage.”

“But we all need help sometimes,” she argued.

“And that’s why you’re here,” he answered back. “I need help with the ranch…and now you need help getting that syrup washed off.”

Before she could open her mouth to argue further, he swept her up into his arms and carried her toward the bathroom. She looked down at his chest with an expression of mock dismay. “Now there’s syrup all over you too. Guess you’ll have to join me? You wash my back and I’ll wash yours?”

“You mean scratch,” he corrected gruffly, using his elbow to nudge the bathroom door open.

“Doesn’t fit the situation.” She grinned back at him.

He set her down, jerked back the curtain, and turned on the shower. He waited for the water to heat up and then handed her a bar of soap. “Get in.”

“You are too bossy by far, Dirk.”

“I can get away with it because I am the boss. Now get in.”

“Aren’t you coming?”

He grinned. “Already did.”



Rough Rider-300Can two wary hearts take another chance on love?

Two Loves Janice Combes has two loves, bucking bulls and Dirk Knowlton. But Dirk only has eyes for a dazzling rodeo queen. How can Janice ever compete while mired ankle-deep in manure?Exchanging playful banter with Dirk is all Janice can expect—until the stormy night he knocks on her door dripping wet and needing a place to crash.

Different Dreams…Dirk Knowlton is living the cowboy dream. Life should be good—roping, branding, backing broncs, riding bulls, but there’s a void he can’t seem to fill. After getting hung up by a bull, he wonders if this is really the life he wants. Restless and rebellious, he bolts…but there’s a  certain cowgirl he can’t forget.

When a battle-scarred Dirk returns to his Montana ranch he’s determined to hang on at any cost. Janice has come back home to lick her own wounds. When old dreams turn to dust, can two wary hearts take another chance on love?

Amazon  B&N  Indiebound  Indigo  Books-a-million

 HCN seriesbanner Text1200x400

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Spring is in the Air

It’s been a long, hard winter for a lot of people. I hope the snow has melted where you are, and that the sun is now shining. Here in my part of northeast Texas, the grass is green, the air is warm, and the sun…well, it’s shining once in a while.

I live in a rural area, six miles from the nearest small town and 50 miles from the big city. I love it. I love driving to the grocery store and passing field after field of horses, cows, bison, and camels. Yes, camels. And zebras. This spring we’re seeing a boom in calves of all kinds. Have you ever watched a small calf playing in the spring sunshine? They are so full of life, kicking up their heels in the sheer joy of being alive.


The plum and pear trees have already bloomed and lost those blooms. The bluebonnets are just beginning to bloom here, though they’ve been out in the hill country for a week or more. Every where you look there are red bud trees and dogwoods decked out in hot pinks and whites, yellow daffodils, and purple irises. Eggs are hatching, the bluebirds are returning, and we anxiously await the first hummingbirds of the season.



Spring means new life, and I’ve never appreciated it more than I have this year as we emerge from the frigid temperatures of February and March.

Spring for me is also a time of awakening. Writing slows down for me during the winter, but with the spring sunshine, my muse awakens, along with my brain. She recently handed me an idea for a new series, set along the Red River. Six brothers and one sister, each with a story to tell and a new love to discover. The first book is twenty percent complete, and I’ve been jotting notes for subsequent books.

I’ve already fallen in love with Cade, the oldest brother, and his two little boys. My heroine, Sarah, seems quite fond of them, too. There’s a new baby calf in the story, a litter of puppies, and like most of Texas, the flowers are in full bloom, and the heroine’s garden is growing with the promise of fresh vegetables in May and June.

Yes, it’s Spring and love is in the air.

What are your favorite things about spring?

Page-Turning Stories From the Heart of

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99c cowboy!!!

CowboyParadise2500 (451x704)

Welcome Spring Fever with a cowboy!!!!

Cowboy Paradise is ONLY 99 pennies April 1 & 2.



Exhausted with carrying around the weight of a damaged past, Cara is ready to take the ultimate step in finding her old self, before she met and married her evil husband. She needs to get away from the small town where rumors are spinning and people know her. When she visits Nirvana Ranch, an R&R, she realizes life isn’t as bleak as she thought.

Ben is missing something. He doesn’t feel the excitement he once did as a ranch hand at Nirvana, until he meets a guest that turns his world upside down. He has a connection with her that he can’t brush off or deny. Getting to know her breaks every rule in his book, but he is willing to take the risk.

Cara didn’t expect her life to change the moment sexy and rugged Ben walks in. Parts of her are flaming hot for cowboy, and she has an opportunity to break the rules, something her husband never allowed. Ben triggers her every fantasy and every desire. She’s on the ride of her life and it doesn’t require a saddle.
What started as a strong urge to take Cara to a new level of passion becomes much, much more for Ben. Cara’s touch destroys the boundaries he’d built—exposing a secret of his own, a past of heartache and guilt.

Warning: Read at your own risk of falling for a cowboy.

Buy link:


He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. Sitting on the edge, he placed her in his lap, holding her close and nuzzling his face against her hair. She threaded her fingers into his hair, pushing them deep and rubbing his scalp while her mouth did magical things. Her tongue swooped out and licked his earlobe and he sucked in a deep breath. “Woman, you’re going to be the death of me, I swear.”

She brought her hands to his face and cupped his cheeks, bringing her mouth to his and kissing him fully on the lips. “I want you, but I’m a little scared.”

“Sweetheart, why are you scared?” He touched her cheeks with his thumb, smoothing the pad across the velvety skin. “I’d never hurt you.”

“I’m not afraid of you, Ben. I’m afraid that I can’t satisfy you. My husband was the only one and with him I felt like a failure.” She lowered her eyes and worked her teeth across her bottom lip, showing her nervousness.

He touched her chin. “Look at me.” She brought her gaze up. “That’s what he wanted you to feel.”

“I-I guess I’m a mess.” Her insecurity was evident in every delicate line of her expression and it tugged at his heart.

“Let me tell you what I see—a woman who has been dragged through hell and survived. There is nothing about you that is a mess.”

“You’re changing my view of men, Ben,” she whispered.

“I’m going to take that as a huge compliment.” He chuckled.

She looked through the veil of her lashes, studying him. “You should, but somehow I think you’re different than most men. A true gentleman.”

“What did he do to you, darling’? What did he do to blindfold you from the sweet beauty that you are?” He tangled his fingers through her hair.

“I can’t—not yet.” Her voice was barely audible.

“Okay, but understand, he wasn’t worthy of you,” he said staunchly.

He wouldn’t push her this time. He lowered his hand to her waist and could feel the warmth of her skin through the thin material of the shirt. She moved off his lap and came to stand directly in front of him.  The moonlight streamed in, setting her in its blue glow. “My God, you’re so beautiful.”

“I want to believe that.” She reached around, tugging at the hem of her shirt. The material rustling sounded loud in the silence as she removed it.  The bra cupped her breasts high, lifting the mounds and showing them off. He wanted to touch, but kept his hand on his thighs.

She was surrendering to her desire and he found that more desirable, beyond any words. The cool evening air coming through the open window brushed across them, not helping to ease the scorching heat.

The sweet torment continued.

She bent to her knees and removed his boot, his sock, then the same with the other foot, all while looking at him through the fringe of her long lashes, craving glazing her eyes. She stood and leaned close, sliding her hand over his chest, lower to his belt. The buckle was already unfastened and she loosened the button and zipper, rolling the tip of her finger along the band of his boxers. He sucked in a breath, holding it, waiting for her next move. She climbed over his lap, straddling him and he exhaled slowly. He could feel her heat as her inner thighs grazed his hard cock. He slipped his hand up her smooth thigh and she whimpered. Sliding his hand around to her tight bottom, he squeezed and pulled her closer.

He was intrigued by her beauty and seduction. She had him in the palm of her hand and he didn’t give a shit.






Rhonda’s Rowdy Readers Street Team


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Country Music and the Story

I often find inspiration for the books I write in songs and country music is a genre that never fails to spark my creative side and to get my writing juices flowing! I’ve been a fan of country and folk music most of my life and I almost always find a way to use music either in my books or songs trigger ideas that become books.

My latest release, One Daring Night, falls into that category. The book was actually inspired by an old Lorrie Morgan song. I’m a huge fan of her music and the idea for the story came to me as I listened to “Good as I Was to You” where the woman confronts her cheating boyfriend in a restaurant. I found myself considering what happened to the spurned woman after she told the guy off and left.

The result was One Daring Night. Sounds sort of heavy, but in truth, the story is a lot of fun…a romantic comedy.

One Daring Night-highres copyBlurb:

Joni’s had better birthdays. Catching her boyfriend at a fancy restaurant with some bimbo certainly wasn’t what she’d wished for when she blew out the candles. Newly unattached, she’s ready to embrace singlehood by going wild, being reckless, maybe even indulging in some meaningless sex.

Depressed with his shallow love life, Eric Bryant is commiserating with his friend, Alex Dare, over a meal at his favorite restaurant. He vows to marry the next woman he sleeps with—just before a firecracker confronts her cheating boyfriend at the next table. Intrigued, Eric offers to buy her a beer. Joni agrees on two conditions: She wants tequila, and complete honesty. Eric promises nothing but the truth.

After one daring night, what happens when two people with such similar hungers want such different futures?


“I heard what happened back there in the restaurant.” He hastened to explain before she put the car in gear and pealed tires in her attempt to escape. “That guy—”

“My ex,” she interjected.

“The asshole,” he corrected. She nodded her head in a silent touché. “He did a really crappy thing. I admire the way you stood up to him. The way you walked into that place and called him out for it. That took guts. And I thought I’d like to buy you a beer.”

Her smile grew as he spoke before the tiniest bit of disbelief entered her pretty brown eyes. “You really thought that?”

“Yeah. I did.”

Joni turned, looking at the restaurant she’d just left, giving him the chance to study her profile. She was quite beautiful. And even more appealing was the fact she appeared to have no idea how attractive she was. He’d spent way too many days…and nights…with gorgeous women who used their looks to further their agendas—whether it involved getting into his bed or his bank account. Joni didn’t fit that mold, didn’t feel like someone whose motives he’d constantly have to question.

The silence grew uncomfortable and Eric feared he was losing her. That she was going to leave. “Come on,” he prodded. “Take a chance. For one night, be daring. You already started in the restaurant. Keep going.”

She sighed, then looked at him again, and he sensed she’d come to a decision. He was surprised to feel his chest tighten, his heart stutter a bit as he waited to see if she’d give him a chance.

“I’ll take you up on that drink invitation on two conditions.”

He heard himself say, “Anything,” before he could even think through his reply. Then he realized the response would be the same regardless. He’d do anything to spend the evening with her.

“First of all, I don’t want beer. I want tequila.”

He tried not to wince as he recalled what tequila had done to him last night. It didn’t matter. Alcohol wasn’t going to make any decisions for him tonight. He’d already made them. “You got it. And the second?”


He frowned. “What?”

She gestured to the restaurant. “I just spent the last three years of my life with a lying, cheating son of a bitch. I’ve been fed so much bullshit lately, I’m choking on it. If we go out for a drink, I want one night of no games, no deception, no playboy pick-up lines. Just you and me. No pretense and no attempts to impress each other with stuff that isn’t real. You up for that?”

He never missed a beat. “Absolutely.”

One Daring Night is a Kindle Worlds book. As Carly Phillips’ “Dare” world is licensed to Amazon, the books are available on Amazon only. If you aren’t a Kindle user, no worries! You can still read the stories on the FREE Kindle APP that you can download on your computer, smart phone or tablet. DOWNLOAD HERE.

Don’t live in the US, but want the books? There are 2 ways to do this, one if you have a U.S. kindle address and one if you don’t.

If you have a US Kindle address you should be able to buy from the US Kindle store.

If you don’t– you can manually switch your Kindle association from the country of registration to the U.S., buy the book you want and then switch back to the original country.
Go to settings. In the middle you can see what country you are associated with. Then just a bit above there is a section that tells you what country you can change associations –>> follow that link –>> change to the country of your choice) –>> choose the American site. You’ll be transferred, and able to buy the books in the Dare Kindle World! Then do the same process in reverse to get back to the original site for your country.

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Paying it Forward — Thank you, Desiree Holt!

me and Desiree HoltLast year I started a feature over on my personal blog called Pay it Forward Friday where I feature a different author each Friday. That author has no idea I’ve featured them until the post appears, but it’s my way of thanking them for offering some advice either personal or professional. Sometimes it’s been as simple a gesture as a Facebook IM asking if I’m all right.

I figured I’d continue it here — and thank the lovely and most generous Desiree Holt. I met her in person a few years ago at the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together. Desiree is true southern gentility. She is a lovely, warm, hopeful and helpful author who inspires me to keep plugging away.

Desiree’s CONTROLLED BURN came out today as a single — it had been part of the Five Alarm Alpha bundle that I was also in. So I thought to thank her, I’d give away a Kindle copy over on Facebook. But I’m going to give away a copy here too. Leave a comment and tell me about something nice someone has done for you that has stayed with you.  I’ll leave this contest open until Thursday April 2nd at noon Eastern time.  (I had originally said April 1st then realized someone might think if they got an email saying they’d won they might think it an April Fool’s joke, LOL.)  To enter use the Rafflecopter widget below — to be a valid entry, you need to leave a comment below sharing some way someone has helped you out, or how you’ve paid it forward…You can earn extra entries by visiting Desiree’s or my Facebook page, but you must leave a validcomment here.


Controlled BurnMontana Wade was home after writing off the past ten years of her life, but she needed one more night of courage before she faced her family. Boone Crider, hotshot firefighter, was burned out from the rash of malicious fires. They thought one night as strangers would cure them both, but the fire they started between them soon became a barely controlled burn.

Read an Excerpt

Buy from Amazon


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Caption this Photo – Fun in Texas

Last month I managed to go to the wilds of Texas.  San Antonio.

Okay, so not really the wilds of Texas. I attended the Wild Wicked Weekend conference and had a great time. It was really fun to hang out with Randi Alexander and Sandy Sullivan. And it was a great pleasure to met Desiree Holt.

In the spirit of the conference – and I know everyone who reads this blog will love this.

Caption this photo:


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SABLE’S A BLOOMIN’ IDIOT – or so they say…

I don’t lead a terribly exciting life. Yes, I write exciting, sexy stories – from my recliner! I was teasing a member of my family who’s about to fly to visit relatives in Nebraska. They are worried about safety and crashing and dying in some obscure Kansas wheat field, especially after witnessing the German/French alp crash on TV, sad sad situation. Anyway, I told him the regular stuff – everything from ‘oh, you’ll be fine’ to ‘well, don’t go’. Finally to console him, I told him that he would probably be safer in the plane than I would be writing in the recliner. I joked and said there were probably many horrific recliner-related accidents a year.

I was kidding.

Apparently – though – SHRIEK! – I was on to something.

I couldn’t believe it! How shall I prepare? Should I wear a seat belt while reclining and writing or a helmet? There were an ASTOUNDING 88 recliner related deaths in 2010!

This just proves – NO WHERE IS SAFE – NOWHERE!!

Well, to protect myself from that scary damn chair, I’ve ventured out a bit this week. I researched online to get the best information, I gravitate to the Texas Wildflower report – yes, there is one. Here’s the link.

Consulting this source, I decided to drive down south of San Antonio to see a stretch of roadway from Somerset to Poteet.  I was excited. I haven’t been to San Antonio in a while. Truly, it is one of my favorite places on earth. Like, New Orleans – San Antonio is just different. They aren’t your typical Southern cities. San Antonio doesn’t just have the Alamo, it has the beautiful river walk and a collection of missions that are awe-inspiring. San Antonio is also a very military town with several active bases and forts – Lackland, Randolph Field and Fort Sam Houston. I remember visiting all of those places. But until yesterday, I’d forgotten about visiting the Quadrangle at Fort Sam Houston when I was a child. The Quadrangle is the original fort and the oldest building. It has served many purposes from a quartermaster’s depot to an arsenal, but in 1886 it housed infamous Native American chief Geronimo. My father used to tease me and tell me he and I were descended from Geronimo. I presume he was teasing, I’ve never found any evidence of it, but his words made me always aware and sympathetic to anything I found out about Geronimo.

My recollection of visiting the Quadrangle with my family is a neat memory. They were there to see the military aspects. I was bored…until I heard the tour director explain about Geronimo and that the soldiers there at the time brought animals into the fort to make Geronimo and his tribe feel more at home. Deer, turkey and rabbits. The soldier tour-guide director waved his hand and said…and they are still here!

You all know me. You can imagine my excitement when I saw the small herd of deer and the rabbits. They are so used to people that they don’t run, they will actually come to you to be petted.

Well, that was the end of the tour for me.

I laid down in the grass with the rabbits and refused to proceed. The tour went on without me and picked me up on the way back while I lounged in the spring green grass and stole as much rabbit sugar as I could possibly get. I remember one of the big burly soldiers asking me if I wanted to spend time with Thumper.

I did.

Here are some photos of San Antonio –


Traveling on south of San Antonio, I want to show you the wildflowers I saw. In the early spring, Texas is like a natural canvas where a masterpiece is painted. Splashed across the countryside is an array of beauty. Bright splendiferous colors are meshed in the green grasses of the fields. No florist display can come close. It’s as if a grand designer has placed each stem in exactly the right place to assimilate the most amazing bouquet imaginable.  


While on the trip, I ran into other explores, all prospecting to find the exactly perfect shot. The colors span the spectrum, although the bluebonnet takes center stage. What really got me was that there were places where the bluebonnets were so thick and flowed so lushly between the trees and drifted back so that they took on the appearance of a lake that stretched as far as the eye could see.



As much as I’d like to imagine, not all of this is just happenstance. Some of it is. Some of these stretches are Mother Nature doing her best work, but the Texas Highway Department also gets in on the act. They scatter seed and many residents also do the same. I passed one sacrilegious moment when a man was out MOWING DOWN HIS BLUEBONNETS. I fully expected swat teams of Texas Rangers to swarm down on him, what he was doing surely must be against the law – in Texas.


And if one person in the world had to receive most of the credit for the wildflowers of Texas, no one would argue who that one person should be. Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady, wife of LBJ worked tirelessly to preserve and restore the biological bounty of the US, especially her home state of Texas. I’ve traveled to her birth place in Karnak near the town of Uncertain, TX which featured in BURNING LOVE. Here is a photo –

Lady Bird Johnson's Childhood Home in Karnack, TX 002


In Washington, Lady Bird was instrumental in the planting of tens of thousands of tulips. She aided in the passing of the Highway Beautification Act and she also founded a research center for the study of wildflowers in Austin. All of that sounds small, but the result of her efforts is nothing one could argue with – just look. And this is just one small corner of the world.



I’m not going to harass you with an excerpt this week, but I will show you the cover – ONE MAN’S TREASURE will release before the first. Above are flowers and below is Jet – which form of ‘beauty’ do you prefer?


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