Guest Blogger Gray Gardner’s New Romance Weston Front

Please tell us about your new release, Gray.

The Weston Front is a romance involving a girl with a broken heart who needs to get away so that she can find her way. She finds her way right into the arms of a smoldering and sometimes smothering cowboy who is infuriatingly hot, high-handed, smart, wealthy, and totally arrogant.

Yet the attraction is palpable, and even more so after he scolds her and then drives his point home by taking her across his lap for a little spanking. She hates that she finds it arousing and struggles with her feelings, but finds that she likes feeling something other than self-pity and soon realizes that the cowboy’s attentions are all she wants…whether it’s hot sex or a hot punishment. They know they were made for one another. Can they make it as a couple, though?

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

I loved writing about how they both realized they liked each other. He knew it before she did and forced her to come to terms, yet she still fought him for her own reasons. He had to show the right mixture of firmness and sweetness, and it was fun writing how he spanked her and held her and then showed her it made her wet with desire.

Are you working on a new book right now? Can you tell us a little about it?

My new book, Educated, was just released on 2/27/15, with a sequel also coming out soon, but as far as writing I’m working on about 4 different stories right now. Another hot, infuriating cowboy story, of course; a fun story about a successful girl knocked off of her pedestal and the French chef who makes her feel whole again; and a couple of supernatural stories, naturally.

The women are all strong and know their own minds, but a strong man is all it takes for them to question every certainty they thought they knew about themselves and their sexuality.

Much like a real man, the men I create in my books tend to be complicated, guarded, and hard to get to know or even like. My readers sometimes say that the men are very unlikable at first, and it takes them a while to warm up to them. That’s a tough criticism because I put a lot of thought into my heroes and I want them to be not only likable, but lovable. It’s something I will work on in the future, for sure.

And, what has been the best compliment?

My greatest compliment has been admiration for my writing style! I write casually, like I’m speaking to a friend, like you’re standing right there with my heroine. I love to hear that a reader will read anything and everything I write!

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

The most challenging part about writing down all of the crazy, complicated, and sexy ideas in my head is differentiating my characters. If I write and write without a plan or agenda my heroines tend to come from similar backgrounds, have the same likes and fears, and can end being carbon copies. I go back and reinvent them with tweaks and plot twists so that they are their own women, the similarities being that they are independent and confident in and out of the bedroom.

Do you spend a lot of time doing research?

I love history, government, economics, and politics. Research is fun for me! I can get lost in research just to make sure I’m thorough about a region, a war, or even a clothesline. I had a lot of fun researching the Book of Samuel and the history of prophets for a story I’m writing called Children of the Lost Books.

So, what book are you reading now?

I just finished Bound By Flames by Jeaniene Frost. It’s the third installment of the Night Prince novels. She can write the hottest sex scenes that can bring you in so close you almost feel guilty for spying on such an intimate moment. She is one of my favorite writers.

Movies are tough for me. I don’t get to watch many anymore unless they are Pixar. I usually have to wait until they come on TV.

For Fun- tell us your 5 favorite movies. Why?

I can get sucked into a Lord of the Rings marathon very easily. Any movie about WWII I will watch. Just saw Fury. Incredible!! Pride and Prejudice. Please. Adventures in Babysitting. It was the first movie I got to rent when we got our first VCR. And I have to say Dazed and Confused. We watched that over and over in the dorms


The Weston Front

Gray Gardner

Jobless. Fiance-less. Spineless. That was Blake Campbell’s self-assessment as she arrived for her much needed 10 day getaway at The Bar H Guest Ranch. A little horseback riding and girl time would surely wrench her weary heart back into some sort of normality. She was tired of feeling sorry for herself.

She expected fresh Rocky Mountain air. She expected tranquility. What she didn’t expect, though, was a self-imposed guardian shadowing her all over the damn place and thwarting any kind of fun. A smoldering hot guardian dressed like a cowboy dream, but still, what was his deal?

As he kept appearing wherever she was and telling her every activity was just too dangerous for a small girl like her, she finally began to feel more like herself and completely lost her temper…in front of a lot of people…and a BB gun may have been involved.

The smoldering cowboy demonstrates exactly how he feels about her outburst, and though she knew she shouldn’t have been even more attracted to him afterwards, she couldn’t stop herself. The cowboy who kept telling her what to do and smiling at her like he knew something she didn’t had actually made her feel something other than misery and self-pity: total irritation.

What could she do but just wait and see where the next day would take her? What the smoldering cowboy would do to her? And, if she had her way, what she would do to him?

Buy it today! Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Blushing Books


Married? Yes

Babies? Yes

Cat? Yes

Anyone else? No, we have a full house!

As someone who has been writing since she could wield a crayon, I never in my wildest dreams thought I could be published. Additionally, as a lover of fantasy fiction I never even considered writing cowboy erotica. But, as they say, write what you know. I know sex (I’ve been married almost 10 years, you have to get creative!) and I know cowboys (I grew up on a ranch.)

I went to college and graduate school, too, so look for sassy students and powerful professors by Gray Gardner at Blushing Books. Thanks for reading, y’all!



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Soft Teaser for Hard Lovin’

Before too long Decadent Publishing is going to rerelease a story I recently received the rights back for. This is one of my Top 5 of everything I’ve written, I love this story. It’s a modern western based on the old Scottish folk song, The Whistling Gypsy. Here’s a taste but watch for more. And also watch for the big launch and fabulous contest.

Hard Lovin’

Erin Braddock, daughter of wealthy and powerful rancher Rance Braddock, has been to hell and back. So has wandering cowboy minstrel Grady Sinclair. But the moment they meet chemistry ignites between them, erasing everything else. The sex is scorching, explosive, addictive. They can’t get enough each other. The same talented fingers that coax seductive music from his guitar coax powerful orgasms from her body. Seduced by his music as well as the sinfully sexy man himself, Erin runs away with him. Nights she sits in the bar listening to his come-to-me voice promising her the erotic delights he delivers on when they’re back in their room. But will the past follow them or can they build a future together, in and out of bed?


Erin woke to the grey light of dawn filtering in through the blinds at the windows, the color of the sky before the first rays of sunlight painted it. She blinked her eyes twice, not sure at first where she was. The room was totally unfamiliar. Had she somehow woken up in an alternate universe?

Then she realized in quick order that a warm male body was spooned against her, a strong male arm was around her waist, and a very masculine leg was draped over hers. And it all came crashing back like a building imploding. The party. The noise. The crowd of people. The desperate need to escape. Smoky’s and the singer with the let-me-fuck-you voice.

And the best sex she’d ever had in her life.

Grady Sinclair.

Holy shit, what had she done?

She shifted slightly, wondering exactly what the morning after etiquette was in a situation like this. She’d never picked a guy up in a bar before. She’d gone home from a party with Cal but that was different. That had been more of her rebellion. And of course, look how well that had turned out.

She waited for the fear to sweep over her, the panic, the desperate need to escape, but all she felt was a throbbing in her pussy and an unbelievable need to feel this man inside her again.

So now what?

As if reading her thoughts Grady’s arm tightened around her and he pulled her close enough to him that she could feel his hard cock pressing against the crevice of her buttocks. For a moment she tensed, but when he shifted enough so his shaft rested against one cheek of her ass she relaxed again and let the heat bubble up inside her.

Without saying a word Grady moved one hand so it cupper her breast and the other to slide down her tummy to the curls covering her mound. His fingers drifted idly through it until he found the hot button of her clit and just like that lightening speared through her. She clenched the muscles of her pussy against the sudden surge of need and a moan drifted from her mouth.

“Feel good, darlin?” he breathed in her ear. “Sure feels good to me. You’re already dripping wet.”

Erin wondered if she should be embarrassed at how quickly and easily she responded to him, but she felt so good she just couldn’t care.

Grady stroked her clit while a thumb and forefinger squeezed and tugged on a nipple, and twin sparks of pleasure ignited her nerve endings. Tug, tug, stroke, stroke, his arm holding her in place even as his hand probed her slit. She rocked her hips against his touch, silently urging him to rub faster and harder.

“That’s it, sugar. Ride my hand. Go on. Let me feel you.”

He nipped at the lobe of her ear as she pushed herself into his touch. The touch of his tongue licking a path along her neck was like a brush of flame dusting against her. She groaned in protest when he hooked one leg over hers and pulled it back so she was spread wide open. When she tried to squeeze her thighs together he tightened the pressure on her leg.

“Uh uh, little girl. Just like this.”

Rub, rub, rub. His fingers were doing wicked things to her cunt, stroking the lips, the clit, rimming the opening to her channel. Oh, god, she wanted him inside her. Needed to feel him there, with a desperation that threatened to consume her. But he was relentless, merciless, holding her open as he drove her to completion. She shuddered as the muscles of her pussy clenched on air and Grady squeezed her nipple and licked her skin.

 Out  now!
Bang the Drummer, Finding Julia, Naked Desire, 
Three of a Kind

Knockin’ Boots, Dealer’s Choice, Savage Lust, Cajun Spice

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A History Lesson that Left a Lasting Impact – The Alamo

Last month, I attended Wild Wicked Weekend, an amazing reader and author event in San Antonio, Texas. Across the street from The Menger, our hotel, sat The Alamo. I’d heard of the building, but knew very little about it. After spending a few hour learning the story of the battle waged at The Alamo, the men who sacrificed themselves for a noble cause, I realized how profoundly it affected the course of US history. Since March 6 was the anniversary of the overthrow of The Alamo, I’m pleased to share with you the basic story:


The Mission San Antonio de Valero, established in the early 18th century, was situated along the San Antonio River. By 1800, the Missionaries were displaced and their land was seized for military purposes. Occupying soldiers called the Mission-turned-garrison El Alamo after the cottonwood trees surrounding it. Eventually the mission was officially renamed The Alamo. First Spanish soldiers occupied The Alamo, then Mexico gained independence from Spain by the early 1820s. Under the Republic of Mexico, settlers from other states began flocking toward Texas.

The only condition to owning land was that all immigrant landowners had to be Catholic, an easy enough problem to overcome for non-Catholics. William Travis, for instance, became Catholic to purchase land, but remained a staunch Methodist until the day he died at the Alamo.

Unfortunately, the fledgling Republic of Mexico was born bankrupt and ill-prepared for self-government. In fact, during its first 15 years of independence, it had 13 presidents. All of them struggled for power, shifting between the liberal-leaning Federalists and the dictatorial Centralists. The first president was a Federalist, General Guadalupe Victoria, established the liberal Constitution of 1824 that so infuriated Antonio López de Santa Anna Santa Anna and that would lead to the Battle of the Alamo 12 years later.

It was also during this tumultuous struggle for control of Mexico’s presidency that the northern territory of Texas was mostly neglected. When Mexico redefined its territories in 1824, Texas was the only separate territory to lose its independence. It was joined to Coahuila and the capital was moved from San Antonio de Béxar to Saltillo. In September 1835, armed citizens gathered in protest, petitioning for statehood separate from Coahuila. They wrote out their needs and their complaints in The Declaration of Causes. This document was designed to convince the Federalists that the Texans desired only to preserve the 1824 Constitution, which guaranteed the rights of everyone living on Mexican soil. But by this time, Santa Anna was in power, having seized control in 1833, and he advocated the removal of all foreigners. His answer was to send his crack troops, commanded by his brother-in-law, General Martín Perfecto de Cós, to San Antonio to disarm the Texans.

October 1835 found San Antonio de Béxar under military rule, with 1,200 Mexican troops under General Cós’ command. When Cós ordered the small community of Gonzales, about 50 miles east of San Antonio, to return a cannon loaned to the town for defense against Indian attack–rightfully fearing that the citizens might use the cannon against his own troops–the Gonzales residents refused. Come and take it! they taunted, setting off a charge of old chains and scrap iron, shot from the mouth of the tiny cannon mounted on ox-cart wheels. Although the only casualty was one Mexican soldier, Gonzales became enshrined in history as the beginning of The Texas Revolution.

On December 5, 200 Texan volunteers commanded by Ben Milam attacked Cós’ troops in San Antonio de Béxar, which was about 400 yards from the Alamo compound. The fighting in Béxar raged with a house-to-house assault unlike anything the Mexican army had ever before experienced. Cós finally flew the white flag of surrender from the Alamo on December 9. More than 200 of his men lay dead, and as many more were wounded. He signed papers of capitulation, giving the Texans all public property, money, arms and ammunition in San Antonio, and by Christmas Day, the Mexican army was back south of the Rio Grande. The Texans lost about 20 men, including Ben Milam.

The siege of Béxar and Cós’ surrender brought immediate retaliation from Santa Anna. He whipped together a force of 8,000 men. One of his deadliest snipers was an Illinois man named Johnson. Santa Anna, the self-styled Napoleon of the West, marched at the head of the massive army, determined to stamp out all opposition and teach the Texans a lesson. The word went out to his generals: In this war there are no prisoners.

Although it was midwinter, Santa Anna pushed his army mercilessly toward Texas. The frigid, wind-battered deserts of northern Mexico took their toll. Men and animals died by the hundreds and were left on the trail, and the brigades strung out for uncounted miles. When the big siege guns bogged down in one of the many quagmires, Santa Anna pushed on without them. Nothing would stop him. Meanwhile, after the defeated Mexican force under General Cós had left San Antonio, Colonel James C. Neill had assumed command of the Alamo garrison, which consisted of about 80 poorly equipped men in several small companies, including the volunteers. The rest of the soldiers had returned home to their families and farm chores. In this command were an artillery company under Captain William R. Carey known as the Invincibles, two small infantry companies known as the New Orleans Greys under Captain William Blazeby, and the Béxar Guards under Captain Robert White.

On January 17, 1836, Sam Houston, the commander of the revolutionary troops, sent Colonel Jim Bowie and 25 men to San Antonio with orders to destroy the Alamo fortifications and retire eastward with the artillery. But Bowie and Neill agreed that it would be impossible to remove the 24 captured cannons without oxen, mules or horses. And they deemed it foolhardy to abandon that much firepower–by far the most concentrated at any location during the Texas Revolution. Bowie also had a keen eye for logistics, terrain, and avenues of assault. Knowing that General Houston needed time to raise a sizable army to repel Santa Anna, Bowie set about reinforcing the Alamo after Neill was forced to leave because of sickness in his family.

Colonel William Travis arrived in San Antonio on February 2 with a small cavalry company, bringing the total number of Alamo defenders to about 130. Although spies told him that Santa Anna had crossed the Rio Grande, Travis did not expect the dictator before early spring. He sent letter after letter, pleading for supplies and more men. He and Bowie also competed for command of the garrison before it was decided that Bowie would command the volunteers and Travis the regular army. On February 9, David Crockett and the 14 other Tennessee Mounted Volunteers (only three were actually from Tennessee) rode into San Antonio. Alarmed by the Mexican army on the outskirts of town, Travis vigorously renewed his pleas for help. His February 24 letter, To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World….I shall never surrender or retreat….Victory or Death! is considered one of the most heart-wrenching pleas ever written. Travis sent the message out with Captain Albert Martin.

The day before, February 23, Santa Anna had reclaimed San Antonio. To the triumphant music of a military band, he took possession of the town, set up headquarters on the main plaza, and began the siege. He had his standard-bearers climb to the top of the bell tower of San Fernando Church and unfurl the scarlet flag of no quarter. Inside the Alamo, Travis and the Texans fired their message to Santa Anna with a blast from their 18-pounder. They had their music, too, with Davy Crockett’s fiddle and John McGregor’s bagpipes. In fact, Davy’s fiddle-playing and outlandish storytelling kept up the spirits of the besieged defenders.

Santa Anna ordered his men to pound the fortifications with cannon and rifle fire for 12 days and nights. His idea was to wear out the defenders inside, giving them no chance for rest or sleep. He reasoned that a weary army would be an easy one to defeat. But the noise worked on his own army, too. Unable to hear clearly through the din, they allowed courier after courier to escape from the Alamo. On March 2, racing through the enemy’s lines, the last group to reinforce the Alamo arrived. These men were the relief force of 32 rangers from Gonzales, the only town to answer Travis’ pleas to send help. The total number of Alamo defenders now stood at between 180 and 190.

At 4 o’clock on the morning of March 6, 1836, Santa Anna advanced his men to within 200 yards of the Alamo’s walls. Just as dawn was breaking, the Mexican bloodcurdling bugle call of the Deguello echoed the meaning of the scarlet flag above San Fernando: no quarter. It was Captain Juan Seguin’s Tejanos, the native-born Mexicans fighting in the Texan army inside the Alamo, who interpreted the chilling music for the other defenders.

Santa Anna’s first charge was repulsed, as was the second, by the deadly fire of Travis’ artillery. At the third charge, one Mexican column attacked near a breach in the north wall, another in the area of the chapel, and a third, the Toluca Battalion, commenced to scale the walls. All suffered severely. Out of 800 men in the Toluca Battalion, only 130 were left alive. Fighting was hand to hand with knives, pistols, clubbed rifles, lances, pikes, knees and fists. The dead lay everywhere. Blood spilled in the convent, the barracks, the entrance to the church, and finally in the rubble-strewn church interior itself. Ninety minutes after it began, it was over.


All the Texans died. Santa Anna’s loss was 1,544 men. More than 500 Mexicans lay wounded, their groans mingling with the haunting strains of the distant bugle calls. Santa Anna airily dismissed the Alamo conquest as a small affair, but one of his officers commented, Another such victory will ruin us.

As many of the Mexican dead as possible were given the rites of the church and buried, but there were so many that there was not sufficient room in the cemetery. Santa Anna ordered all the bodies of the Texans to be contemptuously stacked like cord wood in three heaps, mixed with fuel, wood and dry branches from the neighboring forest, and set on fire–except one. Jose Gregorio Esparza was given a Christian burial because his brother Francisco was a member of General Cós’ presidio guards.

Nearly twenty women and children, who had suffered and survived the bombardment and siege leading to the final assault, were spared and allowed to return to their homes. The best-known Alamo survivor, Susanna Dickinson, was sent to Gonzales by Santa Anna with a warning to Sam Houston and the Texans that the same fate awaited them if they continued their revolt.

Six weeks after the Alamo, while the Mexican wounded still languished in San Antonio, Santa Anna met his end at San Jacinto. The men who died inside the walls of the Alamo had bought with their lives the time needed for General Sam Houston to weld a force that won Texas its independence. The great sacrifice would not be forgotten by history, nor would the Alamo’s many legends and stories, most of which can never be proved or disproved because all the defenders died.

Memorial erected on The Alamo grounds.

Memorial erected on The Alamo grounds.

Juan Seguin of San Antonio was on a courier mission for Travis when the Alamo fell, but he vowed to one day honor the Alamo dead in a church ceremony, a ceremony that had been denied by Santa Anna. Legend claims that Seguin collected the ashes and placed them in a casket covered with black. Inside the lid, he had the names of Travis, Bowie and Crockett engraved. He then buried the casket. Shortly before his death, when he was in his 80s, Juan Seguin stated that he had buried the casket outside the sanctuary railing, near the steps in the old San Fernando Church. In 1936, repair work on the altar railing of the cathedral led to the unearthing of a box containing charred bones, rusty nails, shreds of uniforms and buttons, particles of coal, and crushed skulls. From that discovery arose a controversy that continues to this day. Are they the bones of the Alamo defenders? A small stone coffin containing these remains currently resides in the vestibule of the Cathedral.


Their sacrifice brought Texas independence, which paved the way for expansion to the Pacific and added more than a million square miles to the American nation at that time. And because of their sacrifice, the Alamo is now a shrine respected and revered throughout the world. Remember the Alamo became the battle cry that broke Santa Anna’s back.

I hope you’ll have the opportunity to visit San Antonio and The Alamo. It’s an important and fascinating piece of American history.

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This article was written by Lee Paul and originally appeared in the February 1996 issue of Wild West Magazine.

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Get a little Wild and Unruly

Like many authors, I love getting my inspiration from music. Whether that’s one line from a song, the beat, or tone, that serves to evokes a certain scene–create a mood.

One of the songs I’ve used many times is “Cowboy Take Me Away.” (Dixie Chicks) And so it was that the one line “I want to grow something wild & unruly, struck a chord and the Tales of the Sweet Magnolia series was born. Now I could have made them straight historical, because I have a penchant for researching the brothels and women of tTime-Travel-boxed-bundle_McIntyre_V2he old west who built and secretly kept some of these small towns going by their profession. And yes, I’m one of those who toyed with the “what if” between Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty.

But I love contemporary as well–so what better way to combine the two than with time-travel? I love to give my readers twists and turns, lull them into thinking they know where the story is taking them, then hit them with the unexpected.

I also enjoy writing about ordinary people placed in extraordinary situations. Again, time-travel covers all these areas and more.

The first book, “Wild & Unruly”  is about a modern day librarian who fantasizes about riding off into the sunset with her cowboy, but finds men of today fall short of her expectations…until the day she discovers a beautiful necklace that challenges her wish and may change her life forever.

The second book, “Fallen Angel”, is about a young woman who meets the heroine of the first book and falls in love with the man who wrote the piano music that Miss Lillian plays–desperate to find her “Billy,” she takes up with a strange piano instructor passing through town that challenges her to follow her heart. Transported through music to modern day, Angel sets out on a quest to find the man she has loved from afar, but instead finds herself witness to a drug deal gone bad with no choice but be in the protective custody of a brooding lone wolf detective.

Available in eBook and print separately, I am re-releasing the duo as a bundled set March 20 on the first day of Spring. This bundled set will only be available at a special price for a limited time.

Time-travel continues to fascinate me. I’ve got my own twist on melding both history with modern day and find it a lovely template for storytelling. There may yet be MORE tales of the Sweet Magnolia!

I hope you’ll give these books a try and tell me what you think.

Whats your favorite time-travel movie or book?

Remember that one luck person wins a $25 amazon card each month at this blog!!

Until next time–

Kindness matters,


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Cover Reveal for!


Hi again, everyone! I’ve got something completely different today–a cover real for a new series! Feast your eyes upon! Here’s the skinny:

What happens when a cowboy wants to find a second chance at love?

He heads on over to – a dating site for cowboys and cowgirls who’ve been around the marriage block and are ready to try again.

It’s also the new fun trilogy of stories from Donna Alward, Sarah M. Anderson and Jenna Bayley-Burke, coming from Samhain Publishing on June 23rd. Today they share their brand new covers! Each novella will be sold separately as ebooks, with a print anthology of all three stories.

AmazNothingLikeACowboy72webon    Barnes & Noble    Samhain     Kobo     iTunes 

Getting back in the saddle has never felt so good…

Brett Harrison tried marriage once and isn’t anxious for another round. So when his meddling twin sister sets him up on a dating site, he seriously considers strangling her and cancelling. Luckily for him, he’s too much of a gentleman to act on those impulses, and when he meets Melly Walker, he wonders if it’s time to get back in the saddle.

Melly knows exactly where her previous marriage went wrong. She was dazzled by her ex’s big-city charm and strayed too far from her roots. This time, she’s going with tried and true—a dyed-in-the-wool cowboy. Her first few dates net her more duds than studs, but when she meets Brett, she’s ready to get more than just her feet wet.

The principles of trust and compromise are great in theory, but when Melly discovers Brett has his eye on more than just her curves, she questions her judgment and his motives. Is Brett ready to drop his dreams for something as unreliable as love?

Warning: Contains virtual hat-tipping, real-time kissing and sexy times. Yee haw!


Amazon    Barnes & Noble    Samhain     Kobo     iTunes 

He’s a man of his word…and she’s gonna take him up on it.

After six years working his ranch and raising his boys, widower Mack Tucker is staring down the barrel of another long, lonely winter. Until his grown-up sons decide it’s time for him to move on. They not only sign him up for an online dating site, but also screen the first batch of interested parties.

Mack is furious—until he spots one of the profiles. He’s intrigued. Intrigued enough to drive three hours to Billings to meet Karen Thompson.

Burned by her ex, Karen isn’t interested in diving into another marriage, but she wouldn’t mind dipping her toes back in the dating waters. But this time, things will be different. What could be more trustworthy and honest than a strong, silent cowboy?

Their first date gets steamier than either of them intended, and Mack fears it may be too much, too soon for him. Torn between the past and the present, Mack has to cowboy up or lose the possibility of a future with the woman who makes his broken heart beat again.

Warning: Contains skinny dipping in public, sensual biting, gratuitous use of roses, and a red lace thong. Sometimes all at once.


Amazon    Barnes & Noble    Samhain     Kobo     iTunes 

Her plan was for them to fall in bed, not in love.

When veterinarian Jacy Weston changes her location on her western dating website profile, she thinks it’s no big deal. Opal Creek…Myrtle Creek…what’s the difference? As little white lies go, this one barely qualifies. Besides, since her brothers have chased off every guy within a hundred miles, the expiration date on her virginity is way past due.

Ray Mitchell is not inclined to waste his time on something as unnecessary as dating, but it’s much easier to take a woman to coffee than to explain to his mother why he’s in no hurry to get married again. Despite’s promises, he doubts he’ll find any woman willing to find herself stuck on a remote ranch raising rodeo stock.

But Jacy is different. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Or to get down and dirty. Ray’s thinking he’s found the one, until the truth comes out…and he realizes the divorcee from the next county he’s been dating doesn’t exist.

Warning: Contains a virginal heroine looking for the nearest exit for the horizontal highway to heaven, and a cowboy willing to go the distance for the right woman.

Donna set up a website and everything–be sure to check it out at!

So what do you think? Are you up for a sexy trio of cowboy stories? Which stories are you looking forward to? I’ve got a copy of Rodeo Dreams for one random winner!

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It’s hard to say goodbye… again by Beth Williamson

Most people know I began my writing career with a series of books about the Malloy family with the release of The Bounty in 2004. They were conjured in my imagination in 1880s Wyoming and guided me through a total of 8 books. Then in 2009, I ended that series on the 8th book, Hell for Leather.

Fast forward to 2013 and I received so many emails about continuing the Malloy series, I took a step back and considered it. One idea from a reader was to write the parents’ story, John and Francesca. I’d been mulling it over for a bit when I saw a tv show about a pawn shop and the wonderful little object someone brought in, le petit protector, a tiny gun that was a ring.

That was the catalyst to write John and Francesca’s story, The Fortune. And of course, Francesca had 3 sisters, for 3 additional books.

Then last year I decided to publish the “missing” Ethan Malloy story, a novella, The Present, book 8.5.

Now here I come again to the end of the Malloy family series with what will be book 12, The Gem, in July. This month marked the print release of The Prospect, book 10.

It’s very hard to say goodbye again to the Malloys. Have I considered branching off and writing books about Francesca’s sister’s children? Of course I have! Will I? I don’t know… maybe. I’m a fan of some series that branch out to continue, but I also don’t want to overstay my welcome or make it so difficult readers can’t keep track of characters!

Regardless of how I decide to continue, the Malloys will always be my first family. I’ve felt a part of their clan, through their ups and downs, for the last 12 years since I first wrote The Bounty. The book that began a legacy that continues. For now, right?

If you’d like to read about the Malloy family series, I have a series page on my website. For now, I’m going to savor the last few months in anticipation of The Gem and hug my Malloys close to my heart.

**Don’t forget one lucky commenter from all posts wins a fabulous prize each month!**

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Victoria Vane’s Hot Cowboy Nights

HCN-seriesbanner-Text1200x4001-1200x400Hi Everyone!

Since I am the new kid on the blog, I thought I’d use my first post to introduce myself. For those who don’t know me yet, I am a multi-genre writer with two published titles in historical fiction (The Highest Stakes and Fortune’s Son) writing as Emery Lee and eleven hot historical romances writing as Victoria Vane. I have worked with five publishers to date in addition to indie pubbing, and now have seven contemporary Western romances coming over the next 12 months to include Hot Cowboy Nights from Sourcebooks and my Hotel Rodeo series coming from Kensington.

2014 marked my entry into contemporary romance with Hot Cowboy Nights. There are currently four books in this series that features some damned hot cowboys! Book #1 in this series is SLOW HAND, featuring a damsel in distress and a sexy-as-sin Montana rancher-cum-lawyer who comes to her rescue. This book was recently chosen as a finalist for the Red Carpet Awards for Best Contemporary Romance.



In rural Montana…Wade Knowlton is a hardworking lawyer who’s torn between his small-town Montana law practice and a struggling family ranch. He’s on the brink of exhaustion from trying to save everybody and everything, when gorgeous Nicole Powell walks into his office. She’s a damsel in distress and the breath of fresh air he needs.

Even the lawyers wear boots…Nicole Powell is a sassy Southern girl who has officially sworn off cowboys after a spate of bad seeds-until her father’s death sends her to Montana and into the arms of a man who seems too good to be true. Her instincts tell her to high tail it out of Montana, but she can’t resist a cowboy with a slow hand…

Amazon,  B&N,  KoboIndiebound, Indigo,  Books-a-million,  i-Books

ROUGH RIDER, the second book in this series, just released February 4th. It features Wade’s older brother, Dirk, a former Bull rider and Marine who’s now fighting tooth and nail to hold onto the family ranch after losing a leg in Afghanistan.


ROUGH-RIDER-COVER-200x320Two loves …Janice Combes has two loves, bucking bulls and Dirk Knowlton. But Dirk only has eyes for a dazzling rodeo queen. How can Janice ever compete while mired ankle-deep in manure? Exchanging playful banter with Dirk is all Janice can expect-until the stormy night he knocks on her door dripping wet and needing a place to crash.

Different Dreams…Dirk Knowlton is living the cowboy dream. Life should be good-roping, branding, backing broncs, riding bulls, but there’s a void he can’t seem to fill. After getting hung up by a bull, he wonders if this is really the life he wants. Restless and rebellious, he bolts…but there’s a certain cowgirl he can’t forget.

When a battle-scarred Dirk returns to his Montana ranch he’s determined to hang on at any cost. Janice has come back home to lick her own wounds. When old dreams turn to dust, can two wary hearts take another chance on love?Amazon  B&N  Indiebound  Indigo  Books-a-million

SHARP SHOOTIN’ COWBOY  is the third book in this series and will release June 2nd. This book is truly unique in that it features wolves as a central part of the storyline.


Sharp_Shootin’_Cowboy-3001-548x900TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT, COWBOY…

A Weary warrior…After eight years as a Marine sniper, war-scarred Reid Everett is back in his native Wyoming. He knows and loves this rugged land, so working for wildlife services to reduce the booming wolf population suits him to a T.

A Caring crusader…Wildlife biologist Haley Cooper is desperate to make a difference. Leaving the world of academia behind, she accepts a position as a wolf advocate to protect the animals she loves.

Raw attraction…Their jobs set them on a collision course, but chemistry sparks like wildfire between Reid and Haley. They’ll have to brave some rough territory if they hope to reconcile their polarizing views with a passion that won’t be denied. (Coming June 2015)

I hope you enjoyed the book trailers and will click my links to read the excerpts.


Enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a signed paperback copy of SLOW HAND and a really cool hand made book marker!

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Not Quite Cowboys, but Close…

In addition to my Lone Star Cowboys series, I write in several other genres. One of those is Romantic Suspense. Even in that genre, I can’t quite let go of my western theme. The Southern Justice series is set in East Texas, near where I live. My heroes are country boys, in law enforcement, and they live on ranches. So, almost cowboys, right?

I just released book two in the Southern Justice series–Rookie Justice.

Rookie justice meme 2

Deputy Cody Wills likes his job with the Greendale County Sheriff’s Department, even though things are getting more dangerous in the small, East Texas county. But when Sheriff Rand McCade hires a few new deputies and changes some of the rules in response to the increasing crime rate, Cody finds himself saddled with a partner. And not just any partner–a female, straight out of the academy. If he has to have a partner, he’d at least like one who can watch his back.

Charlie Booker is excited about her new career in law enforcement. She’s recently returned from several tours of duty in Iraq, and still suffers from nightmares. But she’s an expert sniper, and she can watch Cody’s back just fine, thank you very much. And she doesn’t mind a bit. He has a very nice backside to watch.

As they work together to fight crime and investigate a threat to the local high school, they figure out they have to learn to trust each other. Before they know it, their relationship heats up as quickly as a Texas summer day.

I know the cover looks like a thriller, but it’s not. It’s pure romantic suspense. I couldn’t find another picture that really worked for me. Do you think it’s too intense for romantic suspense? And why is it so hard to find good cowboy/country boy pictures?

I’m excited to finally have a new book out. It’s been a long time since my last one. My plan for this year is to put out three books in a new series and another book in the Southern Justice series. The new series will be set on a ranch in Northwest Texas, somewhere along the Red River. As soon as the weather finally clears, I’ll be taking a day trip to find the perfect location. In the meantime, I’m getting to know my characters and writing out their backstory so I’ll be ready to dive in as soon as I have the location scoped out.

In other news, it’s ebook week on Smashwords. Blame it on Texas is free on both Smashwords and Amazon, so if you haven’t tried the Lone Star Cowboys series, you can try it out with the first book free. I’ve also put Superstition and Satisfaction Guaranteed free on Smashwords for ebook week. Now’s your chance to try a new-to-you author without having to invest hard-earned money to do so. You can find the coupon codes here.



0001-48814190 A Romantic Times Magazine Top Pick for

Have a happy March! It’s the month for rebirth, renewal, and Spring, glorious Spring. Good-bye winter. Don’t let the door hit you in the backside on your way out.


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Nirvana and cowboys!

I love cowboys. I love writing about them. After all, who can resist a man with an unshaven jaw, hat and worn jeans? I’m working on the second book of my series Cowboys of Nirvana. When I started writing this series I had a clear vision in mind–a place where I’d like to go for rest and relaxation. The ranch hands have landed at the Nirvana Ranch because they’re running from demons. The last thing these men want is to get close with the guests, or to find love. But you know how it works…sometimes love finds us when we least expect it.

Do you love cowboys as much as I do? Let me entice you with a FREE ecopy of any one of my books, your choice. Leave a comment below telling me why you love a cowboy  and you’re entered to win. I’ll choose one winner randomly.

CowboyParadise2500 (451x704)


Ah…sweet Lord.

A cowboy stood on her step, his back facing her, and what a nice back.

Gorgeous had come knocking.

She inhaled deeply and sucked up soap and leather. Gorgeous smelled good too.

The blue flannel stretched forever across wide shoulders, and she followed the brawny masculine line to lean hips, wide belt and…oh dear, all that is holy…the jeans fit like a worn glove on his tight buns. So this was what a real cowboy looked like?

Her breathing quickened to a pant while her heart played a rhythm of pleasure. She’d been right… the treehouse was only the tip of the iceberg. Whatever she’d done in life to be rewarded with hot and sexy waking her up, she was grateful.

She’d even forgotten for a moment that she was standing with only a sheet wrapped around her torso—her trembling torso.

He turned and she held her breath. Oh yes, she most definitely was in paradise. The proof was wearing a cowboy hat and worn boots. Their eyes met and her knees weakened. What color were they? Green—blue maybe? And his facial features were delectable, as if he were molded with clay by an artist’s hand, then brought to life. A smile curved his beautiful lips and dizziness washed over her.

She knew that smile. She’d had sweet dreams of those lips.

But it couldn’t be possible.

He couldn’t be the hero that came along and saved her at the vending machine.

“Are you the man from the hotel parking lot?” She forced the words through quivering lips.

“Yes, ma’am.” He dipped his hat.

“Am I dreaming?” She didn’t realize she’d said the words aloud until he answered.

“Call it whatever makes you happy. I’m Ben.” His smile widened to a magical width.

She held onto the doorknob until her knuckles popped and she eased her grip. Her knees wobbled and she stilled her body by leaning into the door.  She didn’t think she’d ever see him again, except in her dreams. Clearing her throat, she hoped her voice worked. “I’m—I’m Cara.”

“Yes, I know who you are.” He didn’t have the deep twang like Dade, but there was a slight accent that teased her ears. He slipped a steady gaze down the sheet and her nipples hardened. Wow…how did he do that?

“Did you know who I was at the hotel? Were you watching me?” Heat spread from the roots of her hair to the tips of her toes.

“No, I wasn’t watching you. It was mere chance that I spotted you across the parking lot at the very moment you needed me.”

Her cheeks stung and she guessed she blushed ten shades of red. She clasped the sheet tighter and took a step back, opening the door a little more. She concentrated on his eyebrows because all she wanted to do was gawk at tanned, sexy flesh. What had come over her? This man had come over her, that’s what. Then her gaze dipped to his kissable mouth. Wow…just wow. “I…I wasn’t expecting anyone. I mean, I was expecting you, not you, but Dade told me you would be here. I overslept. I’m sorry.”

“No apology. Most guests tend to sleep late here.  Your first visit with Sofie is soon, then a riding lesson if you’d like. There’s fishing, too, since you said you wanted to learn, or rather what you told the operator. You probably should eat breakfast, keep up your energy.”

“I don’t eat breakfast. And who is Sofie?” More strangers. Her stomach did a loop.

“Whatever your pleasure, Cara. Sofie is Nirvana’s life skills coach. Part of the package.” He winked. “We like to give every guest what she needs”.

Sparks of awareness tackled her veins. She was no longer dizzy but there was a new tight feeling between her legs. “What I need?” She pushed the words through trembling lips.

His smile warmed her bones. “That’s right, ma’am.”



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My concentration is shot to hell these days. I’m not sure if it’s because I have too much to do or if I’m coming down with some degenerative brain disease (this thought comes from the fact that I’ve been watching Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy every night when I get through writing – this is not a good idea for a hypochondriac to do). Anyway, I started out to write about a custom made boot shop down on South Congress that makes boots by hand for movie stars and singers like Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Jerry Jeff Walker and Jimmi Vaughan. And other famous Austinites like Tommy Lee Jones, etc. I thought it would be cool if I wrote the boot place and its owner Lee Miller into my next book ROGUE – part of The Sons of Dusty Walker series. Let me show you the cover:


And it’s going to be good! The series is about four brothers, from different parts of the country (Rogue is from Texas) that have no idea the other brothers exist! They meet in Kansas and find a purpose, a family and LOVE of course! In my book, Rogue loves his boots, he wears this custom made pair and his newly found brothers give him a hard time about them – toward the end of the book, he gives each of them their own pair that have been made especially for them that reflects their own life. Just a minor detail, but I love those little touches!

So today, I drove from west Austin to South Congress just below downtown and LadyBird Lake hunting Texas Traditions,



even told Ryan I was going and the girls that are doing the series with me – – – but guess what? I COULDN’T FIND THE DAMN PLACE! I drove over there, wiggled around, turned around – looked both sides of the street, scoped everything out, I thought. Finally, gave up cause a front was coming and I wanted to get back to the house before the rain came. When I got home, I looked it back up and discovered I drove by it a couple of times, it was just in the back. I didn’t look close enough. Didn’t look in the back! That’s how I ended up dating that guy with no butt! I need to pay more attention.

When I sat back down to figure out what I was going to do, I got to thinking about boots and my life wearing boots and I thought I would just tell you a couple of pitiful Sable stories because then you know how totally weird I am.

When I was wee, my mother desperately tried to make a girly-girl out of me, and I do have some of those tendencies, I’m just not a pure frou-frou. I used to have really long hair, down past my ass long hair and I had it a long time. Just imagine, my mother would put bows in my hair and she would dress me in these frilly dresses that had petticoats underneath them that made them stand out – sorta like little girls wear to pageants but Mother dressed me like that to go to church and the grocery store. I could live with the bows and the petticoats – but that wasn’t all…she would buy these little patent leather shoes and frilly thin socks. Gag! She used to tell me that she would dress me up so pretty and I’d be looking like an ad for a Little Miss Priss magazine and then I would start to cry – – bitter, loud, holding breath, kicking, screaming and Mother would say that I would yell – “It’s all right but the Socksies!!!!!”

So, she’d take them off and I’d pad off barelegged looking like I’d just come out of the cotton field I guess.

That trait, refusing to wear socks of any kind continued…and that’s hard to do when one loves cowboy boots!


I remember one traumatic incident…

Every summer my family had a tradition that we carried forth with an uncle and an aunt and two cousins of mine. We’d go to Six Flags over Texas near Dallas and this was an important day for me. I took my amusement park excursions extremely seriously. And I was hard to control – once they let me through the gate I would run rampant, not stopping to eat or drink or rest – I just wanted to ride as many rides as many times as possible. But one year I didn’t choose my outfit appropriately and I guess Mother wanted to teach me a lesson.


She’d dressed me in this pair of culottes, you know those things that are part skirt, part shorts – skorts maybe and I insisted on my wearing my cowboy boots (sans socks of course) and a pair of bug-eyed sunglasses. From the moment I stepped under that big arch, I attacked the amusement park with the same zeal and energy that I attack everything else. From sunup to sunset, I rampaged, uncaring of how hot it was or how uncomfortable I became – it just didn’t make any difference. At the appointed time, I showed back up at the designated meeting place with my standard speech. “I’m not ready to go! Let’s stay a little longer! Just one more ride! Please!” Now, look at it from my family’s point of view. I was walking spraddle-legged because the material of my skorts had rubbed me raw between my legs. And I was limping cause my cowboy boots that I’d worn without socks had rubbed blisters on my heels. My uncle, God rest his soul, walked up and put his finger through the hole in my sunglasses where my lens used to be because I’d been running so hard and fast trying to squeeze every ounce of this goodtime out of the day that I could, I hadn’t even noticed my glasses were now mere rims with no lenses at all. I must have looked like a retarded raccoon!

Such was Sable’s Vacation when Country came to Town.

While we’re on the subject, let me tell you about the first time I cut my hair. I was young, probably six and my mother went into the hospital to have part of her colon removed due to cancer. I was an only child at the time, good old days, and my father was in charge of my care. He was all thumbs and couldn’t do a thing with my hair… Now, let me digress. I had a boyfriend. Yes, I did. His name was Keith and he lived about a mile from me. I would see him when we would go visit friends of my parents named Bert and Cecil (Bert was the woman). Keith and I would play outside with his dog and he thought I was pretty, he said so. We’d hold hands and take walks and chunk pinecones. Anyway – – – when my dad couldn’t take care of my hair while mother was in the hospital, he took me to the hairdressers and had it cut off. CUT OFF! Honestly, I don’t think I cared. He took the decapitated ponytail tied with a red ribbon to the hospital and my mother cried. Still, didn’t bother me…. But what did bother me was that when I went to see Keith – he didn’t know me! He swore I wasn’t me because my hair was gone. I mean, I had hair, shoulder length bouncy screwy curls but the long Rapaunzel locks were long gone. Another bout of tears! Looking back on it, I’m sure I was better off without Keith – he either only liked me for my looks or used my new-do to get rid of me for some other reason.

During my life, I’ve had an odd relationship with my hair and my footwear – both are symbols of femininity and I’ve never really been traditional about either.

My hair grew back but I didn’t rehook up with Keith. And the boots…well, I always wore boots. My favorite pair was ones I had in college, cream colored with multi-colored stitching. I remember wearing them on a date to the rodeo with white jeans, a purple cowboy shirt and a good looking dude in a cowboy hat. (I still had on no socks, but I think I just pulled my boots off and enjoyed making out in his truck.)


Today, I still have boots, but I’ll have to be truthful – I’m not that into shoes. I don’t own anything over a 100.00 a pair. And those TEXAS TRADITIONS boots? They start at 1000.00 and go up to 8000.00 and they probably wouldn’t let me in the door if they figured I’d wear them with no socks!

Oh well, I never claimed to be normal – – I walk to a different drummer – – or limp – – since I have on no socks with my boots…




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