New Book and Apologies – Marie Tuhart

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted. Life got in the way bit time and I’m just now playing catch up. Plus for some reason my calendar program wiped out all my reminders to post. I’ll be better, I promise.

I have a new cowboy book out. It took a while, but Billionaire Cowboy’s Conquest is finally out and live.



Sidelined from his rodeo career by an injury, billionaire Texas rancher Hunter Knight returns to home to find the staff overworked and the office a mess. He hates paperwork, so he’s pleased to hear his sister has hired an office manager. But when he finds out it’s Jessica Sinclair, his sister’s party-girl best friend from college, he’s not happy and wants her fired. Even worse than her partying past, he’s attracted to her. Burned once by his gold-digging, city woman of an ex-wife, he has no interest in playing with fire.

Dogged by a past that won’t let her go, Jessica arrives at the ranch with a plan: excel as an office manager, stay away from the bulls, and no cowboys. Her father died when thrown from a bull when she was a kid, so avoiding them is key. Cowboys, well, they’re just as dangerous as the bulls. Then there’s Hunter Knight, part owner of the Double K ranch. This stubborn cowboy can ruin everything by sending her away before she can earn a single penny. Buying time with a proposal solves one problem but leads her straight into riskier territory, fighting an attraction to the bull-riding billionaire boss.

Can this city girl and cowboy survive the wildest ride of their lives?

I really hope you enjoy this new cowboy story. I will try to do more, right now I have 2 series starting up.

Desert Destiny series will be 4 books coming out starting in June through the end of 2019. I’m lucky that book 1 & 2 are already written when I got the contract for these books. So they’ll come out pretty fast.

McMillian Passion series will be 5 books, the first one should be out around Aug/Sept of this year. This one will take a little bit longer to publish as of right now only book 1 is done.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic month and enjoying yourself.




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Free Memorial Day Read by Donna Michaels

If you’re looking to spend some quiet time over the long weekend, I have a National Guardsman to keep you company. ☺

I redid the covers for my Citizen Soldier Series, and Book 1: Wyne and Dine, is currently FREE!




B & N: 


Citizen Soldier Series
Book 1/Ben


Lea Gablonski has two dreams: To work at a museum in NYC, and to gain other-than-sisterly attention from her best friend’s brother. So far, she’s 0 for 0. Though her MA in History is just a wall decoration at her family’s diner where she’s working while her dad recovers from surgery, she enjoys her visual encounters with the sexiest man alive—even though he would sooner pat her on the head than take her to bed.

Military born and bred, Battalion Supply Sergeant Benjamin Wyne thrives on order and control in his fulltime career in the PA National Guard, and in his personal life. But when he’s forced to ask his childhood sweetheart’s younger sister to pose as his girlfriend to thwart unwanted advances from his boss’ wife, his world turns chaotic. Lea is sweet and hot and tastes so damn good he’s addicted. When the attraction takes on a new level at his sister’s wedding, his carefully guarded heart begins to thaw.

But he’s seen many relationships go south. If he takes a chance and gives up control, will Lea be like her sister and leave him for a career in the big city? Yet, if he doesn’t, will the best damn thing to ever enter his life become history?

**Citizen Soldier Series**
Book 1: Wyne and Dine (Winner BTS eMag. Best Contemporary)
Book 2: Wyne and Chocolate
Book 3: Wyne and Song
Book 4: Wine and a New Year Cowboy (Harland County Crossover Novella)
Book 5: Whine and Rescue (Dallas Fire & Rescue KW Crossover Novella)
Book 6: Wine and Hot Shoes
Book 7: Wine and Scenery

Free PROMO Wyne and Dine 5_25_18

“Ms. Michaels has penned another hot and steamy story for her fans to enjoy. The author knows how to create a story that is believable and hard to put down once you start reading it. Ms. Michaels’ characters are always so relatable and down to earth. They can be your next door neighbor, your school buddy or the person you know from church. If you haven’t read any of this author’s books yet, now is a great time to start. I promise you’ll be just as hooked as I am!”  ~Night Owl Reviews




B & N: 



A special thank you to all who served, are serving, and to their support system. ♥ Thank you all for the sacrifices you’ve made for my freedom. ♥

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for reading,


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Help a Cowboy by Paty Jager

anthology coverWILD DEADWOOD TALES Anthology

Rodeos and romance, Old West adventure, and even a few ghostly tales. Deadwood’s wild past and exciting present come alive in seventeen original short stories written by USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors to benefit the Western Sports Foundation. Contributing authors: E.E. Elisabeth BurkeZoe BlakePaty Norman JagerTeresa KeeferMegan KellySylvia McDanielAmanda McIntyrePeggy McKenzieAngi MorganNancy NaigleJacqui NelsonTerri OsburnGinger RingMaggie RyanLizbeth SelvigTina Susedik and A.C. Wilson

Proceeds from this limited edition collection go to benefit the Western Sports Foundation, an organization providing critical assistance to athletes competing in Western lifestyle sports. Whether they need help recuperating from an injury or planning for the future, WSF is there for them.


Here are the links to the book to prerorder at the various retailers. It is available May 1st.

universal Link




The book will be available in ebook and print May 1st, and you can purchase autographed print copies at the PBR Rodeo in Deadwood, SD on June 8th and 9th during the Wild Deadwood Reads Event.


Zoe Blake

She was his…and it was past time he staked his claim.

Jessamine Cooper was determined to stay independent and run her late uncle’s ranch on her own. When she shows up in Deadwood with an ill-advised plan to win the money she needs playing poker, Cash decides it is past time for him to stake his claim.



E.E. Burke

A friendship that never died.

Calamity Jane is drawn back to Deadwood by a force more powerful than death, and becomes an unexpected savior in the midst of an epidemic.



Paty Jager

Everyone deserves a chance.

When a miner tosses his daughter into the pot at a poker game and the winner is a brothel owner, Beau Gentry is determined to keep the young woman out of the man’s hands.



Teresa Keefer

Can a preacher’s daughter play poker with a gambler and win?

Leticia Chasteen was always getting dragged into situations she didn’t want to be in. Rusty McGraw the gambler was always coming to her rescue. Who will end up with the winning hand?



Megan Kelly

He loves her. She loves him. A proposal should be good news, right?

Callie Jones never wanted to date a bull rider. Now she’s fallen in love with Rome Anderson, who’s intent on winning the PBR Championship buckle. When he asks her to marry him, she has to decide: Does she break his heart with a no or doom her future with a yes?



Sylvia McDaniel

Is it possible to love someone in another time? Are dreams real?

Sadie Mae Miller is hanging up her barrel racing crown and beginning a new life. But when her grandmother asks her to sleep under a new wedding ring quilt with promises of visions of the love of her life, she doesn’t quite believe her. Until she falls asleep. Only problem is, he lived in 1880. Does time separate the lovers?



Amanda McIntyre

Sometimes to find your future you must face the past.

Past and present meld together in Deadwood when a woman who discovers true love must fight to escape a deadly twist of fate.



Peggy McKenzie

Sometimes, love is hiding in the most peculiar places.

Major Lucas Hamilton, widower and father of four boys, insists on the disciplined order of a regimented household. But when a bumbling young woman falls at his feet, will he take a chance on her or send her packing before she burns his house down to the ground.



Angi Morgan

Teenage crush or true love. You decide.

Sean Maverick is on a charity auction block until a beautiful woman from his past buys him for the night. Em Stone believed in love at first sight even if she had to lasso and knock Sean off his feet.



Nancy Naigle

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride? Never say never.

Kendra is fine with being a bridesmaid. She hung up her wedding hopes and dreams eight years ago when her cowboy chose the rodeo over her, but when these two cross paths in Deadwood it looks like the timing just might be right for a reconciliation.



Jacqui Nelson

In a gold rush storm, can an unlikely pair rescue each other?

Raven wants to save one person. Charlie wants to save the world. Their warring nations thrust them together but duty pulled them apart—until their paths crossed again in Deadwood for a fight for love.



Terri Osburn

When it comes to love, sometimes falling is the easy part.

Aspyn Fielding blames Tucker Stargill for not talking her brother, Colt, out of riding bulls. When Colt is gravely injured during a ride, Aspyn is hopeful Tucker will finally see things her way, but Aspyn is the one who has a change of heart.



Ginger Ring

Finding the perfect results from one simple test.

Orphaned at a young age, both Adam and River yearn to find a living relative from either of their families. After finally deciding to put down roots in Deadwood, a simple DNA test brings a result that is more than they ever expected.



Maggie Ryan

There may be gold in the Black Hills, but Bennett had his eyes on a far more valuable prize.

Not one to be deterred by the dictates of society, Lorelai Samuels had a dream to open a restaurant in the bustling new town of Deadwood and no one was going to stand in her way, especially not the infuriatingly handsome and stubborn Bennett Redding.



Lizbeth Selvig

Win or lose, she’s about to take on the big boys.

Faith “Rabbit” Redmond forms an extreme plan at the Deadwood rodeo to convince a champion bull rider that women can excel at the dangerous sport. If she wins his respect, she might also win his love. .



Tina Susedik

Can a schoolmarm with dreams of a better life, fall for a disreputable man?

Suzanna Lindstrom travels as a schoolmarm in fledgling Deadwood. Having left her parents’ struggling farm, she dreams of a better life in Deadwood with a man who’s struck it rich in the gold fields. Fresh off the stagecoach, she meets Kingston Winson, whom she disregards as disreputable. Is he who she thinks he is? What lesson will she learn?



A.C. Wilson

Tricks inspire courage and new love while daring others to dream.

Pushed to choose a direction for her life, Tandi discovers that some crossroads are necessary. Surprisingly, each marker leads her to an arena of spectators with her talented horse and a handsome guy who gives her hope to do the impossible.


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Two hot cowboys can you stand the heat?

It’s been a while since I had some new cowboys for you to roll around with. But I hope its been Wirth the wait. Two new stories in. my Rawhide series, abut the what goes n behind the doors of a very exclusive Texas dungeon.

Night Wrangler (Rawhide #8)

She wants to cross the line and only he can take her there…

Computer programmer Risa Channing craves a man who can take her to levels she’s never reached. Dark, erotic, demanding, the Night Wrangler promises that and more perf5.000x8.000.inddwith his dark eyes and hard muscles. The sexy Dom handles horses by day, but at night, he finesses women who want his delectable brand of BDSM pleasure. As Risa steps into the unknown of Rawhide’s private dungeon, she takes one look at the Night Wrangler and prepares to take a journey that will change her life forever.



When your life is at a crossroads…

Dani was stunned to realize that after so many years as a sub, her tendencies and desires lay in another direction. One she’d never seen for herself. Had she been wrong all this time? Was that why her life had become a whirlpool of uncertainty?

And someone comes into it who changes the way you saw everything…

Ethan had always been successful at keeping his public and private sides separate. After all, who would want a highly sought after attorney who in reality wanted to give over control to a woman and be punished in a number of erotic ways?

The heat can be enough to set fire to the walls of Rawhide

One night was all Dani asked for. One night with the perfect sub. The fact that Ethanperf5.000x8.000.indd fulfilled her fantasies beyond her wildest dreams, that he touched the very core of her as no one else had, made her wonder if she’d bitten off more than she could chew. Could she deal with it if it went beyond the walls of Rawhide?

Get all the hot Rawhide stories here




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When a Good Author Goes Bad…

Okay. I admit it.

I have an evil twin.

Okay. My evil twin is me.

The fact of the matter is, I love to write so much, and my imagination is always working…sometimes my story ideas are not (GASP) romance.

Case in point, my most recent release.

It’s not even a Sabrina York book! It’s certainly not romance, though there are romantic elements.

I wrote it a couple years ago as a palate cleanser after writing the first three books in the  Untamed Highlander Series in four months. I needed a break.

So I sat down and binge watched Sons of Anarchy for a couple hours in the morning, wrote for five and then ended the day with more SOA.

I finished my opus in one month and even though I loved the story and the characters, I knew it would probably never sell. But that was OK. It was fun.

And then my agent got an offer on it. I was stunned.

The way publishers work, the book was earmarked to release in April of 2018, which seemed like a century away.

Well, the Viridian Convict (Book One of the Blue Dominion series) came out to rave reviews and I am thrilled.

Naturally, I have to tell you about it. If you like super snarky sci-fi (with a side of romance), please check it out.

Here’s the info:

BLUE DOMINION–An epic trilogy of rebellion, passion and the struggle to survive in a universe crushed beneath the draconian thumb of the Fed

The Viridian Convict

The Indigo Operative

The Cerulean Insurgent

Viridian Convict

The Viridian Convict by Sam York

Damned if you do, dead if you don’t.


Welcome to Viridian, a prison moon full of aliens…who want to eat you.

 The Godfather meets Guardians of the Galaxy in this crazy-ass adventure set on Viridian, a prison planet full of aliens…who want to eat you. Tig, the only human, is thrust into a lose/lose/lose situation when the mob boss he works for asks him to pick up and deliver a package that the Fed—the governing body of the known universe—also wants. To make matters worse, the “package” has curves for days, an attitude to match, and her own agenda for how this is all going down.




Chapter One


Kaww Settlement, Viridian Moon, Federation Penal Colony, 27:55

The call came in just as I was about to clock out, but then, munis in my position never really clock out. Not on the moon of Viridian. Not when they work for Granny.

“This one’s for you, Tig,” Marmot said with a smirk as he handed me the slip.

Annoyance fizzled and spat.

God, I hated that rat-faced weasely piece of Scard excrement.

Too bad he was my boss.

Well, technically my shift supervisor. Granny was the real boss and everyone knew it.

No one was more powerful on Viridian. Except the Fed.

But then, Fed agents, those blue bastards, rarely came on planet.

For one thing, this place was a shithole that made Lord of the Flies look like Disneyland. For another, there really wasn’t much to police here. Nothing they cared about anyway. Their job was to sit up there in their luxurious space station and make sure none of the cons escaped the planetary shield.

Occasionally one of them would drop down—usually to indulge their darker appetites—but they never stayed long. Just long enough to fuck shit up.

My gut clenched as the memory of my last tangle with a particular Fed scorched my brain. I tried to push all thoughts of Mia from my mind, but it was hard to forget what that blue bitch had done.

“Well?” Marmot’s pointy nose quivered.

“What is it?” I snapped.

He grinned. His razor-sharp teeth glinted in the light. “DB. Out in Harleytown.”

“Awesome.” I scrubbed at my face. My day beard scratched at my palm. I was tired. I wanted to go home and take a load off. Maybe get shitfaced. I glanced at the other munis lounging in the lobby: a couple Trogs, a Raven, and some random Frogs. They all avoided eye contact. With a sigh, I dropped the annoying assignment. The paper fluttered onto the desk. “I’m off in two.”

Marmot pushed the slip right back at me. “Special request. Asked for you.”

Yeah. I loved being popular. “Who?”

“Jimmy Bluenote.”

Well, hell.

That Dink had saved my ass last week in a sting that went sour—way sour. I’d be rolling around in an Ozzie stew about now if it hadn’t been for him. I owed him. And here, on Viridian, a prison moon filled to the gills with all manner of vengeful species, you always paid your debts.

“Fine.” I snatched the slip from Marmot’s bony fingers and wheeled away.

“And Tig?”

I glanced back at him. His nose wiggled. His whiskers quivered. His beady little eyes glinted. “Take the Skeeg.”

“Seriously?” I’d spent most of my day trying to shake that tail.

Marmot waggled his furry eyebrows. “Take the Skeeg.”

Each flatfoot working for Granny was assigned a Skeeg for “protection,” which was a fucking joke. Those frogs could barely protect their own eggs. I suspected Granny was just doing them a favor, offering them a place in his kingdom in exchange for licking rights. Some creatures on this rock would kill or die for Skeeg pglet. In addition to having rumored regenerative properties, it was, apparently, a most excellent high.

I’d never been tempted. The thought of licking one of those repugnant creatures made me want to vomit. Besides, I had my own dark cravings to deal with. Last thing I needed was another addiction.

At any rate, on Granny’s behest, I spent my shifts being trailed by a tall, skinny, green douchebag with one eye on a stalk. It creeped me out, the way he looked around, that stalk all bendy like it was. The way he smelled wasn’t orgasmic either. But Granny was God. We did what he said. No matter what.

We knew we were damn lucky to have the job. Some vestige of power in a world where power equaled survival.

Viridian wasn’t a penal colony so much as a Federation garbage dump. A first-uni Australia of the 19th century … only with aliens. Who wanted to eat you. Loads of fun.

Got a problem you wanna make disappear? Send it to Viridian with the scumbags and lowlifes of the uni, let nature take its course.

I’d been somebody’s problem.

I suspect we all had been. At some point.

For many, a conviction and transport to Viridian was a death sentence. Pity it wasn’t for most. Fact was, the ones who thrived here were the most brutal, pitiless, soulless creatures in the known universe. Savages who would do anything to survive.

No one expected me to make it a week.

Soft Earthie? Pretty boy? I didn’t have venom, no spines, no secret weapons. To make matters worse, of all the creatures in this universe, humans and Feds looked far too much alike. Except for my non-blue skin color, I could have been one. That alone made humans exceedingly unpopular.

Yeah. I shoulda died. Expected to.

No one could have predicted I’d land on my feet, first day out the gate. I sure as shit didn’t. But fortune fell in my lap in the holding cell in intake, up on the Fed station orbiting this moon. My dumbshit noble sensibilities clicked on when I saw two Ozzies making a move on a kid. A young, stupid Ferrod, with velvet still on his antlers. He was utterly out of his league here in this hell hole, but connected. The Ozzies wanted to chow down—they’ll eat anything and they have these long, razor-sharp teeth to make the job easier. You could call them fangs. Or straws.

Any rate, I snapped a couple off, saved the sniveling kid and got him through the gate. To daddy. I had no idea “daddy” was Big Jogn. That furry, fat fence set me up with his capo and that led me to Granny. I’d been working under his banner ever since. Ten years. Or what passes for a year on this rock.

My official title was Enforcer, but we all knew we were errand boys. Bag men, cleaners, muscle. Whatever Granny demanded, we did it.

Even consort with Skeegs.

I glanced over to my office where my partner sat slumped in a chair at his desk, wiping the slime from his green skin. Great. He was oozing again. I knew what that meant.

Of course, I was assuming One Eye was a “he.” Skeegs didn’t have a gender, not until it was mating season, then they’d do whatever Skeegs needed to do.

God. Skeeg mating season. What a mess.

 “Hey, Frog,” I called. One Eye’s earhole twitched. He looked up. His long, stalky eye settled on me and he blinked, slow, steady, like he did. I waved the slip. “We got a call.”

I crossed my arms and watched as he unfolded his long, leggy body from the chair and made his way through the stationhouse toward me, his flat, webbed feet slapping wetly on the hardwood floor. He left a trail behind him. The other munis curled their noses—and other various appendages—when he passed. When Skeegs started going into musth, they stank to high heaven. And dripped.

He moved like molasses in winter, but I was in no hurry. I owed it to Jimmy to respond to whatever emergency he had, but seriously, there was no call to go overboard. At least tonight I’d be able to clear an annoying debt.

And Jimmy was annoying.

We headed down to the garage and hopped into my skimmer, but I took the precaution of pulling some towels out of the trunk and draping them over the passenger seat first. I didn’t have a fancy ride, but it was mine, and the last thing I wanted was to get Skeeg cum all over the leather.

I was assuming it was cum.

One Eye and I weren’t close enough to ask.

I never wanted to be that close.

Point being, it was a wise precaution. You could never get that stank out.

Once we were both settled, I flicked on my hovers and headed out onto the street. It was a dark night, but hardly quiet. There were few quiet nights in this town. In fact, nighttime was when it came alive, started to hum, sometimes scream. When I’d first arrived here I’d hated it, the constant thrum of excitement, expectation, and malicious intent. But you get used to everything. Eventually. And sometimes you even start liking it.

We hit a snag in the Prospect District. Some riot in progress. I switched on my lights and a path cleared through the melee. It wasn’t like back on Earth, where people had respect for the law and pulled over when they saw a unit coming. Here they cleared a path because they knew if they didn’t I would blast my way through them.

I didn’t miss the snarls they flashed me as I flew by, but I didn’t care.

They all knew who I worked for, and no one pissed on Granny’s parade.

We turned onto the flyway and I jetted into gear. One Eye gasped and grabbed the handgrip as I accelerated, which sent a curl of annoyance through me. Skeegs never liked going fast and One Eye had never been a fan of my driving.

“Chill, Frog,” I muttered, as I shifted gears and roared into seventh gear. The skimmer shot forward with a howl.

One Eye didn’t respond, other than to level that big, glassy orb on me. I hated when he stared.

I angled my skimmer up to the top lane where we could really fly. Aside from the speed, I liked the view. Nothing overhead but the great expanse of the city dome—the dome that kept out the brutal storms of the Barrens and served as climate control for the settlement. Tonight, the sky was clear and myriad stars speckled the firmament.

I turned on the radio and let the Earth tunes wash over me as we wailed along the flyway. It helped me ignore my partner’s unnerving, silent stare. When he didn’t quit staring, I turned the volume up. And sang along.

I smirked when he grimaced.

Yeah, I’m pretty tone deaf.

“Call?” One Eye asked over the cacophony. A croak.


One Eye let out something that might have been a burbly sigh. Yup. I hated dead bodies too. Freaking pain in the ass. Way too much paperwork. Not that anyone cared, but Granny liked to keep tabs. On everything.

Viridian was his kingdom.

We came to the Harleytown exit and I veered onto the ramp, a glittering, silver beam of light ribboning off into the darkness. The howl of the flyway receded as we whipped down into the bowels of the city.

As we slid onto the street in one of the dirtiest districts of town, One Eye turned off the radio. I shot him a glare as I hovered to the address on the call and switched off, tugging on my gloves in an almost-automatic motion. One Eye did the same. His took a little more work, on account of the slime and everything. But no way was I helping him. No way was I touching that.

It might have been my imagination, but he seemed to be seeping more than usual.

“You ready?” I asked.

He did a quick weapons check and then nodded to me. Together, we eased from the skimmer.

The buildings towered over us, shutting out the light of the night moons. The streets were quiet. Eerily quiet. It was odd for Harleytown, which was usually crawling with johns and hookers seeking out depraved companionship, drug dealers, predators and not-so-petty thieves. But tonight it was as though something, some dark whisper in the night, had spooked them all back into their hidey-holes.

A shiver danced down my spine and I gave my gloves a tug.

This was a perfect place for a crime.

But, hell, what was I saying? Any place on this rock was the perfect place for a crime.

A rat skittered through the garbage piled on the street and someone peered out at us through the curtains of a window on the first floor of a seedy brownstone. When they noticed my attention, the curtain fluttered closed. Light flicked off.

Yeah. No one in this part of town wanted to tangle with one of Granny’s munis. They’d lose.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God.” Jimmy’s nasally voice echoed through the shadows, bouncing off the stones. “You’re here. Thank God.”

God had nothing to do with it.

I narrowed my eyes against the gloom and spotted him, hunkering in a debris-strewn alley. Jimmy was a jumpy gecko, but the way he was shuddering, the way his gaze kept skipping over the empty street, the way his left eye twitched, made me think this was something more than his usual paranoia. “What is it, Jimmy?” I called.

“Here. Come ’ere.” He waved me over, a frantic flutter of fingers. “Pflerg, Tig. Hurry.”

I shot a glance at One Eye and sighed. My partner held up his scanner and pointed it at the slender slit between the buildings. A beam of iridescent light walked its way over the crumbling bricks and scattered refuse with a low hum. The scanner beeped, a harsh intonation. One Eye nodded. Clear.

Nice to know the Dink wasn’t leading me into an ambush.

I headed toward him and One Eye took up position at the mouth of the alley, facing out, watching the street. Granted, we were Granny’s munis, but experience had taught us never to let down our guard. There was always someone watching. Always some shit in play.

I strolled down the long alley to Jimmy, adjusting my gloves. Not to make a point or anything. His gaze fixated on them, his slit pupils dilated, and his throat worked. Sweat beaded his scaly forehead … and Dinks sweated in pus. Great, gooey globs of it. And they were green. Great gooey green globs. Rolling down the side of his face. Jesus, it was gross. Almost as bad as the Skeeg.

 “What is it, Jimmy?” Goddamn it. I knew this was going to be a pain in the ass, whatever it was. Just knew.

He stubbed out his draw and scuttled over. “I swear to God, Tig. I didn’t know.” His eyes bugged out. His way of emphasizing his innocence—or his ignorance. Hard to tell. He had little of one and a lot of the other.

“You didn’t know what, Jimmy?”

“Oh pflerg, Tig. Over here. Pflerg.”

Damn. I’d seen the little lizard in a wad more than once, was used to his mouth, but this …. This was weird.

I shook my head and followed him back into the corner of the alley barely lit by a faint streetlamp. It was a dead end, a box in. Stone walls on all sides. No escape but the mouth of the cave. Ideal for a surprise attack. The body lay at the far end, a jumbled pile of clothes draped over a stack of wooden pallets.

“We was just, you know, tanging a little. Just playing around. It got a little rough and … I swear. I swear, Tig. I didn’t know.”

I leaned closer and shone my light on the scene with a tsk. “Jimmy, Jimmy. What did you—?”




About the Author

Blessed (or cursed) with dyslexia and ADD, author Sam York has always loved creating worlds, tantalizing readers, and having complete and utter control over the universe.  What could be better than writing snarky stories in a variety of genres?

Under various pen names, Sam has won multiple writing awards and hit the New York Times and USA Today bestseller list several times.

Interested parties can learn more at

Sam lives in seclusion east of Seattle with a really drooly Rottweiler.

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The last book in the Triplehorn Brand trilogy is here! All three brothers are reunited with the women they could never forget. A Long, Hot Summer, to me, is the sweetest and sexiest of the bunch, and you get a very satisfying glance at the other brothers’ happy-ever-afters….

Hope you love Tommy Triplehorn’s story! Enjoy! ~DD

A Long, Hot Summer

A Long Hot Summer
The Triplehorn Brand, Book #3

When two lonely hearts collide, age becomes just a number…

Sarah Colby’s marriage was over long ago, but she’s never shed the scars her abusive husband left behind. One shameful indiscretion, an affair with a younger man one long-ago summer, haunts her.

Tommy Triplehorn is happy his brothers have settled down and started families of their own, but he’s feeling a little smothered by all that domesticity. Carousing and drinking no longer provide him any thrills, and he thinks he knows the reason why. He’s waited long enough for Sarah Colby to get over being ashamed of their past. He’s old enough to know what he wants, and he wants her.

Get your copy here!

Did you miss the first two Triplehorns?

 Click on the covers to learn more!


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A New Lawman–Rhonda Lee Carver




She was a bit dizzy standing in front of the lawman, looking into his good looks–tanned, amazing good looks. He stared back with slumbered blue eyes and a daring smile that made silent promises. All these enticing attributes were wrapped up in a tall, brawny, masculine cowboy who was brave enough to wear a star. And the benefit, he knew his way around a woman–knew his way around a woman and her heart. He shifted and his worn Wranglers stretched across thick thighs and her senses were stoked with images of smooth leather and a wild ride. Many, many wild rides…

In the meantime, grab books 1 & 2.


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A Rank Bull or a Hot Cowboy? by Paty Jager

Tumbling Creek Logo

The first book of my Tumbling Creek Ranch series, 8 Seconds to Love, is out of a box set and uploaded to all ebook vendors.

I wrote the book 8 Seconds to Love for a box set, but as I incorporated characters/siblings for the hero and heroine, I realized there was a series in the making. I named the series after the Dude Ranch Resort that was once the Wallis Family homestead and the center of all the Wallis family events.

In the first book, Lacey Wallis is on the brink of being the first woman to ride a bull at the National Finals Rodeo. But a fall and smashed arm puts her in the ER and under the care of Jared McIntyre, the only male she could never forget.


“Jared, please, either take me here or take me in your cabin, I can’t…” The words were swallowed as he captured her mouth in a kiss and swung her up into his arms.

She barely registered the movement of him carrying her as he continued to kiss her.

This was like a story she’d once read in a book. The hulking knight carrying the damsel to his lair. Only she would experience the knight’s ministrations first hand, not as words on a page.

His steps crunched in the gravel walkway to the cabin. His lips left hers as he fumbled with the door knob and finally pushed the door open with her hip.

He set her on her feet and kicked the door closed. The heat and desire in his eyes made her heart leap into her throat. She’d never dreamed anyone would look at her that way.

She took a step toward him, her hand catching the bottom of his shirt.

He shook his head, moved her hand to her side, and tipped her chin up, kissing her chastely on the lips. “We’re going to take this like it’s your first time. Slow, easy, and memorable,” he whispered across her lips.

Her body quivered in anticipation. “I don’t want slow and easy. I want hard, fast, and hot.”

“No. We’ll do that another time. This time we do it my way or…” He glanced at the door. “You can leave here wondering what you missed.”

She swallowed, even as her feet were thinking about walking just to see if he’d call her back. His big, throbbing package she’d touched earlier wouldn’t like her to walk out the door. Her body pulsed with need. She’d never be able to sleep if it wasn’t sated.

“I’m yours,” she said, staring into his eyes.

He smiled, showing off the dimples she loved. Jared reached out, slipping his hands under her shirt. His palms skimmed up her sides. She raised her arms, and he slid the t-shirt off over her head being careful of her arm in the cast.

When she thought he would unhook her bra, he walked her backward until the bed bumped the back of her legs and she sat. He pulled off her boots and socks, unfastened her pants, and stood her up.

Shivers skittered across her skin as he slid his palms down her legs, taking the pants down to her ankles. She kicked them off and stood in front of him in her bra and panties.

She became nervous when he just stood there looking at her, not moving. “Don’t like what you see?” she asked.

“The complete opposite. I’ve never seen a more perfect body.” He stepped close, placed his hands on her back, lifting her up his body and her mouth up to his. His size reminded her of a bull. Big, strong, and uncontrollable.

She fell into the kiss, opening her mind and body to him. She’d never had a headier ride than the one Jared was taking her on. Her body throbbed and smoldered when he laid her on the bed. His hands came away with her bra. He was still completely dressed as he drew her panties down her legs, leaving her naked on his bed.

“When do I get to see you?” she asked, running her gaze up and down his body, wondering if the physique she’d imagined was hidden under those clothes.

“I told you, this was going to be slow.” He grabbed her feet, pulled her to the edge of the bed, and spread her legs.

Eight Seconds to Love 6x9 8 Seconds to Love

Book one of the Tumbling Creek Ranch series

Lacey Wallis has put blood, sweat, and tears into her dream of making it to the National Finals Rodeo and isn’t about to let an injury stop her. However, she didn’t expect the ER nurse to be the man she had a crush on years ago, or to discover that crush hadn’t been one-sided.

Jared McIntyre lived through loving and the death of one thrill-seeking woman, and wasn’t about to let that happen again. Especially not to Lacey. But that would mean he’d have to allow himself to love again.

Which will it be, a life-long dream, or the love of a lifetime?

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Army Ranger with Benefits is live!

Hi! It’s Donna Michaels and I’m thrilled that I can finally share my easy-going ranger with you!

Their sexy scheme so doesn’t go as planned…


Army Ranger with Benefits by Donna Michaels

The Men of At Ease Ranch Series
Book 4/Vince





Emma Roberts is done losing her heart to military men who don’t stick around. Desperate to shake up her love life, she launches a plan to get her handsome, dependable crush to finally notice her. And her neighbor’s sexy older brother that just arrived in town is the perfect man for the job. 

But there’s a problem. Emma’s ridiculously attracted to her fake boyfriend. 

Former Army Ranger Vince Acardi dropped everything to help his stubborn brother after he’s injured in the line of duty. Instead, he somehow gets stuck helping the adorably hot girl next door land a date with some doctor she’s interested in. Not that fake-dating her is a hardship, and soon, he’s holding her, kissing her, touching her…

There’s nothing fake about the chemistry between them. But Vince is leaving in two weeks, and Emma refuses to risk her heart on another military man. Worse, the good doctor she’s been after is finally standing up and taking notice…

What they’re saying about Army Ranger with Benefits:

on March 20, 2018
How much I love former army ranger Vince Acardi, oh let me count the ways…
I have adored this series from the first book, and I have been hoping for Vince to get his own HEA because he won my heart over at ‘hello’, and in Army Ranger With Benefits, he proves to be even more than I could have dreamed of.

The reasons why this series had the fast track to my heart are many. The banter and humor are just in my ally, the characters are charming, the bond between the brothers in arms is tight, there is nothing they wouldn’t do for each other, the way they care and look after each other is admirable. And while the stories make me smile and even laugh out loud, not to mention swoon and sigh, they always go deeper than the surface. The deep emotions, the feelings, the PTSD some of the veterans are suffering from, the adjustment to the civilian life that can be so hard, the previous heartbreaks, they are always part of the tale, not ignored but respected, and not dwelled on, but focused on the recovery, for the hope of better days to come.

Vince and Emma Roberts are perfect for each other. The chemistry between them is sizzling hot, the connection, even their hobbies, likes, and interests, they are in tune, they get each other.

Emma is a fierce, strong female lead. The fact that she has been friends with Vince’s brother Don, and can verbally put him in his place was hilarious. Winning over her childhood crush might bring on the fake dates with Vince, but they do not stay fake for a long time. The attraction between Emma and Vince is true, believable, hot, and delightful. There is no ‘third-person drama’ feels at all in the tale.

Vince is loyal, kind, considerate man who takes care of those around him. He loves to cook, bake, fish, and his brothers. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for them. And when Vince needs the support they all are there for him. I have been interested in Vince’s character since the first book came out, he stands out even in the group of rangers. And now I am enamored with him, he is just a perfectly fine man, easy to love and care for — I have finally found a book-boyfriend. *swoon*

If you enjoy reading romance stories with humor, heat, and heart, with emotions that dig deep yet are not angsty, with relationships that are lasting and true, with loyal friends who always have your six, you are going to love this series. Yes, Army Ranger With Benefits is a stand-alone novel – but why miss on all the fun?!
~ Five Spoons!


Thanks for reading,



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IN TOO DEEP releases tonight!

And don’t you want it to go straight to your eReader?!

This is the second story featuring those Triplehorn boys. They only love once, and it’s forever!

This time around, it’s Gabe’s turn to discover that all those old desires are still bound up in one woman he shouldn’t have let slip away. Read more…

In Too Deep


Some things never change. And some things change everything…

Gabe Triplehorn can think of no better getaway from his heavy responsibilities at the ranch than to go back to a time and place where he didn’t have a care in the world. When there was just a campground, a river, and a girl. When he gets to Red Hawk Landing, the campground and the river are still there. He just never expected the girl would still be there, too. Only now she runs the place.

Lena Twohig can think of no better place to raise her young son than the family-owned campground that holds so many memories. Especially, the romance with Gabe that lit up one long-ago summer like a wild electrical storm. Now he’s back with a ranch-hardened body she knows she shouldn’t want so badly.

No amount of lies, or the years that have passed, can tame this tidal wave of passion.

Order your copy here!

Read an excerpt…

At a bend in the road, he saw the sign nearly hidden by bushes because it tilted at an angle. Red Hawk Landing. Open Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The crackled, worn paint on the leaning sign didn’t bode well, but he took the turn anyway, his truck bumping along an uneven gravel trail that worked its way down a steep decline, heading toward the river’s edge.

When he made the clearing, he heaved a sigh of relief. The place was still in operation. Kids in cutoffs and swimming suits took running dives from the pier. Cars and pickups were parked in front of roughhewn wooden cabins.

He hoped like hell there was still one vacancy left for him and pulled up in front of the small lodge house. The place was clean but showing its age. Looked like the owner needed another handy man to help with a broken spoke or two in the wraparound porch rails and a window frame that appeared to be rotting away.

He put his truck in park and pushed down on the handle to open the door, but halted the moment she stepped onto the porch.

Lena Twohig. Sweet Jesus.

His breath caught, nostalgia blurring her appearance in a golden light that masked the years etched lightly into her features.

Sure, her figure was a tad fuller, her roots darker, but the feeling he got just looking at her as she lifted a hand to guard her eyes against the brilliant sunshine was exactly the same one he’d had all those years ago.

A slow throbbing built in his groin. His body stiffened, going on alert. His gaze swept her womanly frame again, snagging on the generous swell of her bosom, the long, well-toned legs displayed beneath the hem of her shorts. Ten years had been kind indeed.

Then something glinted on the fingers cupping her eyes. A flash of white metal.

He remembered a slender band he’d given her. His last gift. A promise he’d never fulfilled. However much he might wish it wasn’t so, the ring she wore now killed his pleasant dream of rekindling their romance. The desire he’d allowed to build while he’d ogled her began to slowly unwind. Lead settled in his stomach.

Lena was strictly on the look-but-don’t-touch list. What a cryin’ damn shame.

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