Finally a sequel! Mack & Jillie Coming Soon by Maddie James

91svis8ekvl-e1497789089103.jpgMy first published novel happened in 1997, twenty years ago this fall. The title of the book was The Wild West and was published under my legal name at the time, Kim Whalen. When “the call” came from editor Hilary Sares at Kensington, I was, of course, ecstatic. That book, now titled Rawhide & Roses, has seen a makeover or two in these past 20 years and has been translated into German by Amazon Crossing.

Rawhide & Roses

She’s roses… Playing good sport to appease her best friend was one thing, but sophisticated Kim Martin was hardly equipped for a Colorado camping trip. Especially when their mountain guide was a rough-edged cowboy who was as untamed as the wilderness. His outdoors style might jump-start some women but a strictly indoors woman like Kim found him—almost resistible.

He’s rawhide… Thad Winchester’s patience for city women was wearing as thin as the Rawhide and roses Print 2017seat of his jeans. But there was something about Kim that was putting his hard-and-fast don’t-touch rule to the test. The plucky blonde was just the woman to share his Flying W. Ranch. All Thad had to do was bring out the wildflower in the refined beauty, and convince her that he was her man. Bar nothing.

Over the years, I’ve had numerous email notes from readers asking “Where is Mack & Jillie’s book?” Mack and Jillie were secondary characters in Rawhide & Roses who had a love story of their own, but not the happily-ever-after everyone expected, or wanted. I’m happy to say that after several starts and fits (a computer malfunction lost the half-finished manuscript years ago) Mack & Jillie is slated for release in September 2017. I hope you’ll look it up!

You can find Rawhide & Roses at all retailers using this buy link.

Here’s a sneak peek at the opening to Mack and Jillie’s story–their break-up that you didn’t see in Rawhide & Roses.


“I don’t understand.”

Behind her, Jillie Abernathy heard the early morning rustlings of the camp. Horses nickered. Utensils banged against pots and pans in the makeshift kitchen. The low voices of the wranglers peppered the early morning as they prepared for their last day of the pack trip, along with the muffled sounds of tents collapsing and guests chattering while helping pack the mules. Wind whistling through a stand of Colorado mountain pines provided a steady backdrop to the conversation she’d been having with Mack Montgomery.

This had been her life for the past two weeks. Now it was over.

All of it. Over.

She looked hard at the tall, lean cowboy standing in front of her. He’d been a dream. Fulfilled her every cowboy fantasy. And she’d had him for two weeks. Since Mack wasn’t responding, she repeated, “Mack. I don’t understand.”

It was a statement, but it was really a question. The question mark trailed off in her brain, even though she tried to sound firm and matter-of-fact.

Inside she was dying.

This isn’t happening.

Mack searched her face. She watched his gaze flick back and forth unsteadily over her features and land on her eyes, as if he really didn’t want to stare—yet couldn’t drag his gaze away.

“I know you don’t, Jillie, but let’s face it. These past two weeks were great. Real great. Lots of fun. Now it’s time to move on. You have to get back to Kentucky, and I have to get back to work.”

Lots of fun. Shit.

She tilted her chin. “I know that.”

“So you understand.”

In disbelief, she shook her head. “Not really. I don’t understand it at all, Mack.” What does he think I am? Some silly schoolgirl who thinks we are going to ride off into the sunset on those big pack horses behind us and live happily ever after in the mountains?

Well, that thought had crossed her mind. Hadn’t it?

“I guess you are going to have to explain it to me,” she said. If he thought she was going to make this easy for him, he had another think coming.

He glared. “You get that we can’t have a relationship, right? The distance and all, and well….”

“There are these things called phones, Mack. And email. And texting. Even damn snail mail letters if you prefer. And guess what? Airplanes. And cars. There are ways to do a long distance relationship.”

The staring again. “Of course. If one wants to go that route.”

Jillie couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “So, the bottom line is you don’t want to go that route.”

He nodded. “That’s right. I don’t.”

“What are you really saying, Mack?”

“I’m saying that it ends here. I’m not the kind to get attached, Jillie. I don’t want to be joined at the hip with any woman.”

She laughed. “Just say it. You’re not the marrying kind.” She paused. Hell, she’d said the M word. Then she added for good measure. “Mack, I’m not trying to snag you into marrying me.”

Not yet, anyway. She mentally slapped herself for thinking that.

His face turned stoic. Obviously, he didn’t think that was funny. “No. I’m not.”

“You’re just the screwing kind then?”

He narrowed his gaze. “It wasn’t like that and you know it.”

“Then how was it? It sure meant more to me than a casual vacation fling.”

“But that’s just what it was, Jillie. And it ends now.”

“And when did you decide this? Before or after we had wild monkey sex last night? Or did you know this all along?” Suddenly, she was nauseous. Hell, the last thing she wanted to do right now was puke.

“Don’t go there, Jillie.”

Nausea hit her stomach like a cannonball. Crap. “Then this is it.”

He glared hard into her eyes, and then dropped his gaze to his boots. Shuffled his feet. Glanced to his right. Then back to her face. “Yes. This is it.”

Every bit of air pushed out of her lungs. Now she was light-headed. “Like, good-bye? We’ll never see each other again? Vamoose? Have a great life?”

He nodded. “If you want to put it that way, yes.”

She didn’t want to put it that way.

“Why?” The word squeaked out smaller and weaker than she would have liked. She felt like yelling at him. Wanted to yell at him. All sorts of words flew around inside her head. Words like liar, and bastard, and lying bastard sonofabitch. But only one little word fell off her lips. Why?

“I told you why. It’s for the best. For you. For me. Look, just head back home to Kentucky and I’ll bet you’ll find someone new to be with before football season starts.”

Jillie scowled. She could feel her face screw up into a ball, and imagined the result wasn’t very pretty. “I don’t want someone else and I don’t even like football.”

“Just a metaphor. Or whatever,” he said. “Hey, we had a great time though, didn’t we?”

A great time. She fought the sting of tears. “Just peachy.”

Jillie crossed her arms, stepped back, and looked over the cowboy she’d spent the past two weeks with, cuddled up in his sleeping bag every night. Riding beside him over the mountains. Working alongside him when they made camp. And yeah, the sleeping bag part….

“Just what I was after, to be somebody’s great time,” she muttered. What a fool I have been. Then she said louder, “I thought we had something special. Different.”

He shifted again, and gazed off behind her shoulder.

She added, “You told me you loved me.”

He closed his eyes briefly. Mack stepped back a few steps and shoved his hands into his pockets. “Jillie, look. You’re a great woman. It’s easy to get caught up in things here in the mountains, away from home. I know you have this thing for cowboys but you know how it is—you’ll go back home, reminisce about how you got your fantasy lover, and I’ll be old news before the week is out. You’ll be on to some other fantasy, some other guy.

His words wounded her to pit of her gut. Some other fantasy? “What in the world do you think I am? I’m appalled you would think such a thing of me!” Her stomach hurt and she rubbed it. She hoped she wouldn’t throw up right here at his feet.

He shifted. “Face it, Jillie. I was on your bucket list, right? It happens all the time with girls from back east. They want to fuck a cowboy so they can go back and brag to their girlfriends.”

“Oh my God!” She bristled and squared her shoulders, then rushed toward him to stab a forefinger into his chest. “I did not! I never thought such a thing at all!”

Laughing and standing firm, he countered, “Oh sure. I heard you and Kim talking. Cowboy lust, right? You were telling her you had it. You were aching to have a cowboy. Well, you had one. Now it is over.  Besides, you live in Kentucky. I live in Colorado….”

“You are an ass.”

“Yeah, I am.”

“You weren’t like this a week ago. You were a gentleman. You said and did the right things. You were happy to be with me—you even told me you loved me—and now you are telling me you think all I wanted was a cowboy conquest? What the hell, Mack? You know me better than that!”

“Like I said, I’m an ass.”

She whirled and took a few steps away, then turned back to glare at him. “Yes, you are. And you are still avoiding my question. Twice now.”

“I didn’t hear a question.”

She cocked her head and crossed her arms. “True. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. You told me you loved me. So that was a lie?”

He retreated a step.

“Look. It’s the last day of the trip,” he said. “I’ll be busy and won’t be able to talk to you when we get back to the ranch, so…”

“So this is goodbye.” Jillie jerked her chin up again. How many times am I going to make him freaking say it?

His lips thinned out and finally, his gaze stopped shifting. “Yes. Goodbye, Jillie. Safe travels home.” He turned and began walking toward his horse.

“Go screw yourself. You lying bastard.”

Mack pulled up short, paused, and then walked on. Jillie watched him move further away, a lump in her throat the size of Durango. Why was this happening?

He didn’t look back. And she promised herself she wouldn’t either.


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An oldie but a goodie

Leave me a comment. Someone will win their choice of an ebook from my backlist.

SoAlthough Beauty and the Beast is about as far from Knocking’ Boots as you can get, reading about the movie reminded me of the story I wrote for Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairy Tales collection. It’s based on the Grimm Brothers Boots of Buffalo Leather and shows what havens when a successful rancher and hi gorgeous wife interview a hot motorcycle dude to be a permanent part of their lives.

For years, Dan and Kylie Franklin have searched for someone who can fill in all the missing blanks in their situation. When fate brings Clint Gorman into their lives, the instant attraction runs hot and deep. After a night of intense, sweaty sex, there’s no doubt he’s the one for them. But when Clint’s past comes to light, they’re forced to decide whether or not the connection they felt is enough to keep the three of them together.


“So.” Kylie waited while Dan dropped onto the extra-long couch then sat on his lap and turned to face Clint. “Dan said you were traveling the country and happened to stop in Whistling Creek.”Knockin' Boots

“That’s right. He was kind enough to invite me to lunch, and it seems we hit it off.” To his total shocked surprise.

“No definite destination in mind?” she asked.

“Uh-uh.” He paused to take a long swallow of beer. “Wherever the bike takes me.”

“I’ll bet you’re enjoying it. Doesn’t he look like it, honey?” She glanced at Dan, who was stroking her bare shoulder and arm.

“Sure does.” He brushed her hair aside to trail kisses down her slender neck and bit gently at the place where it joined her shoulder. Clint saw a little tremor skate over the woman’s skin. “But I got a feeling he might have a better time here with us. At least for a little while.”

She shifted her gaze to Clint again. “I’m assuming Dan explained our situation to you?”

“He did. And I sure can understand it. Some things are difficult for people to accept.”

“In case you think we’re nuts, putting it out there like that,” Kylie told him, “Dan’s very good at reading people. He’s had to be, over the years, as we try to find a third for our, let’s say, social activities. We made a few mistakes early on, so we’ve learned to be extra careful.”

“And to trust our instincts,” Dan added. “I got a very good feeling about you from the moment we shook hands.”

Clint took another swallow of beer, letting the chilled liquid slide down his throat and hopefully cool his body that seemed to be heating up again very quickly.

“I’d just as soon let the two of you take the lead. But I’m not shy about asking if something pops into my head.”

“I don’t know if Dan mentioned it, but I do have a secret wish.” Kylie looked at Dan, who nodded. “We would love to find someone to move in with us permanently. Of course, that would be asking an awful lot.”

“Yeah?” Clint tried not to show his surprise. He’d been in a lot of one-night ménages. Sometimes even two-night encounters. But a permanent one? Would that ever interest him? He gave the other man a questioning look. “And you’d be okay sharing your wife on a regular basis?”

Dan drained the last of his beer and set the empty on the little table beside the couch. “Hell, yes. I mean, I know there would be a lot of logistics and specifics to work out, but if we could find someone on our wavelength, someone we both wanted to include, that would be the ideal.”

“But that’s just a dream, you know?” Kylie leaned into her husband. “Today, let’s enjoy each other. I’m more than ready”

“Sounds good to me.” Yeah, he was more than damn ready, too.

Buy it here!


Kobo –

DP –

Coffee Time Romance



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Kitchen Pictures and by Sarah M. Anderson

Hey Everyone, happy School’s Out For Summer! Huzzah!

First up: Congratulations, Giovanna! You won a grab-bag of surprise books (including books by Heidi Hormel, Heather Graham and more!) Send your snail-mail address to messageATsarahmandersonDOTcom! Yah, prizes!

Okay! Good news! In the last month, the kitchen has gotten to 93% finished! I knew you were worried.

Heavens knows I was. So! Pictures! (If you need a refresher in the before and during photos, click here for last month’s post!)

Here we’re looking at the fridge which has been surrounded by cabinetry for a more built-in look. The countertop next to it is the ‘baking station’ and has a butcher block top. I am LOVING the mixer cabinet stand–even though, yes, the mixer is on the counter. The mixer is prettier than the Vitamix blender, so the blender is underneath the cabinet. And of course there’s the lovely washer and dryer.


A few notes about the washer and dryer–they used to be in a more enclosed area, so we’re still getting used to the noise being in the kitchen. So we ordered another side panel, like the one on the countertop side of the fridge, to install on the other side to help deaden the noise. This is the first time either of us have ever had a stacking laundry unit and I didn’t realize the dryer’s controls would be up so danged high. I have to stand on that stepstool to see the controls and I’m not short. If you’re petite, keep that in mind.

Okay, moving on! Here you can see the new wall that encloses the new pantry. And also my giant tea mug. 🙂 If you recall, that was a corner cabinet section before. New walls! (Art is of our house by our neighbor, a talented watercolorist).


Look at that pantry. The inset part was originally on the other side of the wall (aka the basement stairwell). We bumped it back out to add space to the pantry. LOOK AT ALL THAT SPACE!!


Standing in the far corner here, looking back at the laundry area.


Standing in the hall to the dining room. That’s a nice backsplash, huh? We still need to get the outlets finished, which will happen when the electrician comes back to do the lights over the sink (there were…complications, to say the least). I do love that the contractor painted that ENTIRE wall blue and all you can see is the 10 inches at the top. Also, please tell me how much you love the hardware on the cabinets because we agonized over that for MONTHS before finally going with Martha Stewart.


Back to the sink. I love that sink–but it took MONTHS to be shipped all the way from Italy! We still need the lights under the cabinet and drapes. Drapes are my nemesis right now. We also need a stool because we had the countertop (Blue Pearl Granite) overhang so there’d be a place for me to sit when Husband is baking (this is a thing that happens).


Like I said, it’s about 93% done but the important thing is that all the appliances are in and we can use it as a kitchen which is WONDERFUL. I really love it. *happy sigh*

GIVEAWAY: A super-early copy of Little Secrets: Claiming His Pregnant Bride! Just leave a comment telling me what you’d change about your kitchen if you could.

Okay! In book news, I have GOOD news! is back! We’ve signed on with Entangled and they’re putting the books out with snazzy new covers. So! Here’s a cover and an excerpt!


Buy Links: Amazon | B & N | iBooks | KoboGoogle

Blurb: These cowboys all have a little experience under their belt buckles and they’re gonna to put their hearts on the line one more time.

In Donna Alward’s Nothing like a Cowboy, Brett isn’t interested in another run at love, but when he’s matched with Melly by an online dating site, he seriously considers getting back in the saddle.

In Something About a Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson, Mack is furious when his grown sons sign him up for online dating, but he goes to meet Karen anyway, and is blown away by the instant chemistry. But it might be too much, too soon for this widowed cowboy.

In Jenna Bayley-Burke’s Anything for a Cowboy, declares Ray and Jacy a perfect match. The first time they meet, sparks fly and an insatiable desire flares between them. Their fire burns hot and fast, but will her little white lie smother the flames forever?


Mack looked back up to where the woman in the red dress was sitting. She’d pivoted on her stool, no doubt to see what all the commotion was about.

Her gaze met his and she smiled.

Oh, hell. It was her. Karen.

There was no turning back. Aw, who was he kidding? There’d been no turning back the moment he’d agreed to meet her. He tried to return her grin, but it didn’t feel right, so he gave up the effort and settled for walking toward her. As he did, he kept looking at her.

She was, if possible, even better looking in the flesh than she’d been in her photos. There, she’d been grinning goofily at the camera, holding up a small dog—the yippy kind—and generally being unselfconscious about her appearance.

But now? As he closed the distance between them, she stood, and Mack got the full magnitude of that red dress. In addition to being backless, it had a deep V that cut close to firm, high breasts and a slit that went most of the way up her leg. The whole thing skimmed over her curves, leaving just enough to the imagination. She had a lush, full body—hourglass shaped and perfect in proportion.

For six long, dark years, he’d not allowed himself to think, much less look at another woman. Suddenly, one siren in a red dress had him thinking about what it’d be like to undo the tie on her neck and let those breasts, those hips free from that dress.

Desire hit him low in the gut. He was really doing this. This was really happening.

“Mack?” she said, her eyes lighting up.

He nodded. “Karen?” Then, because he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do next in this situation, he stuck out his hand. It seemed the safest bet.

Except it wasn’t. She grabbed his hand and pulled him into her arms. She wore a scent that was light and sweet, almost like vanilla and roses. Unconsciously, he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. As he did, her breasts pressed against his Sunday-best blue dress shirt and his only suit jacket, the heather-gray one that Sue had picked out for him to wear to her funeral.

It was damned hard to think of Sue and have Karen hold him like this, her arms tight around his chest, murmuring the words, “It’s so good to meet you in person.” So he tried to stop. Sue was gone and she’d wanted him to go on with his life. She’d made him promise he would, because that was the kind of woman she’d been.

So this was Mack trying to go on with his life. “It’s, uh, it’s good to meet you too.”

He didn’t know what he was supposed to do with his hands. If he hugged her back, he’d be touching her bare skin or—worse—if he wasn’t doing that, he’d have his hands on her ass. It really didn’t matter how nice her ass was—he glanced down. Whoa. It was a nice ass.

He began to get hard and then he immediately started to panic. This was too much, too soon. He was still married, for God’s sake. Sort of. In the eyes of the Lord. Probably.

Thankfully, she let go of him and stepped back, which helped a lot in the sense that she wasn’t pressing her body against his and wouldn’t be able to feel his erection. But it didn’t help that he now had an up-close-and-personal view of her in that dress. It left very little to the imagination. He was sure that if he looked at her just right, he’d be able to make out the details of her nipples through the thin red fabric.

He kept his gaze locked on her face.

“I’m glad you came out tonight,” she said, and the next thing he knew, she’d leaned up on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on his cheek. She still had a grip on his hand. He couldn’t go anywhere. “I was hoping you would.”

“We made a date,” he heard himself say. “I keep my word.”

Which was pretty much the only reason he was here, looking at temptation in the form of a divorced florist named Karen Thompson instead of sitting in his living room, a beer in one hand and the remote in the other, just like he’d done every other night for the last six years.

She lifted one of her eyebrows as she beamed at him. “I am very glad to hear it. Do you want to eat dinner or…” Her voice trailed off and Mack had to lean forward to try and catch the last part of the sentence. Or what?


I really love these stories and I’m so glad they’re getting a second chance after Samhain folded. So check them out!!

Have a great summer, everyone!

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Malloy Family rides again by Beth Williamson

Howdy y’all, Beth Williamson here!

I’m beyond excited to announce the Malloy Family series is being republished by yours truly over the months of May, June, and July. With the closing of Samhain Publishing, my beloved 13-book series was no longer available for purchase.

Now I’m publishing one book each #MalloyMonday. Not only that but book 1, THE BOUNTY, is available for free in all US etailers, Kobo, and iBooks. I’m working on Amazon in other countries now to get it free for everyone.

If you haven’t read these books yet, give them a test drive with THE BOUNTY. You’ll fall in love with the Malloy Family too! 🙂


Kindle AU:
Kindle UK:
Kindle Canada:
Google play:

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Delilah Devlin: Four cowboys sworn to give her pleasure!

Dear Readers and Friends,

Another scandal is brewing in Two Mule, Texas, and Shauna Davies is right at the center! This lucky girl is about to receive the sexiest gift ever from the boy she’s loved all her life.

If you love sexy, slow-talking cowboys, with even sexier friends who are willing to go the extra mile to help a guy “seal the deal” with his girl, well, I have the story you’ve been waiting for!

Four Sworn is out now! It’s the third story in the Lone Star Lovers series. Get caught up because Breaking Leather is coming June 16th!

Happy reading!

Four sexy cowboys sworn to give her pleasure!

Sometimes it takes a cowboy, or maybe four, to unleash a woman’s wild child…

Being the pretty daughter of the town whore was reason enough to ensure Shauna Davies lived a circumspect life, stepping out of line only occasionally with her favorite cowboy, boyfriend Bo Crenshaw. But her untamed spirit is forcing her to make a new start in another place where no one knows her past—but not before she fulfills one last wicked fantasy…

Cowboy Bo Crenshaw has loved Shauna since they shared their first sexual adventures as teenagers, but he hasn’t found the way to show her he accepts the wild child she keeps hidden inside—at least, not until she confesses a long-held fantasy. Now Bo is determined to give her a send-off that will make her think twice about blowing out of town.

Hoping he’s found the key to unlocking her heart, he turns to the Kinzie brothers, his three closest friends, to provide her a single night of unrestrained passion.

Get your copy here!

And in case you missed the first two…

Unbridled 600 Unforgiven 600

Ready for pre-order now!

BreakingLeather 600

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Polishing Diamonds–Rhonda Lee Carver

Strange things happen, and we often look back with laughter at a situation that we didn’t understand.

I just turned seventeen and had broken up with my long-term boyfriend (2 years) and his friend, Brody (that’s what we’ll call him) came to my house to see me. I always liked Brody, got along with him, he even was the shoulder I cried on a few times. What I didn’t expect…he had brought an engagement ring with him. While we’re standing on the sidewalk he bends to one knee, pulls out the box and wa-laaa! I was a bit more than surprised. I should insert here that Brody and I had known each other for at least 5 years, so I thought I knew him pretty darn good, but I had no clue that he was in love with me. His confession left me in a stupor. As he poured his feelings out onto that hot cement, I felt like I was melting along with them. He had signed up for the Army and promised me we would explore the world. I had plans though which didn’t include running off with a friend. Obviously hurt, he stood, held my gaze while he dropped that ring into his mouth and swallowed.

I saw Brody a few months back. He was working at a restaurant and when he saw me he kept his gaze downward. I guess he’s still polishing that diamond…

I hated losing him as a friend.

Available Now!


#NewRelease! Live on #Amazon
Hell Yeah!: Legacy by Rhonda Lee Carver

One heart…two loves. Who will she choose?
What does a person do when they fall in love? They make a move, unless they’re eight. Loving Nann Fraley has been the story of Mac Sullivan’s life. Best friend and confidant, he’s been her shoulder, her rock, but no time has seemed like the right time to tell her his feelings. He can barely understand them himself.
Until he loses her to his brother.
Nann can’t think of a place she loves more than Sully Ranch. The horses have taken up residence inside her heart…along with Mac, but he’s too busy hobnobbing with the female flavor of the month falling at his dusty boots to notice Nann is all grown up. Moving on seems like the best thing to do, but tumbling into the arms of another Sullivan wasn’t part of the ‘moving on’ plan. It just happened, and she didn’t mean to start a Sullivan war.
Tragedy strikes and she loses both men.
After dedicating himself to a uniform, Mac is back in Kerrville, Texas and ready to take the helm at Sully…and ready to forget the one woman he can’t have. His plans are derailed when he learns Nann has kept a secret…one with the Sullivan ice-blue eyes and coal-black hair. Had he really believed he could sweep the night he’d spent with Nann six years ago under the rug? He has no clue how to be a daddy, but he swears he won’t lose everything he loves a second time around, that is if an outside source seeking revenge doesn’t foil his intentions.

Coming June 7th!



Taking a dirt bath off a bull lands Jace Jackson into the hands of beautiful, smart, sexy country singer Jessa Garvey. In pain and loopy on pain meds, he has no clue he’s flirting with her, and making a big damn fool of himself. Back in high school she rejected him, and although years have passed, sometimes a cowboy can’t forget. When Miss Priss invades his space at Nirvana, he decides to give her a dose of her own medicine and puts her to work mucking stalls. That’ll teach her…
Or will it?
Trading her guitar for a shovel, Jessa is out to prove to Jace that she isn’t the same person she was as a teenager. As far as she’s concerned, he’ll forgive her even if it kills her, or lands her hot and willing in bed with the dangerously handsome cowboy.
She’s in deep.
Forgiveness is granted, but she isn’t prepared for the choices she must make. Has she changed enough? Does the sliver of selfishness remain?

Buy here!


Before she could wrap her brain around what was happening, Cowboy pulled off his hat and pressed his lips against hers. She gasped in alarm, but the feeling was quickly exchanged for something deep. Something primal. The stranger tasted good and his soft lips evoked a need Jessa didn’t think existed. Her arms hung at her sides and her knees weakened as the kiss continued, his tongue rolling along her bottom lip causing tingles to spread down her neck and lodge in her chest.

He lifted his face and for a long second, he held her gaze until he darted a glance to the right and to the left. “I think we’re safe.” His warm breath brushed her cheek.

“Safe?” He could speak for himself because the rolling sensations rushing through her couldn’t be considered safe. In fact, he’d knocked her senseless.

“Again, sorry, ma’am. Some fans get a little out of control, if you know what I mean. It’s hard to argue with a woman who wants her ti—I mean, breast signed.” He pressed his hat back onto his head, hiding his thick, dark hair that made her ache to run her fingers through it.

Then she summed it up. Black Stetson. Black hair. So this was the cowboy the chicks were going crazy over? The same man who’d just made her toes curl and her heart race…

The man who’d been touching another woman’s breast moments ago.

Anger spiked in her.

“Excuse me, but I don’t know you and I’m certainly not one of your buckle bunnies to be…to be…well…manhandled in such a way.” She took a step back, her shoulder hitting the wall of the stable. She had every reason to be annoyed with the stranger, but it wasn’t rage that spiraled through her body making her panties wet. Her face flushed at the realization that she was turned on. By a stranger. One that resembled Luke Bryan. She’d almost wondered if Wade was playing a trick on her. Sure, if her manager had one single humorous bone in his body, but he didn’t.

Let’s connect!





street team



✸*★*✸*★*✸ June issue of PAGE TURNERS ✸*★*✸*★*✸
In search of Summertime reading ideas? Browse the newest issue of Page Turners Magazine to find just what you’re looking for! The June version of Page Turners features books written by authors of all genres, and these titles are guaranteed to provide hours of beach or poolside entertainment! Authors interested in placing an ad should email: or PM Susan Fisher Davis! #BlueWhiskey #PageTurnersMag

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Winter’s Thaw is back again – Mari Carr

Winter’s Thaw is BACK AGAIN!

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. Sometimes it’s better.

Compass Girls, book 1

Sienna Compton has it all figured out. Her life’s goals are set and it is all systems go. At least, it was. Until her long-time boyfriend Josh threw a ringer into the master plan, requesting a “break” from their relationship. Now she’s left alone during the long, cold Wyoming winter, questioning what her heart has always believed to be true love.

Daniel Lennon is facing an uncertain future. When a tragic accident leaves him unable to pursue his career as a professional bull rider, he finds himself at Compass Ranch, working to help Sienna’s father, Seth, build his horse breeding business. One look at Sienna has Daniel envisioning things he never imagined wanting—a permanent home, love, marriage—and he’s willing to use all the red-hot tricks in his sexual arsenal to melt the ice surrounding Sienna’s broken heart.

When lust turns to genuine emotion, can Daniel convince Sienna to take a chance on something different and unexpected? Can he persuade her to consider a new path, one that will lead her directly to his arms…forever?

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“Eavesdropping, cowboy?”

She clearly wasn’t angry, but her voice didn’t carry the usual teasing tone he liked so much. It just sounded empty.

“I didn’t mean to.”

She snorted. “It’s not hard to avoid. You just turn around and walk away.”

He didn’t bother to deny how much he’d heard. “Are you okay?”

She nodded. “Josh wants a break.”

“Yeah. I heard. That doesn’t bother you?”

She bit her lower lip, a line forming in the center of her brow. “I don’t think it does. Maybe it will tomorrow, when I’ve had time to process it all. Right now, I’m kind of in shock. At some point, I’ll have to figure out what it means, what I’m supposed to do now.”

Daniel took a step closer. “Or you could do what you suggested to Josh. Go with the flow.”

She gave him a sad grin. “I have a feeling I’ll hate that.”


“On what?” she asked.

“On who you’re flowing with. Josh asked for his freedom and you gave it to him. There’s something you need to remember about that. You’re free too.”

She crossed her arms. Daniel assumed the gesture was more for protection than warmth as the stable blocked out most of the chilly November air. “I guess so. Only problem is I didn’t necessary want to be free.”

Sienna walked back to the hay bale and kicked it—hard—stirring up dust. “God, I’m such an idiot. The man I plan to marry just asked for permission to screw around. And I gave it to him. I must seem like the world’s biggest fool to you.”

Daniel didn’t like seeing her so hurt. Walking behind her, he wrapped his arms around her waist in a gentle embrace. “Turn around, Sienna. Look at me.”

She twisted in his arms slowly as her face lifted.

“The only jackass in this barn was Josh. He’ll figure that out one day, but it’s going to be too late.”

“Why do you say that?”

Daniel placed a soft kiss on her forehead. “Because by the time he’s finished sowing his wild oats and ready to come home, you won’t be here waiting for him.”

She frowned. “I have no intention of leaving Compton Pass. Josh or no Josh. This is my home.”

Daniel ran his finger along her cheek. “That’s not what I meant.”

She started to question him, but Daniel wasn’t willing to waste the time explaining. Better to show her.

His first kiss was brief, but powerful. Sienna needed to understand there was a world of difference between him and the man who’d just left.

Their lips parted for only a second.

Long enough for her to whisper, “Oh.”

Then he kissed her again, refusing to hold back any of the desire he’d spent weeks stifling. Sienna Compton needed to go wild.

And he intended to be the man who really set her free.

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At this time

Well, I’m currently Ireland.  Yes, you read that right.

My sister and I decided on a big vacation this year so we took a trip overseas. I don’t know if I’ll find any cowboys over here, but since I’m also visiting England and Scotland I’m sure I’ll find some men in kilts.

Next month I’m sure I’ll have a very long blog post about the trip but for right now just some eye candy.


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Cowboy Six Pack

I’m excited to tell you about 6 contemporary cowboy novellas in one Cowboy Six Pack! It’s $.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited. The heat level rises with each story in the set.


Every woman loves a six-pack! Six sexy cowboy stories sure to make you swoon as they ride, rope and two-step into your heart!

To Steal a Cowboy’s Heart by Kari Lynn Dell

Shannon McKenzie is one of the best investigators the Montana Department of Livestock can sic on cattle and horse thieves, and her definition of undercover has always been strictly professional. Hotshot rodeo announcer Tyler Jernigan was a dangerous exception…one she nearly paid for with her life.

Over a year later Tyler is still recovering from the devastation of being caught in Shannon’s net–both as a lover and a suspect. Her sting operation left his brother in prison, Jernigan Livestock Auction closed for good, and Tyler convinced that the Shannon who’d thrown him for a loop and then disappeared never actually existed.

Now Shannon and Tyler have come face to face once more, this time on the rodeo circuit. She knows he’ll never forgive her for destroying his family, but she’ll have to get close enough to persuade him not to blow her cover. Does he dare trust the master pretender and risk letting her steal his heart…again?


She laced her fingers together and studied them, her face suddenly the picture of honest regret. “I am truly sorry. I didn’t intend to hurt you.”

“You didn’t,” he said, too quickly, too forcefully. “You lied, you manipulated, and you made a damned fool of me, but I’m fine, thank you.”

Her jaw tightened. “Deception is a necessary part of undercover work.”

“And you, darlin’,” he drawled, “are very good undercover.

She pushed abruptly to her feet. “This is a waste of time. I only came here to find out whether you intend to tell anyone.”

He lifted a brow. “That depends.”

“On what?”

“Who’s the sucker this time?”

Kari Lynn Dell brings a lifetime of personal experience to writing western romance. She is a third generation rancher and rodeo competitor existing in a perpetual state of horse-induced poverty despite a degree from Montana State University and a career in sports medicine that took her to Texas. South Dakota and eastern Oregon before returning to the family ranch in northern Montana. She lives on the doorstep of Glacier National Park along with Max the Cowdog, Spike the Junior Cowdog, her husband and her son.

Cowboy Courtship by Allison Merritt

Dean Trulove, a third-generation owner of Trulove Cattle Company and Stockyard, has waited for the day he’d inherit the business. Unfortunately, it comes at the cost of his mother’s heart problems and his dad’s sudden retirement. To relieve some of the pressure, he attempts to pick up a damsel in distress at the local watering hole. Even when he discovers she’s his new employee, he can’t flip the off switch on his object of desire. All the warnings in the world from his old-fashioned father won’t wrestle him away from a woman as skittish as any unbroken horse that’s passed through the stockyard pens.

London Bingham is in a bind—she’s got an unexpected bundle of joy on the way, but luckily, she accepts a new job with an understanding boss. Her only problem is, her sexy boss’s dad, a formidable man with an ages-old stick up his derriere about unmarried mothers in the workplace makes for an uncomfortable situation. As much as she’d like to give in to her persuasive boss and build a relationship, it’s causing work-place trauma and domestic drama.

To Dean, it’s clear that London needs a good ol’ cowboy to show her that she can have it all—a family, a career, and a man with a heart wider than the Arkansas River to remind her that even a woman from the wrong side of the tracks can find the happiness she deserves.


“You hit on London in a bar?” Ryan elbowed Dean in the side.

Dean rubbed his ribs. “I didn’t know she was coming to work here today. It’s for the best that things worked out how they did. That might have been awkward.”

Things hadn’t worked out well for her, before or after her encounter with Dean Trulove. But thank God she’d been spared the embarrassment of waking up to find out she’d slept with one of her bosses. “About that—”

“No need to explain. What happens on your time is your business. Anything that happens here, we’ll deal with as it comes. Ry, you’d better take Miss Bingham to your mom’s—I mean her new office before Patty comes looking for her. She’s mean as an old sow.” Dean winked at her.

Her face warmed again. That wink was a lady killer. The bona fide signature of a man looking to charm the panties right off of a woman. Keep your panties on and your head out of the clouds, London. He’s obviously not hurting because you turned him down. And thank God he’s not pissed about it.

A love of reading inspired award-winning and international best-selling author Allison Merritt to pursue her dream of becoming a writer who explores historical, paranormal, contemporary, and fantasy romances, often combining the sub-genres. She lives in a small town in the Ozark Mountains with her husband and dogs. It’s not unusual to find her lurking in graveyards, wandering historical sites, or listening to ghost stories.

Changing a Cowboy’s Tune by Stephanie Berget

When her fiancé demands Mavis abandon her goal of barrel racing at the National Finals Rodeo, she chooses to follow her dream and loses the man she adores.

Dex wants nothing more than to marry the woman he loves and build a future on his family’s ranch, but when he pushes her to settle into life as a mother and rancher’s wife, she bolts.

Years apart haven’t dampened their desire, but can they see past their own dreams for the future and invent a life they both love?


Dex slid into the booth next to her, his hard thigh brushing against her leg.

The simple touch sent a jolt of electricity through her leg right to her heart. She scooted as close to the wall as she could. It had been foolish to think the years apart would lessen his affect on her.

When he slid closer, she put her hand on his shoulder keep a few inches between them. Another tickle of awareness shot up her arm. Damn! She ate right and exercised, took the best care of her body, and at the first chance, the damned thing betrayed her.

She jerked her hand away and clenched her fingers in her lap.

Dex rested his arm along the back of the booth, his fingers lightly touching her shoulder. He was touching her on purpose, but there was no graceful way to get out of the booth short of crawling under the table. Pretending to flip her hair over her shoulder, she caught the inside of his forearm with her fingernails.

She had to hand it to him. If she hadn’t been watching she would have missed the flinch.

Within seconds, he’d moved his arm back to the table. With a smile, he took a fork and cut off a bite of her pie. “I’ve missed this.”

Finding romance beneath a rodeo moon. That’s what Stephanie Berget had in mind when she began writing–adding a realistic view of rodeo and ranching to her Contemporary Western Romance.

She was born loving horses, developing a lifelong love of rodeo when she married her Bronc Rider. They traveled to rodeos throughout the Northwest while she ran barrels and her cowboy rode bucking horses.

Stephanie and her husband live on a farm located along the Oregon/Idaho border, where they raise hay, horses and cattle, with the help of Cisco, the wonder horse, Dizzy Dottie, the Border Collie, and two Munchkin cats, Magic and

Catch the Rain by Paty Jager

Running from her past, Kitty Baxter catches a glimpse of her future—if she’s brave enough to beliCatch the Raineve in herself and the kind-hearted stranger who claims she deserves love.

Focused on setting up his new veterinarian practice, Zach MacDonald becomes sidetracked by a karaoke singing beauty with a secret. He sees what others don’t, and becomes determined to make Kitty see that anyone can learn to catch the rain.


Kitty’s heart soared as she blended her voice with the man’s. He had a beautiful baritone. She stared into his eyes. The warmth and acceptance she saw in their depths started her belly quivering. She’d avoided men, except for two disastrous dates, ever since school and the bullies that had harassed her for being unable to read and having ratty clothes. She’d been an easy target. But she’d shown everyone. She’d run off at fourteen and found a place to live, and she enjoyed the work she did.

The glint of challenge in the man’s eyes had her embellishing more at the end. She held onto the note and finished with a flourish. The music stopped, and she peered into his eyes.

A roar of voices and thundering applause, reminded her she stood on a stage staring into a stranger’s eyes.

She ran off the stage, dropping the microphone on the table. On her way past her table, she snagged her jacket, before running out the back door of the Sidewinder. She didn’t catch her breath or stop her momentum until she sat behind the wheel of her 1960 Ford pickup. Her heart raced, not from her hurried departure, but from the memory of the man’s eyes.

Paty Jager is an award-winning author of 30+ novels, novellas, and short stories of murder mystery, western romance, and action adventure. All her work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters. Paty and her husband raise alfalfa hay in rural eastern Oregon. Riding horses and battling rattlesnakes, she not only writes the western lifestyle, she lives it.

Broken Vows by Melissa Keir

Rick and Julie Tyler are happily married ranchers, who raise and train horses. When money becomes tight, Rick becomes a firefighter in order to make ends meet but he’s forced to move out of state if he wants more money and a chance as a station chief.

Distance causes problems for the happy couple and turns their world upside down. When Julie puts her foot down, will Rick decide to make the right choice or will their vows break?


“It is morning, already?” Her voice held a husky note which caused his pants to become even more uncomfortable.

“Yes, but it’s too early to get up. Let’s go to bed, and I’ll wake you properly with my kisses.”

She wrapped her arms around his shoulder and snuggled in closer, nuzzling his neck. “I missed you.”

“Me, too.” He carried her toward the stairs and up to their bedroom. “Let me show you just how much.”

“Only if you make me scream your name more than once,” she teased.

“Anything for you.” He kicked their bedroom door closed and set about to keep his promise.

Melissa Keir doesn’t believe in down time. She’s always keeping busy. Melissa is a wife and mother, an elementary school teacher, a book reviewer, owner of a publishing company as well as an author. Her home blends two families and is a lot like the Brady Bunch, without Alice- a large grocery bill, tons of dirty dishes and a mound of laundry. She loves to write stories that feature happy endings and is often seen plotting her next story.

Cowboy Wrecked by D’Ann Lindun

There’s nothing Rayanne Whitfield wants more than a family to call her own. Top bull rider Luke Greer is badly injured in a riding accident, leaving him unable to sire children. Can these two find a way to build a life together?


Talking about kids, or the lack of them, was the last topic Luke wanted to cover. “It might surprise you to learn that I like Rayanne. A lot, in fact.”

Cody raised a brow. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. I do.” His declaration surprised him, but it was true. Rayanne was sweet, down-to-earth and not all googly-eyed over his celebrity. In fact, he doubted she’d ever heard of him before. Surprisingly, he appreciated her lack of fawning over him. Something he would have never believed in the past.

But, it didn’t matter how much he liked her because there was one big road block between them—kids. She made it painfully obvious she wanted them. And he was unable to provide any should they get serious. He sighed. “You’re right, Cody. She’s a nice lady. Too good for a rodeo bum like me.”

“You’re no bum,” Cody said. “But you’re not the settling down type either.” He took a long swing of beer. “Neither one of us are.”

“Nope. Footloose and fancy free, just the way we like it.” Depression settled around Luke as he stared at the mountain peaks fading away in the dark. Life sure had a funny way of reminding you not to get too big for your britches, or it would bring you down a few pegs. He changed the subject. “I think both these boys have a future with bull riding.”

Falling in love with romance novels the summer before sixth grade, D’Ann Lindun never thought about writing one until many years later when she took a how-to class at her local college. She was hooked! She began writing and never looked back. Thirty-two manuscripts and numerous awards later, she is an Amazon bestseller! Romance appeals to D’Ann because there’s just something so satisfying about writing a book guaranteed to have a happy ending. Her particular favorites usually feature cowboys and the women who love them.

Buy Link:





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A Funny Thing Happened by Donna Michaels


Hi, it’s Donna Michaels, proud mom of a son who just graduated from college last week (Yay, Zach!), and a daughter who returned to college for a summer course before she starts her final year this fall (Yay, Jes!).  This finally gives me the option to take over most of her room as my office. Yay, me!

But first, I asked Zach if he wanted to switch rooms with his sister who didn’t mind, since she is only going to be dropping in for a few days here and there over the next twelve months. (For the record,  I must’ve been out of my mind.) This led to four long days of swapping furniture and boxing everyone’s things.  And of course, all this happened during an unexpected heatwave of muggy 90 degree weather.  This week the temps are back in the 70’s. lol

Anyhow, Zach’s room is done. The dining room and living room are now decluttered and spacious where my desk once sat. But my office/Jes’ room?

A funny thing happened as they moved my big old desk down the hall…

It broke.

Guess there was too much stress on one of the bottom boards that housed the drawers. It snapped in half when they tried to maneuver it into the room. The desk wasn’t expensive, although it hadn’t been all that cheap either. But it was over 11 years old. Still, I had hoped to get another year out of it before we make the big move across the country. So, everything is still in boxes and piled up on each other.

Between my stuff and Jes’ stuff, I can barely open the door. lol

Bless my brother, though. He has a tall bookshelf and smaller desk taking up space in his house, so sometime this weekend I might be able to get back to setting up that room!

Which is great, since I need to get back to writing. I’m on deadline for the fourth book in The Men of At Ease Ranch Series.

I also have the release for the third book in that series, THE RIGHT RANGER, right around the corner–June 12, 2017. I love the covers in this series. ❤



Haley Wagner’s life just got a lot more complicated. As if turning her struggling ranch around isn’t tough enough, she’s forced to call him for help. With his hard eyes and even harder body, Cord is an irritatingly sexy contradiction of hot and cold. How can she possibly hide her embarrassing secret when just looking at Cord is a combustible event?

Former Army Ranger Cord Brannigan has a secret, too. He promised his fallen teammate he’d protect the tempting, fiercely independent Haley from a distance, but now they’re stuck together for three weeks. Alone. Keeping his hands off will take every ounce of control he can muster. And that control is slipping…

lula belle the right ranger preorder promo

AmazoniTunes  |  B&N Kobo

I hope the rest of your May is great! I also hope that by the time I write my next WWC post, I am in my office and can share a finished photo.

Thanks for reading,


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