Family dynamics

Family drama. We’ve all seen it. Lived it, probably. I have. But dang, if it isn’t an interesting place to visit when you’re writing a series. I’ve always been fascinated by the fodder that holds together or splits apart characters–not only the main characters, but beyond the immediate family as well.

Remember that great seventies show, Dallas? Heck, take a look at Supernatural, Charmed, Modern Family…it’s like going to a candy store for me to watch how these various family personalities weave through life, how they handle the daily tensions, or the obstacles created by choices.



It’s one of the things I’ve loved about working with the Kinnsion brothers– (brothers by choice, not necessarily by birth) Brought together by adversity, they’re stubborn, hard-working, ready to step into harms way for each other…but as in real life, (and in my twisted imagination) challenges come along that will serve to strengthen or blow apart that bond they’ve forged.

Such fun, huh? (Yeah, when its fiction! :)

My third and final book in the Kinnsion series (RENEGADE HEART) has Amanda cover no logo-2actually  been delayed due to recent health issues in my family–but it’s also given me a moment to observe (firsthand) the complicated family dynamics–brought about by life’s obstacles– that we’ve all faced now and again.

Though not always easy, the experience has strengthened my understanding, my resilience, my gratitude, and in some ways served as inspiration in writing this third book. (speaking of inspiration…this is a sneak peek at fodder for my back cover of Renegade Heart! Thank you HeatherLynn Portraits!)

Without a doubt, a huge part of my inspiration through recent challenges has been the encouragement , prayers and thoughts of my readers. It’s been 20150206_171533amazing and I’m forever grateful.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I have to say that its not a day set aside just for lovers–but for reminding those around us that they are important, they matter, and that our lives , our hearts are a little fuller because of them.

So I want to show some love & appreciation by giving away this little fella (a hint of what’s to come in the next book) to one lucky person leaving a comment.

Just for fun–Tell me what TV show best describes YOUR family dynamics right now! :)

Meantime, thank you for being patient, prayerful and continuing to support so many wonderful storytellers! I’ll pick a winner next week and contact you directly, then announce next month! Good luck & God bless!

Kindness matters,


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Cowboys? Billionaires? What Better Combination?

Hi! MYLA JACKSON here. I also write as ELLE JAMES for those who don’t know me.

ElleJames_Cowboy12Pack_2D_1400COWBOY 12 PACK has been on the NY Time Best Seller list for 2 weeks! Just had to announce that. And it’s still only 99 cents for a short time. Get your cowboy fix now!

Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo

With 50 Shades of Grey about to explode in the box office, I keep asking myself and others why billionaires? What’s so special about billionaires? And I get a variety of answers including “It’s the lifestyle” “Their confidence” “The fact that they are people too, and vulnerable” “They can sweep you off to Paris at the drop of a hat”.

Okay, so that’s not surprising. I think we all want to be Cinderella and be swept off our feet by the rich and gorgeous Prince Charming. I get that.

But then there are Cowboys…..Yum!  We love our cowboys because they’re earthy, have a fabulous work ethic, strong, and sweep you off your feet literally. And they look so good in jeans. You wouldn’t be visiting this blog if you didn’t love cowboys, right?

So put the two together and you get the major yum-factor. I love it when my billionaires started from nothing and made something of themselves. Especially if they’re cowboys at heart.


Amazon | Nook | Kobo
All Romance Ebooks

TheBillionaireHusbandTestIn THE BILLIONAIRE HUSBAND TEST, (you can find it in the COWBOY 12 PACK boxed set) my cowboy is a billionaire, but he wants to maintain his anonymity as a billionaire under wraps. But it’s difficult to find a woman who shares your same values as a cowboy. Thus Billionaire Online Dating Service (BODS) developed for billionaires who have trouble getting past the gold-diggers to the real women.

Skeptical billionaire takes a risk on a friend’s online dating service and finds the cowgirl of his dreams, now he only has to convince her that he’s her perfect match

Billionaire Online Dating. It’s new, it’s exclusive. Let’s test it!

How did Billionaire Cooper Johnson allow himself to get roped into testing a brand new online dating system? After making a fortune day-trading stocks, he’s on track to accomplish all his life goals, except marriage and a family. As a billionaire, meeting the right woman is a minefield of gold-diggers, false eyelashes and surgically enhanced women. The Billionaire Online Dating Service matches hand-picked, screened clientele with the mates of their dreams. Or so the package was sold. As a favor for a friend, Cooper finds himself on the Rockin’ J Ranch confronting his “date’s” four tough looking cowboy brothers. When their girl-next-door, long, tall, gorgeous sister steps out on the porch, Cooper doesn’t know whether to run to her or away. One date, that’s all he’s signed up for and he can be out of there. Or will one date be enough?

She had everything—a fiancé, a great future, love…until she lost it all

Still mourning the loss of her fiancé who died two years ago, Emma Jacobs can’t imagine loving anyone else. But her four brothers won’t quit pushing men her way. In a desperate attempt to throw her brothers off her back, she engages her friend’s dating service to find a pasty-faced businessman sure to fail her brothers’ husband criteria. Maybe then her brothers will finally back off and leave her alone.

Best laid plans tend to blow up in Emma’s face. When her date turns out to be everything her brothers are looking for in a husband for Emma, she’s got a bigger problem than she started out with. She lets Cooper in on her plan to have him date and dump her. Surprisingly he goes along with it. But Cooper has plans of his own. And they don’t involve dumping the determined, sexy, independent cowgirl.

Note: Make a stop at Myla Jackson’s Ugly Stick Saloon in this story and say hi to old friends.



TheBillionaireCinderellaTestAnd watch for book #2 in the series THE BILLIONAIRE CINDERELLA TEST coming March 16th.

Billionaire Online Dating Service. Let us find your perfect match!

Desperate to find a date to his own charity ball, billionaire Gage Tate agrees to give his friend’s online dating system a try. Tired of gold-diggers and society debutantes, he wants a woman who isn’t after his money, and won’t become a bridezilla-wanna-be when exposed to his high-society world and the trappings of wealth.

She never expected a computer program to be her fairy godmother…

Fiona McKenzie returns home from college to discover the family ranch threatened by foreclosure. Desperate to find a way to earn enough money to pay off medical and mortgage bills, she’ll do practically anything to save the home she loves. Unbeknownst to Fiona, her stepsisters enter her name in an online dating system, which she flat-out tells them she doesn’t have time or the inclination. Her focus is on saving the ranch.

Amazon  IBooks

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His Lost and Found Family + Giveaway


Crazy-busy author Sarah M. Anderson

Yes, I know–it’s another month and I have yet another new book out. Seriously. It’s a problem. It really is.

But first! Last month’s blog winner of an ebook copy of Mystic Cowboy was…Michelle D! Michelle, send your email address to! Yah!


Yup, those are my daffodils. I planted each of those suckers by hand.

Okay! Moving on to February–boy, I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to spring. While we’ve avoided most of the really bone-chilling cold and huge snowstorms in my part of the country (thus far, knock on wood), it’s been the usual dark, gray, blah kind of weather. It wears on a person. I don’t know about you, but I’m jonesing for the appearance of my daffodils. I need those sunny little flowers!

But, alas, it’s 14 degrees outside as I’m writing this. Daffodils are hardy little suckers, but they’re no match for that kind of cold. My blooms will have to wait. But that’s okay because if you can’t have daffodils, there’s always books!

Lost Found Family FINAL

Aww, look! He found his family! Aren’t they sweet?

His Lost and Found Family is my second entry into the ongoing Texas Cattleman’s Club series (the first was What a Rancher Wants). It’s the very first time I’ve written an amnesia story. Our happy couple are not, in fact, that happy–Jake and Skye had basically called it a day. Jake left the country on a job for ten months and Skye discovered she was pregnant and decided to head up back to Royal, Texas. On her way, though, she drove into a tornado and wound up in a coma. She doesn’t remember the divorce. She just remembers missing her husband. It’s up to Jake to help her get her memory back–but does that include the painful parts?

Here’s the blurb:

A secret baby brings ex-lovers together in this tale of lost memories and second chances.

Getting hit with divorce papers isn’t the fresh beginning Jake Holt wanted with Skye Taylor. But when he returns to their Texas hometown, he finds Skye has a child…and no memory of the couple’s painful breakup.

After a long coma, Skye doesn’t remember being swept up in a tornado or nearly losing her baby girl. Seeing Jake again rekindles their all-consuming passion. Then she starts to remember… Is their love strong enough to overcome the past so they can become a real family?

Here’s the super-steamy excerpt I save just for you guys!

Jake,” she moaned. She did remember this—how he’d always lavished attention on her breasts, made her feel special instead of lacking.

But things were different now, too. Her nipples were tight and hot under his kisses, but it didn’t feel exactly the way she remembered it. Was that because she was remembering wrong, or because her body had changed?

“I love your body,” he said, his mouth trailing down her belly.

He was almost to the C-section scar—a thin, angry red line that stood out like a flashing light on her pale skin. “Even—that?”

He found the scar and kissed the length of it. “Even this. This gave us our daughter. Your body is amazing. This isn’t a scar, babe. It’s a tattoo of strength and I don’t ever want you to be ashamed of it.”

Her throat closed up at his sweet words. “Oh, Jake…”

But that was as far as she got before he moved lower. Jake ran his hands up and down her legs as he sat back and adjusted her hips. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to her inner thigh, then he put his mouth against her sex and began to stroke her with his tongue. “Oh, Jake!”

He sat back on his heels, but didn’t stop touching her. Instead of his mouth, his fingers began to rub over her. The heat was anything but languid now. Skye began to writhe.

Skye was filled with warmth and lightness. This was the man she loved—the man who could strip her down and lay her out and make her want him. She couldn’t remember being as happy as she was right now.

Then he slipped a finger inside of her.

Skye’s hips twisted as she responded to his touch. It was more than she was used to—but not enough. She needed even more. “Jake,” she groaned, desperate for something to hold on to.

Then his mouth was on her again and there was nothing slow or funny about what he was doing to her body. She ran her fingers through his hair and held on as he worked her up to the point where she couldn’t hold back. The orgasm hit her with so much force that she came all the way off the bed as she cried out, “Jake!”

“Oh, babe,” he moaned from between her legs. “I’ve missed you so much. So much.”

She fell back onto the bed, panting. “How could I forget?” Then she managed to lift her left foot and nudge at the huge erection that was straining behind his jeans. “Might need a refresher on that,” she tried to say in a joking tone.

“Woman,” he growled again as he shoved himself away from her. He yanked his jeans off, along with his boxers.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned. “Babe, don’t stop.”

But he looked at her, his eyes wide.

And he stopped.

Oh, Jake! You are in so much trouble here, I tell you. But to find out how Jake and Skye overcome their near-divorce and her amnesia, you’ll just have to go read the book!

CONTEST TIME! As I mentioned earlier, I’m looking forward to spring and my daffodils. What are you looking forward to? I’ll pick one commenter to win an autographed copy of His Lost and Found Family! But if you can’t wait that long, here’s the links for the book–available now!

His Lost and Found Family:  Amazon | Powell’s | Indiebound | B & N | HarlequinAll Romance iBooks | Kobo | Google

Award-winning author Sarah M. Anderson may live east of the Mississippi River, but her heart lies out west on the Great Plains. She loves to put people from two different worlds into new situations and to see how their backgrounds and cultures take them someplace they never thought they’d go. Sarah won the 2012 RT Book Reviewer’s Choice for Desire of the Year for A Man of Privilege.

When not helping out at school or walking her rescue dogs, Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and American Indians, all of which is surprisingly well-tolerated by her wonderful husband and son. You can learn more about Sarah at

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Fun with friends by Beth Williamson

I’ve been very fortunate to be invited to be part of two anthologies with fellow authors. Fun with friends! The first, Cowboy 12 Pack, hit the NYT and USA Today bestseller lists. Holy cow! Color me excited and humbled by that fact!  :)

Next up is an anthology of a different sort, A Dozen Rakes, Renegades and Rogues, Oh My! is a compilation of all historical novels by some of the most amazing historical novelists today. Release date is set for February 14 – Valentine’s Day!!

I can tell you I felt like an imposter being invited to be in an anthology with top notch talent who’ve practically lived on my bookshelf for years. Little ol’ me? Yeppers!

I included my book Circle Eight: Caleb in this collection – the very first self-published novel I put out there. One that was my very first RT Top Pick! It was a rite of passage for me and I’m incredibly honored to have it included in ADRRROM!

If you haven’t already preordered this amazing anthology, you’ll be missing out on a sweet Valentine’s Day treat!

2015 is starting with quite a bang and I’m having a serious amount of fun with friends!!

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Saying Farewell…

Today is my final post here at Wild and Wicked Cowboys. It’s been a fun ride, but it’s time for me let go.

I’ve enjoyed the authors here, reading their posts. I’ve enjoyed the readers as well, sharing food and books and my own insights on things. As I explained to Randi, I don’t have anything to contribute anymore. I’m not writing cowboys at this time or in the near future, save one, but I have no idea when it’ll be finished and I shouldn’t take up the space. My spot here should be given to a more cowboy-centric author.

So, thank you for accepting me and welcoming me and making me feel at home here.

And just so you’ll remember me…

2015-01-09 14.11.20

Feel free to come find me and share some coffee with me…


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Cowboys and Heroes

I recently went to see American Sniper, and through the movie I learned Chris Kyle started out as a cowboy. Kyle is a local hero and his loss hit everyone hard here in Texas. But for some reason, the news media never mentioned his early days in the rodeo.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that he was a cowboy. Military ranks are filled, and always have been, by men who left the fields and farms behind to take up arms in defense of God and Country. My father and most of his brothers did, much to my grandfather’s dismay. My father-in-law and his brothers did the same. Those farm boys already knew how to shoot, they were in good physical condition, and they were used to hardship. They were ideal soldier material.

They also had that code of ethics unique to cowboys. Honor your parents, love your country, defend your women and your property. They knew how to take orders, knew how to work sixteen hours a day and more when necessary. They could sleep anywhere, anytime, they were used to being outside in all kinds of weather, and they could do most anything, from fixing a tractor to birthing a calf.

I’m usually hard to impress when it comes to movies. But American Sniper really drove home to me just what our men go through to protect us, and why. And it gave a little insight into the problems they face coming home, even when they make it home in one piece.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth taking the time to do so. A hero is a hero, whether on the page or on the screen, and Chris Kyle was one hero we can all be proud of. I’d wanted to see it anyway, but I mainly went to get a feel for what a sniper goes through because the book I’m working on (still!) has a former sniper in it. But I think it would be good inspiration for anyone who writes romance. It let you see the darker side of a good man, showed that even the best struggle with problems at times.

Have you seen it? If so, what did you think?


2 0001-48814190 A home-grown killer blows a small town's

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New Cowboy! 99 cents!


Hold on to your panties. Nirvana cowboys are coming and they have one goal–to please women. They aim to turn every woman’s dream into reality. Slowly–with strong, capable hands– to build trust. Each of these men are sexy, rugged and ready! The first up is Ben Kade. He’s known as the cowboy ‘friend.’ He has broad shoulders to cry on. Large hands to soothe the broken. A wide chest to lick…oops…to lean on.

But Ben has a secret of his own…




Cowboys of Nirvana. Turning dreams into realityCowboyParadise2500 (451x704).

Cowboy Paradise. Available for pre-order for ONLY 99 cents!


“Ben, something’s in my pants.”

He dropped the basket to the ground. “What is it?”

“I don’t know, but…ouch! It stung me!” Afraid if she moved an inch either direction whatever it was would sting her again. “I think it’s a bee.”

“What does the sting feel like?”

“Are you serious? A sting! Like someone shot a staple into my butt.” Tears came to her eyes.

“Drop your pants, Cara.” He was beside her in a flash.

The back of her thigh started to throb in pain but she continued to stare at him in confusion. “I’m not dropping my pants.” She was mortified.

“If it’s a wasp, it’ll sting you again,” he warned.

Fear washed over her, but not from the wasp. If she pulled down her pants he would see her panties, not the pretty, lacey ones she wore once upon a time. These were the granny panties she started wearing when James continually told her how fat she was getting.

“Do you need some help?” he asked.

She smacked his hand away. “No. I’ll do it, but you have to turn your head.”

“Cara, we don’t have time for this. Is it not processing that you could be stung again?” The sincerity in his expression made it easier to do what she knew must be done.

Unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans, he was polite enough to keep his gaze on her face as she slowly slid the denim down her hips and thighs, slipping them off her feet. All of James’s cruel and degrading verbal assaults crawled through her mind as she stood there, partially naked.

“Where did it sting you, sweetheart?” His gentle voice soothed her—a little.

“On my thigh, the back.”

“Turn and let me take a look.” His gaze slipped past her chest, her stomach and she crossed her arms over her chest.  “If it’s a bee sting you could still have the stinger in your skin, which could cause infection. We can’t let that happen. You’re in Nirvana and that bee just wanted a little taste of honey.”

How did he do that? How did he make everything seem okay? Reluctantly, she turned and closed her eyes. He was quiet for the longest time. Was he silently gawking at her large butt or her huge thighs? She started to turn back but he stopped her with a hand on her waist.  “What is it, Ben?”

“It’s definitely a bee sting, darlin’.” His voice was smooth as silk.

“Then get it out fast so I can get my pants back on.”

“Well, sweetheart, there’s a problem.”






Rhonda’s Rowdy Readers Street Team


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The Boys of Fall

Free Agent and the Boys of Fall series released a week or so ago. Cowboys AND football? Dream combination.

The Boys of Fall will be a nine book series when all is said and done. Erin, Cari and I are each writing three installments. The first three, Out of Bounds, Going Long and Free Agent are out today. The next three will release in the fall and the final three the beginning of 2016. The books run concurrently so they can be read in any order. There are overlapping scenes, which make it fun because you can see several conversations from different points of view.

Boys-of-Fall-Logo-blackIn Texas, the temperature isn’t all that’s heating up…coming home has never been so hot!

Coach Nicholas Carr was the greatest high school football coach the sleepy little town of Quinn, Texas had ever seen. He led his boys to the state championships year after year. However, only once did the Quinn Titans ever bring home the state title. Quinn locals still insist that high school team was the greatest Texas ever had or ever would see. The exceptional group of athletes went on to do incredible things, bolstered by the qualities their cherished coach had instilled in them.
But when a retired Coach Carr suffers a heart attack and risks losing his beloved family ranch, his boys return home, anxious to give back to the man who’d been like a father to all of them.

Little did they know that returning to Quinn meant they’d fall in love—and into bed with strong, sexy women that are their match in every way. Home is definitely where the heart is, and so is the shower, and the wall, and the kitchen table…

Warning: Keep a glass of cold ice water handy to avoid sudden heatstroke—and a change of panties never hurts either.

Free Agent by Mari Carr-HighresFree Agent by Mari Carr

Tucker had only one aspiration in high school – to get the hell out of town the second that diploma was in his hands. The only way out was his talent as quarterback on the gridiron. And his plan worked. He turned pro his sophomore year of college and never looked back. Never had any regrets.

Except her. Lela and Tucker’s romance had been like a force of nature – steamy, unstoppable and tempestuous. In her arms, Tuck could forget his troubled home life–until a family tragedy made him run, leaving Lela behind. For twelve years he’s stayed away, unwilling to deal with his drunken father, his mother’s death, and unable to face the girl he never stopped thinking about.

When Tucker gets a call that his high school coach has suffered a heart attack and needs help, he has to make a decision. Does he return with his teammates to help his beloved coach? Does he take the risk of running into his father? What does he say to Lela about the way he disappeared so completely?

And what if the spark that flared so hot between them still exists?


Going-Long-mockup1Going Long by Cari Quinn

This time, he’ll need to hit all the right notes to win the woman he’s always loved…

Wade Bennett is used to coming in second to his seemingly perfect older brother. In high school, Colt was a star linebacker while Wade was the punter, an important job without all of the glory. When Charlene Martinez—the only girl Wade ever truly wanted—fell for Colt, Wade decided to take his chances with music and went on the road. Leaving behind his family, his best friend, Rafe, and Charlene, who had feelings for Wade she never allowed herself to feel.

Years in Nashville quickly hardened the dreamy guy who just wanted to sing and hang out with his dog. His success has given him more than enough money, even if he knows he’ll never be able to compete with his hometown hero big brother. But after Coach Carr’s heart attack, Wade comes home to help the man who helped him make the decision to chase his dreams all those years ago.

Now Wade wants to chase a new dream in his old hometown, especially since Charlene is single again after divorcing Colt. And Wade is no longer a boy unwilling to fight for what—and who—he needs.


Out-of-Bounds-mockup1Out of Bounds by Erin Nicholas

As star running back for his high school team, Jackson Brady led a charmed life—until the wild child pushed a little too far. And thanks to snitching goody two-shoes Annabelle Hartington, Jackson endured scandal, shame, and suspension from the team before the championship game. His ensuing downward spiral would have been far worse if not for Nicholas Carr, his high school coach and mentor.

Now, twelve years later, Jackson doesn’t think twice about returning to Quinn, Texas, to help out when Coach suffers a heart attack. It’s an opportunity to atone for past sins and prove he’s ready to give back to the close-knit community. And he knows just the person to help him—the same woman who brought him down all those years ago. A respected and beloved teacher, if Annabelle is willing to take a chance on him, everyone
will know Jackson’s a new man.

But he’s not the only one who’s changed. Though she’s just as smart as he remembers, Annabelle is also sweet, kind, loyal—and hiding a surprisingly passionate woman behind her staid schoolteacher clothes. Suddenly proving himself to the town might be more difficult than he’d thought. Because while Jackson may have shed most of his wild ways, turns out nothing stirs his inner bad boy quite like Annabelle.


My story, Free Agent, is about Tucker, the star high school quarterback, who considered leaving Quinn, Texas making a clean getaway, an escape from a very troubled, violent childhood. The problem with leaving and never looking back was he had to say goodbye to the girl he loved, the one he never forgot. Now Tucker is an NFL star, faced with a hard decision to make. And to add  insult to injury, he’s just learned his beloved football coach has suffered a heart attack and needs his help. Tucker knows he has to return home, but in doing so, he’s bound to have some old wounds reopened.

How about a sneak peek?

“I’m afraid I…have…to…” She was searching for an excuse. And doing a terrible job at it.

He smirked. “You still suck at lying, L.B.”

She shot him a dirty look. “Did you ever consider that I don’t want to hang out with you and I’m looking for an acceptable reason, so that I don’t hurt your feelings?”

He shook his head. “Nope. That thought never occurred to me. Because you’re dying to go for a ride.”

She rolled her eyes and started to walk away from him. “You cocky son of a b—”

Tucker had no idea what prompted his next move. Maybe it was because she was trying to get away. Or the adorable exasperation on her face. Or that damn smell that had his cock going hard in an instant.

Whatever it was, it had his hands on her upper arms, twisting her around to him, cutting off her words with hard, hungry lips.

Lela was motionless for several seconds. Tucker used her shock against her as he deepened the kiss. Her mouth had been open and he’d taken advantage of that fact, pressing his tongue against hers.

When she did move, Tucker tightened his grip and planted his feet to prepare, ready to halt her flight. But she didn’t shove him away. Didn’t turn her face away from his, didn’t slap him for his forwardness.

Instead, she responded. Her lips softened and her tongue met his.

It was her turn to claim the advantage. She lifted her arms, wrapping them around his neck, her firm breasts pressed against his chest. Tucker released her arms, his hands dropping to her waist. He needed to touch her skin. He hadn’t lived like a monk, hadn’t resisted the perks associated with being a star quarterback. It wasn’t unusual for beautiful women to invite him to their beds and he’d taken more than a few of them up on the offer.

He’d ventured into sex clubs and given in to dominant urges he’d never shown Lela when they’d been younger. He’d tied women up, down and sideways, but nothing, not one damn kinky, hot, sex-filled night, had turned him on more than this relatively simple kiss from Lela.

His hands drifted under her shirt. She shivered slightly when his fingers grazed her soft skin, despite the scorching heat.

Lela ran her hands through his hair before she closed her fingers in the strands, tugging it harder, using her grip to increase the pressure of the kiss.

Tucker didn’t try to escape, didn’t acknowledge the prickling pain in his scalp. There was a new roughness, an impassioned hunger to Lela’s response. It spoke to Tucker’s own needs.

With his hands on her hips, he twisted them, lightly pushing her back against the side of the car, stepping closer. He pressed his cock against her, letting her feel how hard he was, how much he wanted her. She whimpered, but didn’t seek to break the union of their mouths.

Tucker was vaguely aware of their surroundings. They were in the front yard of a fairly busy ranch. Anyone and everyone could be watching them, but Tucker couldn’t find it in himself to give a shit.

Besides, Lela was too pragmatic. Common sense was going to raise its ugly head soon enough and she’d definitely shove him away. Until then he had to make sure to leave a lasting impression. Take care to ensure this encounter wasn’t something she’d soon forget.

His hands still lingered beneath her shirt. Lifting them, he wasted no time cupping her full breasts. He squeezed the flesh firmly, loving the way Lela moved toward the touch, encouraging him to continue.

They’d been virgins the first time they’d come together. Tucker had been so much bigger than her and he’d been terrified of hurting her. That fear had never left his young man’s heart, so their sexual history had been steeped in gentleness and slow, easy lovemaking.

This older version of Lela was stronger, self-confident, sexy. Tucker couldn’t offer her softness if his life depended on it. Instead, he felt the intense need to conquer. To prove to her she wasn’t the only one who’d changed. To take her in all the ways he’d dreamed of on those lonely nights when he gave in and let himself fantasize about her.

She’d been the face he’d seen every time he’d closed his eyes, wrapped his hand around his cock and brought himself to climax. He’d envisioned her on her knees before him, her hands tied behind her back, sometimes blindfolded, sometimes not. She’d open her mouth upon his command and…

Tucker forced the sexy thoughts from his head before he really did do something neither of them was ready for.

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Why cowboys?

I celebrated an anniversary this week — it’s been 6 years since my first story PRIVATE PROPERTY was published. (For more on that story, visit today’s Pay It Forward Friday post on my blog.) Since my first two books were about bodyguards, one of my street team asked me how I ended up moving from bodyguards to cowboys for my third book, TEXAS TANGLE. I’m not sure there’s really a story there — I’d been raised in the country, beside a horse farm on one side, cattle on the farms across the road. And I loved the cowboys of film and television — that sense of being in touch with the land and with nature. The confidence and no-nonsense attitude and their ‘who cared about fashion’ get-‘er-done attitude.  And then Dillon and Brett and Nikki walked into my head and demanded I tell their story…TEXASTANGLE_new_200x300

Dillon positioned the chainsaw in the shade of the barn, where he could watch Nikki working one of her colts. She moved with a grace, yet handled the long line with a confidence borne over years of handling her precious Blues. No one else would know the smile she shot him was a hint of the sensual being she kept carefully hidden from others. She lifted her hand in a wave before returning her focus to the colt.

Just last night, he’d been the focus of her attention on the porch swing. Man, that had been a sweet evening. Lying with her on top of him as the sun set, the breeze keeping them both cool. She’d had her hands all over him. And he’d returned the favor, discovering all her ticklish spots. It had been good to see her laughing. To feel her throaty moan reverberating through his chest when he’d gone down on her.

Even now the fruity scent of her shampoo filled his head, and the skin on his chest tingled everywhere she’d touched. A hint of her strawberry-flavored lip gloss lingered on his tongue from when she’d kissed him earlier.

She called an instruction to the pony, her voice strong and confident. Different from the soft, breathless pleas she’d whispered when he’d woken her that morning. The juxtaposition of strength and softness fascinated him.

“You gonna work on that chainsaw, or you planning on oglin’ me all morning?”

He laughed. “I plan on doin’ both, darlin’. You sure are a prettier sight than the inside of my workshed.”

She stuck her tongue out at him before clicking to the colt, wheeling him in the opposite direction.

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TangledPast200x300But there was a single line late in the manuscript where Dillon’s grandmother mentioned her grandparents’ unusual living arrangement and suddenly three more characters walked into my head and demanded I tell their story. And TANGLED PAST soon came to be.

Nate stared at the water rippling in the ewer on the nightstand. There was no mistaking what was going on in the spare bedroom. Not from the way the bedframe hit the wall or the moans—both Jackson’s and Sarah’s.

Wasn’t it enough he’d gone to sleep last night listening to the two of them knocking boots? He shouldn’t have to wake up to the same sounds this morning.

He shut his eyes, but by shutting out the room, his imagination supplied an image of Jackson—coated in a sheen of sweat, the muscles of his thighs and ass flexing and rippling with strength. Damn, it had been over a month since he’d had Jackson’s hard body covering him, his even harder cock trapped between their bellies.

On the other side of the wall, Jackson said something, his tone dark and commanding. Though distance and lumber prevented him from hearing the actual words, the timbre of Jackson’s voice made Nate groan. He stumbled to the bed, taking the time to undo the belt he’d just buckled, and dropped his trousers before he fell onto the feather mattress. His hand closed around his already primed cock, his mind confused over who he pictured doing this for him. A month ago, it would have been Jackson’s hand. Now it was Sarah’s hand he envisioned clasping him. Nate ran his thumb over the swollen head and tried not to picture the couple on their bed. Which meant that was all he could see.
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SlowRideHome_Leah Braemel200x300And now I’ve told the story of Ben from SLOW RIDE HOME and Jake from NO ACCOUNTING FOR COWBOYS. Their brother Gabe, however, is being downright ornery. Darned stubborn man doesn’t want to talk. (You know how little some of these alpha male cowboys talk most times.) But I’ll tease it out of him. Eventually.

Will I still be writing six years from now? I hope so. I can’t imagine those characters clamoring in my head for me to tell their stories will ever shut up. And if they do…I’ll miss them.



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New Release: Red Club Temptation

It’s been a while since I had a new book released.  Last year after my mom passed away, it took me quite a few months for life to calm back down.  But now, things are better and I’m glad to have a new book out.

Sorry, he’s not a cowboy but I think you’ll like my hero Caleb.



She needs a dungeon master. He needs her secrets.

Red Club owner Jessie Michaels isn’t looking for love, just someone competent to monitor her dungeon in Lobster Cove’s only BDSM club. But a new Dominant catches her eye and makes her tingle in all the right places. She’s called away for business before she can catch his name, but not before that commanding voice tempts her for more.

Caleb Drake has returned to Lobster Cove to find out what makes the Red Club so successful only to discover the sexy redheaded sub he met the night before is actually his boss. He vows to keep business separate from pleasure, but the temptation to see if the iron-fisted club owner is truly submissive in the bedroom becomes too much.

But when Caleb’s ulterior motive is revealed, will Jessie be ruled by business…or pleasure?


Time to find out if she was a Domme or sub. This time when their gazes met and held, he mouthed the word “Obey.” Her gaze dropped. He sucked in a breath. Damn, she was a submissive. And just what he needed. He couldn’t help himself as he strode across the room.

Caleb stopped when he was within touching distance, and her gaze never rose from the floor.  Excitement stirred in his spine for the first time in a long time.

“Hello,” he said.

“Good evening, Sir.” Her voice was soft but calm, eyes still downcast.

He cupped her chin and tilted her head up. “Look at me, sweetheart, I want to see your eyes.”

Hazel eyes to go with beautiful red hair. He loved looking into the eyes of his subs, unless of  course he had them blindfolded, and then he would 7 make them use other senses.

“Are you available?” He glanced at her wrist. No band. He’d been told anyone with a black band was off limits.

“Excuse me?” a male voice intruded.

Caleb’s gaze left her to see one of the dungeon masters standing next to them. “You’re needed in the other room, Red.”

Her spine stiffened, and she lifted her chin out of Caleb’s hold. “Thanks, Ryan. I’ll be right there.”

Ryan nodded and gave Caleb the once over 18 before disappearing into the private club area.

“Sorry, but I have to go.”

“I understand, but first.” He cupped her cheeks and brushed a kiss across her soft lips. She leaned into him when he released her mouth. “I’ll be here if you want to play later.” He released her and stepped back.

Her fingers touched her lips and then she smiled. “I might take you up on that.” Then she strode away hips swaying.

If you’re interested, the book releases tomorrow Jan. 30th.  You can purchase the book here or at Amazon or Barnes and Noble or any book site you choose.

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