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Howdy! I’m really happy because unofficially fall is here and it’s boot weather! Sure, a real die-hard cowgirl might live in her boots 24/7 through heat and humidity but I’m not that gal.


I’m also thrilled to share some brand new cowboys with you! My  menage short story, Lasso My Heart, is out now! And my super-sexy Dom from Down Under is featured in the next Boot Knockers Ranch series book, Rope Burn, coming Sept 29!

LassoMyHeart_EmP-1 RopeBurn

Which hottie do you prefer? Here’s a little teaser of each…



After washing up at the outdoor sink, Josh shook the water from his hands and went inside. “Dixie!”

She didn’t answer. Moving through the rooms they were remodeling one by one, his mind worked over his current problem—how to make this anniversary a memory she’d cherish.

When he reached the bedroom and spotted the red slinky dress hanging on the closet door, he pushed out a sigh. “Dammit.”

He caught the music of water in the brand new bathroom he’d finished just in time to start pulling calves. Dixie would be standing naked under the rain shower head, her body glistening.

His cock jumped to attention. He kicked off his boots, stepped out of his jeans and then tossed away his shirt, leaving his clothing in a puddle on the floor. He’d catch hell for that too, but right now his mind—and cock—had one thought.

As he opened the door, steam rolled out. Through the glass shower door, he traced her outline with his gaze. When he stepped in behind her, she gave him one of her come-hither smiles.

He yanked her against him.. She was hot and slippery as the road to hell. Good thing she was his wife or he’d be a sinner hourly.

Burrowing his face against the crook of her neck, he rocked his hips against hers. They shared a groan, and she spun her arms around his neck.

One thing they’d always had was great sex. Better than great. She was an insatiable little minx at times, and he’d always teased her that someday he’d take a whole day and just make her come over and over.

As soon as I figure out how to take a real break from ranchin’.

She stood on tiptoe and stole his thoughts with her kiss. When Dixie kissed, his brain flew south. His cock strained, and he nudged the V of her thighs with a rock of his hips. She moaned, and he swallowed it, feeding her his tongue and nipping her lips for long minutes.

When she reached between their bodies and gripped his shaft at the root, he realized they were leaning against the tiled wall. His muscles forgot how to stand when she was in his arms.

He cupped her breast, rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Her eyes darkened a shade and she clung to him. “You need these little brown nipples sucked, darlin’?”

“Uhhhh.” She arched into his touch.

Leaning down slowly, he snaked his tongue over the tip. It beaded instantly, raising a growl from him. She was so damn perfect. Beautiful, sweet, smart and sassy.


A woman like Tabbart needed to be shoved out of her comfort zone—and fast. As soon as she got too cerebral, she’d be hiding in the bungalow with a book. Stowe wasn’t waiting for her to come to terms with what she was here for. He wanted to put her on a horse, so to speak, and slap its rump, sending her for a fast ride. Eventually she’d hang on.

He grinned down at her and her breaths came faster. Her body under his felt like the plushest cloud. He ground his hips and her eyes widened in surprise.

“Don’t you think we should take it slower?” Her voice came in short pants. While her head asked for slower, her body said the opposite.

Since he was all about consent, he’d grant her wish, but that didn’t mean he was going to stop touching her.

“You have the most beautiful hair.” He wrapped his fist around her sleek ponytail and let the silken mass slide through his palm. She shuddered.

“Maybe we should…uh, talk.”

“We are talking. But I want your body to know mine.” He braced his weight on his arms and made a rolling movement, pressing his chest to her breasts and his hips to hers. His erection throbbed in time to his heart. He hadn’t wanted a woman this bad in a while. Good thing he had self-control in spades.

He caught her gaze and held it. Gray flecked the outside edges of her irises. Again he was struck by how soft her features were, but he had to make sure one particular emotion was never spelled on her face.

“You’re not afraid of me.”

She started. “No.” She flicked her gaze away as if conducting an inner examination. “Should I be? I mean, you are the most frightening cowboy on the ranch.”

He couldn’t stop his grin if he wanted. “Is it the leather?”

“And the ropes and handcuffs.”

“My tools of the trade. Just as you have your cooking utensils.”

“But I can’t inflict harm with a whisk.”

He skimmed a finger over the shell of her ear, raising a full body shiver in her. Yes, her body knew him already. He needed her mind to catch up before he commanded it.

“I don’t inflict harm either. Not even with my crops or whips.”

She sank her teeth into her lower lip. The plump flesh pinned by her white tooth infused him with more lust. He wanted Tabbart with a deep ache, but slowly opening her like petals on the most delicate flower was as heady as the end result would be.

“Do you…have those here? Whips and things?”

He gave a slow nod. “Do you want to hear why I use them?”

“Y-yes. I don’t understand this at all.”


**GAME–Since I write to music, I’m always looking for new songs and artists. So I’d like you to put your phone, ipod or Pandora playlist on shuffle and post the first 5 songs that play. No cheating! Here are mine (please don’t judge. I share a cloud with my teen daughters)


Airstream Song–Miranda Lambert

Suede–Tori Amos

Breakeven– The Script

Hello My Old Heart–Oh Hellos

Darth Vader vs. Adoph Hitler Rap Battle (LMAO!!!! WTH is this and why have I paid 99c for it???)


Now it’s your turn! Post your 5 songs and one random winner will be selected to win an ebook of your choice from my backlist! Good luck!


Thanks for stopping by!

Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~



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Street Team

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The False Promise of the Orgasm in Romance Novels – Randi Alexander

When I first started reading romance novels, I grabbed my older sister’s historicals. Pirates and Dukes and Rogues abounded in these thick paperbacks, and the covers? Oh my, they could make a girl have lovely dreams for many nights. Remember Fabio’s covers?

fabioIn these books, the hero would make love to the heroine, mostly missionary position, and with very little foreplay or during-sex stimulation. It was just vaginal penetration by the man.

And the heroine always had an orgasm.

For years, I thought that was all it took. My first real boyfriend must have been a fan of those books too, because that was all I got from him. Humpity, humpity, humpity, done.

I began to think there was something wrong with me. I’d heard the term “frigid” somewhere, and wondered if that was my problem. I even asked my doctor, and he shook his head and moved on to less embarrassing topics.

It was years later, and with the right guy, that I learned what it took to give me the satisfaction I was craving. (Thanks, Kick!!!) From then on, I’ve been happy and healthy and just all-around horny. So much so, that I pour out my excess horniness in my books! Books, which by the way, give a much more accurate description of what is needed to give a woman an orgasm.

Pink and purple clouds over the Superstition Mountains at sunset

My goal in writing this way is to help women find their happiness, their sexual healthiness, and hopefully their all-around horniness. No woman should ever have to worry that they are frigid, the way I did.

Ready to learn the right way? Get your free copy of A Gentleman and a Cowboy by clicking HERE

Hoping you’re having a healthy, horny day!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

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It’s Southern Heat time by Parker Kincade


I was just thinking the other day how much I miss the cowboys of Shadow Maverick Ranch. I’ve got more stories planned for this series, and I’m looking forward to getting back to the Mathis family very soon. In fact, I’ll give away two (2) audio versions of White Collar Cowboy to random commenters for indulging this post about my new release. :) Go to the end of the post to find out how to qualify to win! I’ll announce the winners on Friday, September 18, 2015. (And pssst…White Collar Cowboy is only $0.99 on Amazon – sale ends this weekend!)


I’m so excited to share Southern Heat with you. It’s a super sexy story about a baseball player determined to win back his place on the team … and win the girl.

SouthernHeat_UpdatedHe’s down, but he’s not out of the game.

Tyler Brady earned his reputation as the bad boy of baseball the old-fashioned way: by playing hard—on and off the field. After suffering a shoulder injury, he faces his first summer off in twenty years. Between the endless physical therapy sessions and missing the season, Tyler’s patience is about to blow.

After suffering a devastating breakup, Gabriella Marano is ready to get her life back. Who better to reacquaint her with the pleasures of sex than a devastatingly handsome ball player? Tyler is well equipped to give her what she needs: a little harmless fun.

As their passion soars, Tyler realizes the woman who fires his blood holds his future in the palm of her hands.

In more ways than one.

Buy Links:


Barnes & Noble:



THIS WEEK ONLY: Spring Training, Game On, Book 1 is only $0.99! Be sure to pick it up while it’s more than 50% off!

Spring Training Front Full SizeHe’s got his eye on the ball, but his sights are set on her.

For baseball superstar Garrett Donovan, his contract with the New York Empire baseball team meant he’d finally have the means to secure a future for his family. He should focus on that…not on the sassy, beautiful Jessa Montgomery — or what she looks like naked. Getting involved with the daughter of the Empire’s owner would be career suicide. Jessa is a distraction he can’t afford.

Her father had warned her never to get involved with his athletes, so his request that she keep an eye on his new star player came straight out of left field. The last thing Jessa needs is another spoiled, egotistical ball player to deal with. But Garrett is none of those things. His no-nonsense attitude and smooth Southern charm make her blood burn and her knees weak. Giving into temptation, she is consumed by the pleasure she finds in Garrett’s arms.

Jessa wants to protect his career. Garrett won’t let anything get in the way of their passion.

A passion that could cost him everything.



Barnes & Noble:



For a chance to win an audio book copy of White Collar Cowboy: Tell me your favorite book of 2015 (so far)!

Until next time!


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Guest Blogger Natalie Alder Weaves Cowboy Romances in The Tapestry Series

JP Ryan wasn’t sure where he was going in life and really hadn’t thought all that much about it. Before his father passed away, it was just everyday living for him, go to school, go to work as a barn hand at a nearby farm. Between him and his father, they covered the rent, food and expenses. He hadn’t thought to worry about anything beyond what the day would bring.


Lucky for J.P., his cousin Tanner Ford thought ahead for him. At eighteen he was suddenly alone and on his own in the world. Before he had too much time sitting around thinking about what he was going to do now, Tanner offered him an apprenticeship at Bridgeton Pass Farm, a prestigious race horse farm a few hours away from where J.P. lived. The farm’s aging trainer was planning to retire and they were looking for an apprentice to eventually replace him.

J.P. had the confidence that he could do well as a horse trainer. He’d done a lot of good work with the horses at the farm he’d worked at since he was fourteen. But he would be replacing Manuel Rodriguez. The man was truly amazing with race horses and had given Bridgeton Pass Farm many wins over the years. Big wins. Figuring, if they believed in him then why shouldn’t he believe in himself. There had been a formal interview process with William Becker, the farm owner, and with Manuel Rodriguez. If they had any doubts, they would never have offered him the position, right? He could do this. With no one but himself to worry about he had no one to prove himself to, only him and no one else.

Certainly, he should consider living and working at the farm his cousin, Tanner, was the foreman of a blessing. He’d have some family there. Only having met Tanner a few times when he was younger, the cousins didn’t know each other well but family was family. Right?

Looking back over those early years, J.P. remembers struggling to keep his confidence as soon came to realize how much there was to know and how much he didn’t. He also remembers struggling to learn to live in a group setting in the hand’s house. And he may not have realized it then but he struggled watching the Becker family be just that, a family. They were broken given Mrs. Becker died several years ago, leaving William Becker to raise their three children on his own while running the farm. Nonetheless, the small family worked together and had so much. First, they had each other. Even though they fought as all families do, it was never anything serious. They rallied together and got things done. They also managed to have fun together, trail rides, bonfires and cookouts. It was like watching a movie, an all-American hard working family living with and loving each other. It made J.P. sick. Not that he wasn’t happy for them. It was just wasn’t something he ever had. Surely, it was something he always wanted but it hadn’t been in the cards for him.

He’d been an only child whose mother died when he was seven years old and then completely orphaned just as he became an adult at eighteen. He’d barely ever met any of his relatives and now lived a lonely life on the road traveling the horse race circuit. Women were whomever he found in the honky tonk in whatever city they were holed up in that night. When he thought about it, and thinking was something he had a lot of time to do on the road, he wanted his own family. He wanted to have kids and give them what he didn’t have in life, family, siblings and lots of love. He’d need to find that woman who wanted that with him. It certainly wasn’t going to be out on the road that was for sure. At some point, he wouldn’t have to travel as often. Maybe things would change for him then.

With the time he spent thinking while on the road, his head occasionally went to a places it shouldn’t – one of the hazards of having too much time to think. One of those places was the one where the farm owner’s daughter, Audra, was. She was just a kid when he started working at the farm. Lately, however, each time he was back on the farm he couldn’t help notice her. Dang, she was something else. Beautiful like no other girl he’d ever seen. She was young, probably just sixteen or seventeen but she was radiant, inside and out. The sweet girl hung around the barn a lot. She rode almost daily and tended to read in the hayloft. She had caught his attention. Almost as if overnight she went from a kid to a curvy bombshell. But it wasn’t just her body and errant lust, J.P. truly liked the girl. Talking to her in the barn, she was smart, opinionated, and independent. Without difficulty he could see her as the mother of his children. If only she wasn’t his boss’ daughter.

Read about the Becker family in The Tapestry Series starting with Audra’s story in Book 1, Crewel Work. Journey down the path of forbidden love with her and J.P. Learn how J.P. fights his desire for her in favor of keeping his job. But how long can he live like that? Then Audra is hurt in a riding accident and a disgruntled former barn hand begins making trouble. Book1, Crewel Work, is available on Amazon


The stories continue in Books 2 and 3, Trouble Looming and Woven Interests. Trouble Looming is the story of the oldest son, Cole who helped his father raise his siblings after their mother died. Now it’s time for Cole to have the life he deserves. When he meets Sara, all of his dreams seem to finally be within reach…until things begin to fall apart. Their perfect romance soon becomes complicated, scary, even life-threatening.

Book 2, Trouble Looming, is available on Amazon

Woven Interests is the story of the middle son, James. Uptight, serious, introvert…those were the words most used to describe James. Though austere, he was covertly a playboy.

Unable to resist a beautiful body, whether male or female, James never had a desire to commit to just one. A consummate player, he had no interest in a relationship.

Never say never. A broken ankle is the catalyst that leads James to considering a relationship. Falling for a man already in a committed relationship with a woman was intricate enough. But the likelihood of their woven interests in each other becoming a real relationship is threatened by shallow judgment, the media and a trouble making former barn hand.

Book 3, Woven Interests is available on Amazon

Warning: m/f/m, f/f/m, and m/m romance with strong language and explicit sexual content intended for mature readers only.

Author Facebook          

Natalie Alder Website  



Amazon Author URL   





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A Sexy Cowboy Firefighter and a Beautiful Race Car Driver – Randi Alexander

Randi Alexander Cowboy Firefighter Romance

Horse wrangler and off-duty firefighter Treven Arnett is the person closest to Delta Pennington’s racecar when it bursts into flames and spins onto the infield. Without a thought for his own safety, Treven reaches in and releases her, pulling her out to safety before her stock car is consumed by fire.

Delta looks up into the face of the cowboy who risked his life to save her, but as his eyes cloud over, she notices his severe injuries. She insists on staying and working his small horse ranch until he’s recovered, but the sexy cowboy makes it impossible for her to keep away from his hot loving. Serious daydreams of relocating to this quiet part of Texas surprise Delta as she and Treven grow more attached to each other.

When Treven learns that Delta has ulterior motives for her visit to his town, his anger explodes and he kicks her out. But someone else is angry with Delta: incensed enough to have tampered with her racecar. Does Treven care enough for Delta to overlook her deceit and step back into her life to help find the culprit?


Available now!



Read the first chapter at my website

Hope you’re having a hot-in-the-saddle kind of day!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

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Wild & Wicked Blog 9/9/15 Amanda McIntyre

Amanda McIntyre here, reporting from the Heart of the Heartland! I love this time of year! The changing season—even all the rain, which is indicative of the weather here in the Heartland in early Fall, ushers in cooler temps, brilliant blue sky days, and Mother’s Natures bountiful colors!

One of my favorite “Fall” places in the Midwest is up on the north shore of beach house Grand SuperiorLake Superior.  The best route, of course, is the two-lane lake shore road that winds close to the shoreline, allowing plenty of places to stop for amazing pictures and quaint little roadside shops and diners.

I used them all in, STRANGER IN PARADISE, my new contemporary romance w/humor/heat/suspense coming out this month exclusively at

stranger in paradise_web-ready_medStranger in Paradise Overview:

A frustrated in more ways than one erotic romance author on deadline, a special agent that needs more than wants this bodyguard gig, add in a crazed stalker, and a cheeky, sex-deprived author’s muse and nothing could be… stranger in paradise. Here’s a sneak peek at Kacey and Zack setting the parameters of their forced arrangement…

“Where do you intend to sleep tonight?” She was quick at changing topics.

“Right here is fine by me. If I could maybe trouble you for a blanket?”

“You’re going to sleep in a chair,” she scoffed.

“I’m open to suggestions.”

Her beautiful eyes widened.

“But you still haven’t answered my question.”

Ignoring him, she snapped off a couple of paper towels and started to clean the pie mess on the floor. “What’s your question?” she asked, scrubbing the tile with great fervor.

He leaned forward in his chair so he’d be able to see her reaction. God, being an ass was difficult work, but the entertainment value was priceless. “How do you research the stuff you write about?” he asked calmly. “I mean, man. Some of the stuff you’ve written made me blush and I thought I knew just about all there was to know.”

Kacey glanced up from her position on all fours, a wad of paper towels and bumbleberry guts in one hand. He clasped his hands over his knees, unable to hide his anticipatory grin.

“Did you really just ask me that?”

He shrugged. “I know. You probably get that a lot.”

“I can’t believe you really asked that.”

“It’s puzzling to me. Here you’re this famous erotica writer–”

“Erotic romance,” she corrected, hauling herself up off the floor.

“Same thing,” he responded.

She opened her mouth and he could hear guns being loaded. He couldn’t resist nudging her a little to see if she was as naive as she appeared. “I mean, look at you. You’re the last woman on earth I’d expect to write the scenes in your books.”

He noticed her fist tightening around the toweling. Juice dripped through her fingers. He smiled. It was all good, clean fun. Better to add a little humor to the situation. Defuse some of the tension. Though admittedly he knew a surefire way of relieving pent-up tension. “Do you have someone else write those scenes? Like one of those ghostwriters? They say a lot of the big authors have them.”

Kacey pressed her lips tightly together. She tossed the towels in the trash, washed her hands, and turned to him, her gaze steady. “Do you think that those who write murder mysteries go out and commit murder?”

“Good point. Probably not.” He waved off her deadly glare. “Look, I’m kidding you. We’re going to be here for a few weeks, so I didn’t think a little humor would be so bad.”

“Yeah, you’re a real funny guy.” She picked up the afghan over the back of the sofa and tossed it at his head. “Goodnight.”

“Did you lock the front door?” he asked.

She glanced at him, then the door. “Yes.”

He looked at her and pulled the blanket over his shoulders, offering her a wicked grin. “Read me a bedtime story?”

“Are you always this annoying?”

He winked. “Part of my charm.”

“No doubt.”

Yeah, maybe he’d taken the teasing a bit too far, too fast. Maybe she had no sense of humor. It was a defense mechanism for him. It had helped him get through some nightmarish times in his life. He hauled himself out of the chair and followed her to the front door. Clearly, she was more rattled about this stalker than she let on. When she turned toward him, he noticed the dark shadows beneath her gray-blue eyes. “Listen, I should apologize. My comedic timing isn’t always the best.”

“No kidding.” She looked him, then sighed. “And for the record, my name is Kacey.”

“Right. K.C. Winters, I know.”

“No, it’s really Kacey. K.A.C.E.Y.”

Okay, she didn’t acknowledge his apology, but it was all good. “Got it, Kacey. Why don’t you go on upstairs, relax, process everything, and tomorrow we’ll get this all straightened out. Go on, I’ll check everything down here.”

She started to protest, but he placed his finger on her lips to silence her.

Damn. I shouldn’t have done that. “It’s part of my job. I was just trying to lighten you up.”

She stepped around him, quick to distance herself. He knew he could be brash, annoying, and, at times, unthoughtful. But he wasn’t there to be her friend–he was there to protect her. The sooner he got that wedged into his brain, the better.

“Hey, Kacey?” he called out, and she turned to look at him from the stairs. “It’s going to be okay.”

She held his gaze a moment, nodded, and then disappeared upstairs.

Zack blew out a sigh. His memory catapulted to another place, another woman–one who used to give back his teasing. He missed that. Pain squeezed his chest. That seemed a lifetime ago.

He picked up the afghan and settled into the chair, his thoughts of the woman upstairs drifting softly into his dreams.


Not only does poor Kacey have a sex-on-a-stick dry wit detective to contend with, but also her writer’s muse, who is in desperate need of inspiration and frustrated by trying to nudge her protégé’ to sample the sexy goods right in front of her!


From Canal Park to Grand Marais, the scenic drive is a must-see for the nature-lover! Learn more at: And watch for STRANGER IN PARADISE, coming soon to!

What’s you favorite place to visit in the Fall?

Until next time~

Blessings & Cowboy Dreams!


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His Son, Her Secret–plus Steampunk!–from Sarah M. Anderson

SarahMAndersonhiresHi Everyone! Sarah M. Anderson, back again with a fun story and a steamy excerpt!

Before we get to the fun stuff this week, last month’s winner was Joanne B! Joanne won a copy of Tempted by a Cowboy! Joanne, send your address and preferred format (print with bonus goodies or epub) to!

Okay! Back to the silliness! I have a book out, but first let me tell you what I did this weekend! There’s a steampunk festival in Hannibal, MO, called the Big River Steampunk Festival. My family and I are kind of casual steampunkers, but I do like getting dressed up.

steampunk2 cropped

Big Red, Wolf Hunter (aka Sarah M. Anderson in steampunk costume!)

We went last year–which was the first year of the festival–and neither us nor the festival really knew what we were doing. This year, however, the festival was GREAT. They had more vendors and more activites–a circus sideshow (creepy), vaudeville show (SO MUCH FUN), burlesque (oh, how I wanted to go to the burlesque show–but I had a 10 yr old with me!). We had a great time.

Plus, this year, we also knew what we were doing. I went as Big Red, Wolf Hunter. My husband was a bounty hunter. My favorite moment was when I was standing in line for the nerf dueling (yes it’s a thing) and a little girl who couldn’t have been more than 6 was behind me (neither she nor her family were in costume). She said, “Who are you?” And I replied, “I’m Big Red.” She wrinkled her brow, not quite getting it, and said, “Because you look a little bit like Little Red Riding Hood.” And I said, “I was. But then I grew up and I got tired of being scared of monsters so I started fighting them.” I held up my basket (which had the fur collar off an old coat in it) and said, “This is the last wolf I caught. He doesn’t scare me anymore!”

The look on her face was PRICELESS. She’d never considered that fairy tales could grow up. And then, sadly, I went down in a blaze of glory in the nerf dueling, so I turned to her and said, “You’ve got to win this one for us girls! You can do it!” and we high-fived. Girl Power! Her mom was laughing through the whole thing. Frankly, considering how much kind of scary black makeup I had on, I’m surprised I didn’t terrify her or her little brother. But fun was had by all! They’re going to have the festival every Labor Day weekend so I hope you check it out next year! I’m already planning changes to my costume (and also praying that, FOR ONCE, it isn’t 93+ degrees out. I sweat through my corset!)

In book news, I have a new release–His Son, Her Secret! It’s already spent a few days as the #1 Desire at Amazon this week–I’m so excited that readers are connecting with it!

His Son, Her Secret is the 4th story in the Beaumont Heirs series and it features Byron, the older of the Beaumont Twins (his twin, Frances, gets her book next month). We last saw Byron in A Beaumont Christmas Wedding, asking about the daughter of his family’s mortal enemy, Leon Harper. It turns out there was *quite* a history there!

Byron NOT FINALHere’s the blurb:

Their families tore them apart. Can their baby bring them back together? 
For more than a year, Byron Beaumont has tried to get over Leona Harper. Not even living overseas could erase the memory of their affair…or her betrayal. Her family has been out to destroy his for decades, and despite Byron trusting her, making love to her, Leona kept her identity hidden. Now that Byron is back—as her new employer—he wants answers.

But what he gets is another surprise. Leona has given birth to his son. He’ll do what it takes to care for his family, even if it means spending days—and nights—wanting the one woman he can’t have…

And because I save all the best stuff for you guys, here’s a super-steamy, super-exclusive excerpt!

“It’s not the same,” she said and he heard the concern in her tone. “Everything changed. I’m not the same girl you remember.”

“I know.” He snagged the waistband of her pants. “You’re better. You’re a woman now.” With that, he pulled.

Her pants peeled right off her legs and then she was in nothing but a pair of white cotton panties. Keeping one hand on her breast, he moved down. He pushed her legs apart and lowered himself onto her. He pulled the panties aside and kissed her on her sex. “Not so different,” he murmured. He inhaled her scent deeply and everything he’d tried to forget for a year came crashing back on him. “Oh, babe,” he said before he licked her.

Leona’s body shook at his touch as she moaned. Her legs tried to close around him but he used his free hand to hold her open as he worked on her body. “Yeah, that’s it,” he whispered against her skin as her back arched. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Need…more,” she ground out through clenched teeth.

“All you had to do was ask.” He released his hold on her breast and trailed his hand over her stomach until he got both hands into the elastic waistband of her panties. He pulled them down and Leona kicked free.

She was completely open to him now. She held her hands over her stomach but he pried them away. There, permanently etched into her skin, were pale pink lines that hadn’t been there before.

“Byron,” she said in a trembling voice, as if she were waiting for pain to hit.

“Beautiful,” he murmured as he kissed the stretch marks. She’d brought his son into this world with her body and he wanted to show her just how much he appreciated that.

So, even though he was about to bust out of his jeans, he took the time to kiss all of her stretch marks before moving lower a second time. He pressed his mouth against her again. This time, he didn’t do tender or gentle. This time, he was hell-bent on bringing her right up to the edge and then pushing her over. He looped his arms around her legs and pulled her up so he had a better angle.

She tangled her fingers into his hair, pulling it loose from the low ponytail. “Oh, Byron,” she gasped quietly.

“You still need more?”

“Please,” she got out in a high voice filled with need. “Please, Byron.”

He couldn’t help but grin. “This is how much I missed you,” he murmured as he slipped a finger inside of her. She moaned in pleasure as he stroked her and licked her and kissed her.

“Yes,” she whispered. She let go of his hair and pulled his face up so she could look him in the eye. “More. Need more.”

“This?” he asked, slipping a second finger into her. “Is this what you want?”

Her mouth dropped open again, but she shook her head no.

“Tell me what you want, Leona. I need to hear the words.” He didn’t know why, but he did. No misunderstandings this time—just the truth between them. The truth he’d never been able to deny.

“I want you—all of you,” she whispered. “Make love to me, Byron. Please.”

He hopped off the bed to shuck his jeans. He had a condom in his wallet. He dug around until he found it, which took a few minutes because Leona had leaned forward and pressed her lips to his tip. He groaned in the small space between the pleasure of her mouth on his erection and the pain of needing to hold back his climax. “Babe, please.”

As she lifted her eyes to look at him, her other hand cupped him. Too much—she was too much. “Babe,” he said in warning. He didn’t want to lose it before he’d shown her how good it could still be between them and he didn’t know how much time they had before the baby awoke or her sister came back. “Let me do this for you.”

With his last bit of self-control, he pushed her away—at least, far enough away that he could roll the condom on. Then he climbed back onto the bed, back between her legs, and lowered himself to her. “You still like it like this?” he asked as he tucked her knees under his arms and pinned her to the bed.

“I think so. I’ll let you know.” Then she licked his lips and he couldn’t hold back any longer.

He fit himself against her and plunged into her body. She was so wet and ready for him, as though she’d been waiting for just this moment, too. He buried himself in her and kissed her and thought, Ive finally come home.

WHEW! His Son, Her Secret is out now and available at these fine retailers:

Amazon | Powell’s | Indiebound | B & N | Harlequin| All Romance | iBooks | Kobo | Google | Goodreads

If you’ve read the book, would you consider leaving an honest review? It helps us so much!

So! This week’s contest question is for a three-book set of The Bolton Brothers–Straddling the Line, Bringing Home the Bachelor and Expecting a Bolton Baby! All you have to do to be entered to win is leave a comment telling me if you’d steampunk and what your steampunk persona would be. Winner to be revealed next month!

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Say hello to James by Beth Williamson

Hey y’all, Beth Williamson here! In case you missed it, CIRCLE EIGHT: JAMES is now out and available for your reading pleasure! *happy dancing ensues*

This is book 7 in the Circle Eight series and it’s nearing the end of the Graham family story. James and Catherine were rough and tumble as a couple – hardheaded and stubborn too. Their story is highly charged, sprinkled with guns and violence, smexy times, and a heartbreak or two. In the end, they find who they’re supposed to be and who they’re supposed to be with. Hint, it’s an HEA. :)

When I set out to write Catherine’s story I went back and read the books where she was growing up. From the age of 7 we’ve known her, seen her, read about her, laughed with her. After Rebecca and Tobias’ book, we saw the woman she’d become.

Then there’s James. You may remember him as Jeb from Catherine and Vaughn’s story. The young man who lit the Circle Eight on fire after his brother Tobias told him to. Now he’s a grown man and he’s attracted to Catherine, much to his dismay.

When they collide, it’s like a bullet out of a gun. Fast, hard and full of punch. They don’t want to like each other, but you can’t fight fate. Then something goes completely sideways and it’s the two of them against the world. I really love this story!


Kindle Canada:
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Barnes & Noble:

To celebrate the release of JAMES, I’ve put CALEB up for free in ebook. You can start on the journey with the Grahams without spending a penny!

Kindle UK:
Kindle Canada:
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Delilah Devlin: A Cowboy and a Vampire–Two New Releases! (Contest)

UPDATE: The winner is…Stephanie O!

This is just a quick drive-by!

This week, I had two new stories release. One features a gruff but sexy cowboy who’s gonna watch a firebug like a hawk. The other is a vampire looking for the cure—where else? New Orleans! Both are sexy as hell. And both have plenty of humor, too.

And both are on Amazon—in Kindle Unlimited! So, you folks with subscriptions can get both for free!

For a chance to win a free copy of one of the previous Night Fall series stories (not Knight in Transition), answer this simple question. And if you want to say something about my awesome covers, I wouldn’t mind that either. :)

Are you a Kindle Unlimited subscriber? 

Controlled Burn
Cowboys on the Edge, Book 1


One high school prank gone wrong shouldn’t define the rest of Carly Lohan’s life. But setting fire to Caldera Canyon isn’t something townsfolk will ever forget. As the last part of her final act of restitution, she’s among the group of volunteers assigned to keep a prescribed burn of underbrush and grass from “running over the rim” into the ranches ringing the park.

Local rancher and volunteer firefighter Jeremiah McCord doesn’t trust the reformed firebug anywhere near the canyon’s controlled burn. Determined to keep her on a short rein, he’s everywhere she is, watching her. His distrust and determination spark a plan for some sexy revenge—one that will get them both too close to the flames.

Buy at Amazon

Knight in Transition
Night Fall, Book 3


A member of an elite police unit sworn to hunt vampires, Joe Garcia’s life is turned upside down when he’s transformed into one. On a quest for a cure, Joe’s search brings him to New Orleans in a last-ditch effort to recover his humanity.

Professor Lily Carlson, a renowned expert in vampire lore, has a condition of her own. Her sexual libido has been in hyper-drive for months. Her only defense is to hide behind her glasses and tweed suits and stay as far away from men as possible. However, she’s thrilled to discover vampires really do exist when Joe shows up on her balcony.

Although Joe deflects her attempts to make him a case study and confirm a few vampire statistics, he is drawn by her powerful allure. When werewolves join the chase and track her through New Orleans, Joe’s cop instincts tell him there’s a mystery to solve. Intent on protecting her, he must seek help from the last vampire on Earth he wants to ask.

While his hopes for deliverance from his fate dwindle, Lily’s life is forever altered by an unexpected inheritance.

Buy at Amazon

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Hell on Heels by Victoria Vane

Hey y’all! I’m thrilled to give you all the first peek at my brand-spanking-new book trailer for HELL ON HEELS, book #1 in my upcoming HOTEL RODEO series from Kensington/ Lyrical Press.

Pre-order:   Amazon,B&NGoogle PlayKobo   iBooks

HELL ON HEELS by VICTORIA VANECREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100



Her gaze was even with his chin, requiring her to crane her neck. She hated the advantage his height gave him. It was the reason she always wore heels—to level the playing field. She was five foot seven. Her stilettos made her close to six feet, which allowed her to stand nose to nose with most men, and even gave her a slight advantage over Evan who was only four inches taller than she was, but Ty had her by half a head.

“The twenty grand you refused?”

“No, the ten I accepted along with the—”

“Okay,” she blurted. “You already called my bluff. I’ll give you the twenty. Half now and the rest in three months. I’m being square with you here, Ty. Let’s make this happen.” She almost groaned as Evan’s favorite words spilled from her mouth. She’d been his protégé for five years. It would probably take as many for the stink to wear off.

Ty cocked his head in thought.

She waited, fighting the urge to tap her heel.

“All right,” he said at last. “I can accept that deal… on the provision that I still have the last word on operations.”

“Absolutely not! I’ll make all the final decisions.”

“That ain’t gonna fly with me, Sugar. Tom let me have free rein. If you want me to stay, you’ve got to let me handle things my way.”

“Equal say,” she countered. “Partners. Just like you and Tom.”

He shook his head. “Tom and I are like-minded but you and me? We’re never going to see eye to eye on anything.”

“Probably not,” she agreed.

“Look, Ms. Brandt, one of us has to wear the pants in this relationship.”

Wear the pants? What chauvinistic bullshit! I can’t even believe you said that!”

“Told you I’m old fashioned. ‘Sides,” his gazed roved slowly and suggestively down her body, “you look mighty fine in a skirt.”

She fought a ridiculous surge of satisfaction that he’d taken notice. “Don’t you know I could call you out for sexual harassment?”

“Could you now?” He stepped into her space. “Maybe you need a bit of sexual harassment, Ms. Brandt,” his voice was suddenly low and smooth as silk. “As a matter of fact, I think you need a whole lot of it.”

She retreated a step.

He advanced two.

“You see,” he continued, backing her up to the desk, “I was raised in the belief that anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”

His hands came down on the desk, braced on either side of her. His musky masculine sent washed over her, sucking the air out of her lungs. Evan wore outrageously expensive Clive Christian 1872. Ty Morgan wore “pure cowboy” vintage 1982, earthy, tangy, and tantalizing.


HellOnHeels_hires (2)

Pre-order:   Amazon,B&NGoogle PlayKobo   iBooks


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