Deadwood for Cowboys and Cowboy Lovers

Ready for the best vacation you’ve ever had? Wild Deadwood Reads Book Signing and Legendary Events is for cowboy lovers, like you! While the list of authors includes writers of everything from young adult to poetry to non-fiction, we’ll also have some of the hottest cowboy fiction writers on the planet!

Author List Postcard

Come and register now and be one of the first to have the opportunity to grab tickets to our Legendary extra events!

READERS: Register today – tickets only $10!
AUTHORS: Still a few tables left!
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Wearing His Brand!

It’s heeeerrrrre! Wearing His Brand, that is. If you love stubborn cowgirls, who aren’t afraid to push a guy to the brink of violence, and stoic cowboys, who go wild when pushed…well, you’ll love this story! And guess what? There are five more stories coming right behind it! So, start here. Get ready for more. Nuff said?

Just a note to those who do read the story… Reviews are greatly appreciated! ~DD

An accident involving barbed wire gives Lyssa McDonough the chance to play damsel-in-distress to capture rancher Brandon Tynan’s attention. Brand promised Lyssa’s older brother he’d keep an eye on his kid sister when he went off to war, but the sexy cowgirl tempts his code of honor past the breaking point when her actions beg for his brand of sensual punishment.

A little TLC turns into one hot encounter neither can just brush off. Now, Brand is determined to put the brakes on Lyssa’s reckless behavior—just as determined as she is to find a way to stay in his bed, forever.

Get your copy here!

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The Highlander is All That: Untamed Highlanders from Sabrina York #Giveaway



The Highlander Is All That
by Sabrina York

Elizabeth St. Claire has always been hard to please. Dreaming solely of Highlander men her whole life, no prancing London Lord can stand a chance at winning her heart…

… But perhaps a Scotsman can.

Elizabeth watches intrigued as the Highlander of her dreams, a Scotsman named Hamish Robb, arrives to oversee her season at the behest of her cousin, the Duke of Caithness. Elizabeth doesn’t hide her feelings for the striking Scot. But Hamish, determined to obey his order to protect the St. Claire sisters, steadfastly rejects her every seducing lure.

Believing that the debutante Elizabeth deserves a better, wealthier man, Hamish continues to turn away from her affection, even though he doesn’t exactly want to. Can this Highlander Scot resist the tempting seductress’ attempts to win his heart?

Read an Excerpt!

He emerged in the kitchens and, after greeting the plump and friendly cook—and snagging a scone from the cooling tray—he followed her directions out into the garden.

Ah yes. This was what he needed. The scent of mown grass, a hint of flowers, fresh air, and sunshine. He turned his face up to the sky and soaked it in.

Granted, it was a watery sunlight, and it struggled to shine through the haze of coal dust, but it beat the hell out of a musty carriage. He strolled along the path, studying the immaculately trimmed hedges, perfectly arranged rosebushes, and the affected pond in the center of the garden.

Everything was prim, proper, and utterly controlled. How British.

He missed the wild heathers of the Highlands, the raw scraggly trees that clung to the cliffs of the coast, the cold breeze gusting from the sea.

While he had been honored that Lachlan had entrusted him with this mission—for it clearly was important to the duke to support this family he had not known he had until recently—Hamish hated being away from home.

He had a business to run and had been in the process of seducing the lovely widow Dunn when the duke’s summons had come. But when a duke commanded one’s presence, one responded.

Ah well. The lovely widow could wait.

Hamish stilled and the little hairs on his nape prickled as he caught the trail of a tantalizing song. Like a sailor called by a siren, he followed the sound. As he rounded a corner, a whimsical gazebo came into view. There, leaning against a column, was his angel.

Her face was exquisite, delicate, and finely formed, utterly classical but for the button nose. Her hair, curly and glossy, skimmed her shoulders, and her dress pinched in at the waist, highlighting a fine form.

His breath caught as she tipped up her chin and warbled a few more notes. Then he must have made a noise, for she abruptly stopped singing and turned.

As she saw him, her cheeks turned a charming pink, and Elizabeth clapped her hand over her mouth.

“Doona stop,” he said before he could halt the words.

“Oh dear,” she said with a delightful laugh. “I’ve been caught out.”

“You have a lovely voice,” he said, stepping closer.

He should not step closer. He should not be alone with her, here in the garden. This he knew to the depth of his being. But, to the depth of his being, he could not resist.

Her grin was entrancing. “You are a very kind liar.”

“I’m no’ a lair.”

“Well, thank you, sir.” She gifted him with a mock curtsey.

“Do you often sing in the garden?” he asked.

“Only when I am certain no one can hear.” She turned away and stepped into the gazebo. He couldn’t help but notice the seductive swish of her skirts.


He clamped down on his lustful thoughts. She was a girl. One who was far too young to know a thing about seduction. Obviously, his imaginings were born of his own desire, and it would behoove him to remember that. He was here to see her wed. To be her protector. Not to pursue her.

She was the duke’s cousin.

Still, he followed her up the steps into the folly. She sat on a padded bench and he took a seat on the other side, far out of reach.

“Have you recovered from your journey?” she asked politely.

“Aye. A walk in the garden has helped immensely.”

“I can imagine. Traveling can be so dull.”

“Have you traveled much?”

“A bit here and there. Brighton, on holiday. York, for a house party. We went to Scotland once, but I was young.”

“Ah.” That caught his attention. “How did you like it?”

“Oh.” Her face transformed to one of rapt excitement. An expression that grabbed him by the solar plexus and tugged. “I absolutely loved it.”

“Did you?” How . . . intriguing.

“It was so beautiful and wild. The people were lovely and the food was delicious.”

“Even haggis?”

Her adorable nose curled a little. “It has its . . . charms.”

He had to laugh. Her lie was so blatant.

“I would love to go back sometime.” He appreciated the wistful note in her tone.

“I miss it already.”

“I can imagine you do.” She sighed. “It must have been difficult to put your life on hold to come here and help us.”

“The duke insisted.” He regretted his words immediately, as she flinched. “However, I’m certain we shall enjoy this adventure.”

“I do hope your time here is pleasant.” Unfortunately, she’d gone all prickly and formal, which he couldn’t help but regret.

“Thank you.”

“It must be difficult for your family to have you gone as well.” She looked away as she said this, but he caught an odd glimmer in her eye before she did.

“My family?”

She cleared her throat. “Your . . . wife? Children?”

Ah. That was it. The little minx was fishing for information. Something warm trickled though his veins, and he bit back a grin. “I doona have a wife, lass.” Why he invested the words with a low rumble, he did not know. Or perhaps he did.

Her response was immediate. A slow smile blossomed on her beautiful face. Was it possible it made her even lovelier? “No wife?”

“No’ a one.” He chuckled. Damn, if she wasn’t flirting with him. Though it was foolish, the prospect danced through him in ribbons of pleasure.

“And the baron?”

His mood plummeted. “What?”

“Does the baron have a wife?”


Aye, she was fishing for information.

On Ranald.

He shouldn’t be disappointed. He’d already acknowledged that his friend was a far better catch for her. “He is a widower.” A disgruntled offering.

“Oh, how sad.”

“He has a daughter.”

“Oh, that is even sadder. A helpless little mite without a mother?”

“Aye.” Though Catriona was hardly a helpless mite. She was more of a hellion.

“Does the baron plan to marry again?”

This was going from bad to worse. “He hasna spoken of it.”

“I was just wondering, you know, because he is very handsome.”


“And he seems very nice.”

“Aye.” There was no call for such misery, but it swamped him nonetheless.

“What a pity that Anne dislikes Scotsmen.”


Hamish blinked. “Anne?”

“They are of an age.”

Indeed, they were. He cleared his throat. “Anne . . . dislikes Scotsmen?”

“Oh yes. On account of the fact that she fell in love with one, and he broke her heart.”

He barked a laugh. “She canna blame all Scotsmen for that.”

“She can,” Elizabeth said with a smile. “And she does. Faithless philanders, all of them,” she warbled.

“That is no’ true. Scotsmen are the most devoted lovers!”

“Really?” She fluttered her lashes at him, which sent rivulets of delight and alarm through him. Her expression was far too intent. And again, not intent enough.

“I . . . ah. Aye. You’ll never find a more loyal man than a Scotsman.”

Her smile was stunning. “Well, I believe you,” she said, coming to her feet. He followed suit. “But you will need to convince Anne of that.”

He had no intention of doing any such thing.

She held out her arm and he took it as a matter of habit, and then they headed down the stairs.

He had no idea what happened next, other than the vague recollection of Elizabeth tripping on a stair, and his arms coming out to catch her.

But then, there she was. In his embrace. Staring up at him with wide doe-like eyes. Lips parted. Breath soft and sweet on his cheek.

She slipped a bit and gripped him closer, pressing her delicious body against his. His head spun. His cock rose.

She’s too young, some small voice cried from the back of his mind. She is unequal to your experience. This is wrong!

Ah, such a chorus of dissent.

He ignored them all and lowered his head.

The desire to taste her was far too strong, and try as he might to resist, he could not.

He was going to kiss Elizabeth St. Claire, and he was going to kiss her now.


Get it Now:

too many tiara giveaways

Enter to win the Highlander Is All That Tiara!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Read all the books in the Untamed Highlander Series!


Hannah and the Highlander
Susana and the Scot
Lana and the Laird

Other Historicals


Dark Fancy, Book 1
Dark Duke, Book 2
Brigand, Book 3
Defiant, Book 4
Folly,  Book 5

Tarnished Honor
Call of the Wild Wind

Bedding the Highlander (Bookshots Flames)

Laird of her Heart (Time Travel)

Be the first to know!
Join Sabrina’s Elite Team Now!


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Sarah M. Anderson’s Reader/Reviewer Crew

Hi all!

I’ve started a new reader group on Facebook, so if you’re interested in getting early access to covers and ARCs and you can commit to leaving honest reviews of my books after you’ve read them, hop on over to Facebook and join the crew!

What can you expect? Early copies of my books (even print!), first looks at covers, dibs on choosing character names and bonus swag! (I’m working on Christmas surprises as we speak!). You also get early access to a super-sekrit pen name and all those books, too!

What do you need to do to be a part of this group? Well, first off, you have to request to join the group. Then you have to like to read books and commit to posting at least two HONEST reviews online (such as at Amazon and on GoodReads). I want honest, real reviews and I know that not every book will be a 5 star read every single time (I’m good, but not THAT good. :P)

I’ve started a Magic Spreadsheet where you’ll need to enter your information and keep track of the books you’re requesting and reviews you’re posting. You’ll also have to agree

Daniel FINAL

to terms, which include not reselling print ARCs or uploading eARCs online and respecting other people’s reviews/ratings (i.e. no piling on people who leave a negative review, ever.) Once you get your info in, you’ll only have to deal with the Magic Spreadsheet (a Google sheet online) when you request a book. Don’t be scared of the spreadsheet!

In other news, I’ve got a book on sale through Oct. 10, so if you haven’t snagged your eCopy of Billionaire’s Baby Promise, now’s the time! There’s a bunch of great Desire titles on sale, so pick up some new favorites!Desire sale graphic 10617

Stay tuned next month for sexy excerpt from Twins for the Billionaire!

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Delilah Devlin: Wearing His Brand (Excerpt)

I have a series set to begin releasing next Thursday—October 12th! If you love cowboy romances with a hint of D/s, you might want to give this series a try, beginning with Brand and Lyssa’s story, Wearing His Brand!

🔥🔥This sexy cowgirl tempts him past the breaking point when her actions beg for a little sensual punishment….🔥🔥
Pre-order your copy here!

Read a sexy excerpt…

Lyssa flirted with the wrong cowboy at the local saloon. After rescuing her, Brand’s taking her home…

Brand walked around the front of the truck, rolling down his sleeves. When he’d closed the buttons at the cuffs, he raised his gaze to meet hers through the glass.

An expression transformed his features—something so primal and deeply masculine her whole body clenched.

Maybe tonight’s little drama had been overkill, but she couldn’t regret a moment. Brand had never looked at her like that before.

Like he’d won the right to do whatever he wanted with her.

When he climbed into the cab, the air crackled with tension. He twisted the key, set the truck in gear, and hit the gas. The diesel engine growled like a cougar, filling the silence between them.

Several minutes later, Brand drew a deep, tense breath. “Did you like it when he touched you?”

She shot him a glance, wondering how she should answer. Whether she had the courage to ratchet his anger higher. She turned back to stare through the windshield afraid to push him harder. Clouds obscured the moon and stars, blanketing the wide sky. The twin beams cut a narrow path through the murky darkness.

“Lyss! Did you like it?”

Lyssa cleared her throat and shrugged. “I guess.”

Brand swung the wheel sharply to the right and hit the brakes, sending a spray of gravel to rattle against the mud flaps.

So abrupt was his action, she didn’t have time to think when he slammed open his door and stomped around the truck. Her door jerked open, and steely fingers wrapped around her wrist, yanking her from the truck, straight into his arms.

You guess?

Brand’s expression was so dark, so intense, all Lyssa could do was shiver. Over the years of their long acquaintance, she’d seen him angry more than a few times.

Sure, his temper blew hot. Aimed always at the result, never the person. Completely fair. But it faded quickly once he’d dealt with whomever or whatever caused him to erupt.

This was different. Intriguing. And oh, so arousing. This time his anger built like rainfall gathering in arroyos that spilled into a dry creek until its crumbling banks overflowed. Her mouth dropped open. She’d wanted to make him lose control—but had she pushed him too far? She quickly clamped her lips shut.

Shocked by his reaction, she didn’t know how to respond. Although she’d goaded him into this, she trembled beneath his hot glare and remained silent, deciding to err, for once, on the side of caution.

Brand’s hot breaths gusted against her face. His lips thinned; his nostrils flared. A wildness entered his expression, melting her insides like hot wax.

His heated glare raked her face then dropped to her lips.

Desire liquefied her core, curling inside her belly, sending blood rushing south to pulse between her legs. Overcome, her lips parted, and a thin moan slipped between them.

Brand bit back a soft curse then dove. His mouth slammed into hers before she could suck in a breath to fill her empty lungs.

The kiss—a brutal, biting, mashing of teeth and lips—didn’t gentle, didn’t slow.

Brand backed her against the side of the truck, pressing his body against hers, grinding his thickening erection into her abdomen. His hands slammed against the metal on either side of her shoulders, and he leaned closer.

Lyssa took the kiss, opening her mouth to breathe, and then groaned when his tongue pushed inside and he continued to ravage her mouth.

Every part of him was hard—shuddering, driving into her.

Her body reacted instantly, flooding her pussy with melting heat, sending a quivering excitement throughout her wilting, surrendering body.

The tension in his shoulders and rock-hard abs radiated rage, but his thick, guttural groans betrayed something else.

Frustration? Disappointment? Had she hurt him?

Her legs wobbled, and she felt herself sliding down.

Afraid that maybe she’d blown it, she began to sob, clutching at his arms to hold herself upright.

She’d been wrong. Selfish. Childish, even. But dear God, she’d needed to break him. She hadn’t realized only a slender thread held his temper and his desire in check. Once he cooled off, would he push her away? Become disgusted with his reaction? Or worse, with her?

Brand jerked back his head, breaking the kiss, and eased away from her body. His hands, however, remained on the truck, bracketing her shoulders. His sharp gaze glittered in the darkness.

Lyssa’s swollen lips trembled along with her legs, and she relaxed against the truck, letting the moment stretch between them as she dragged in deep, harsh breaths.

Despite her trepidation, a languorous heat filled her. Her head fell back against metal, and her breasts lifted with her jagged gasps, jutting against the thin material of the insubstantial bra she’d chosen tonight.

Brand’s head dipped. Expecting another kiss, she nearly slid to the ground when his nose and lips glided along the neckline of her tank top, his tongue sweeping out to lick at the sweat gathering between her breasts.

Then his mouth grazed over the fabric, giving her shielded bites that had her straining upward, until at last, his lips closed around a beaded nipple.

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Catch your cowboy!Giveaways! Rhonda Lee Carver

A Cowboy and a new beginning

Urban Jericho has hit a snag. He should be loving his life as a rodeo star but his passion for riding bulls, and getting knocked around, has fizzled. When he sees the opportunity for a new beginning, he’s ready to rope the chance of a lifetime. Problem is, it requires a wife…

An Ultimatum

Presley Dean has life by the reins until she’s given an ultimatum to get married or lose everything she’s worked for, everything she loves. So, when Urban comes up with a ridiculous plan that’ll get them both what they want, she considers marrying him. Up until now she’s stayed clear of the cowboy who has done nothing but rile her every chance he got…and conjured feelings she’d like to ignore. After being shot with a horse tranquilizer, she sees another side to Urban…

Saddles & Second Chances

Roman’s Choice (Book 1)
Penn’s Fortune (Book 2)
Weston’s Trouble (Book 3)
Urban’s Rush (Book 4)


“That should be easy. I can’t even find a man who’s interested in taking off his clothes.” Cheryl snorted.

“Maybe if you’d stop cutting his meat and instead blow on it a little, you’d get the response you want.” Presley bent her head back and laughed. He liked the melodic sound and the way several strands of hair had loosened from the messy bun and had fallen around her pale, freckled cheeks. Lowering his gaze, he could see the outline of her nipples through the wet T-shirt and how the material cupped her high, firm breasts. His cock twitched. The last thing he needed was a hard on for a woman he couldn’t stand. Not one bit. Maybe just a bit, proof in the way his zipper stretched.

“I haven’t had sex in so long I’m beginning to think my parts are growing together.” Presley sighed. “I’m a sad case. At least I would get something from marriage. He has to like sex. Lots of sex.”

“Then maybe you should look for a man with a big di—”

Pre-order here!



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October KU Giveaway

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Check out the October Preorder Sale & Giveaway!
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Most of them are on sale for a limited time. It’s just our way of thanking our loyal readers.
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What day is it?

I’m sorry I missed last month. The days are just getting away from me lately.

I’ve been concentrating on my writing, plus I’ve had book releases all over the place. Have a book release for 4 months straight (July through October) might be a good thing but it is exhausting.

I’m happy to say I signed another contract with Trifecta Publishing House for a novel. It will be coming out in Feb 2018.

Today Adam releases. This is book 2 in my Doms of the Silver Screen series. I really enjoyed writing Michael’s and Adam’s book.  Adam’s book has been around for a very long time, I wrote the original a long time ago, it won a few contests, but never went anywhere. I loved Adam’s and Nikki’s story, it really was the book of my heart. So when I decided to do Michael’s book, I pitched it as a 2 book series and my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, was more than happy to work with me to have both these books published.

Both are available in e-book format now, the print version (both books in one print edition) will be coming out shortly.

Here’s info on Adam’s story:

Director Adam Bainbridge has one job to do–get the film finished. Something that would be much easier if he weren’t in love with the leading lady. Taught to always hide his feelings, he denies the passion and love he feels for his ex-wife. Seeing her every day in the arms of another man is too much for his Dom side to bear. He’s always wanted her back in his life, in his bed, and under his command. Too bad she has other ideas that don’t include him.

Looking to take her acting career to the next level, Nicki Masters accepts the role of a lifetime. She doesn’t count on her ex-husband being the film’s director. She’d loved him enough to wait for him once despite the pain they experienced together, and he never returned. Now that she’s tried to move on, the sexy Dom wants a second chance. Loving him again would be the biggest challenge of her life. She just doesn’t believe she can teach an old Dom new tricks.


If you decide you would like to read it – if you buy from The Wild Rose Press site 7/29 until 10/1 it’s half off. Here’s a link:

It is available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Apple, and Kobo as well, just at full price.

I hope everyone has a great day and enjoy the last bit of summer before fall and winter rolls in.

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Have You Been Dreamin’ of a Hot Cowboy? by Paty Jager


cowboy dreamin print

The first book, Eight Seconds to Love, from my new contemporary western romance series, Tumbling Creek Ranch is not available in the Cowboy Dreamin’ box set. This six book set is available at Amazon for $0.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited. You won’t want to miss out on this!

Here is the blurb and cover for my book, Eight Seconds to Love:

Eight Seconds to Love 6x9Lacey Wallis has put blood, sweat, and tears into her dream of making it to the National Finals Rodeo and isn’t about to let an injury stop her. However, she didn’t expect the ER nurse to be the man she had a crush on years ago, or to discover that crush hadn’t been one-sided.

Jared McIntyre lived through loving and the death of one thrill-seeking woman, and wasn’t about to let that happen again. Especially not to Lacey. But that would mean he’d have to allow himself to love again.

Which will it be, a life-long dream, or the love of a lifetime?


She stared at him. “You care whether or not I get a chance to ride in the finals?”

“I don’t like you riding bulls, but I don’t like to see dreams crushed.” He put a hand on her shoulder. “Everyone needs a dream or goal. It’s what gets them out of bed every day.”

“What is your dream?” She stepped closer, nearly touching their bodies.

His body sprang to life at her nearness. He cupped the back of her head with his hand and brought her lips an inch from his. “To forget the past and take charge of the future.”

Her wide eyes stared into his. “How about take charge of the present?” The breath from her words whispered across his lips moments before she closed the inch between them.

She’d made her move, now it was time for him to make his. Jared opened his mouth and she followed. His tongue sought her moist heat and sweetness. He could tell by her clumsy attempts to mate her tongue to his, she had less experience. The knowledge only made him want to show her more.

The hand not cupping her head, slipped under her open shirt and cupped her breast. She moaned and pressed closer. He squeezed her breast and slid his leg between hers, lifting her slightly. Her body wiggled, and he felt her desire dampening his thigh.

A horse snorted and stamped a hoof.

He broke free of the kiss and lowered his leg. This wasn’t the place to bring her to an orgasm.

Lacey’s hand fisted in his shirt. She peered up at him. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No.” He nodded toward the barn and the buildings beyond. “I’m not a fool. Someone could come along…” He ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression about you or me.”

“What does that mean?” She released his shirt and took a step back.

“I won’t take advantage of you when you’re vulnerable.”  The sparks in her eyes revealed he’d said the wrong thing. But he needed to keep her away. While he cared for her and God knew his body reacted to her without provocation, he didn’t want her in his life. She was too much like Anita. He couldn’t lose another woman he loved.

“I’m not vulnerable. I might have a bum arm, but I am sure as hell not vulnerable. I knew what I was doing when I pressed my lips to yours.” She spun away from him and marched into the barn.

The door slammed shut.

“No, you aren’t vulnerable.  I am.”


Cowboy Dreamin’
Six bestselling and award-winning authors give you sexy cowboys who will make your dreams come true…

Available for $0.99 or FREE!

Sandy Lea Sullivan- Cowboy Love — What’s not to love about a cowboy? They live hard, play hard, and love harder. Will one chance encounter lead to something more?

Allison Merritt- Gone Country — Small towns don’t leave much room for big dreams, but offers the comfort of home to a shaken rock star, the daughter he didn’t know he had, and rekindles the love of his life.

Stephanie Berget- Tied to A Dream — No more cowboys! Frannie O’Connell doesn’t need a western knight-in-shining-armor, but when Texas bronc rider, Rob Carter comes to town, will she find the courage to risk her heart and teach him a thing or two about trust?

Paty Jager- Eight Seconds to Love — Jared MacIntyre, the guy bull rider Lacey Wallis had a crush on when she was thirteen, is back in her life. And trying his darnedest to make her give up on the bulls and get her adrenaline rush from him.

RaeAnne Hadley- Stetsons & Stallions — Her heart is as wild as they come but Glenn recognizes the drive that comes from pain. Adrenaline can only take her so far before she crashes and burns but he hopes she’ll let him in to soften the fall.

D’Ann Lindun- Hitting the Right Note — Backup singer Peyton Lawson flees her broken dreams to Nashville, where she reluctantly accepts a temporary position with the hottest act in town. Marshall Stone’s last duet partner left him holding the mic…and his heart. Can he trust Peyton to not do the same?


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Champagne and Cowboys

Hi Everyone,

It’s Donna Michaels, and I’m excited to tell you about a wonderful cowboy boxed set I’m in, with seven amazing cowboy authors!

Champagne and Cowboys boxed set is an Amazon exclusive boxed set.
Pre-order now for only .99cents!
rel. 10/02/17


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors Donna Michaels and Hildie McQueen are joined by bestselling and award-winning authors Amanda McIntyre, Tori Scott, Gem Sivad, Kathleen Ball, Rhonda Lee Carver, and Victoria Vane to bring you eight sexy cowboys in this holiday collection that will warm you from the inside out.

Champagen and Cowboys boxed set cover

Champagne and Cowboys Boxed set

Amazon Exclusive

Pre-order only .99 cents!

Donna Michaels – Wine and Her New Year Cowboy (Book 4/Citizen Soldier Series) A Going no male resolution excludes cowboys.

Kathleen Ball – A Kiss at Midnight – Will Anora accept Maverick’s Heart? Only a long awaited New Year’s kiss at midnight will tell him.

Rhonda Lee Carver– A New Year’s Cowboy- Charlie has suffered tragedy, but a Christmas package offers hope and a cowboy.

Amanda Mcintyre – Lost & Found – Fate gives first love a second chance.

Hildie Mcqueen– New Year with You- A modern Cinderella type story with a humorous twist.

Tori Scott– Cowboy Masquerade – A New Year’s Eve masquerade party reveals more than anyone expects.

Gem Sivad– Cowboy Burn- She slides down an icy road and lands in the arms of love.

Victoria Vane – A Cowboy’s Midnight Kiss – He never dreamed his soul mate would stumble into his life in stiletto-heeled boots.

*Disclaimer: These titles were previously released in the Ring in a Cowboy Boxed Set, although some new content has been added.*

~Thanks for reading,




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My twisted version of “Family Values”…

I do love having fun with titles. So, when I was searching for just the right one for a story about three brothers who decided to woo the woman who had grown up on their ranch—together—I figured “Family Values” was just about perfect. 🙂 Yeah, I know. Groan, but I smile every time I read it!

If you’re looking for a sexy story filled with very determined cowboys, check out the latest installment of my Lone Star Lovers series! This one has a very sweet and satisfying ending!

 Family Values

Three brothers in love with the same woman make a pact….

Angelina Flores lived a perfect ranch-kid childhood, complete with three princes on horseback who treated their housekeeper’s daughter like a princess. At age eighteen, the fairytale came crashing down when she realized she had to choose between Brand, Nate, and Eli McAffee. And when she did choose one–she lost all three.

She’s older now. Wiser, thanks to her college education and a few years’ distance. A distance she’d planned to maintain…until her mother begs her to fill in at the ranch while she takes care of a sick relative.

The minute her boots hit the front porch, the memories come flooding back, right along with the hunger. It’s tough to put the past behind her when temptation is so close. Especially since the brothers seem bound and determined to woo her. Separately. Together. Whatever it takes to keep her right where she belongs–in their arms.

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