Flashback: Heart of a SEAL

Have you discovered my Uncharted SEALs stories? I still have two to refurb and put in the lineup, Head Over SEAL and SEAL Escort, which I hope to get to this month, so I do have quite a few of these action-packed stories for you to enjoy. And I’m not saying I’m done with them either. This series spawned my Montana Bounty Hunters, and now, Montana Bounty Hunters will soon spinoff to another series, but I’m not talking about that yet! Just know I love my military heroes, and I don’t plan to stop writing them anytime soon! And as for Montana Bounty Hunters, I have many more stories to tell there. I love writing them! They’re fast and funny. I make myself giggle when I write them.

And why write if you don’t have fun doing it, right? — That’s my motto anyway.

Here are all my currently available titles in the series. Peruse these lovelies…

Watch Over Me Through Her Eyes  Baby, It's You

Before We Kiss

Click on the covers to learn more!

Heart of a SEAL

Heart of a SEAL

Aislinn Blalock is the lone survivor of the extraction team sent to rescue hostages in Cambodia from the vicious criminal gang holding them for ransom. After her helicopter crashes, she has to stay one step ahead of them to stay alive long enough for a rescue team to get to her.

Ash’s husband Sam watches the mission go sideways on a computer monitor, sidelined by management because one of the team happens to be his wife—but now, there’s no way in hell he’s sitting this one out. He’s getting to Ash before the armed gang can cause her any harm. He’ll risk everything to save the woman who holds his heart.

Purchase it here: Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo

Opening Scene…

What a difference six months made. Aislin Blalock lay in tall grass beside a withered rice paddy, staring up at a clear, starlit sky. A billion pinpricks of light scattered across a dark canvas. No moon, thank God. Beautiful, really. But the distant stars only deepened her sense of unreality. In the distance, she heard metallic creaks and groans, as well as the crackle of fire. She had yet to move, afraid adrenaline was giving her brain the wrong signals, masking the fact she’d been hurt. She had, after all, just fallen from the sky.

Six months ago, she would never have imagined she’d be here in Cambodia in December, participating in a mission to rescue wealthy tourists who’d been kidnapped for the fat ransom their families would pay. She’d been a cop, still suffering the loss of her boyfriend and partner during a robbery. Just met the man who would drag her out of hell and show her love was still possible. That guilt didn’t have to consume her. That she had the right—and the duty—to survive and find happiness. No longer did she drink herself into oblivion for the chance to dream of Marc and pretend he wasn’t gone. Now, she had Sam.


Ash drew a deeper, sharper breath. He hadn’t been happy about her being pulled from her training with Charter to be part of this team, but the company had wanted a woman along, and she was one of the first female operatives they’d hired. He’d been supportive of her decision to apply for a position with his company as a field operative. Naively, she’d believed that being part of Charter, rather than remaining with the New Orleans Police Department, would mean they’d see each other more often. And she’d needed a change. A new job. New home. Without constant reminders of what she’d lost or the time she’d nearly lost herself grieving after Marc’s death. When Charter had tapped her for this mission, she hadn’t hesitated.

Two of the hostages were nuns—not wealthy tourists like the rest. And Charter had decided she’d make the women more comfortable during the rescue and transit. But her team never made it to the drop zone, a click from the kidnapper’s jungle encampment. Although they’d flown well below radar, someone had alerted the well-organized, well-funded group holding the hostages.

Her helicopter had been in the lead. She’d already shuffled toward the open door, ready to drop down a rope when they’d been hit. She’d had a split second to react. Thought she’d heard a voice in her ear, telling her to jump. Marc’s voice, but that had to have been a dream. Her subconscious prodding her to take that leap of faith.

Her landing had been cushioned by deep, soft vegetation. She’d landed on her feet. Sort of. Her bottom making contact a split-second later.

Even if she’d suffered a break or a spinal cord injury she couldn’t yet feel, she was far better off than the men who’d been aboard her helicopter. She’d had time to jump from the left door when the right side of the helo sustained a direct hit from an RPG. The rest of her team, whom she’d met only two weeks before, hadn’t been so lucky.

She drew deep, ragged breaths. Lungs expanded. No hitch, so her ribs were likely fine. Inside her combat boots, she wiggled her toes and felt them scrape hard leather. Time to move. But she was still afraid. After a few wasted moments, at last, she rolled to her right and came up on her knees. Everything appeared to be working, but maybe she’d sustained internal injuries. Gingerly, she dropped her pack and unlatched the cover, feeling inside for her headset. Her hands closed around thin bands. She donned her headset then the night vision goggles, set her mike beside her mouth, and tapped ON, using the team’s call sign to identify herself. All actions were performed by rote, because if she’d had to think, she would have frozen. “Do you read me?”

“Jesus, fuck!”

She almost smiled at hearing Sam’s break with protocol. But his curses, so harsh in her ear, relaxed her. For the moment, she felt his reassuring presence.

“We see one heat signature a distance from the helo. That you, babe?”

“Yes. I don’t think anyone else made it out.”

“The second helo just crossed back into Viet Nam.”

Which meant she was alone. If anything had gone awry with the mission, the pilots had been ordered to return to Charter’s base camp. She swallowed hard to still the panic rising in her throat.

“Are you hurt?”

She heard the soft note of hesitation in his voice. Knew he was bracing for the worst. Not sure, yet. “No,” she said, more firmly than she felt.

“Fuck. More heat signatures. Nine of them. Coming from the West.”

Her stomach clamped. Men from the kidnapper’s encampment. “Roger,” she said, her voice clipped. She knew what she had to do. Run.

“Head northeast. You’ll be in deep jungle. It’ll give you cover.”

She checked the illuminated dial of her wrist compass, took her direction, and pushed up into a crouch. As quickly and as quietly as she could, she streaked toward the tree line.

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Happy Fall

In some ways I’m happy that it’s fall and other ways not.

The summer was hot and I’ll be glad to be out of the heat for a while, but I also know with fall comes colder weather, leading up to winter.

I’ve been keeping busy writing. I working on a project I can’t speak about yet. But I do have a release next month. Her Desert Doctor is book 2 in the Desert Destiny series. This book will heat you up.


Sara Fairchild arrives in the small middle eastern country of Bashir to visit her best friend. She’s left her job as a nurse and is looking forward to some down time. But when she’s met at the airport by a handsome, sexy man she wonders if maybe this trip will bring more than relaxation. When she finds out he’s part of the royal family and a doctor, sparks fly.

 Hassan al-Hakim is intrigued by Sara from the moment he sees her. As the minister of health and a doctor, he takes his job seriously. Sara challenges him on more than one level and as they spend time together, he finds she enjoys a little kinky bedroom play. Together they explore their attraction in and out of the bedroom.

 While external forces try to pry them apart,  they know together they can weather the storms and find their way to love


If you’d like to preorder you can go here: books2read.com/HerDesertDoctor

The link will take you to a page where you can select your vendor.


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Coming soon!

Not cowboys, but some of these do feature rugged, alpha men in Montana…

S*x on The Beach

S*x on the Beach

Coming September 11th!
Related to Hot SEAL/SEALs in Paradise, Montana Bounty Hunters, and Elle James’s Brotherhood Protectors

Navy SEAL Carson Walsh is ready to live the good life. After surviving fifteen deployments in ten years, he bailed on the SEALs figuring this cat had run out of lives. Now living in Cabo San Lucas, the only danger he faces is choking on an oyster or drowning in beer–and then he meets her.

Gina Tripp is the Calamity Jane of bounty hunters. She’s the stand-in for an absent groom on her girlfriend’s honeymoon in Cabo when she meets a cute guy with a nothing but sex on the beach in mind. But she has her sights set on scoring a huge bounty–an ex-pat skip hiding out in Mexico. All she has to do is figure out how to perform her own extradition of her target. One drunken night later and a wild ride on a drug-runner’s plane, she’s pretty relieved she hijacked a Navy SEAL to help her with the job, even if he’s an unwilling participant who has to put his rusty skills to use to keep them both alive.

Pre-order your copy here!




Coming September 18th!
Montana Bounty Hunters, Book 5

Former Army Ranger, Dylan “Hook” Hoecker, has a new job along with a new prosthetic arm. Being a bounty hunter is the closest career field he could find as a civilian that gives him the adrenaline rush that is his addiction. So, when his first solo assignment is to keep an eye on a flight risk the boss bonded out of jail, he’s not thrilled. However, he soon discovers a fresh addiction–one mouthy, nerdy redhead, who resists his attempts to keep her out of trouble.

Felicity Gronkowski is grateful for the bone the head of Montana Bounty Hunter threw her. She didn’t have the money to pay for bail, but he has a soft spot for former military, and she bartered to install a new computer system in his satellite office in Bear Lodge. Being on the outside of jail was her first imperative because she has to figure out who framed her for a series of high-end robberies while she worked installing home security systems. However, her bounty-hunting babysitter isn’t giving her any slack. Every time she thinks she’s given him the slip, he’s one step ahead of her. Either she has to find the perfect method of distraction to escape him or she has to enlist his help to clear her name.

Pre-order your copy here!


Sin’s Gift

Coming October 9th!

When police officer Sinead O’Rourke returns to duty months after being shot in an incident that claimed her partner, she knows it’s not going to be easy. Despite being cleared of any negligence, her fellow officers still wonder whether she’s responsible for his death. One more problem is that everyone knows she claims to have seen his ghost. After months of rehabilitation and lying like hell about the fact she’s not seeing spooks anymore, Sin’s determined to get back into the saddle.

Jake doesn’t want to partner with Sin. Been there, done that—couldn’t keep his hands off her the first time around. She’s too much of a distraction, and her penchant for rushing into trouble scares the heck out of him. Despite wishing she’d quit her job, he’s still deeply attracted. When an armed robbery goes down and something happens that rattles Sin to the core, he’s right there—ready to cover her back and her sweet body.

Pre-order your copy here!



Coming November 20th!
Montana Bounty Hunters, Book 6

Former Marine “Wolf” Patterson is working with a team of MBH bounty hunters in the densely forested Kootenai Forest to bring in one Reese Tobin, a man wanted for arson, who escaped from jail just before his trial. When Wolf catches up to him, Tobin draws a gun, telling Wolf he can’t return to lock-up or he’s a dead man. Just as one of his teammates is about to lunge toward Tobin to take him down, a shot rings out, and Reese is dead.

Former Army Military Police Officer, now Deputy, Meg Henry, was the officer who arrested Tobin, and nothing about that night sat right since. After hearing he was killed, she heads to Kootenai, hoping to talk to the men who were with him last, hoping Tobin told them something that might help her figure out the mystery surrounding him. Because handsome bounty hunter, Wolf, was the last to talk to Tobin, Meg offers Wolf a ride back to the sheriff’s department. They barely begin their conversation when they find themselves running for their lives. Meg doesn’t know who to trust, but she instinctively trusts the tall, intensely attractive Wolf. Together, they work to unravel the mystery while staying one step ahead of someone who wants them both dead.

Pre-order you copy here!

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New Cover-Rhonda Lee Carver

The last sliver of summer is fading. Fall is almost here. 2018 is flying. What you need is to take a moment and enjoy your day with a Lawman. I want to show off y newest cover. Cull’s story will be available soon!


Now is the time to grab the others!Buy here!



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New Release by Marie Tuhart

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer. Between a family cruise, writing convention and writing I have been super busy trying to fit everything in. And its the end of August already. I have family visiting from out of state this weekend so it will be a family filled craziness.

I have a new release that comes out today

Highland Dom. It is book 1 in my McMillan Passion series within the Real Men Wear Kilts series from The Wild Rose Press.



Sexual education professor and dominant Cameron McMillan has had his eye on the submissive, sexy cafe owner since she settled in his hometown four years ago, but he was already in a relationship. But that fell apart, and after soothing his heart while teaching at the University in Scotland, he’s back. Cameron is ready to see if Kristen is interested in acting on the sexy words she whispered to him at his farewell party. He doesn’t want to wait another day to introduce her to the world of BDSM…if she’s willing.

Kristen Caldwell never thought Cameron would act on her whispered invitation to tie her up and spank her…liquor and him being an ocean away had made her brave. But he has returned, and she’s tentative but ready to explore her kinky side despite past failures with other partners. The sexy and dominate professor might be just what she needs in the bedroom, though she worries about what others will think if she’s seen with him. Will a relationship with Cameron put her successful business at risk?

Things start out great, but Kristen’s fears and shadows in her past rear their ugly head, threatening more their relationship. She has to decide whether to stand up for what she wants or run…again.


“Look at me.” His command was just as firm as his last. When their gazes met, he let out a breath. “How much do you know?”

“You volunteer at the local BDSM club, and teach sexual health at the university.” Her voice was soft and low.

“Yes, but how much do you know about the lifestyle?” Was she really interested? It was hard to tell.

“A bit.” She squirmed in her chair. “This isn’t the place we should be talking about this.”

Cam glanced around the café; no one was here, yet. And his sister was keeping to the kitchen. “No one is here. Tell me.”

“I…” Her gaze dropped, and she shook her head. “Not here.” Her voice was stronger. “I won’t risk my business.”

Someone walked by the café, and Cam shifted in his seat. “Meet me for dinner tonight.”

“I have to bake tonight.”

“I’ll bring dinner here, but we are going to talk.” Cam stood up and circled behind Kristen as someone walked into the café. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Because I can’t wait to tie you to my bed. Tease you. Torment you. And take you.” Cam straightened, turned, and strode out the café door.

Highland Dom is available at:

 Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FFHB6CP

Barnes & Nobel: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/highland-dom-marie-tuhart/1129071694?ean=2940162004257

iTunes/book: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/highland-dom/id1412395905?mt=11

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/highland-dom

WRP: https://wildcatalog.thewildrosepress.com/all-erotic/6048-highland-dom.html

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend if you’re in the US.


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Isaac: Letters of Fate by Paty Jager

Have you ever received a letter that changed your life?

That’s the premise of my historical western romance series, Letters of Fate. I started out with the idea of writing a Mail Order Groom series. As I pondered the idea, I decided rather than an agency or newspaper announcement bringing a woman and a man together, I’d have men receive a letter that changes their life and brings them to the woman they can’t live without. This element also makes the books stand alone. One book doesn’t have to be read before the other as they are only connected by the hero receiving a letter.

This idea allowed for more external conflicts as I tend to like to have a bit of suspense in the stories. Giving either the hero or heroine an interesting background before they meet adds more to the conflict and brings in elements that up the tension and makes the reader have more to think about than just the romance.

But the romance is the main element of the stories and while I tend to like my historical westerns to have fun fist and gun fights, I also like them to have steamy romance with sexual tension.

There is an excerpt from Isaac: Letters of Fate:

“Then let’s go to bed.” He grabbed the lantern, put it at the usual nighttime spot and placed his hat and holster at the head of his bedroll.

Allie sat on her bed and pulled her boots off.

“No wonder you were having trouble getting your boots on, you didn’t put stockings on.” He grasped her foot, gliding a finger over the red spots made by her boots. “Always wear stockings with boots. Especially, when you are hiking on a mountain.”

He heard her breath exhale. He peered into her face. Her gaze watched his fingers moving across her long thin foot. She licked her lips and it was his undoing.

Isaac leaned forward, cupping the back of her head in one hand, and drew her face close to his. His body had yearned for this moment ever since he’d suggested they bathe together in the hot spring. Touching his lips to hers, a spark snapped between them. He pulled back and saw wonder in her eyes. This time he brushed his lips back and forth softly, before seating their lips and kissing her with the desire surging through his body.

Using the foot he still held, Isaac pulled her up into his lap, keeping their lips melded together. She squirmed, fitting her body tighter to his. The sensation quivering up his body and snapping his need to attention, shook him of all common sense. His hands moved over her body, feeling the slight curve at her hip, and moving up to cup her small breast through the shirt and undergarments. He wanted to touch her skin. Needed to touch her skin.

Using one hand, he turned the lantern down and started unbuttoning her shirt.


Isaac 5x8Isaac: Letters of Fate

 Historical western filled with steamy romance and the rawness of a growing country.

Alamayda Wagner’s life has left her cynical, but also vigilant, and that’s what propels her to Cornucopia, Oregon to uncover the secrets her father took to his grave. She quickly discovers her only hope includes trusting Isaac Corum. That soon proves to be expensive, and not just financially.

The last thing Isaac Corum needs or wants is a snooty woman telling him he didn’t do enough to save her father, which is what her letter implied. He’d helped the man more than most people would have, and swears he won’t go out of his way like that again. He’ll meet her at the Baker City train station, deliver her father’s belongings, and send her back the way she came.

Universal buy link: https://www.books2read.com/u/mVBAjl

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New Lawman in town-Rhonda Lee Carver

A Cowboy Lawman…what’s not to love?

He won’t stop until he claims what is his…

Years have passed since Tyler Posey last saw Kace Cade. Fifteen years ago, he was a relationship-shy boy with deep dimples who stole her heart right out of her chest. When an opportunity came knocking she went in search of her dreams, but destiny brought her back home to Bohannan, Wyoming—and to Kace who is no longer shy or a boy. In fact, he turned into quite the man.

Being Sheriff had its ups and downs, but Kace liked the challenge. Although he considered his life on track, there was something missing—and her name was Tyler. Not a day had gone by that he hadn’t thought about her, wondered if he’d made the right choice in letting her go.

Now that he had a second chance at loving Tyler, he had to make things right by helping her find closure in her sister’s death. Ruled a suicide, Tyler never believed that could be possible, and neither did Kace, not after new clues came to light.

When secrets and truth start to unfold, and Tyler’s safety is in danger, Kace will need to find the answers before trouble finds Tyler.

The biggest question, who is branding people like they’re cattle? And why? The answers could be where they least expect them…




EXCERPT (unedited)

Kace stepped out of his office, gun aimed at the floor as he glanced across the shadowed room room. Seeing a silhouette in the cell, he growled. What the hell?

He switched on the overhead light and had to blink twice to make sure what he was seeing was real and not just leftovers from a dream. Sure enough. He wasn’t alone. “What the hell are you doing?” He shoved his gun into the waist of his jeans and scrubbed the sleep from his eyes.

The petite brunette, the one who’d caused him lots of grief time and again, stood in the center of the cell, one palm on her slanted hip and the keys to the jail dangling from the hook of her finger. She wasn’t laughing otherwise he’d think this was a joke. They’d tipped enough cattle and egged enough bridges in the past that he could see how she might find this funny. He’d grown up though and he wasn’t in the mood for any funny business.

“Answer me, Tyler. What in blue skies are you doing in my jail?” He planted his palms on his hips as he took in the image before him. From her wavy, shoulder-length hair, across the bare skin exposed in the off-the shoulder white blouse, down the length of her long, tanned legs to the tops of her cowgirl boots. She looked just like she had fifteen years ago when she made his world turn. How was it possible that she hadn’t changed a bit? Not one wrinkle. Not a damn thing to prove that she’d aged. How was it possible that even now he felt a familiar tension behind his zipper and a stitch in his heart. Hell to the no. This couldn’t happen. He wouldn’t let it happen.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” She lowered the keys and that flared hip tilted west.

“It looks like you’ve gone and lost your mind. Now get out of my cell,” he growled.

“No, I will not, at least not until you hear me out.”

“Fine.” He tore his hand through his hair. “I’ll hear you out.”


“When I’m fully awake and it’s light outside. Until then, take your exit.” He stabbed a finger toward the door.

Her chin jutted, and she crossed her arms over her chest, her pale gaze narrowing into slits. “Do you think I’m going to trust anything you say after you’ve ignored every single one of my calls that I’ve made to you since I came back into town. I refuse to be ignored, Kace Cade.”

He’d heard that a time or two…or three or four or fifty times. All from her.

Remembering how she’d left town without a concern for his feelings made him want to unleash, but he wouldn’t give her the satisfaction or have her believe for a second that he still cared. Sure, he thought about her now and again, even liked that fantasies about her kept him warm on lonely nights, but he enjoyed being a free man. Enjoyed Sa…hell, what was her name? He frowned. “I’ve been a little busy fighting crime,” he said a little too harshly.

“I have a crime for you to solve. As an elected official whose salary is paid by townsfolk, it’s your duty to hear what I have to say.” Her tone took on a stubborn lilt.

“Paid townsfolk I was elected by, Tyler. You don’t live here any longer.”

“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong. I’m now a citizen of Bohannan again. Aren’t you going to welcome me?” She could have easily reached up, grabbed a handful of stars and planted them in her eyes.

The wind left his lungs. This was the last thing he wanted or needed. “No.”

“Don’t be a bear, Kace.”

“Did you get tired of the fancy parties and gourmet coffee shops?” He snorted. “Or are you running from the bad reviews you got from the last play?” Yeah, he hit below the belt and once the words were out he wanted to fish them back. What the hell had come over him?

“Wow, you certainly seem to know all about my life considering I haven’t spoken with you for…how long has it been? Fifteen years?” She whistled through her teeth. “Now, about my sister—”


Pre-order Here!


Let’s connect!













Rhonda’s Rowdy Readers Street Team









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Catch a Hot Read for $0.99! by Paty Jager

The second book in my Tumbling Creek Ranch series is now available on it’s own. It is no longer in a box set.

Love Me Anyway 6x9Love Me Anyway

Book 2

Tumbling Creek Ranch Series

Melanie Trask ran away from an abusive husband and is hiding at a remote dude ranch. When she and the ranch owner can no longer deny their feelings, he offers to help her divorce her husband. But she has one more secret she hasn’t revealed…

Brett Wallis has fallen hard for the quiet, competent woman who landed at his ranch when he needed help. But will he be able to choose between Melanie or the ranch when he discovers the truth behind her secrecy?

Universal buy link:  https://www.books2read.com/u/mgLl7q

In honor of Love Me Anyway being released, I have 8 Seconds to Love, the first book in the series on sale for $0.99!

Universal book link: https://www.books2read.com/u/b5M1Ep

Eight Seconds to Love aD

And book 3 in the series, Wrong Cowboy to Love, is now available in the Do You Take This Cowboy? Box set.

For Better… For Worse…

In Sickness and health…

Falling for a cowboy is easy, but when weddings happen on the ranch, anything can happen and often does! Roping, Fireworks and Magic…Enjoy seven wonderful tales of love and marriage by some best-selling and award-winning Western Contemporary Romance authors.

Stephanie Berget Winning A Cowgirl’s Love–Money might not buy happiness, but what if it leads to love? Randi Bachmann has two problems after winning an extravagant wedding package from the reality show Your Dream Wedding: She doesn’t have a groom, and she doesn’t want to get married. In desperate need of the $50,000 prize money awarded after 6 months of wedded bliss, she picks the one man she knows will be happy to leave as soon as the term is up, her old boyfriend, Davie Dunbar.

Melissa Keir Claiming a Cowboy’s Heart–Even broken souls deserve a second chance at love….Recognizing each other’s pain, Michelle, an elementary teacher, and Preston, a veterinarian, come together to heal, but fear and misunderstandings send their blossoming relationship into a tailspin. Will they be able to put aside their pain to find the love of a lifetime?

Lyssa Layne Roses With Thorns–Robby and Jordan were destined for one another, soulmates meant to never be separated but their love story didn’t begin at hello. Robby patiently waited for Jordan, trading in trains for horses. Once she turned eighteen, their love story was on the fast track as the two became adults together on the freight train of love as life began to unfold.

Robin Deeter The Silver Bell Shifter–Riley Flowers moves to Wolf Junction, Nebraska, and is intensely drawn to shy, sexy Calvin Lightfoot. Calvin’s been burned by lost love before, and he’s not willing to chance it again–until Riley enters his life. He wants her for his own, but will she be able to accept the shifter side of him and come to love the man within?

Ann Anders My Forever Sugar–In my wildest dreams I never thought I’d marry a rancher. In my defense, I hadn’t met Tucker James yet. He asked. I said yes. Love at first sight is easy. His family… not so much…

Paty Jager The Wrong Cowboy to Love–Ruby Cutter allows her cousin, the bride, to give her a makeover for the upcoming wedding because she wants to catch the attention of her high school crush. But while she’s infatuated with one man, she may be falling for another…

D’Ann Lindun Her Taylor Made Cowboy–As a successful model, Taylor Griffin hated being judged for her looks. Moving behind the lens helps but most men still only see her as arm candy. Waylon Wainwright is smitten with the tall, blonde photographer but can he prove he sees beyond her beauty to the woman underneath?

Paty Jager is an award-winning author of 32 novels, 8 novellas, and numerous anthologies of murder mystery and western romance. All her work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters. This is what Romance Junkies has to say about the Tumbling Creek Ranch series: “There are twists and turns to the story with a nice flow and a depth to the characters. The vivid scenic descriptions made me feel like I was there… I hope to return to Tumbling Creek Ranch over and over again.”

blog / websiteFacebook / Paty’s Posse / Goodreads / Twitter / Pinterest   / Bookbub

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How many naked cowboys are there?

Okay. Excuse me. I am al excited. Doing research for this blog I discovered that my Naked Cowboys series are all available at the Boston Public Library. Yes haw!


Y’all know I love naked cowboys. I decided to do some research to find out what all is out there about them.

First of all there is the net famous one, Robert Burck, the  Times Square Naked Cowboy who has been performing in his guitar and eighty whites for 15 years. He is a legend and Burkehis fame just keeps growing. And growing well, apparently, since his net worth today is estimated at $2.5 million.image naked michigan

Then there is the naked cowboy who took a walk in the middle of winter in Michigan along the freeway. I sure hope he didn’t freeze off his best parts.



There’s a web site called Hot Naked Cowboys. Yum!

Then there is a country rock group in Minnesota,of all places, called The Naked Cowboy that sings great country rock classics. And a mother in of all places Denmark.

Is it any wonder I am besotted with Naked Cowboys.


Buy one at your local bookstore. Download it from your favorite digital store. And check mine out, especially Cade Hannigan, the biggest asshole around and he story of his redemption. You can check them out here on my gorgeously redesigned web site.

http://www.desireeholt.comNaked Cowboys

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The first half of 2018!

Thought you might like to see what I’ve released through the end of June—just in case you missed something! I published the last three Texas Cowboys stories, the entire Triplehorn Brand series, three more Montana Bounty Hunters, a couple of Colorado cowboy stories, one multi-author anthology, and just one short story! I have to pick up the pace for the rest of the year! Here’s the list…

1. 01/02/18 – BOUND & DETERMINED, Texas Cowboys series
2. 01/23/18 – SLOW RIDER, Texas Cowboys series
3. 02/13/18 – NIGHT WATCH, Texas Cowboys series
4. 02/27/18 – PIRATES, A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology
5. 03/06/18 – LAYING DOWN THE LAW, The Triplehorn Brand series
6. 03/08/18 – DAGGER, Montana Bounty Hunters series
7. 03/20/18 – IN TOO DEEP, The Triplehorn Brand series
8. 04/03/18 – A LONG, HOT SUMMER, The Triplehorn Brand series
9. 04/05/18 – REAPER’S RIDE, Montana Bounty Hunters series
10. 04/27/18 – THE BOUNTY-2, short story
11. 05/11/18 – TRUE HEART
12. 05/22/18 – LONE HEART
13. 06/26/18 – COCHISE, Montana Bounty Hunters series

I have favorites among these stories for differing reasons…

My favorite covers? In Too Deep is just gorgeous! Cochise is sexy as hell!

In Too Deep


My favorite characters? Reaper is a grumpy hard-ass, who can show a surprisingly tender side to his wife, Carly. I made him suffer in Reaper’s Ride! And then there’s Lacey Jones from Dagger… I haven’t had that much fun writing an introduction to a story in a very long time. If you want to read that intro, head here. My “Bounty Hunter Barbie” is unique.



My favorite stories? What can I say, I love writing bounty hunters. I love writing the action-packed takedowns of stupid criminals. They are a blast to write. My bounty hunter stories are chock-full of action!



My sexiest story? Hands down, it’s The Bounty-Part 2, because for the shorties, I let the “dirty girl” out to play!

The Bounty 2

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