Claimed by the Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson + Giveaway!

Hi everyone! School started! Let me tell you, after a summer where I kept my Kid at home web-color--2(instead of at a summer day camp) I have never in my entire life been so danged happy for school to start. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Last month’s winner of the cowboy prize pack is Martina L Arguijo! Congratulations Martina! Email me at with your mailing address to claim your prize!

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It’s September (see above re: school starting) which kicks off a super busy fall for me. I’ll have a new release very month for the rest of the year–and yes, it’s just as crazy as it sounds. (It’s pretty crazy).

First up in Claimed by the Cowboy! Claimed is part of the Dynasties: The Newports series. Here’s the blurb:

The reunion that pits city versus country…and turns old friends to lovers. 

Josh Calhoun escaped the rat race to run his family’s farming operation. But when he returns to Chicago to mediate an inheritance dispute, he’s confronted with the past: Dr. Lucinda Wilde. As his best friend’s old girlfriend, she’s always been off-limits. But his best friend is gone, and now the unavoidable attraction between them makes Josh think it is time to stake his claim…

Will being with the rugged cowboy feel like a betrayal of her sweetheart’s memory, or will his touch be this city girl’s long-awaited reawakening?

Claimed by the Cowboy buy links: Amazon | B & N | iBooks | Kobo | Powell’s | Indiebound | All Romance eBooks | Google | Harlequin

Sounds good, right? This story turned out to be really, really fun. But–true story–this book was assigned to me and the original assignment was…challenging. (I tell my Kid all the time–you’re not the only one who gets homework!)

The story is set in Chicago (I used to live there!) and Iowa (not far from where I live now) and there was supposed to be this tornado and…it was just really obvious that whoever’d come up with the original story was not a Midwesterner. Josh’s brother was supposed to call him home because they were under a tornado warning and when the tornado hit, it lasted until the next morning.

In other words, this person was thinking not of a tornado, but of a hurricane. Which hardly ever hit in Iowa. (Like, never. Ever.)

So I had a lot of fun remaking this story into something more…realistic (tornados, sadly, did not make the cut, so don’t worry about freak meteorological events!).


And now! Just for you guys, the super-hot excerpt from Claimed by the Cowboy!

Then he began to move. Because a man couldn’t get lucky if he stood by the door all night long. He splayed his hands over her ribs and began to stroke up, then down. “I want to take this off.”

“Please do,” she said, and underneath his lips, he could feel the pulse in her neck begin to beat faster.

He skimmed his hands up over her breasts to the buttons of her shirt. Slowly, he undid one and then the next until the entire shirt was open and he could slip his hands underneath. Her skin was warm to the touch—and touch it he did. He trailed his fingertips over her waist, over the smooth front of her bra. The whole time he stroked her, he kept his lips against her pulse and listened to her breath in his ear.

He wanted to make this all about her. Because this was Lucy. If all he cared about was getting laid, he could’ve accomplished that easily at any point in the last five years.

But he didn’t just want to get off. He missed making love.

So that’s what he was doing tonight. He was going to make love to Lucy with everything he had. They didn’t have to worry about dating and that awkward getting-to-know-you period, and they didn’t have to worry about long-term relationships. He already knew Lucy and he already liked her and he already loved making her gasp in that little way she was doing as he stroked her nipples with his fingertips.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked as he felt her nipples stiffen under his touch. He began lightly pinching them.

“Oh, Josh,” she whimpered as he teased her flesh.

“Yeah, that’s it, babe.” One part of his brain wanted to remember that Sydney had always liked it when he played with her breasts, too, but he pushed that away. His wife was gone and he wanted to believe with all his heart that she would want him to do this. She would want him to grab a little bit of happiness, even if it was only for one night. Sydney would want him to find a piece of himself again with an old friend whom he could trust.

He relinquished Lucy’s left breast and began to slide his hand lower, over the soft planes of her stomach and then down over the front of her pants. She sagged back against him and he was happy to carry her weight. Earlier, on the couch, he had just wanted to make her come. It had almost been as though he needed to make her come to prove that he hadn’t forgotten how. But now he wanted this to be slow and sweet and so good that neither of them ever wanted it to end.

Her breathing got more labored as he rubbed slow circles against her sex. She clutched at his arms with her hands and shifted against him, the pressure of her bottom against his erection pushing any rational thought from his mind. This was what he wanted—not thinking, just doing. Just feeling.

Suddenly, she gasped and her fingernails dug into his arm. “Bed,” she ordered. “Now.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He half turned her and leaned down so he could sweep her into his arms. She’d always been a small thing.

“Josh!” she squeaked as he settled her against his chest.

He grinned down at her. Her cheeks were flushed, her pupils dilated wide—so wide, he almost couldn’t see the blue in her eyes anymore. “I’ve got you,” he reassured her as he carried her into the bedroom and over to the bed. He found the gap in the sheer curtain she’d hung around it and pushed it open. He sat her down on the bed and got rid of those doctor shoes she was wearing. Her socks quickly followed and then he took his time peeling her shirt off her arms.

“Look at you,” he said, his voice wavering as he stared down at her. Her bra was what Sydney had always called serviceably beige—a plain beige. It wasn’t all that sexy—but on Lucy? “I don’t remember you having this body back in high school.” He knelt on the bed so he could undo the bra.

“I didn’t,” she said, angling her body so he didn’t have to stretch as far. “I was the definition of a late bloomer.”

Josh was out of practice, so it took three tries before the bra hooks gave successfully. He tossed the bra to the side. “Wow, Lucy, your breasts were worth the wait.”

Because they were fabulous—full and rounded and high on her chest. He fell to his knees before her and just took a moment to appreciate the beauty that was the female body.

She reached over and started working the buttons on his shirt. “Your turn,” she said as she began to strip him.

She got his shirt off, but when she went for his jeans he pushed her hands out of the way. “Patience.” He didn’t know if he was admonishing her or himself.

“I’m tired of being patient,” she told him. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

Well! That’s just super hot–and it only gets hotter.🙂 Okay! This month’s prize question is this–tell me about a totally crazy assignment you got once and how you did or did not make it work! One lucky winner will get a print book bundle–Mystic Cowboy, Masked Cowboy, Nobody, and!

Have a great September, everyone!

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Say hello to Lazarus by Beth Williamson

Hey y’all, Beth Williamson here!

Hard to believe it’s September already, right? Time has flown past this year.

In case you missed it, I published my first contemporary novella of the Graham family descendants. The series is CIRCLE EIGHT MILLENNIUM. Laz’s story was in the Cowboy Justice 12 pack and is now released for your reading pleasure!

Lazarus Graham has always been the black sheep of his family. Leaving behind the ranch his family had owned for nearly 200 years, he lives life as a Texas Ranger. Tough, hard and inflexible, he has no time for life’s fripperies.

Beatrice Cartwright never expected to run into her childhood nemesis again. Yet Laz Graham sauntered into her store to investigate a crime nearby. Then the man had the nerve to not remember her.

Being a Graham isn’t easy, and it’s about to get a lot harder for one stubborn lawman and the woman who still owns his heart.

And now for an excerpt!!


Laz didn’t know whether to howl or curse a blue streak. Beatrice goddamn Carmichael. He should have remembered the store belonged to her parents, but since he and his sisters hadn’t frequented the gun shop much as kids, he’d rarely stepped foot inside. Until the moment he saw the girl who had hated him since they were eight.


“What the hell do you want?” Her sharp whiskey voice cut through him.

“I’m looking for the owner.” That sounded as stupid as a bag of hammers.

“You’re looking at her. Now get out.” She waved a ratty-looking flyswatter toward the door. “Two steps behind you.”


Her blonde brows went up toward that frizzy halo of hair. Freckles still smattered across her nose and cheeks. And the one feature he could never quite forget, those beautiful breasts, strained against a Firefly T-shirt that had seen better days.

Jesus please us. She was still a knockout, not that he would ever tell her that. Bea hated him almost as much as he disliked her. It annoyed the hell out of him that he found her hot and sexy.

“You do realize this is a gun store? I am armed.” She gestured to her waist. “At all times.”

Any Texan worth his salt had a gun handy, but she took it to another level. The woman knew more about guns, weapons, and their capabilities than any person in Brier Creek. She’d threatened more than once to shoot his balls off.

Laz needed to get control of the situation and his reaction. So he pulled out the only tool left in his arsenal, being a hard-ass cop.

“Miss, are you threatening an officer of the law? You do realize that’s a crime.” He put his hands on his hips. “I’m here to investigate. If you are the owner, then I suggest you work with me. I’m Ranger Graham.”

The shock on her face gave way to disbelief and then finally to cold anger. “Are you trying to tell me you don’t know who I am?”

“If you’re the owner of this shop, I suggest you enlighten me as to who you are.” He crossed his arms and widened his stance. Cool and calm on the outside, rioting emotions deep inside. He wouldn’t, couldn’t, let any of that out. He needed to do his job and get out of there as soon as possible. If his family knew he was in Brier Creek without stopping at the Circle Eight, the hell that would rain down on him would scorch the earth.

“You’re still an asshole, Lazarus Matthew Graham.” She slapped the flyswatter on her leg. “My name is Beatrice Cartwright and I own this shop. Somebody broke in, then proceeded to destroy every piece of glass and steal about five grand in stock.” She waved her arm at the visible damage. “If you’re investigating, then get it done then get the hell out.”

Laz touched the brim of his hat then pulled the notebook out of his shirt pocket. He walked around the store creating a diagram of the interior and noting the damage done. If someone could have flames shoot from their eyes, Bea would certainly have done it. His back burned from the heat of her gaze.

Or perhaps it was guilt.

The truth was, he had made mistakes from the time they had been children. She had always set him off balance and that pricked his pride. Therefore he’d acted like an ass. He’d never apologized for any of his stupidity, which just made things worse. In a perfect world, they might have been friends, or more. Instead they were two people who sniped at each other, never to be more than impolite strangers.

Too bad she was friends with all three of his sisters, particularly Rose. At least he thought they were still friends. Laz hadn’t been back to Brier Creek in almost ten years. Now he’d stepped into the past and opened himself up to a shit storm from multiple directions.

“What time did you close the store the night of the burglary?”

She harrumphed. “Same time as I always do. Six o’clock.”

“Do you have surveillance cameras?” He pointed at the obvious domes on the ceiling. “Or is that for show?”

Her expression hardened. “Yes, I have surveillance. I installed it myself.”

“I have the owner as Patrick Cartwright. Is he here to corroborate your information?”

Her mouth dropped open. “Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me?”

Laz had deliberately closed himself off from Brier Creek and everyone he’d grown up with. He was the black sheep of the great Graham legacy. The rancher’s son who refused to be a rancher. Apparently he’d missed a few bits of information, such as what happened to Bea’s father.

“I’m going by the information the dispatcher had—”

“Shut up, Laz. Just shut up.” She ran her hand down her face and stepped around from behind the display. Bea wore a pair of shorts that revealed more than they covered. His attraction to her hadn’t disappeared and now it notched up even farther.


“If you had bothered to come home in the last decade, you’d know that my parents were killed in a plane crash. Both of them died when I was twenty. I’ve been the owner of this shop for eight years. Me. Your dispatcher is an idiot.” She walked through the dark blue curtain covering a doorway and disappeared.

Laz let out a long breath. He’d intended to do his job and leave. When he had been assigned to investigate the crime, which was a string of smash and grabs in the county, he had resisted. A lie. He hadn’t resisted, he’d refused. Then his boss told him in no uncertain terms, he wasn’t allowed to say no. So he had to drive back to Brier Creek, the town he’d avoided since he was eighteen.

Here Laz was, now distracted by a woman who hated him but whom he could spend a week in bed with, and the impending doom of his family discovering he was in town. It wasn’t a comfortable place to be.



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Saddle ready? Rhonda Lee Carver

Hi, y’all. Rhonda Lee Carver here.

I’m getting excited. Roman’s Choice (#1, Saddles & Second Chances) is releasing in 5 days! This is what early reviewers are saying…

“What a wonderful story! Love the characters in this!”

“This is such an amazing story. Roman and his brothers are so funny, and Pippa and Brie were so cute with their “makeovers”!! I couldn’t stop laughing at the line: “Sweetheart, it looks like a makeup bag vomited on your face.'”

“I laughed, cried, and almost peed my pants, and in this case it’s a good thing! Roman and Pippa are an amazing couple. And the sex, well, be prepared for a fire in your pants! Don’t miss this one, people!”

I hope you’ll fall in love with all five brothers…Roman, Hugh, Weston, Urban, and Penn. Each cowboy will have an amazing story of second chances and passionate love. With lots of heat!



SEVERAL ICED TEAS, elephant ears, and cheeseburgers later, Pippa dragged the sexy cowboy into the elevator and pushed him up against the mirrored wall, planting kisses on his jaw, his neck, and the top of his chest. She’d been wanting to do this all day. He’d given her enough heated looks and subtle touches that she was about to explode.

He sucked in a deep breath, threading his fingers in her hair. “Now what did you say your name is?”

She pulled back slightly, looking at him through the veil of her lashes. “Seriously?”

A smile broke out over his expression. “I’m only kidding. Pippa’s a name a man won’t forget. It’s different. I like it, and it suits you.” The tips of his fingers massaged her scalp.

“I like Roman too. Reminds me of a powerful crusader.”

He chuckled and it vibrated his chest. “You’re making my head swell.”

She brushed her fingers over the bulge in his jeans and moaned deep in her throat. “Now which head is swelling?”

“Damn. I’m about ready to burst through my zipper.” He smoothed his palm over her breasts. Her nipples puckered, wanting more without her shirt as a barrier.

“That would be a crying shame.” She rolled her tongue along the thick vein in his neck, resisting the urge to rip the buttons from his shirt. She’d have to, at least, wait until they were in the privacy of her hotel room. “Are we going too fast?”

“Do you feel like you’re being pressured?” he asked.

“No. I was worried that I was pressuring you.”

He laughed and it was one of the nicest sounds she’d ever heard. “Don’t worry about me, darlin’. I’m a go-with-the-flow type of guy and I like where this flow is headed.”

Got your copy Pre-ordered yet?

Roman’s Choice Amazon



From Friday, September 2nd at 12pm EST until Monday, September 5th  at 12pm EST, over 100 authors and blogs have come together to offer prizes on every page PLUS the chance to win part of the grand prize through the giveaway below.

Don’t miss out!

Visit one, or all to participate.

Easy entries.

Meet some new authors!

Discover some awesome blogs.

Most of all…have fun!

The Labor Day Hop starts here:Rhonda Lee Carver

Let’s connect!




Rhonda’s Rowdy Readers




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Mari Carr’s Secret Scandal

TM7_Secret Scandal_2016 NewWho’s ready to get their Nancy Drew on? I hope you’ll indulge me today if I take a wee break from cowboys to talk about a series I’m writing with Lila Dubois that is very different from my usual contemporary books. Secret Scandal, the next book in the Trinity Masters series, releases on September 6. Intrigue, suspense, a menage marriage, a secret society, and some pretty shady bad guys ensure this is one of those books you won’t put down until you read the words The End!

You can preorder your copy today!

Amazon | Kobo | iBooks


“When you joined the Trinity Masters, you made a vow. You pledged your lives to our cause and our way. The time has come for you to meet your partners, your lovers, your spouses.”

Silence settled over them. The medallion seemed to glow with extra light, a heavy symbol of exactly what he’d given up when he joined—there would be no traditional white picket fence in his future. He wouldn’t be one half of a pair, but one third of a trinity.

“When I call your name, stand and remove your robe. Eli Wexler.”

Eli was slow to rise. He was a big guy, and liked to take his time with everything. He needed those stolen moments as his legs straightened, lifting him to his full height. With the kind of single-minded focus that made him a good scholar, he compartmentalized everything they’d just learned, put it away so he could focus on this moment.

His hands were steady as he undid the hook-and-eye closures of the robe. Once it was open down the front from neck to ankle, Eli threw the hood back and shrugged out of the robe.

He’d elected to leave on a pair of black boxer briefs, but wore nothing else. The ambient cold of the stone room crept across his skin, wicked up his legs from where his bare feet touched the floor.

“Irina Gentry.”

The figure in white stood and threw back her hood. Eli released the breath he’d been holding. She was beautiful. It was shallow of him to care about that, but some primal part of him was pleased. Her skin was creamy-pale, a lovely contrast to her dark hair and eyes. There was a sharpness to her gaze that made him think of a bird of prey—smart and dangerous. She shed her robe.

She was completely naked underneath. Eli turned his gaze back to the Grand Master. A bit ridiculous, considering that she was going to be his wife, but it felt rude to stare at her naked body. He’d seen enough to get an impression of trim, muscular limbs and pink-tipped breasts.

“Jasper Ferrer.”

The last member of their trinity stood. The name was vaguely familiar to Eli, so he wondered if he’d met Jasper at one of the few events he’d bothered to attend, but when the man shed his robe, Eli didn’t recognize him.

Jasper was a hair over average height for a man, but at least three inches shorter than Eli’s own six feet two. He had even, regular features, brown hair and blue eyes. He looked like the archetype of a lawyer or businessman. Or he would have, if not for the scars that marred his chest and one arm.

Jasper was wearing boxers, but his were printed with bacon.

“You now belong to one another. Stand together.”

In measured steps, they came forward until they stood on the medallion.

“Hold out your right hands.”

The Grand Master removed the chain from her shoulders. She brought their hands together, Eli’s on the bottom, Jasper’s on top, with Irina’s in the middle.

The Grand Master wrapped the chain around and around their hands, binding them to one another.

“A trinity marriage isn’t easy, but if you love and trust one another, you will never be alone.”

Amazon | Kobo | iBooks 

A handsome young man lying on his stomach on a bed and looking at the camera

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hey from the new gal

Hi everyone!

I’m the new kid on the block, Ciana Stone.  I write westerns – sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy and often with a bit of paranormal thrown in.  I’m really happy to be here with you and hope to get to know you as time moves on.
Tomorrow I have a new book releasing – Playing for Keeps.
This is the 5th book in my Honky Tonk Angels series and is special to me for a couple of reasons.
1.  Dino Hillas, whose fine form graces the cover.  I’ve known Dino since 2008 and have been hounded him ever since we met about wanting him on a cover.  Now it’s finally happened and I am thrilled!
See what I mean.  The man is h a w t!!
2.  I love the town of Cotton Creek and the people who live there.  Having grown up in a small town (and I mean one stop-light small), I feel comfortable in small towns and with the people who live in them.  And I just fell in love with Cade and Roxy and the development of their relationships from instant heat to real emotion.
Here’s a little excerpt from the book:

By nine o’clock, the place was packed and she’d popped so many beer tops she’d resolved to scout out the local stores tomorrow and find a nice thick silver ring for her thumb. That was a trick she’d learned long ago. Wearing a thumb ring helped you pop a beer top without an opener and saved you from blisters.

“Hon, why don’t you take a break,” Cody said as Roxie rang up another sale. “Slip on back to the office and put your feet up for a few.”

“Thanks.” Roxie gave her a smile. She grabbed a bottle of water from the cooler and headed through the kitchen behind the bar to the office. The moment she closed the door, the din of noise dampened. She took a long drink of water and leaned back.

“How’s it going?”

The sound of Cade’s voice had her springing away from the door. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude. Cody told me it was okay to take a break in here.”

“Fine by me. That’s what I’m doing.”


“Taking a break.”


He chuckled and ignored the question. “You seem to have caught on to things. Cody says you’re raking in the tips.”

“It’s not rocket science,” she replied, stemming the urge to back away as he rose from his seat at the desk and approached.

“No it’s not.”

She waited for him to say more but he simply leaned one shoulder against the wall and regarded her with that slow sexy smile. “Customers like you.”

“Or the beer.” She wasn’t stupid. She’d been hit on and flirted with before tonight. And knew how to give just enough flirt in return to ensure a good tip but not leave the impression that she was available.

Cade’s smile widened. “Honey, they can get that beer all they want. You, on the other hand—you’re a temptation they haven’t tasted.”

“And aren’t likely to.” She met his eyes to show him she was not kidding.

“I wouldn’t fire you for it, sugar.”

“It wouldn’t matter—if I saw anything I was interested in.”

He moved a little closer. “So you haven’t seen anything that interests you?”

She knew what he was asking. And knew she should meet his eyes and lie through her teeth. But her brain didn’t seem to be working at the moment. The close proximity of his lean muscular body had her hormones spiking. She could smell the clean scent of soap and man; feel the heat coming off him.

“Nothing I’m going to act on.”

“Oh? And just for the sake of argument, if you were inclined to act, just what would be the subject of your interest?”

“I think we both know the answer to that.” The moment the words were out of her mouth, she knew it was a mistake. First rule of gambling—never give your opponent anything to use against you.

Cade’s smile faded, to be replaced with a look that had her wanting things she knew she had to stay away from.

He leaned a little closer. “You want to fill me in on why acting on this interest would be a bad thing?”

“I already told you. Not as long as I work for you.” Roxie edged away a few inches, then mentally cursed herself for showing weakness. “I don’t mix business and pleasure.

“Yeah, I remember.”

“I guess I’ll get back to work.” She turned to leave, eager to escape the feelings his nearness inspired.

“Hold on.”

She paused.

“We’ve got a bit of a problem, Roxie.”

“With what?”


He had her pressed against the door and his lips on hers before she could protest. She could have pushed him way. Should have. But damn he felt good, the long lean length of him pressed against her, the taste of him. She gave in and returned the kiss, grabbing his hips to pull him more firmly against her.

If you’re inclined to get a copy – here’s a handy-dandy link for you.

To celebrate the release of Playing for Keeps, I’m running a contest exclusive to members of my reader group.  To enter click  the link below and follow the directions:

Here is the question you are required to answer in order to be entered.  What is the final sentence in this book (as in the last sentence of the story, not The End.)  Entries that do not contain an answer will not be entered.

There are three prizes available:

(1) Kindle Fire
(1)  Amazon Fire stick TV
(1) $50.00 Gift Certificate

The contest closes at midnight September 15

I hope you’ll help me make this release a success and that you’ll enjoy this new book!

Oh, and before I forget!  I have free books for people who are on my reader’s group, so if you’re interested, click here to claim a free book and sign up!
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Back to School Time

I don’t have kids, but I notice all the back to school sales, kids at the mall, etc.  I actually like back to school sales because I find some great office stuff on sale.  But also it reminds me that in a few weeks, I’ll have to watch for those big yellow school buses.

I’ve had a really busy summer, finished writing two books, have a partial on a third book ready to go, just finished up edits for my editor at The Wild Rose Press, and did some self-publishing.

Tired yet?  There are some days I’m tired yet others when I’m ready to work.  The next few months are going to be busy.  I have conferences in Sept., Oct., and Nov.  I’m currently trying to figure out SWAG and other give-away stuff.

I love conferences, but they do take time away from writing, and are exhausting.  On another front, my nephew is coming to visit in Sept.  He’s military and I haven’t seen him in almost 3 years.  It will be so good to see him and spend some time with him.

I hope everyone had a great summer.

I can tell you my little dog Penny enjoyed the sun and warm weather.



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#StrongWomen #Giveaway


Only 4 days left! To get your name in the pot for a chance at a $1000.00 gift card!

What: Strong Women Giveaway
Who: 150 authors across multiple genres and heat levels
Why: Because strong women need to be celebrated and read!
How: Click here and enter to win!
Prize: Chance at 2 $1,000.00 gift cards or weekly $100.00 gift cards, and many, many subscriber gifts!
When: The whole month of August! Winners announced Sept. 1

This is a fantastic way for readers to not only have a chance at the wonderful prizes but to find new authors.

patyjager logo

Paty Jager is an award-winning author of 25+ novels and over a dozen novellas and short stories of murder mystery, western historical romance, and action adventure. She has garnered a RomCon Reader’s Choice Award for her Action Adventure and received the EPPIE Award for Best Contemporary Romance. All her work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters.

blog / websiteFacebook / Paty’s Posse / Goodreads / Twitter

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A Cowboy Sleepover! by Donna Michaels

Hi, it’s Donna Michaels and I’m a little bummed because I was supposed to be in Casper Wyoming at Kallypsocon right now, but had to back out when my daughter’s college move-in date got bumped up to this week. But, that’s life, right? Never a dull moment. So, I’m going to roll with it.

On a bright note, I am excited that I get to join Lori King’s Facebook cowboy sleepover party tonight! I’m up at 1am EST, (okay…technically, that’s tomorrow). I hope you’ll pop in! Here’s the link if you want to sleep with some cowboys…I mean, join us for the cowboy sleepover at Lori King’s Handcuffed by Destiny Slumber Party:

In the meantime, I’m heading back to my writing cave to work on another yummy cowboy for Entangled Publications, but before I do, I’d like to share a little bit more of my latest cowboy from my Harland County series that’s also a Sable Hunter Hell Yeah Kindle World crossover!

Years ago, he unknowingly rescued his soulmate, now she’s back in Texas and about to save his guarded heart.

Her Hell Yeah Cowboy 600x900

Unlike his twin, Texas National Guardsman Sgt. Logan McCall would rather march barefoot and blindfolded through a cow pasture than date the same woman twice. After an active duty injury during a flood washed away his promising sports career and engagement years ago, Logan guards his heart more than his life until, fresh from deployment, he runs into a friend of the McCoys…literally. Hill Country’s newest resident is hotter than the wing sauce soaking into his shirt.

Mission on.

Graphic designer and carrier of misfortune, Chloe Davis is a danger to herself and those around her, so entertaining thoughts for the sexy cowboy wearing her hot sauce should be a no-no…not a hell yeah—especially considering he’s the guardsman linked to a horrible instance in her past. But when he turns out to be one of her clients, she can no more avoid him than the attraction sizzling between them. Chloe’s back in Texas determined to make a fresh start, and she succeeds in business but fails to resist the handsome soldier’s relentless pursuit.

But when he discovers her past, will he trust his heart or lose her forever?

Cover photo by Cover Me Photography with Orestis Papapetrou


“Breakfast is served,” the waitress announced, practically pushing Chloe out of the way as she set a dish loaded with eggs and bacon in front of Logan, forcing him to release her.

She drew back and watched, amused as the woman set a plate stacked with pancakes, and another full of French toast on either side, then set a tiny plate in front of Chloe with a small carton of yogurt on it.

“I’ll get you more coffee.”

She watched Logan’s gaze track the waitress rushing away with the carafe, before he transferred his gaze to her plate.

“That’s not what you ordered.”

Chloe slapped her not so flat belly and snickered. “Guess she thinks I need to watch my carbs. At least it’s blueberry.”

His eyes darkened and lips thinned as he grasped the edge of the table and made to get up. “That’s not right. I’m going to have a word with the manager.”

“Wait! Don’t.” She set her hand on his taut arm, trying to think of something outlandish to say to defuse the situation. “It’s a miracle she even brought me yogurt, the way she’s focused on you. Can’t say I blame her. You are cute, you know.”

That did it. His head snapped back, and he blinked before the most amazing look crossed his face—changing the heat in his eyes from angry to sexy—making her all warm and tingly inside.

“You think I’m cute?”

“Hell, yeah.” She released him and sat back in her seat, having the good sense to back away from that taboo subject. “And since I doubt you’re going to eat the food on all three of these plates, and everything looks too yummy to waste, I’m going to do you a big favor and help you eat it, Logan McCall.”

“That’s mighty kind of you, Chloe.” His eyes twinkled as he spread his arms wide. “Help yourself. Take anything you want.”

Oh, see, now…he wasn’t playing fair. Her body immediately went into lust overload.

Stupid body. She ignored it and reached for the plate of French toast. “How quickly you forgot about that warning label of mine. You like to live dangerously.”

A shadow crossed his face. “I used to. Life has gotten…real lately. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to have fun.”

“I’m sorry.” Since she wasn’t sure what else to say, she concentrated on her food, swapping a piece of French toast with a pancake.

He reached out to grab her hand. “Don’t be. I’ve the feeling that’s about to change.”

“Here’s your coffee, handsome.” The waitress returned to set the carafe on the table, once again, making them break contact.

His mouth tightened again. “I’m not the only customer at this table, ma’am. I’d appreciate if you’d stop ignoring my friend.”

The woman stiffened and a ripple of distaste twisted her lips. “Sorry, sir.”

“Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to her.”

“Sorry, ma’am.” The insincere tone and look of distaste that twisted the woman’s lips as she flicked a quick gaze over her wasn’t lost on Chloe.

The waitress sized her up and found her unworthy of Logan. Normally, she shrugged things like that off. Chloe knew she wasn’t a size two. She hadn’t been since she stopped sprouting up and started to sprout out. She was tall and hovered between a size ten and a size twelve, depending on if pasta had been on the menu that week.

But, here was the thing, she embraced her curves. Liked who she was and didn’t usually let perfect, petite princesses get under her skin. For some reason, this one rankled. Maybe because it was in front of Logan. She didn’t know and couldn’t keep quiet.

“Oh, by the way, thanks for this.” She lifted the unopened carton of yogurt and, still holding the woman’s gaze, she nodded toward Logan. “I can use it to lick off his washboard abs later.”

The woman’s indrawn breath timed with his slacked jaw, but he recovered, big smile curving his lips while his gaze absolutely smoldered.

“Good thinking.” He winked. “Maybe we should get another so I can lap some off those delectable curves of yours, too.”

Chloe’s jaw threatened to drop, but she caught herself just in time. But her temperature spiked and whole body quivered at the picture his words painted. Damn. She’d never get that out of her head now.

With a grimace, once again, tightening her face, the waitress pivoted around and stalked back into the kitchen, leaving her alone to face the man she just publically announced she was going to ravage. Her boss. At least, she hoped he was still her boss.


What was wrong with her? She couldn’t seem to control her emotions around this guy.

God, she hoped her unusual outburst hadn’t just cost her this dream job.

“That was brilliant.” He chuckled and dug into his food. “Like I said earlier. I am going to enjoy working with you, Chloe Davis.”

She blew out a relieved breath and reached for coffee. “You say that now, but wait until you see me try to balance on one of those paddleboards. I hope you have good health insurance.”

“I’ll be fine and so will you,” he said, lips still curved in a smile as they ate and discussed the campaign.

Before long, her belly was full and so was her notepad, so she stuffed it back in her purse and glanced at him. “When do you want to start teaching me the proper way to paddleboard?”

“How about today? Right now?”

She reeled back. “Now? Well. Okay. Um…what exactly does one wear paddleboarding?”

“A bathing suit.”

Swell. She suddenly wasn’t embracing her curves quite so tightly. Especially since her black suit was kind of old and boring. And a two piece.

Once again, not something she normally worried about, but the thought of her curves spilling out of it in front of Logan made a difference.

Rising to his feet, he tossed a tip on the table for the not-so-nice waitress, and her heart cracked opened a little more for the guy who already owned such a big chunk.

Too much.

She squared her shoulders. The paddleboarding lesson was work related. She’d wear whatever was required—do whatever was required—and needed to get her mind back on the job. Chloe reached for the bill but Logan was quicker.

“The company’s picking it up,” he stated. “It was a working breakfast.”

Without waiting for her response, he strode to the cashier, so she grabbed her purse and headed outside. Hopefully, fresh air and a little bit of distance would help her regain some of the levelheadedness she was known for, but seemed to take a hike in his presence.

Definitely a new experience.

She tossed her purse inside her truck through her open window but didn’t get in. Her air conditioner was temperamental, and it was too hot to chance it not working.


Chloe turned around and bumped into him, grossly miscalculating the distance between them.

“I’ve got you.” Two strong hands grabbed her arms to steady her, sending her pulse into orbit.

She automatically palmed his chest for balance and was hit with a delicious déjà vu from yesterday. Damn, there was something extremely sexy about a soft T-shirt on a hard body. Awareness spread in all directions, tingling her neglected good parts deliciously lined up hip-to-hip with his, thanks to her heels.

It wasn’t until she met his dazed gaze and felt his heart rock under her palm that she realized Logan was just as thrown by the crazy connection. She opened her mouth to apologize for her miscalculation but nothing came out. Then his gaze dropped to her lips and heated. The world kind of fuzzed away like that control she’d regained for a fleeting second while he’d paid the bill. But now he was here, holding her, eating her up with a gaze hotter than the sun beating down on them.

“Chloe,” he rasped out, his breath warm, lips so damn close all she had to do was lean forward just a hair and they’d touch.

Which would be foolish. Dumb. He was her boss. Her client. The dream guy she didn’t deserve. So, she ordered her body to step back. But her mush-for-brains mixed up and propelled her forward. His grip on her arms tightened as his mouth brushed hers, forging a connection of current that pinged through her body with unexpected force.

He groaned and covered her mouth fully, kissing her hot and wet and deep. She knew it. She knew kissing Logan would be mind-altering and amazing. That’s how he tasted. He made her head swim and legs weak so she ran her hands up his chest and down his arms to clutch his biceps, her thumbs brushing over his flexing muscles. That sexy tattoo. The scar.

Shit. The scar.

The reminder of how she’d ruined his life had the effect of a cold soaking.

She broke the kiss and stepped out of his arms. “I’m sorry. You’re a client. I shouldn’t have done that.” Blaming it on work kept him from questioning her odd hot-to-cold behavior.

She hoped.

Heat still consumed his gaze but he made no move to touch her.

With her mind back in working order, she opened her door and climbed in her truck. “I just need to find a hotel and change out of these clothes. Then if you can show me how to use the paddleboard your father wants in the brochure, I’d appreciate it.”

If he was upset by her about-face, he didn’t show it. He just smiled and closed her door, after making sure she was safely inside first.

“Okay. Follow me. I know a good place not far from here.”

Five minutes later, she drove behind Logan’s pickup down a dirt road surrounded by cypress trees and wondered where he was taking her. Although the drive was beautiful, it seemed like a remote place for a hotel. When he pulled up in front of a large two-story house with the most inviting wrap-around porch she’d ever seen, she figured he’d taken her to a charming bed and breakfast. The lure of the porch swing was strong and grew stronger as she parked her truck and got out.

“Hey, Logan.” A handsome guy wearing a baseball cap backwards exited the house and lumbered down the wide steps to the drive with a large grin splitting his face.

Chloe had seen enough newspaper clippings to recognize Logan’s twin Lincoln McCall, but even if she hadn’t, their resemblance was close enough to spell it out. Same height. Same unusual eye-color. Short, dark hair.

“Hello, Ms. Davis.” Lincoln held out his hand. “I’m Logan’s brother Lincoln. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Hello, Lincoln, please call me Chloe,” she said, shaking his hand, realization dawning. “So, I take it this isn’t a B&B.”

Lincoln laughed. “Nope. It’s Logan’s house.”

A strange sensation rippled through her stomach. He brought her to his home? Why? Did he think that kiss would go further? “I can’t possibly stay here.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s…I…It wouldn’t be right.” She frowned. “Is this because of the kiss?”


Linc reeled back and grinned. “You two kissed?”

Logan ignored his brother’s question and stepped closer. “Relax. It’s not about that. We normally offer up the cottage for business associates, but it’s occupied by our ranch manager’s recently widowed niece.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” But she still couldn’t stay. “I think it’s best if I go back to town and check into a hotel.”

He lifted a shoulder. “If that’s what you really want, but I brought you here at my father’s suggestion.”

Mr. McCall suggested it? Damn. That changed things. She didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize her job.

Like kiss his son. Jeez, she was an idiot.

“There’s plenty of rooms,” Logan claimed. “It’s quiet. We can work longer hours without interruption.”

“All right. As long as I’m not putting anyone out.” And since Mr. McCall suggested it, she didn’t have to worry about him thinking she’d overstepped her boundaries.

“Nope. Not at all.” He nodded to his brother. “Linc and I will help you carry your things inside.”

Ten minutes later, after a quick tour, she stood in a spacious, comfortable bedroom and sighed. Only she would end up staying in the house owned by the one man in Texas she wanted to avoid. She’d already had a hard task in front of her just working side by side with the sexy man. How was she ever going to keep from jinxing him if they lived under the same roof?


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What a Month It’s Been! by Cynthia D’Alba

Wow! Where did the last month go? Time does seem to fly. Let’s see… what have I been up for the past month?

Well, first, I have a new great niece. Welcome Lydia Kate Mitchell to the world! 8 pounds, 10 ounces. 21 inches long. BIG baby! I finally got to meet her yesterday. (I’m up in NW Arkansas just to see Lydia) Obviously she’s beautiful. But she is such a good baby. We manhandled her from person to person (my mother is with me) and sweet Lydia never complained!

Oh, and next, my hair has started coming back in! It seems to be, um, GRAY!!! Damn chemo changed the color of my hair. Looks like it’s going to be curly. Well, this is a project to be reported on in the future.

Another piece of good news is that I HAVE FINISHED RADIATION for my breast cancer! Finished last Friday. That seems to have gone well. I’m still tired (and driving 4 hours to see my new great niece didn’t help that!) but overall, I’m doing great. Breast cancer is in the rear view mirror my life and fingers crossed it stays there.

Kindle World Cover for CCHmmm…. seems like one other event happened. Let me think… OH YEAH!! CADILLAC COWBOY CAME OUT LAST WEEK!

This book is a tad different from my usual books. Yes, it’s a love story. Yes, it has an alpha male but there is more humor that I usually write. I actually LOVE this story. There’s a magic to it that I can’t explain. It was a joy to write. Have you read it yet?

Here’s the official blurb:

A Texas lawman finds more than fall foliage during a drive in an antique convertible Cadillac to his new home.

Newly-hired Texas cop Shade Gruber agrees to drive his grandmother’s prize car from Chicago to his new home in Big Branch. He expects some car issues. He doesn’t expect to pick up a runaway bride.

On the run from her mobster fiancé, Victoria Vaught dashes from the church thirty minutes before the I Do’s. Stranded in her bridal attire by an unreliable car, she starts walking, needing as far from Chicago as possible.

Their road to love is filled with twists, turns and bumps. Hanging on to the one you love can be roller coaster ride with surprising results.

If you’ve got $1.99 hanging around, I sure hope you pick up Cadillac Cowboy!
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So what’s your news for the past month?


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