Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

I spent five busy days at the Romantic Times Convention in Las Vegas last week, and it was so much fun! Mr. Jackson Young performed a private concert sponsored by awesome military authors Elle James, Susan Stoker, Desiree Holt, and Donna Michaels. We raised over $500 for Operation Troop Aid, an organization which bundles care packages to send to deployed US troops.

If you’ve ever seen me in person, you know that I wear a purple cowgirl hat. It’s my branding, and people recognize me easily, so I don’t mind dealing with hat hair! When I meet new-to-me readers, I ask if they enjoy reading cowboy romances.


So many people commented that they hate to see cowboys disappear. They see them as a “dying breed” nowadays. Too bad, isn’t it? But there are cowboys out there, and I’m excited to write more stories about them.

Help me keep cowboys alive by coming up with some new professions for cowboys. We’re familiar with ranchers, rodeo cowboys, and billionaire Texas oil tycoons. What other jobs can romance writers give cowboys!

Save a cowboy today!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

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Another Montana McKenna from Jan Scarbrough

Hi y’all. Maddie James here. Just letting you in an a new member coming to the Montana McKenna family.

A know a lot of you have been reading the Montana Ranchers series co-written by author Jan Scarbrough and myself. And you’ve been asking for more! Well, wait no more. Jan has added the 7th book to the series, featuring Liz McKenna, the step-mother to my two sibling characters, Callie and Parker.

If you’ve read any of the series, you’ll remember that Callie and Parker’s father dies early on in the series, and it is truly the impetus for bringing all of the McKenna kids back home again. Each of the siblings has had their own story, and I’m even getting some cousins in on the act with my Montana Heat spin-off–but this new addition tells Liz’s story, after the death of her rancher husband. Here’s the book description:

She’d had the great love of her life. Was she foolish to want another one?

Liz-LG (2)Liz McKenna’s dreams died along with her husband. Now she’s become the keeper of dreams for others. She’s done everything she can to keep the McKenna ranch running and to move on with her life. She’d learned to knit and play the piano. Distracted herself with hobbies. And yet, there was no avoiding the deep, unspoken unhappiness. Was it the burden of running the dude ranch? The responsibility of keeping her husband’s dream alive? At fifty-five, was she put out to pasture, too old to have dreams of her own?

Producer and scriptwriter Chaz Kingston is burned out by the ruthlessly competitive world of Hollywood. He’s tired of the empty celebrity lifestyle of his ex-wife and her daughters who are only famous for being famous. He’s tired of a life chasing the next hot trend, the next hot script. And he’s mourning the senseless death of his brother. Then he’s offered the chance to write a script based on a real life feel-good family novel about a dude ranch in Montana. Maybe blue skies and open spaces are what this silver fox needs. But he never dreamed his R&R would include a beautiful widow.

Liz McKenna’s story is now available for PREORDER at AMAZON | KOBO| IBOOKS.

Haven’t read any of the McKenna clan yet? No worries. You can try out the prequel to the series for FREE! Get an early peek into this Montana ranching family that sets the stage for the rest of the books. Available at all ebook retailers. (Might as well grab it too when you check out Liz!) Here’s More:

Welcome to McKenna Ranch!
theprequel_print front_ (2)Meet Brody, Callie, Mercer and Parker–the four siblings in the clan of James McKenna, a Montana rancher. Growing up on the ranch was a great life, until Callie and Parker’s mother passed away, leaving James a widower. It wasn’t long, however, before he remarried, bringing stepmother Liz into their lives, along with her son, Brody. Soon, James and Liz added a new McKenna to the family, when daughter Mercer was born.

Brothers and sisters are prone to disagreements and this Brady Bunch family of step, half, and full siblings is no exception. As they grew up on the ranch, they learned values that stuck with them throughout their lives–even though they may live apart as adults. But there is one thing that will bring them all back together. Their father’s only wish.

Beginning with a short prequel novella that tells the story of James McKenna and Liz Caldera, and how they came to blend their families, these stories put you on the McKenna Ranch near Yellowstone National Park. This series leads off with Jan Scarbrough’s Brody, with Maddie James’ Callie to follow, while the siblings begin the long road home. These sweet to sexy stories give you a glimpse into Montana rodeo and ranch life, and of course, provide lots of contemporary cowboy love and romance.

Here is the series so far:

The Montana McKennas: Prequel by Jan Scarbrough and Maddie James
Brody by Jan Scarbrough
Callie by Maddie James
Parker by Maddie James
Mercer by Jan Scarbrough
Corporate Cowboy by Maddie James (Montana Heat)
Liz by Jan Scarbrough – PREORDER NOW!
Saving Amanda by Maddie James (Montana Heat) [coming in 2016]

Happy Monday, everyone!  ~Maddie

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Guest Blogger Maggie Carpenter Shares HER FORBIDDEN COWBOY

Hello Again.

Thank you Randi, for having me back. I absolutely love your blog, especially all the mouth-watering cowboys who show up here.

This is the twelfth book in my Cowboys After Dark series, and was supposed to be the last, but I was listening to a wonderful country song as I was driving to the barn to see my beautiful mare, and a whole new story began to write itself in my head. It looks as if the series will be a baker’s dozen! It’s been a blast, writing these contemporary cowboy books, and mid-year the fun continues with a brand-spanking-new series set in the wild days of the old west.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to let you know about my new website. www.MaggieCarpenter.com. It launched a week ago, and offers all sorts of naughty treats, including an opportunity to pick up three of my books for free.

Time to introduce you to Scott Sampson, a romantic and very sexy cowboy who finds himself in quite a dilemma. He takes up with the daughter of a wealthy woman who thinks a cowboy isn’t worthy of her little girl. Lessons are learned by all concerned in this one!





When Cathy Coleman moves her horses into Sampsons Boarding Stables, she falls in lust with Scott Sampson, the barns owner. In an effort to get him to notice her, she starts leaving her belongings scattered around the barn. It works. Scott is forced to constantly seek her out, insisting she be more responsible, but to her dismay he shows no desire to spend time with her outside the barn. Months pass, and Cathy is utterly exasperated.

Though Scott has had to reprimand her continuously, he harbors a secret longing to take her into his arms, clutch her hair, and kiss her fervently, but in spite of his intense attraction he refuses to break his golden rule. Dont get involved with boarders. But when her messiness causes him to have an accident, he decides enough is enough!

To her shock, she finds herself in his office, over his lap, getting her bottom well and truly spanked.

As she bolts from the room, he is more angry with himself than with her. She is under his skin, and he has to admit his need for the willful young woman is overwhelming, but how she will react to the stunning and unexpected chastisement?

Days later she returns, and it is immediately obvious he has spanked his way into her heart, but he makes it clear he will put her over his knee whenever she misbehaves. With his rules in place, their romance begins, and Cathy quickly learns that Scott not only has a hot hand, but is artful with a length of rope.

As their love blossoms, and Cathy discovers she has an appetite for Scotts salacious decadence, but Cathy comes from a socially elite family, and when her mother, Marianne Coleman, finds out her only child is dating a cowboy, she is furious. Catherine is meant for a dignified man of stature and means!

What dangers does Marianne pose? Will Scott and Cathy be able to survive the manipulations of the over-protective woman, or will Cathy have to choose between the man who has captured her heart, and the family she loves?


Entering the bedroom, Scott stopped and stared at the exquisite picture before him. Cathy had started the fire, and the soft glow was casting a golden sheen across her body. Resting on her knees and elbows, the scene looked like an erotic oil painting.

Pulling off his sweater as he walked slowly across the room, he could feel his cock surging to life, and reaching the foot of the bed, he stripped off the rest of his clothes staring down at her nakedness. With her knees spread, and her back arched, all her charms were exposed to his eye, and he could see her pussy glistening with its need. Stepping closer, he touched her wetness, and she mewled softly as he began to explore, sliding his finger into her seam, tickling her clit, the pushing it into her soaked entrance before sliding upwards to the cleft between her cheeks. She gasped as he lightly touched her puckered back hole, and he lingered for just a minute before placing his hands on her moons, spreading them apart. She gasped, but didn’t move, so he released her, a reward for her surrender, then traveling his hand back to her pussy, he placed his thumbs on her lips and opened her up.

“You’re beautiful,” he murmured.

She made a strange bleating sound, and as he pushed his finger forward, gliding it in and out, her noises became louder, as though she was building towards an orgasm.

“Are you already so hot you’re nearin’ a climax?”

“Maybe,” she whimpered. “I’ve been feeling it ever since I left here today.”

“Such a naughty girl,” he sighed. “I owe you a spankin’, don’t I?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Then we’d best get that outta the way before I introduce you to my rope.”

“Ooh, your rope,” she mumbled, repeating the word almost like a chant.

He began lightly slapping the center of her cheeks, just above the stain left by the paddle earlier that day, swiftly moving his palm from side to side allowing the sting to slowly build. When she began to cry out her protests of pain, he paused, moving his fingers back into her depths, stroking two fingers in and out of her channel with gusto, changing her cries to moans of pleasure. He longed to thrust inside her, to fuck her into oblivion, but gritting his teeth he stepped away and sucked in the air. She was wriggling her ass, silently begging him for more, and he almost caved. His cock was pleading almost as much as she was, but forcing his eyes away from the salacious sight, he walked across to his antique trunk set against the wall by the door.

He was an antique junkie, and had dabbled in the business for a short time, but he hated parting with the unique pieces he found, so he’d returned to collecting for the sheer pleasure of it. The moment he’d set eyes on the barrel-topped wooden trunk, he’d known its purpose. Raising the lid, he stared down at its many titillating contents. His collection of rope was in a separate container, and lifting it out, he carried it back to the bed.

“What am I gonna to do with you?” he mumbled, sitting on the edge of the bed and soothing his hand across her face. “You’re so flushed. Roll on to your back and catch your breath for a minute.”

Letting out a grateful sigh, Cathy flopped on to her stomach, then turned over and stared up at him, thinking if she squeezed her thighs together she would spontaneously combust.

“I need to come so badly,” she whispered. “I’ve never been so close for so long.”

“You didn’t play with yourself durin’ the day did you?”

“A bit, but it was more like scratching an itch. I didn’t let myself go all the way.”

“From now on, you only get to do that if you call me and ask for permission.”

“Ooh, that makes me want to come even more.”

He couldn’t stop a sinful smile curling the ends of his lip, and the pleading in her eyes sent a fresh wave of energy into his cock.

“Damn, girl, you get under my skin,” he murmured, and lowering his head, he gently kissed her.

It was supposed to have been a soft brushing of his mouth against hers, but his fever captured him, and suddenly they were grappling, their lips were crushing against each other, his fingers were caught in her hair, and hers were digging into his back. Finally breaking apart, he looked longingly at his container of rope, then back at her.

“This’ll be an introduction,” he murmured. “If I spend an hour lacin’ you up, I think we’ll both lose our minds. Slide on over and sit on the edge of the bed.”

As she moved into position, he opened the bag and retrieved a long length of white cotton cord, and tethering her wrists behind her back, he continued moving it around her body. The joy began to overtake him as he wove the tapestry, encircling her breasts and pinning her arms, then standing her up, he slid it between her pussy lips and into her crack. Tying it off at her waist, he picked her and laid her on her back, instructing her bend her knees.

“Shuffle your feet apart,” he said softly, “I wanna see that rope buried in your pussy.”

Cathy felt as if she was under a magic spell. She’d felt no desire to resist as he’d wrapped the rope around her. On the contrary, the more helpless her state, the more relaxed she became, but the intense carnal hunger was still coursing through her body. Softly groaning as she moved her feet apart, she looked up at him, then whimpered, wishing he would rub her to her climax.




Barnes and Noble


Youtube Trailer


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it, and I look forward to stopping by again soon.

May the tawse be with you…



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Iowa BOOK BASH bound…

By Sidda Lee Rain

April showers bring May flowers right? Well, what in the heck does April snow bring? Springtime in Minnesota is so confusing. Fingers crossed that Iowa in a couple weeks has better weather.

I’m looking forward to attending the NORTH IOWA BOOK BASH for the first time. I will tell you I’m already impressed by what I’ve seen. They’ve been advertising via digital billboards, social media postings and I’ve heard there’s been several posters/signs spotted out amongst the living…you know, not the internet. Some pretty impressive networking for a small con.

Did I mention the book signing has over 50 authors and only cost two dollars! Yes, two bucks and tickets are sold at the door. Authors of various genres in one spot from 9:00 am-4:00 pm (a brief break for lunch from 11:45-1:00).


When: Saturday, April 30th at 9am-4pm

Where: Best Western Holiday Lodge

2023 7th Ave N, Clear Lake, Iowa 50428

I’d LOVE to see you there! Stop by my table during the signing and pickup a FREE copy of my short She AIN’T Going Out Like That.

Country music fan? I am. I fell in LOVE with a Reba McEntire song a couple years ago called Going Out Like That and it inspired me to write a story-actually start a new series. The Broken Heartsville series will each be inspired by a song and they will be a short erotic story stemming from a broken heart. Why? Because, broken hearts happen but life does go on even when we least expect it. Next in the series will be…So Much BETTER In a Black Dress.

Don’t know the song? Here’s the link to the hit Reba song and video that inspired me to write about Ava and Bryce. Going Out Like That link:  https://g.co/kgs/ggpvY


AMAZON link: She AIN’T Going Out Like That (Broken Heartsville a short story series) by Si…http://www.amazon.com/dp/B012LVC7W4/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_Q4hdxb1GAK4QB via amazon

Blurb (each story is a stand alone, NO cliffhanger, HEA)

When her husband…soon to be ex-husband decides their marriage is over in an email. Yes, an email! Ava realizes the truth of their relationship that she’d been conveniently ignoring in recent years. 

A simple dress she’d bought for an event last December still hung in her closet. With her husband not approving of the delicate designer work of art she’d yet to wear it. 


Tonight she was all about making David and their failed marriage nothing but a memory and the night only started by slipping into that red dress and black leather heels.


PssstShe AIN’T Going Out Like That is only a .99 read!






My website:


Always remember…

                               “If your knees ain’t dirty…

                                            You ain’t doin’ it right!”


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Off to Vegas!

I’m off to Vegas to look for Rhinestones Cowboys, to add a little glitz in my stable of hot western men. I’ll have pictures for my nest blog!

At the RT book fair, one of the books I’ll be selling is Attack Force, Volume #1. Attack Force is about four members of a Delta Force team who send their down time on the leader’s ranch outside of San Antonio, Texas. When they aren’t riding horses, they find hot women to ride them.

Here’s is a taste of the two stories in Volume #1:

Unconditional Surrender

Slade Donovan has been a Delta Force team leader for years and the missions are beginning to wear on him. He’s been a Dom for longer than that, but now he’s tired of the string of faceless women and wants to find the right sub and form a permanent relationship. Someone who understands his life and can deal with it. Kari Malone excels in her role as a prosecuting attorney but the iron control she needs to do it gets tiring. And her search for the right man is fraught with disappointments. When a friend introduces her to the D/s scene, she finally finds an arena where she is able to both shed her mantle of control and indulge in her sexual fantasies. She meets Slade, also a guest, and their brief connection is instant and intense.

Lock and Load attackforce_vol1_print_exlarge

Beau Williams, the perfect sniper, has achieved success by closing himself down emotionally. He desperately wants to find a permanent sub who enjoys spanking and caning as much as he enjoys administering them, but he doesn’t know if he can open himself up to another person ever again. Megan Welles is still struggling with her need to be a submissive. She wants a man who will give her that without destroying the strength she needs for her job as sports reporter. And she’s tired of hooking up in bondage clubs but never connecting emotionally with anyone. When she meets Beau and takes him home for the night, something clicks between them, but how will they deal with the struggle to open up their emotions to each other?




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A Dozen Cowboy Lawmen – only $.99 for a Limited Time!

Cowboy Justice - tour header


12 pack covers

Get your TWELVE Cowboy Lawmen who are so hot it’s criminal. The COWBOY JUSTICE 12-Pack includes fresh novellas by twelve New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors:

JUSTICE FOR LAINE by Susan Stoker – What began as a favor turns out to be fate when Laine meets sexy Texas Ranger Wes and falls for him.

JUSTICE BURNING by Elle James – Hard-nosed sheriff’s deputy, Nash Grayson, places his family and hometown in danger when he rescues a desperate runaway bride

LAYING DOWN THE LAW by Becky McGraw – Doctor returns to hometown when mother takes a fall and falls harder for new town Sheriff…her first love.

TEXAS JUSTICE by Cynthia D’Alba – First-term Sheriff is torn between duty and love when sexy Chief of Surgery is accused of medical malpractice and homicide.

TEXAS LONE STAR by Sable Hunter – An all-business Texas Ranger falls hard for an irresistible lady rancher he rescues from dangerous poachers.

CAIN’S LAW by Delilah Devlin – Lawman, Cain Whitfield, discovers the shy brunette he’s been flirting with is a former mob boss’s girlfriend when her cabin goes up in flames.

COWBOY LAWE by Donna Michaels – More than bullets fly when a former SEAL protects a sexy witness who’s actually an undercover agent secretly assigned to protect the stubborn SEAL.

COWBOY’S BEST SHOT by Lexi Post – A cowboy veteran who’s lost so much. A bartender who never had it to begin with. Is this their best shot?

PROTECT AND SERVE by Sabrina York – He’s vowed to avoid his high school crush, but his duty demands he protect her from a growing menace.

BADGE AND A SADDLE by Randi Alexander – Detective Rex Tarrow is sworn to protect Astronomer Dr. Mina Cooper, but will she get them both killed?

BLIND SIDED by Lindsay McKenna – Dark family secrets stand between the sheriff and the woman he loves from afar. Can he expose the treachery? Win her hand?

LAZARUS by Beth Williamson – Being a Graham isn’t easy and it’s about to get a lot harder for one stubborn lawman and the woman who still owns his heart.


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Let the Adventure begin! 2016 RT Booklovers Conference!

Amanda McIntyre here and by the time you read this I’ll be jetting my way to Las Vegas to the conference that has become like a family reunion to me! I was unable to attend last years conference due to a death in my family, and this year has reminded me how much planning goes into getting ready for this conference!

527503_2090376594274_751108734_nFor those attending, I hope you’ll stop and say “hi” if you see me ! Some of those “got spots” include VIVA LA HISTORICAL!  (Wed..  7-8:30 pm) where I’ll be hosting with 19 amazing historical authors an event that kicks off the RT Conference with glitz, Godiva Chocolates, cover models in costume, media show, cover art cookies, and bubbly!  Period Images and Godiva Chocolates are our partners this year and I cannot wait to see the finished product! Next is the ever popular COWBOY CORRAL (Thurs. 4-5 pm)  A wonderful line-up of talented authors all with a combined love of cowboys & country boys in every profession! Music, amazing swag, and cowboys! So get your boots on and come on over as we kick the dust up! On Friday, another fabulous event is the SWEET, SASSY SPICY party!!  Gifted authors writing in each of the three levels are offering you fab goodie bags, Kindle giveaways, book raffles, sweet and savory treats and hello–mimosas–set in a “speed-dating ” mode so every reader has the chance to pick the brain of every author!!! ( I must remember to pick my brain up at the dry cleaner!!)  Of course there are a scad(yes, scad!) of other fabulous parties all during the week, culminating in the best one of them all-the Giant Author Book Fair on Saturday!

It’s sure to be a week of smiles, photos, too much eating, forgetting to eat, and rekindled friendships!!

And then I’ll return to get busy writing on three EXCITING projects coming up !! But more on those later!! ;)) Meantime, I’ll leave you with soem pics of some great COWBOY CORRAL shots!!

Until next time, blessings & cowboy dreams!






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A Surprise for the Sheikh + RITA Nom from Sarah M. Anderson

daffodils 2.jpgHi everyone! Happy Spring! Look! My daffodils are in full bloom! HUZZAH!!One Rodeo Season FINAL

First off, congratulations to last month’s winner, Shirley Long! Shirley, email me at message@sarahmanderson.com to claim your preview copy of One Rodeo Season!

It’s been an exciting, exciting month here at Chez Anderson! I’m so very thrilled to announce that The Nanny Plan, my Nanny Plan FINAL.jpgFeb. 2015 Harlequin Desire, was nominated for a RITA® for Best Contemporary Novel: Short! I’m so thrilled and in such amazingly good company. The winners will be announced on July 16th so I have a lot of time to panic about what to wear. Just kidding! I’m so thrilled to be nominated and super excited that I already had plans to attend the RWA conference in San Diego this summer. So fingers crossed!

The Nanny Plan buy links: AmazonB & N | iBooksKobo | Google | Powell’s | Indiebound | Harlequin

In other news, A Surprise for the Sheikh is out now! This is a story that got its start on Twitter. I was joking around with Maisey Yates, who writes a lot of sheikh stories and said Surprise for Shiekh FINAL.jpgWhat if we combined our favorites–cowgirls and sheikhs?

Three weeks later, my lovely editor asked me to write–you guessed it!–a cowgirl and sheikh story!

As always, I save the super-spicy excerpts for you guys so, without further ado, A Surprise for the Sheikh!

Her hands stilled against his chest. “I’ve changed. Since that night.” She said it as if she were afraid of what his reaction to her body would be.

But Rafe was staring down at the luscious curves. “If anything, you have changed for the better.” He lifted her hands away from his chest and guided her back onto the bed until she lay before him. He could not be so thoughtless as to take her roughly, not when she was already nervous. Their first time, she had shared the wine with him and there had been no hesitation. But this time, he knew he needed to reassure her.

“Oh, Rafe,” she moaned as he kissed down her neck to the valley between her breasts. Yes, he thought that perhaps they were slightly larger—fuller, he decided as he cupped them in his hands and slid his thumbs over the cups of the bra, right where her nipples should be.

“Take it off,” she whispered, threading her hands through his hair and lifting herself up off the bed.

“Your wish is my command,” he said, reaching behind her back and deftly removing her bra.

“If anyone else said that to me, I’d think they were full of it,” she giggled. “But when you say it…”

“It is because I mean it.” He lowered his head to her breast, letting his tongue work her nipple into a stiff peak. “I cannot help myself,” he murmured against her skin as he moved to her other breast. “When I’m with you…”

“I know. I feel the same way. I—oh!” That was as far as she got before Rafe kissed his way lower, pulling her innocent white panties down until she was completely exposed to him.

After that, there were no more words to be said because he was busy bringing her to the heights of pleasure with his mouth and she was busy moaning and writhing under his touch. She kept her hands buried in his hair, guiding him in the direction that she most needed him to go.

Their first time, she had climaxed when he slipped his finger inside her. He would hate for her to think that he had forgotten what she liked best, so he repeated the move.

“Rafe!” she cried out as he lapped at her body, her inner muscles tightening around his finger.

And he could not wait anymore, not for her. He could not even do this properly and remove all of his clothing. He unbuckled his pants and grabbed the condom out of his back pocket and somehow managed to get the thing rolled on before he was against her, covering her body with his as he thrust into her warmth.

“Violet,” he groaned, wanting to hold himself back—to hold himself apart from her because that was the smart thing to do, the calculated move that would contain whatever emotional havoc she wreaked. But he couldn’t, not when she looked up at him with eyes that were glazed with desire, with want—with need.

“Yes,” she said in a hoarse whisper as she tried to undo the remaining buttons on his shirt. “Yes, Rafe—yes.”

He grabbed her hands and held them against his chest, where his heart beat beyond his control. Then he began to move into her and she began to rise against him, meeting him with her own desire, thrust for thrust.

Mine, he tried to say over and over, but his words had left him and all he could do was hold himself together until she cried out in the throes of her pleasure. When she did, when her body tightened down on him, he gave up all hope of holding himself together. He leaned forward and drove into her harder, deeper, until his climax drained him so completely that he fell forward onto her.

They lay there, breathing hard, their bodies still intertwined. Violet worked her hands free and wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him to her. “Wow, Rafe. Just…wow.”

He managed to roll to one side. “A compliment, I hope?”

“Oh, yeah.” She giggled again, a light sound of joy.

It made him want to laugh with her. He grinned down at her, tracing the curve of her cheek with the tip of his finger. “When we marry, it will always be like this, I think. You and I…”

His words trailed off because her mouth had twisted off to one side and her eyes had narrowed. “Violet?”

Silently, she sat up, and then stood and walked away from him. Far too late, Rafe realized what he’d said.


He had overplayed his hand.

Whew! Rafe was a lot of fun to write because he simply does not play by the rules but Violet brings him around as only she can. They are a lot of fun together!

Surprise buy links: Amazon | B & N | iBooks | Kobo | Powell’s | Indiebound | Google | Harlequin

Next month I’ll be back with more cowboys and more giveaways but for this month, leave a comment about what’s been your favorite part of Spring thus far (Daffodils for me!) and I’ll give away one copy of The Nanny Plan to a lucky winner!

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A dozen cowboys to share by Beth Williamson

Howdy y’all! Beth Williamson here. As I’m sure you’ve heard, the Cowboy Justice 12 Pack rode into ebook shelves today! Sound the trumpets and gird your loins for some hotness! This collection is $.99 for a limited time – get yours before the price changes. Links below!

Get your TWELVE Cowboy Lawmen who are so hot it’s criminal. The COWBOY JUSTICE 12-Pack includes fresh novellas by twelve New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors!

JUSTICE FOR LAINE by Susan Stoker – What began as a favor turns out to be fate when Laine meets sexy Texas Ranger Wes and falls for him.

JUSTICE BURNING by Elle James – Hard-nosed sheriff’s deputy, Nash Grayson, places his family and hometown in danger when he rescues, Phoebe Sinclair, Dallas debutante and desperate runaway bride with a secret hiding in the trunk of her stolen car

LAYING DOWN THE LAW by Becky McGraw – Doctor returns to hometown when mother takes a fall and falls harder for new town Sheriff…her first love.

TEXAS JUSTICE by Cynthia D’Alba – First-term Sheriff is torn between duty and love when sexy Chief of Surgery is accused of medical malpractice and homicide.

TEXAS LONE STAR by Sable Hunter – An all-business Texas Ranger falls hard for an irresistible lady rancher he rescues from dangerous poachers.

CAIN’S LAW by Delilah Devlin – Lawman, Cain Whitfield, discovers the shy brunette he’s been flirting with is a former mob boss’s girlfriend when her cabin goes up in flames.

COWBOY LAWE by Donna Michaels – More than bullets fly when a former SEAL protects a sexy witness who’s actually an undercover agent secretly assigned to protect the stubborn SEAL.

COWBOY’S BEST SHOT by Lexi Post – A cowboy veteran who’s lost so much. A bartender who never had it to begin with. Is this their best shot?

PROTECT AND SERVE by Sabrina York – He’s vowed to avoid his high school crush, but his duty demands he protect her from a growing menace.

BADGE AND A SADDLE by Randi Alexander – Detective Rex Tarrow is sworn to protect Astrologist Dr. Mina Cooper, but will she get them both killed?

BLIND SIDED by Lindsay McKenna – Dark family secrets stand between the sheriff and the woman he loves from afar. Can he expose the treachery? Win her hand?

LAZARUS by Beth Williamson – Being a Graham isn’t easy and it’s about to get a lot harder for one stubborn lawman and the woman who still owns his heart.

*** LINKS! ***

Kindle: http://amzn.to/1mZmCAh
Nook: http://bit.ly/1Os0B4g
iBooks: http://tinyurl.com/zbzeb23
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Cowboy Justice 12-Pack releases tomorrow!

cowboy justice new

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You’ve seen the lineup of authors, right? Incredible talent there. So, you reserved your copy? No?

How about I tempt you with a little excerpt from my story inside this delicious collection? Cain’s Law is third story in my Cowboys on the Edge series…


When love is on the line, a cowboy will risk everything…

Texas Lawman, Cain Whitfield, has been burned before by a beautiful brunette with dark doe eyes. He won’t be fooled again. But fate has a rotten sense of humor when he discovers the latest stranger to arrive in his small Texas town is a former mob enforcer’s girlfriend—something he learns when the cabin she rented goes up in flames and her boyfriend tries to run them both off the road. Now, he’s got to keep her alive and under wraps long enough to arrest the bastard. Resisting his attraction to the drop-dead gorgeous brunette proves impossible when they’re forced to share a safe house while the sheriff and the other deputies double patrols to keep her safe.

Even though she knows they’re all wrong for each other, Carina Black can’t help her attraction for the proud lawman. She’s done with the glitz and glamour of her former life, but can she convince Cain to look beyond her past to trust she’s ready for life in a small town? As her former boyfriend closes in, she worries too that her poor judgment could bring harm to a decent man.

The longer they’re together, the hotter their passion burns… 

From Cain’s Law

Cain Whitfield wasn’t the sort of man who put much stock in premonitions or sixth sense. But the moment he’d first spotted the shy brunette through the window of the Prickly Pear Motel, he’d known trouble had arrived in Caldera.

His gaze had snagged on her ill-fitting clothing and her wildly curling hair. Not unusual, his noticing a stranger arriving in his little town. But the minute his dick twitched, he should have heeded the warning.

Yeah, he sure could pick ’em. Just like his ex, only Susan hadn’t burned down a cabin. She’d left his place cleaner than she’d managed to keep it the entire six months they’d been together. Hell, the woman hadn’t even left him a can of beans in the pantry when she’d walked out on their marriage. On a Monday. After he’d left for work. Via a note taped to the kitchen counter because she couldn’t put that into a U-Haul trailer.

Staring at the fire that lit the Texas night sky, he shook his head. The strobing lights of police and fire vehicles were no competition for the furious blaze. No simple kitchen fire or leaf pile run amok. It was going to be a long night.

The minute he’d gotten a call to come to a house fire out on Old Amity Road, he’d suspected the owner of the cabin, Mutt Owens, the father of his fellow deputy, Tank Owens, had finally committed arson, because the old ramshackle cabin hadn’t had a tenant in a couple of years.

That suspicion had been quickly squashed when he’d spied that same pretty brunette who had pricked his attention two nights earlier standing apart from the men surrounding the fire truck.

He spotted the sheriff, Josh Penske, also standing beside the fire crew, not that the firefighters could do much more than wet the grass surrounding the building. This far out of town they didn’t have a hydrant to hook up to. The water they carried on the pumper truck ensured the blaze didn’t set fire to the tall buffalo grass surrounding the clearing, and they were busy unrolling more hoses.

As he stood, more vehicles arrived—volunteer firefighters, among them Jeremiah McCord whose ranch butted up against this property. Jeremiah would be the first to arrive—he’d nearly lost his shirt the last time a fire swept across his ranch. The rancher gave Cain a nod then hurried to join the mostly volunteer crew beside the truck.

Chief Blake Thacker roamed around the cabin, carrying a portable water bladder used for prescribed burns and pointing his hose toward the ground to extinguish embers wherever they flew. His expression was drawn and harsh.

No one was paying much attention to the slender figure leaning against an older model Ford Taurus with Illinois plates, her shoulders hunched and her face mostly obscured by the fall of thick dark hair.

The first time he’d seen her, he’d known something was off. She’d been standing in front of the counter, filling out forms at the motel’s registration desk in clothes that didn’t fit well—too slouchy and mud-colored, when her pale skin and dark hair cried out for vibrant colors. That the clothing wasn’t hers was apparent. Her furtive glance out the window at his squad car had further piqued his interest. This time, not due to any attraction he’d initially felt, but because she’d looked scared.

But just as he’d decided to park next to the office and introduce himself to the newcomer in town, he’d gotten a call about a domestic disturbance, and after circling the parking lot, he’d left.

Until tonight, he hadn’t thought about her again.

What she was doing here was a mystery. But he knew she was somehow involved in this fire. And as he raised his nose to the air, he began adding up the charges—too pretty, too quiet, and by the way her gaze kept sweeping the clearing, still scared. And was that gas he smelled? Did they have another firebug in their midst?

Jeremiah McCord had gone and married their last arsonist. Something that still had most of the townsfolk shaking their heads. But maybe Jeremiah figured it was safer having Carly close to keep her out of trouble.

Cain blew out a breath and moved toward the group. The brunette was the sheriff’s problem now. He headed toward him.

As he approached, Josh tilted his head toward the cabin. “Went up too quick to be any accident. And the chief’s already confirmed use of an accelerant.” He pointed toward the porch, which was fully engulfed in flames. “Started there. Don’t think the woman set it. I found her crawling out of a window in the back. Nearly came out of her skin when I shouted.”

They both turned their gazes to the brunette who quickly averted hers.

“Something’s off about her,” Cain said, wondering if the sheriff had learned something. Not that anything but his professional curiosity was aroused. He cleared his throat.

Josh’s gaze didn’t stray from the woman who stood with her shoulders hunched and her arms wrapped over her chest. “I’m gonna stay here. The chief wants volunteers to spread out and walk the area into the woods with rakes and water pumps to make sure this thing doesn’t get any bigger than it is.”

He stiffened. Cain didn’t like where this discussion was leading.

“I’ll need you to take her back to the station to get her statement and see what she knows. Be sure to run the plates on that car—”

Cain cussed silently but didn’t bother arguing. “And I’ll see if she has any outstanding warrants…”

Josh gave him a quick grin and clapped his shoulder. “Figured you’d be the last man to be tempted by a pretty face.”

Cain narrowed his gaze, but otherwise didn’t rise to the jibe. A town like Caldera had no secrets, at least none that stayed buried long. His next door neighbor had made sure all his buddies at the diner knew exactly what had transpired when Susan left, down to the make and model of the pickup truck that pulled away with all his furniture and appliances, even his own clothing. Cain guessed it had made for a rip-roaring story since the smiles and pats of commiseration hadn’t stopped.

Yeah, he’d be the last man to let down his guard with a pretty brunette. But man, he did have a type. The woman who refused to meet his stare was everything he liked in one curvy little package—including that lost, lonely look. Shit.

He hitched up his belt, drew a deep breath, and headed toward her, noting the frantic way her gaze hit everything around him before, at last, widening and rising to meet his. She wore the same baggy, oversized blouse and slacks she had when she’d stood inside the motel office—an outfit his grandma might have worn. And she was barefoot. For some reason, that last fact made his stomach ache.

Damn, this close she had the face of an angel—if angels had dark, doe-like eyes, skin the color of fresh cream, and lips as plump and dark as ripe cherries. Firelight lent an illusion of intimacy…


He reached for the brim of his hat and tipped it. “Ma’am.”

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