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Desiree Holt says: You won’t believe what he can do with that rope.

Welcome to Rawhide, the exclusive BDSM cub north of San Antonio, Texas, where the ranchers and their friends come to play in carefully guarded anonymity. Ruled by a Dungeon Master extraordinaire, its well-vetted membership enjoys delights to please even the … Continue reading

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Delilah Devlin: 4 Reasons to Get Warlord’s Destiny Now…

I love lists. So here’s one for you. And yes, this doesn’t have a thing to do with cowboys, but I figured, if you liked dominant men wearing wranglers and riding horses, you’d love dominant men who carry swords just … Continue reading

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I’m working on TEXAS WILDFIRE, my contribution to the 12-Alarm Cowboy collection which is up for preorder now. YAY! Here’s my cover and the set and a link! I’m so proud of it. The authors are: Cora Seton, Sabrina York, Lexi Post, … Continue reading

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It’s Hard Lovin’, 16th century Ireland or modern Texas

Did you ever hear a song that just stuck right in your brain and never let go? More years ago than I want to post here I heard Tommy Makem and The Clancy Brothers sing The Whistling Gypsy (also known … Continue reading

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Four Books, Four Authors, One Hot Cowboy Series – Randi Alexander

Have you fed your cowboy craving this week? Here’s a suggestion. The four books of The Sons of Dusty Walker Series Book 1, Dylan, by Jodi Redford Book 2, Jackson, by Randi Alexander Book 3, Killian, by Desiree Holt Book … Continue reading

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Cowboys & SEALs = Alpha Heroes! by Elle James aka Myla Jackson

When I think of Cowboys, I think of men who live hard, play hard and aren’t afraid of anything. Hmmmm. Wait, I meant SEALs. No…Cowboys! Oh, hell! They’re both tough, alpha heroes who deal with difficult circumstances on a daily … Continue reading

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Hey Everyone! This is going to be one of those REALLY rare months when I don’t actually have a book out. I KNOW. It’s just as confusing to me as it is to you. But that doesn’t mean we can’t … Continue reading

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Not a Cowboy, but Alpha All Over! (Contest)

I love cowboys. But I also love demons and shifters and vampires. Next week, I have a new story releasing—Under a Blood Moon! It’s a sequel to Once in a Blue Moon, and continues the story of the Beaux Rêve … Continue reading

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Do you have a kilty pleasure?

Why do we love men in kilts? Do you have a kilty pleasure? If you watch Outlander you’ve already explored the idea of a man in a kilt…and probably have a craving to see more.  What is it that drives us … Continue reading

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Texas is cowboy country – no doubt about it. We have ranches of all sizes from mom and pop operations to the vast King Ranch that’s bigger than Rhode Island and in some years has pumped more oil than Saudi … Continue reading

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