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Delilah Devlin: Happy Fourth of July!

Here’s wishing all of you in the U.S. a very happy holiday! And if you’re needing inspiration to remember why you’re grateful to be an American, here’s my gift to you!

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All in the family by Beth Williamson

Hey y’all, Beth Williamson here! In case you missed it, I launched my very first Kindle Worlds Story on November 8. So excited, and honored, to be part of Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah! Kindle World with my contribution, AUDACIOUS. AUDACIOUS … Continue reading

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D’Alba- You have failed this city – By Cynthia D’Alba

I have a television-watching habit, as in our set runs from the time we get up to the time we go to bed. Now, if I’m home ALONE, I’ll turn it off (during the day) as daytime television is mostly … Continue reading

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Leah Braemel on Canadian Cowboys

Tomorrow is Canada Day — the day we celebrate the birth of our nation north of the 49th parallel. While a lot of people south of the border may not realize it, but we have cowboys up here, and not … Continue reading

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I Hope You Dance!

Awwwww: No hot cowboys today, (though I suspect Don has done his mama proud!) I HAVE, however, been writing fast and furious on Dalton and Angelique’s story in RENEGADE HEART’S #finallybrainkickedin. Consequently, I’ve managed to more than adequately steam up … Continue reading

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Spring is in the Air

It’s been a long, hard winter for a lot of people. I hope the snow has melted where you are, and that the sun is now shining. Here in my part of northeast Texas, the grass is green, the air … Continue reading

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Caption this Photo – Fun in Texas

Last month I managed to go to the wilds of Texas.  San Antonio. Okay, so not really the wilds of Texas. I attended the Wild Wicked Weekend conference and had a great time. It was really fun to hang out … Continue reading

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It’s hard to say goodbye… again by Beth Williamson

Most people know I began my writing career with a series of books about the Malloy family with the release of The Bounty in 2004. They were conjured in my imagination in 1880s Wyoming and guided me through a total … Continue reading

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Family dynamics

Family drama. We’ve all seen it. Lived it, probably. I have. But dang, if it isn’t an interesting place to visit when you’re writing a series. I’ve always been fascinated by the fodder that holds together or splits apart characters–not … Continue reading

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Cowboys and Heroes

I recently went to see American Sniper, and through the movie I learned Chris Kyle started out as a cowboy. Kyle is a local hero and his loss hit everyone hard here in Texas. But for some reason, the news media never … Continue reading

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