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Still riding with the Malloy Family by Beth Williamson

Howdy y’all, Beth Williamson here! Hard to believe it’s been a month since I hung out with y’all! I’m still busy republishing the Malloy Family series books each week. Since there are 13 weeks, that’s 4 months of #MalloyMonday. 🙂 … Continue reading

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Hi Everyone! Last weekend I had a great time doing my first live Facebook video feed during an event called SUMMERFEST: Ask the Authors.  I talked about how I started writing, a little but about my sewing projects and took … Continue reading

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Firsts are Always Exciting! by Paty Jager

Firsts are always exciting. First kisses, first loves, first cars, first horses, first firsts. 😉 The same can be said for first books of a series. As a reader I’m anxious to read the first book of a new series … Continue reading

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Letting Go- by Cynthia D’Alba

Back around 2008 or 2009 (I’ve been through so many computers since then I’m having trouble finding the original work!), I decided to enter some contests with a book titled Texas Two Step. Surprised me but this book won two … Continue reading

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Why cowboys?

I celebrated an anniversary this week — it’s been 6 years since my first story PRIVATE PROPERTY was published. (For more on that story, visit today’s Pay It Forward Friday post on my blog.) Since my first two books were … Continue reading

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The Malloy Family Continues

August is “Malloy Family” month for me. This series was the start of my publishing journey, with the “original” book 1, THE BOUNTY, published in 2004. That book was re-edited and republished 2 years later. Here I am 10 years … Continue reading

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Cynthia D’Alba’s Italian Prince Becomes A Cowboy

Once upon a time, I decided to write a manuscript directed to the Harlequin Presents line. My hero was an Italian Prince names Giovanni Venetta. My heroine (named Olivia de Havillian, SERIOUSLY! haha)  was a young, college student who was … Continue reading

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Shall We Dance?

I love movies about dancing and stories about people coming alive again when they learn to dance. Probably because I love to dance! I grew up during the Disco era. I know, that dates me. I used to practice disco … Continue reading

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Creating a family history

I started the first Malloy family series book, THE BOUNTY, around 1995. I published it in 2004 and republished it in 2006 revised and reedited. Since then I’ve published another 8 books in the Malloy family series with another 3 … Continue reading

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The Malloys relaunch and rebirth

Super -tickled to see the relaunch and rebirth of the Malloys. September 3  marked the rerelease of the first four Malloy books with their styling new covers. On September 10, the next four Malloy books release. All leading up to … Continue reading

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