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New Cowboy–Rhonda Lee Carver

***SQUEE*** I have a new cover! Cowboy’s Song, #8 Cowboys of Nirvana!   And… Weston’s Trouble, #3 Saddles & Second Chances   Watch for both in May Now’s the time to catch up on the others in the series!   … Continue reading

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Lucid dreams, Giveaway–Rhonda Lee Carver

by Rhonda Lee Carver During my last doctor visit I told him that I wasn’t sleeping as well as I’d like and he suggested Melatonin. I’m not much of a pill taker and it took me almost two weeks before … Continue reading

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Bitten on the boob-Rhonda Lee Carver

By Rhonda Lee Carver I wish I could bring you good news and tell you that I was bitten on the boob by one of my Cowboys of Nirvana, but sadly that is not the case. One morning I woke … Continue reading

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New Year! New Cowboys! Rhonda Lee Carver

Happy 2016! I’ve decided not to make any resolutions this year. I’ve made plenty in the past with every intention of following through, but by February 1st I’m like…”Now what was my goal…er…?” One year I made healthy eating a … Continue reading

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Missing Bra–Rhonda Lee Carver

Several weeks ago I had surgery and was sedated–happily so–and apparently the wacky juice had me talking like a drunken sailor. And missing a bra! Yes, you read right. From what I’ve been told, I woke up asking my family … Continue reading

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