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At an early age, Rhonda fell in love with romance novels, knowing one day she’d write her own love story. Life took a short detour, but when the story ideas would no longer be contained, she decided to dive in and write. Her first rough draft was on a dirty napkin she found buried in her car. Eventually, she ran out of napkins. With baby on one hip and laptop on the other, she made a dream into reality—one word at a time. Her specialty is men who love to get their hands dirty and women who are smart, strong and flawed. She loves writing about the everyday hero. When Rhonda isn't crafting sizzling manuscripts, you will find her busy editing novels, blogging, juggling kids and animals (too many to name), dreaming of a beach house and keeping romance alive. Oh, and drinking lots of coffee.

GIVEAWAY–by Rhonda Lee Carver

  Pre-order here! The hat. The gun. And the will to protect. Showing up to investigate a double homicide, Sheriff Phoenix Cade almost comes out of his boots when he sees the blonde–the only witness to the crime–covered in blood. … Continue reading

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Adorn yourself with cowboy–Rhonda Lee Carver

I’m sad to see October go, but November brings promise and new beginnings. Some of the things I love about this month are… I can wear Fall/warm boots. I can wear my comfy jammies My love for cozy, soft blankets … Continue reading

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Catch your cowboy!Giveaways! Rhonda Lee Carver

A Cowboy and a new beginning Urban Jericho has hit a snag. He should be loving his life as a rodeo star but his passion for riding bulls, and getting knocked around, has fizzled. When he sees the opportunity for … Continue reading

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Turn up the heat–Rhonda Lee Carver

Happy 1st! As the evenings grow cooler, how do you get warm? I hope you’ll pick up my newest cowboy releasing 9/05/17! Many times I’ve been asked what sparked the idea for a story. For Weston’s Trouble, the storyline is … Continue reading

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New Cowboy. Win–Rhonda Lee Carver

It’s August, folks! Last month the fam and I had gone on a ten-day traveling vacation. We were in Virginia. Georgia. Florida…and everywhere in between. For you Harry Potter lovers. We visited Harry Potter World at Universal. And we visited … Continue reading

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Polishing Diamonds–Rhonda Lee Carver

Strange things happen, and we often look back with laughter at a situation that we didn’t understand. I just turned seventeen and had broken up with my long-term boyfriend (2 years) and his friend, Brody (that’s what we’ll call him) came … Continue reading

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Get roped! Rhonda Lee Carver

I am sooooo behind. My list of things to do have grown to arm’s length. I always seem to get crazy busy at this time of the year. My kids will be home for the summer and then time seems … Continue reading

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New Cowboy–Rhonda Lee Carver

***SQUEE*** I have a new cover! Cowboy’s Song, #8 Cowboys of Nirvana!   And… Weston’s Trouble, #3 Saddles & Second Chances   Watch for both in May Now’s the time to catch up on the others in the series!   … Continue reading

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Name that property! Rhonda Lee Carver

Hi, everyone. I can’t believe it’s March already. February flew by in a whirlwind. We’ve had severe thunderstorms with flash flooding here in Ohio. I don’t mind the thunderstorms, but I hate when my phone alert goes off in the … Continue reading

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First Ride–Rhonda Lee Carver

Under Pressure by Rhonda Lee Carver      ONLY $.99 cents First Ride Cowboy Collection You Never Forget Your First…   Saddle up for a sexy ride with 18 bestselling and award winning authors as they share with you their … Continue reading

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