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Writer of Erotic Romances - "Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied"

Randi Alexander’s Excerpt from Hot in the Saddle – Preorder Your Copy Now

I’m hard at work writing Hot in the Saddle for the 12 Alarm Cowboy Boxed Set. I’m so thrilled to be part of this anthology of brand new stories from 12 hot cowboy authors. You can order your copy today … Continue reading

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Win a Signed Paperback – Randi Alexander

I’m hard at work with the co-author of Legend Awakening to finish the second book in the Diaries of a Casanova series, Twisted Angel. You’re going to love this second book, and it’ll be even better if you’ve read the … Continue reading

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Get 12 Hot Firemen-Cowboys for only $.99 – Randi Alexander

12 Alarm Cowboys is up on pre-sale! This means you click now, then on August 4, this scorching boxed set – with all-new novellas from twelve of your favorite cowboy romance authors – will appear on your e-reader. Pretty cool, … Continue reading

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Four Books, Four Authors, One Hot Cowboy Series – Randi Alexander

Have you fed your cowboy craving this week? Here’s a suggestion. The four books of The Sons of Dusty Walker Series Book 1, Dylan, by Jodi Redford Book 2, Jackson, by Randi Alexander Book 3, Killian, by Desiree Holt Book … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t Jackson Walker Know He Had 3 Brothers? Randi Alexander’s Upcoming Release

I am so excited about this series, I have to show you our super-sexy, Scott Nova poster (which will be extra-large on a pillar at the Romantic Times Convention in Dallas next month) with our excellent covers, also starring Scott, … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Vanessa Vale Shares Her First Sighting of “The Cowboy”

Have you ever come across a man that froze you in your tracks? Stalled your brain, made your heart skip a beat, your mouth go dry, other places get…wet? I’m not talking about in the movies or a photo. Those … Continue reading

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Country Line Dancing is Making a Comeback – Are You Happy About That?

Howdy! I have something to confess. I used to teach country line dancing way back when it was popular. I taught through community education classes, at bars, and sometimes in the barn, when neighbors came to visit. I loved it. … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Kira Barcelo is Through the Portal and (Riding) Into the Sunset!

Unlike the heroine of my new book, KISSED BY THE OUTLAW, I’m no newbie to hiking. I’ve been hitting various mountain trails for nearly ten years now. Not bad for a girl who grew up in the city, huh? Well, … Continue reading

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Cowboy Overload in the Briscoe Western Art Museum in San Antonio, TX

In February, I attended the most fun reader/author convention ever put together – the Wild Wicked Weekend. After the wildness ended (and it was truly wild!) I got the chance to have a family vacation in San Antonio. We love … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Gray Gardner’s New Romance Weston Front

Please tell us about your new release, Gray. The Weston Front is a romance involving a girl with a broken heart who needs to get away so that she can find her way. She finds her way right into the … Continue reading

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