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A lover of all things historical and feline, author Larissa Lyons also has a soft spot for hard cowboys. Visit to learn more.

Nightstand Roundup – What Are You Currently Reading?

Welcome to nightstand Roundup, Round 2! When we did this last year, I learned about erotic Western writer Gem Sivad for the first time (did you catch her recent guest blog here at WWC?). Let’s see what new and wonderful … Continue reading

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My 5 Things – circa 1985

Recently folks were Tweeting about the three things they wanted right now to be happy and content. With a brand new year upon us, that got me to reflecting…and thinking about the list I created in high school–back when things … Continue reading

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Favorite Christmas Novella

Howdy! I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to December. Christmas novellas are one of my absolute favorite types of stories to read. Whether they’re Westerns, erotics, Regencies, or — surprise — even contemporaries, there is just something I … Continue reading

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The History of BEER

There will be some accurate historical tidbits at the end of today’s post, but we start with a fictionalized account written during the 1980s–when I was 15! (So please make allowances. This was before my Professional Author Quality Controls kicked … Continue reading

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Classic Plots ~ Mail-Order Marriages

I’ve been on a real reading kick lately (I guess when the writer doesn’t feel like writing, reading is there to fill the void :-)). It seems my shot of choice the past few weeks has been historical westerns. Without … Continue reading

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Oh My. Oh Moo!

So I’m reading a book recently. It’s in print. I’m holding it in my hands. While there’s nothing wrong with the writing, neither does it shine; it’s just…flat. The story seems kind of predictable too. I’m considering, for the second … Continue reading

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Life in the Country – Part 2

Last month I shared the first half of Life in the Country, a Tale of Kitty Woe — and Rescue. Now it’s time for the conclusion… So after mice invaded the homestead, reinforcements were brought in — Tucker, a one-year-old … Continue reading

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Dine on This

Hey guys — The auto-immune stuff is really acting up and I’m in the midst of a rough spot so I’ll finish up Life in the Country next time. (Sorry about that.) For now, a special summer treat to whet … Continue reading

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Life in the Country

Welcome to the first installment, part 1 of 2, of Life in the Country, a Tale of Kitty Woe — and Rescue. Once upon a time in the country, a girl moved there from the big city (she’d left to … Continue reading

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Classic Western Movies

Long holiday weekends are a great time to vacation but also to stay at home. When I know we have a few quiet days coming up on the homefront, I like to consider my movie options so I can plan … Continue reading

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