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A lover of all things historical and feline, author Larissa Lyons also has a soft spot for hard cowboys. Visit to learn more.

Snake Guts on My Hoe…& a Reluctant Adios

It’s been quite a week… Mr. Lyons is off visiting family so when a legless creature of the unwelcome sort decided to invade visit my cats’ sanctuary (their screened-in porch) and yours truly determined it appeared poisonous, I had to … Continue reading

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Larissa’s Naked Cowboy

Mr. Lyons and I wish a heartfelt and speedy recovery to everyone in the states affected by Hurricane Sandy. We’ve heard a couple of devastating stories from friends in those areas, and hope that things are improving ASAP for all. … Continue reading

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Larissa Live ~ Fort Lancaster, Texas

Trying something totally new this month. Mr. Lyons and I recently visited an old Texas fort. Check out the video below (pardon all the wind!) for a quick tour navigated by yours truly. 🙂 Larissa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When she’s not searching … Continue reading

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Attitude, Attire or Occupation – What Makes a Cowboy?

So today, I want to take an informal poll. What do you think is the most important aspect for a man to earn the title “Cowboy”? What exactly defines that breed of men we all find so compellingly attractive? When … Continue reading

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Celebrating-Cowboys & the Olympics

Ever since watching Nadia jump and swing and land to those amazing 10s in 1976 (yes, I was very young at the time 🙂 but I do remember), I’ve been a big fan of gymnastics. Mr. Lyons and I live … Continue reading

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Bottoms Up — The First Glimpse of Isaiah’s Book

A quick shout out to all you folks in the scorched Southwest. My heart goes out to everyone being affected by these awful wildfires. I hope those who need it are blessed with some lightning-free downpours soon and thank each … Continue reading

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Do Cowboy Boots Make the Man?

So, what do you think of my hunk? Does the thought of lolling about on a lazy Sunday morning — with him in bed — bring a smile? But what’s missing from this picture? I like to think perhaps that … Continue reading

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Cats, Quilts and Cowboys – My Three Obsessions

As those who’ve been following the blog from the beginning know, I’ve always had a particular fondness for cats and cowboys. What you may not know is that I also like to quilt. After a several-year absence, I’ve recently gotten … Continue reading

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How to Identify a Texan

We recently received a newsletter in the mail from our insurance company. After all the serious stuff about natural disasters and weatherproofing your windows and cleaning the lint out of your dryer, it ended with a fun little list of … Continue reading

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Your Inner Cowgirl

Enough talk about hot and sexy cowboys. I think it’s time we all reveal our inner cowgirl! Whether you live on a ranch and work stock alongside the men, or wear sedate pumps and navy suits Monday through Friday, I … Continue reading

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