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I'm an author of erotic romance, a lot of them with very hot cowboys.

Desiree Holt says: You won’t believe what he can do with that rope.

Welcome to Rawhide, the exclusive BDSM cub north of San Antonio, Texas, where the ranchers and their friends come to play in carefully guarded anonymity. Ruled by a Dungeon Master extraordinaire, its well-vetted membership enjoys delights to please even the … Continue reading

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It’s Hard Lovin’, 16th century Ireland or modern Texas

Did you ever hear a song that just stuck right in your brain and never let go? More years ago than I want to post here I heard Tommy Makem and The Clancy Brothers sing The Whistling Gypsy (also known … Continue reading

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Get ready for the next Naked Cowboy!

The heat between them burns red hot…until danger turns it white. Welcome back to Saddle Wells, that little Texas town that seems to be a hotbed of hot sex. Where else can you find so many Naked Cowboys and the … Continue reading

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Another Lesson In Speakng Texan

Time for another lesson in Do You Speak Texan Y’all know I’m a real down to hear Texan. My sign says I wasn’t born here but I got here as fast as I could. One of the things I like … Continue reading

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Hot cowboys at bargain prices!!!!

Got $4.00 to spend? That’s right. $4.00!!! You can have a bedroom full of the hottest cowboys around for under $5.00 Look what I have for you! Only until April 5! Knockin’ Boots. 99 Cents! What really happens in that cab … Continue reading

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Soft Teaser for Hard Lovin’

Before too long Decadent Publishing is going to rerelease a story I recently received the rights back for. This is one of my Top 5 of everything I’ve written, I love this story. It’s a modern western based on the old … Continue reading

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What’s better than one cowboy? Why two, of course!

Clint Gorman wasn’t that far from his Wyoming roots when,on an odyssey to reclaim himself he rolled into Whistling Creek, Texas on his motorcycle. Dan and Kylie Brant had a special way to spice up their ranching. When these three hook … Continue reading

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It’s time for Naked Cowboys!

I mean, who doesn’t love a Naked Cowboy, right? We’re putting the finishing touches on Book #6 in the series, Naked Flame, so I thought I’d give you a taste of the first four. You know, get naked with them so … Continue reading

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This cowboy really needs a Merry Chritsmas

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you all have the best holiday season ever.    It’s the Christmas season, a time to celebrate life and look forward to the future. But what about those souls who are still … Continue reading

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Today you can take home another NAKED COWBOY! Yee haw!

WIN A NAKED COWBOY! One lucky person will take home a Naked Cowboy today, one of the first four: Stark Naked, Buck Naked, Stripped Naked, Bare Naked. Winner’s choice. So leave a comment for a chance of winning and be … Continue reading

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