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Denise Belinda McDonald started her writing career at the tender age of eight. Her stories have changed over the years, but not her love for telling tales. An overactive imagination and a propensity to embellish have kept her books rich with lovable characters and interesting twists. Denise lives in Texas with her husband, four boys and three dogs where she juggles her time between writing, carpool, sports galore and a multitude of crafts. If you'd like to learn more, please visit her website: or you can e-mail her at

Cowboys Rule

This is a *totally unscientific* observation, but… Cowboys kick pirates and knights butts. I was bored yesterday so I started playing around on Amazon looking up books—I do this often to pass the time, have even found a couple of … Continue reading

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Cowboys have certain essentials: jeans, boots, a study hat and more often than not a good, strong horse. However there is also one essential that may be overlooked: his pick-up truck. Growing up, the cowboys I knew always had a big … Continue reading

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want to—get back in the saddle

It has been close to twenty years since I’ve been on a horse. Not since just before or just after I got married (it’s been so long, I can’t even remember when…). And I do miss it, so very much.  … Continue reading

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nothing to do with cowboys… but… For years I have been bugging my hubby to take me to Hawaii. It is one of those dream vacations I have wanted to go on for as long as I can remember (I … Continue reading

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in the name of research

Recently, the hubby came home from work, had this quirky grin on his face and said, “You and I, tomorrow morning, have plans.” He wouldn’t tell me what they were, just that he was taking me somewhere. First, let me … Continue reading

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it’s on my list

I am a listmaker, to the point my family makes fun of it (though I got one person back recently when she was telling me about her list–mmm-hmmm, not so funny now is it…LOL). But for me, I *have* to … Continue reading

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all over

I’ve written several cowboy/western books over the years. I like the way of life they lead, every ounce of their fiber. I like the good home values. And mostly I like that while cowboys can be found on ranches, they … Continue reading

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my little pony

I think a while back I mentioned I was watching Full Metal Jousting on the the History Channel (interesting show if you like seeing men knocking the crap out each other with long thin sticks… OHMY!). I’ve even gotten the … Continue reading

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Boots and a badge

Whenever I read a book, I have certain images of what the H/H look like. Doesn’t matter what the descriptions are—I know that’s terrible since the authors do go to great trouble to create that character’s world, but it’s just … Continue reading

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Sexy not trying

One of my girlfriends asked me one day, “What is it about Cowboys…” You see, she doesn’t quite understand my affinity for the jeans clad, hat wearing men. When I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked her, … Continue reading

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