About the Blog

Hello everyone! This blog is all about authors who love writing about wild and wicked cowboys. We hope to broaden your horizons while heating up your world. So hang on tight and visit us regularly. Below you will find the schedule of who and when we post. Have fun checking out the rest of the site!

If you’re an author, cover model, other industry professional, a country singer, or a cowboy and would like to guest blog with us, please see below for more information.

Posting Schedule
1st Rhonda Lee Carver
2nd Renee Vincent
3rd Victoria Vane
4th Delilah Devlin
5th Beth Williamson
6th OPEN
7th Sarah M. Anderson
8th Myla Jackson
9th Amanda McIntyre
10th Randi Alexander
11th Desiree Holt
12th Sidda Lee Rain
13th Gem Sivad
14th Open Guest Blogger Spot *
15th Sandy Sullivan
16th Sable Hunter
17th Sabrina York
18th Maddie James
19th Delilah Devlin
20th Randi Alexander
21st Em Petrova
22nd Myla Jackson
23rd Open Guest Blogger Spot *
24th Cynthia D’Alba
25th Desiree Holt
26th Donna Michaels
27th Sable Hunter
28th Paty Jager
29th Marie Tuhart
30th Ciana Stone
31st Mari Carr

Guest Blogging Opportunities
Are you the author of a cowboy erotic romance, or a very sexy cowboy romance? Are you a cover model or publishing industry professional? We’d love to have you guest blog with us. Available days are the 14th and 23rd of each month. *Filled guest blog days are listed on the right side column of the blog.

Please contact Randi (AT) RandiAlexander (DOT) com to schedule your day. We’d like a post about cowboys or anything Western. Please include your blog post, a book blurb, a sexy excerpt (X-rated is okay!) and your buy links all in one document.

Please attach your cover art and, if you’d like, your headshot in your e-mail (not embedded in the blog post document, please!) Due to the delicate issue of copyright infringement, we are sorry we cannot post any additional photos with your blog.

Please have your blog post and pictures to Randi at least two days prior to your blog date. On the day of your blog post, a request will be sent to all the Wild and Wicked authors asking that they announce your appearance on their social networks.

If you’ve never left a comment on the Wild and Wicked blog, please do so prior to your guest blog date so we can approve you as a commenter.

We average 300 visitors per day, and have over 600 followers, so we hope your guest blog with the Wild and Wicked Cowboys will be a fun and beneficial experience for you.