Happy Halloween & New Release – Marie Tuhar

It’s October which means Halloween. I hope everyone has a happy one and enjoys the holiday.


I have a new release this month: Her Desert Doctor Desert Destiny Series book #1

I’m so excited to have book 2 released, book 3 & 4 will be coming out next year. And book 1 Her Desert Prince is on sale right now.

Her Desert Doctor Blurb:

Sara Fairchild arrives in the small middle eastern country of Bashir to visit her best friend. She’s left her job as a nurse and is looking forward to some down time. But when she’s met at the airport by a handsome, sexy man she wonders if maybe this trip will bring more than relaxation. When she finds out he’s part of the royal family and a doctor, sparks fly.


Hassan al-Hakim is intrigued by Sara from the moment he sees her. As the minister of health and a doctor, he takes his job seriously. Sara challenges him on more than one level and as they spend time together, he finds she enjoys a little kinky bedroom play. Together they explore their attraction in and out of the bedroom.


While external forces try to pry them apart,  they know together they can weather the storms and find their way to love.


          Sara barely hid her surprise at seeing Hassan in the family room. She hadn’t realized he would be here tonight. Catherine had mentioned tonight would be family only, but he must be an extended family member. She was about to ask him when two more men walked into the room.

She bit her lip to prevent a gasp from escaping her lips. Did Anna and Jamal breed gorgeous children as a hobby? All boys, too.

“That is Khalid and Rafi,” Anna said.

“Well, hello there.” Rafi crossed the room and plucked her hand from Hassan’s. “Aren’t you a surprise?” He grinned at Catherine. “Do you have more friends like her?”

“Don’t mind him.” Hassan took her hand from Rafi’s.

Heat flooded Sara’s body Where Rafi’s touch had been pleasant, Hassan’s was like an electric current. Oh, this was so not good. Sara needed to keep her head about her.

“Rafi is the family flirt,” Catherine said.

“Family.” Sara glanced from Hassan, to Rafi, to Malik, and then to Jamal and Khalid. All the men had dark hair anddark eyes, except Hassan, whose eyes were deep blue. “Who are you?”

“Hassan.” Catherine stepped forward, a frown marring her forehead. “You did introduce yourself when you picked Sara up from the airport, right?”

“I did.” His blue gaze captured hers. The heat radiating from his deep blue eyes singed her skin. “But I didn’t tell her I was a member of the royal family.”


Everyone have a great Halloween and enjoy yourselves.

About marietuhart

I'm an erotic romance writer currently published with The Wild Rose Press under the Scarlet Rose line.
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