More Harland County and At-Ease Ranch on the way!

Howdy! It’s Donna Michaels and I’m thrilled to share pre-order links for two of my upcoming books releasing in July! Books that are ending their series. It makes me sad but it’s time to move on. Not yet, though. I’m very excited to share these stories with you!

First, I know it’s been awhile, but let’s head to Harland County for Book 11: HER DOGGONE COWBOY! 🙂 This is Dr. Sawyer Kirkland’s story. He’s the veterinarian mentioned throughout the series and actually introduced in Book 9.

I’m sad that this series is coming to an end. The characters are like family but it’s okay because the next series is…Heroes of Harland County. Yep, I’m not leaving the county just yet, and some familiar faces will make appearances. In fact, the hero to kick off the first book will be another McCall. Mac is Logan and Linc’s younger brother and he’s finally getting his own story. Many readers have read my books in Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah Kindle World and asked about Mac. He’s the perfect hero to start off my next Harland County series.

But, there’s still one more book to go in the original series, and I’m having so much fun writing his story and it’ll be out July 31st!


Her Doggone Cowboy 600x900

Rel. 7/31
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Harland County Series Book 11/Sawyer

Trouble lives next door… and he’s too darn cute for her own good. 

After a stint in the military, Pamela Miller is content with her IT job and her quiet calm life, until she inherits a ranch in Harland County, along with all the livestock and surprises that come with it—including a mischievous goat with a penchant for swallowing the most embarrassing things. Unsure whether to sell or stay, she decides to “live in Aunt Millie’s boots” for a while, and that decision has nothing to do with her encounters with the super-hot veterinarian who owns the ranch next door.

Animals were Dr. Sawyer Kirkland’s salvation during his troubled teens and their care and welfare is now his number one priority. He’s too busy, too committed to his work to worry about love and marriage. Been there. Done that. No thanks. He has a dog for companionship and doesn’t need a woman, but each time his sexy new neighbor walks into his clinic with an animal in need, he feels the wall he built around his heart start to crack. As Sawyer and Pam deal with x-rays, escaping llamas, and a goat cam that leads to a hidden stash of risqué items, realizing killer chemistry isn’t the only thing they have in common has Sawyer rethinking his priorities.


Now, let’s switch gears and head to mid Texas for the final book in The Men of At-Ease Ranch Series: THE ARMY RANGER’S SURPRISE. Again, it’s sad to think that there are no more Army Rangers to torture…I mean write about. 😉 But throughout the series there has been one hero I’ve been wanting to give a happily-ever-after to…and that’s Leo.

In real life, unfortunately, there have been a few suicides in my husband’s unit. You may have already heard me mention this before, but these were men I knew. One had been in our house with his family. At one time, Tim had helped me with my website. We went to his son’s birthday parties. My husband even dressed as Elmo at one of them when the person they’d hired couldn’t make it. Suicide affects so many. Even I have a hard time talking about Tim. But we need to acknowledge the struggle men and women have trying to readjust to civilian life. I used my whole series to show Leo’s struggle and his arc, and I’m honored to finally give him his much deserved HEA. And all through a romantic comedy series. I know. Crazy, right? But hopefully, I’ve managed to be dark, but not desolate, and light, but not fluffy. I did my best to portray this serious subject in a heartwarming way. I can’t wait for Leo’s story to release on July 9th!



TheArmyRangersSurprise_1600 (1)

Rel. 7/9
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The Men of At-Ease Ranch Series
Book 5/ Leo

She’s about to remind him how good life can be.

Army brat, Kaydee Wagner is the queen of adapting, until her overloaded plate nearly cracks from her stack of responsibilities. Help arrives from her neighbor’s gorgeous grandson, and soon the man who’s fueled her hot fantasies is knocking things off her list and overloading her nights with hot kisses, and sigh-worthy caresses.

Former Army Ranger Leo Reed is ready to rise above his past and enjoy life again. So when the woman he can’t stop thinking about needs help with home repairs, he happily volunteers, and soon, he gives in to the attraction he fought for months.

Their off-the-charts chemistry turns into a budding romance neither of them saw coming. But when trouble at work resurrects Leo’s self-doubts just before Kaydee discovers she’s pregnant, she wonders if the news will bring them closer or push him away.



I hope you enjoy July, and my upcoming Texas heroes. 🙂

Thanks for reading,



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