First impressions can be deceiving by Paty Jager

Catch the Rain2Who doesn’t love a romance where opposites attract and each person makes the other stronger. That’s what you’ll find in Catch the Rain, a contemporary western novella that I recently received my rights to publish it everywhere.

The novella first came out in a Kindle Unlimited box set, Cowboy Six Pack.  But now if you aren’t a Kindle person, you can purchase it from any ebook vendor.

Here is the blurb and a short excerpt from Catch the Rain.

Catch the RainRunning from her past, Kitty Baxter catches a glimpse of her future—if she’s brave enough to believe in herself and the kind-hearted stranger who claims she deserves love.

Focused on setting up his new veterinarian practice, Zach MacDonald becomes sidetracked by a karaoke singing beauty with a secret. He sees what others do not and becomes determined to make Kitty see that anyone can learn to catch the rain.


He studied the woman. She had the notebook of songs on her table. Her intense gaze on the book and wrinkled forehead gave her an air of frustration.

“Who is she?” He sat and nodded to the woman.

“Kitty Baxter. She helps with the horses at Marcella Dunn’s stables.” Julie nodded to someone at the bar.

“She’s on the slow side,” Barry added.

Zach turned his attention to his brother-in-law. “What do you mean?”

“Cleaning stalls for Marcella is about the only thing besides singing that she seems capable of doing.”

He didn’t like the insinuation Barry was making about the woman.

The waitress returned with their drinks. Zach took a sip of his and watched the woman get more flustered as she flipped through the pages in the notebook.

The man on the stage didn’t seem to know anything about singing on key. “She a good singer?” He tipped his head toward Kitty.

“Yeah. Most of the people come here on Thursdays just to hear her sing.” Julie sipped her drink.

His mind made up, he walked over to the woman. “Mind if I share the notebook with you?”

Her head jerked up. The sight of her big violet eyes struck him like a jolt of electricity.

“I can’t find the song I want to sing,” she said, shoving the book across the table toward him.

“What song did you want? I’ll look for it while I look for the one I want to sing.” He sat down and studied the book to keep from staring at her pretty face.

Sunshine on my Shoulders.” She sighed after saying the tune.

“That’s one of my favorites.” He ran his finger down the page. “Here it is. Number fifty-seven.”

She picked up the glass of beer on the table and downed it. “Thank you.”

He smiled at the relief lighting her eyes. “If you can sing better than this guy, I’m glad to help.”

Her laughter was soft and husky. “Floyd thinks of himself as a rock star.” She watched as the tall stocky man tipped his head back and belted out an off-key long note.

“Since I was looking for the same song, do you mind if I sing it with you? It would spare the bar having to hear the song twice.” He scanned her heart-shaped face and noted a sprinkling of light freckles across her nose and the apples of her cheeks.

“Can you carry a tune?” she asked, tilting her head slightly and narrowing her eyes.

“I was in my college’s glee club.”

At the word college, he saw her physically shift away from him.

“How about it? May I join you?” He stood and waved her to the stage.

She stood, watching him with a trace of fear.

“I promise I won’t upstage you.”

A soft laugh filtered to him through the din of voices, shuffling chairs, and clinking glasses.

“Come on, Professor. Let’s sing.” She stood and walked over to the stage. Her hips swayed just enough to catch his gaze. She picked up both microphones sitting on the table by the man running the karaoke machine. “Number fifty-seven,” she said to the man and handed Zach one of the microphones.

Their fingers touched, and he could of swore he saw her jump as his blood pressure spiked.

“Woo, Zach!” Julie shouted.

He raised the microphone in a toast toward his sister and took a spot where he could see the monitor. It had been years since he’d heard or sang this song. As he positioned himself, Kitty stepped to the far side of the stage and waited.

The distance between them felt like an ocean.

The music started. He glanced over at Kitty. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened. A beautiful alto voice soared with the music. She sang with such feeling, he enjoyed watching her. He joined her at the chorus.

Her eyes popped open at the sound of his voice. Zach slowly walked over to where she stood. He gazed into her eyes and saw a confident woman as her voice melded with his and she took each note to a deeper nuance.

Kitty’s heart soared as she blended her voice with the man’s. He had a beautiful baritone. She stared into his eyes. The warmth and acceptance she saw in their depths started her belly quivering. She’d avoided men, except for two disastrous dates, ever since school and the bullies that had harassed her for being unable to read and having ratty clothes. She’d been an easy target. But she’d shown everyone. She’d run off at fourteen and found a place to live, and she enjoyed the work she did.

The glint of challenge in the man’s eyes had her embellishing more at the end. She held onto the note and finished with a flourish. The music stopped, and she peered into his eyes.

A roar of voices and thundering applause, reminded her she stood on a stage staring into a stranger’s eyes.

She ran off the stage, dropping the microphone on the table. On her way past her table, she snagged her jacket, before running out the back door of the Sidewinder. She didn’t catch her breath or stop her momentum until she sat behind the wheel of her 1960 Ford pickup. Her heart raced, not from her hurried departure, but from the memory of the man’s eyes.

He’s gone to college. He won’t want a woman who can’t read. Her good sense smacked her upside the head, and she shoved the key into the ignition. She knew how he’d treat her if he knew she hadn’t finished school. Just like all the foster parents and kids she’d lived with over the years. Like she was dim-witted.


If this intrigued you enough to want to read the rest, here is a universal link to all ebook vendors where the book is sold, click the URL and then the ebook vendor you use.

And remember first impressions can be deceiving.


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Paty Jager is an award-winning author of 30+ novels, novellas, and short stories of murder mystery, western romance, and action adventure. All her work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters. Paty and her husband raise alfalfa hay in rural eastern Oregon. Riding horses and battling rattlesnakes, she not only writes the western lifestyle, she lives it.
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