The Men of At-Ease are Hot!

Hi, it’s Donna Michaels, and that’s what readers are saying about my Men of At-Ease Ranch Series. ☺

Book 2 just made the USA Today list!! (Thank you for making that happen!)

Book 3 is on Sale for .99¢!

Book 4 is up for Pre-order and releases in 2 weeks!

Here’s what TRR said about my upcoming release!

The Romance Review

Despite the fluffy title, ARMY RANGER WITH BENEFITS is a seriously romantic and feel-good read you shouldn’t miss!

How do I love thee…let me count the ways:

1. Vince is utterly gorgeous and easy-going. He’s maybe the first hero I’ve read who didn’t have to be growly and bad-tempered to maintain his sexiness. He’s so sweet and thoughtful, and (gasp!) he seems to be always smiling. Love the way he’s supportive of his brother Dom and rallies around him when he (Dom) needed him, even when said brother is being a grouchy bear.

2. Emma is just the right touch of funny and quirky and confused woman who’s torn between two guys, even as she’s haunted by her past. Totally love her, especially the scene where she’s drunk. Couldn’t believe the words that came out of her mouth, and yet, she’s truly adorable there.

3. Vince and Emma are hot together, and they have this easy chemistry between them that it’s not hard to imagine them falling for each other even as they fake their way through a relationship. They have got to be my favorite couple of 2018! I know it’s early in the year, but I don’t see them being dethroned any time soon. LOL

4. Fake dating is one of my favorite tropes, so I went into this with high expectations and I’m happy to report the author exceeded every one of them.

5. Seriously, I love this author’s voice. She makes reading this book effortless, totally sweeping me away and immersing me into the story. She imbues it with a magical vibe and creates such unforgettable and lovely characters that I couldn’t get enough of them even after I reached the end.

6. Also love the secondary characters–Emma’s super supportive mom, and funny, extrovert best friend Macy. I also love that Stephan is a regular good guy who now had to suffer from missed opportunities. There’s a lesson there somewhere, I think.

I will definitely be looking forward to Leo’s story and of course, I want to know what’s up with Dom and his doctor. *wink* I envision a great story there, one of the enemies-to-lovers kind and another of my favorite tropes. And I would be sorely disappointed if the next book didn’t include cameos of Vince and Emma. Just sayin’.


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Releases 3/12/18





Their sexy scheme so doesn’t go as planned…

Emma Roberts is done losing her heart to military men who don’t stick around. Desperate to shake up her love life, she launches a plan to get her handsome, dependable crush to finally notice her. And her neighbor’s sexy older brother that just arrived in town is the perfect man for the job. 

But there’s a problem. Emma’s ridiculously attracted to her fake boyfriend. 

Former Army Ranger Vince Acardi dropped everything to help his stubborn brother after he’s injured in the line of duty. Instead, he somehow gets stuck helping the adorably hot girl next door land a date with some doctor she’s interested in. Not that fake-dating her is a hardship, and soon, he’s holding her, kissing her, touching her…

There’s nothing fake about the chemistry between them. But Vince is leaving in two weeks, and Emma refuses to risk her heart on another military man. Worse, the good doctor she’s been after is finally standing up and taking notice…


There’s still time to grab Book 3 while it’s on SALE for .99¢!

trar 99 cent promo


Haley Wagner’s life just got a lot more complicated. As if turning her struggling ranch around isn’t tough enough, she’s forced to call him for help. With his hard eyes and even harder body, Cord is an irritatingly sexy contradiction of hot and cold. How can she possibly hide her embarrassing secret when just looking at Cord is a combustible event?

Former Army Ranger Cord Brannigan has a secret, too. He promised his fallen teammate he’d protect the tempting, fiercely independent Haley from a distance, but now they’re stuck together for three weeks. Alone. Keeping his hands off will take every ounce of control he can muster. And that control is slipping…


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I'm an award winning, NYT & USA Today bestselling author of Romaginative fiction. I write Romance through the H's-Hot, Humorous & Heartwarming.
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