What’s better than 1 cowboy? Why, 6 cowboys!

Falling For a Cowboy

Love with a Proper Rancher by Judith Rochelle
All Paige Cavanaugh wanted in life was a fairy tale romance. Too bad she kept getting frogs instead of princes. When she finds herself stranded, she meets let-me-drag-you-into-my-bed rancher/attorney Ryan Cutter. When they least expect it, passion explodes between them. But then Paige’s past shows up. Will her happy ending elude her once more?

Love With a Welcome Stranger by Lynnette Baughman
She doesn’t remember that the handsome Montana rancher was once a poor cowboy who loved her. He can’t forget that she left him and never looked back.
Mandy McCay’s life as a Hollywood starlet ended with a bullet from a deranged fan. She returns home with gaps in her memory. What happened the summer before she left Montana?
Campbell West remembers every moment of their past together…their passionate love, her betrayal, and his pain. Can he risk forgetting it all–and hoping she’ll never remember?
Loving Luke by Jenny Andersen

Luke Stone has spent ten years in prison for someone else’s crime. The last thing he wants when he gets out is to return to the town whose people falsely accused him, but a man with no possessions, no home, and no future has little choice.
Hannah Bluefield always believed in his innocence. Now Luke needs a job and her struggling ranch needs a strong back. She also needs to know if she’ll ever mean as much to him as he does to her. Can they find love in Stone’s Crossing?

A Convenient Cowboy by Shari Thayn
Nina Randall ad exec career is in shambles. She has one last chance to prove herself—a soda pop commercial in a Western setting. The thought of rough, rugged cowboys sounds like the change she needs.
The only reason Jon Carver is at the family ranch is to help his brother hold on to the Crooked C. Now he’s ready to leave. After all, he isn’t a cowboy anymore.
But for Nina, he’s awfully convenient.

Banned in Texas by Sylvie Kaye
When the local bad boy meets a bad girl, gone respectable, who will come out on top?
Cole wants to add Angie to the notches on his bedpost, while she wants respectability. He’s the serial dating bad boy of the RFD singles while she’s new in town and seeking a fresh start. Will she tame the bad boy or will he shame her?

Something To Talk About by Julie Harrington
Born-to-be-bland meets born-to-be-wild…
Annabelle Leahey is ready to be bad. But going from bashful to bold won’t be easy. Ann needs a guide, and rancher Mitchell Black is the perfect candidate.
The last thing Mitchell needs is more trouble. He hasn’t lived down his bad boy days yet and he has no intention of resurrecting them now. But when Ann asks for his help, he can’t refuse. Especially since the preacher’s daughter has suddenly become a fireball of temptation.
Being bad with the right person can be o-o-o-oh so good.



About desiree01holt

I'm an author of erotic romance, a lot of them with very hot cowboys.
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3 Responses to What’s better than 1 cowboy? Why, 6 cowboys!

  1. Shirley Long says:

    Hhey Des, thanks for the info. I’ve never read any of these authors but you know me and my cowboys so I’m gonna give it a try. Price is great for 6 books.
    Hope you’re well.

  2. Cheryl Lemon says:

    When does it come out?

  3. Connie Blair says:

    Where can I get them?

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