Delilah Devlin: Wearing His Brand (Excerpt)

I have a series set to begin releasing next Thursday—October 12th! If you love cowboy romances with a hint of D/s, you might want to give this series a try, beginning with Brand and Lyssa’s story, Wearing His Brand!

🔥🔥This sexy cowgirl tempts him past the breaking point when her actions beg for a little sensual punishment….🔥🔥
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Read a sexy excerpt…

Lyssa flirted with the wrong cowboy at the local saloon. After rescuing her, Brand’s taking her home…

Brand walked around the front of the truck, rolling down his sleeves. When he’d closed the buttons at the cuffs, he raised his gaze to meet hers through the glass.

An expression transformed his features—something so primal and deeply masculine her whole body clenched.

Maybe tonight’s little drama had been overkill, but she couldn’t regret a moment. Brand had never looked at her like that before.

Like he’d won the right to do whatever he wanted with her.

When he climbed into the cab, the air crackled with tension. He twisted the key, set the truck in gear, and hit the gas. The diesel engine growled like a cougar, filling the silence between them.

Several minutes later, Brand drew a deep, tense breath. “Did you like it when he touched you?”

She shot him a glance, wondering how she should answer. Whether she had the courage to ratchet his anger higher. She turned back to stare through the windshield afraid to push him harder. Clouds obscured the moon and stars, blanketing the wide sky. The twin beams cut a narrow path through the murky darkness.

“Lyss! Did you like it?”

Lyssa cleared her throat and shrugged. “I guess.”

Brand swung the wheel sharply to the right and hit the brakes, sending a spray of gravel to rattle against the mud flaps.

So abrupt was his action, she didn’t have time to think when he slammed open his door and stomped around the truck. Her door jerked open, and steely fingers wrapped around her wrist, yanking her from the truck, straight into his arms.

You guess?

Brand’s expression was so dark, so intense, all Lyssa could do was shiver. Over the years of their long acquaintance, she’d seen him angry more than a few times.

Sure, his temper blew hot. Aimed always at the result, never the person. Completely fair. But it faded quickly once he’d dealt with whomever or whatever caused him to erupt.

This was different. Intriguing. And oh, so arousing. This time his anger built like rainfall gathering in arroyos that spilled into a dry creek until its crumbling banks overflowed. Her mouth dropped open. She’d wanted to make him lose control—but had she pushed him too far? She quickly clamped her lips shut.

Shocked by his reaction, she didn’t know how to respond. Although she’d goaded him into this, she trembled beneath his hot glare and remained silent, deciding to err, for once, on the side of caution.

Brand’s hot breaths gusted against her face. His lips thinned; his nostrils flared. A wildness entered his expression, melting her insides like hot wax.

His heated glare raked her face then dropped to her lips.

Desire liquefied her core, curling inside her belly, sending blood rushing south to pulse between her legs. Overcome, her lips parted, and a thin moan slipped between them.

Brand bit back a soft curse then dove. His mouth slammed into hers before she could suck in a breath to fill her empty lungs.

The kiss—a brutal, biting, mashing of teeth and lips—didn’t gentle, didn’t slow.

Brand backed her against the side of the truck, pressing his body against hers, grinding his thickening erection into her abdomen. His hands slammed against the metal on either side of her shoulders, and he leaned closer.

Lyssa took the kiss, opening her mouth to breathe, and then groaned when his tongue pushed inside and he continued to ravage her mouth.

Every part of him was hard—shuddering, driving into her.

Her body reacted instantly, flooding her pussy with melting heat, sending a quivering excitement throughout her wilting, surrendering body.

The tension in his shoulders and rock-hard abs radiated rage, but his thick, guttural groans betrayed something else.

Frustration? Disappointment? Had she hurt him?

Her legs wobbled, and she felt herself sliding down.

Afraid that maybe she’d blown it, she began to sob, clutching at his arms to hold herself upright.

She’d been wrong. Selfish. Childish, even. But dear God, she’d needed to break him. She hadn’t realized only a slender thread held his temper and his desire in check. Once he cooled off, would he push her away? Become disgusted with his reaction? Or worse, with her?

Brand jerked back his head, breaking the kiss, and eased away from her body. His hands, however, remained on the truck, bracketing her shoulders. His sharp gaze glittered in the darkness.

Lyssa’s swollen lips trembled along with her legs, and she relaxed against the truck, letting the moment stretch between them as she dragged in deep, harsh breaths.

Despite her trepidation, a languorous heat filled her. Her head fell back against metal, and her breasts lifted with her jagged gasps, jutting against the thin material of the insubstantial bra she’d chosen tonight.

Brand’s head dipped. Expecting another kiss, she nearly slid to the ground when his nose and lips glided along the neckline of her tank top, his tongue sweeping out to lick at the sweat gathering between her breasts.

Then his mouth grazed over the fabric, giving her shielded bites that had her straining upward, until at last, his lips closed around a beaded nipple.

About Delilah Devlin

Delilah Devlin is an award-winning author with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing deliciously edgy stories with complex characters. Whether creating dark, erotically-charged paranormal worlds or richly descriptive westerns that ring with authenticity, Delilah Devlin “pens in uncharted territory that will leave the readers breathless and hungering for more…”
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