Sidda Lee Rain ❤ (aka Billy Storm)

Everyone has guilty pleasures… I’d have to say besides dirty books, online shopping has to be one of mine. Or, this odd fascination I have for 80’s hairband rockers. Mmmm Bret Michaels, Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx are just so scrumptious-in a I need to wipe my body down with Lysol way, right? Ooops! Only me? Damn.

Anyways, I’ve started a whole new line of standalone novellas that are filled with guilty pleasures. TABOO TALES is filled with filth but a big ol’ helping of sweetness too. Plus, there’s always a HEA because even though I love it really dirty…I’m still a girl with cheesy romantic thoughts after all.

KITTEN’S COTTON CANDY CLOUDS is the first in the TABOO TALES novella series, and it’s AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon!



There’s too many reasons why I shouldn’t want her…

Yet, I do.

She makes me crave so many things I never knew I even wanted.

And, not even the fact she’s my best friends daughter will keep me from taking my Kitten home for good.

Kitten’s Cotton Candy Clouds is packed full of taboos…
Light age play, a daddy/little relationship, older man/younger woman, and breeding.
It’s over the top, uber insta love, and so sweet you’ll get a toothache even without the cotton candy!

Amazon Link:      Kitten’s Cotton Candy Cloud (Taboo Tales Book 1) by Billy Storm via @amazon


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       “If your knees ain’t dirty…

                            You ain’t doin’ it right!”

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Erotic author, huntress, cowboy connoisseur, biker stalker, all around pleasant yet distasteful kinda girl.
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