Overseas Trip and New Release

I had an absolute wonderful trip overseas. My sister and I took a vacation we’d been planning for about a  year. We went to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales for 23 days. It was a long time to be gone from home and writing, but I had so much fun.

We weren’t on our own for the entire time, we spent 2 days in London on our own before we joined a 14 day tour group. The tour group spent a day in London, then off we went through England, up into Scotland, then a ferry ride over to Ireland, all over Ireland, another ferry ride into Wales, a couple of days in Wales and we ended back up in London.

When the tour was done, spent 2 days in London, then took the trail back to Edinburgh Scotland to take a day trip out to the higlands and the Loch Ness – the bad thing that day was it poured rain the entire day which put a damper on being able to do a lot of things. We had some free time so we were able to go to Holyroot – one of the royal palaces. It was closed when we went through with the tour group because Princess Ann was in residences. Plus we had afternoon tea at the restaurant there, it was so much fun.

Then we went back to London for our last 3 days. One of the highlights for me was going to the British Museum. We spent over 4 hours there. I was lucky enough to find a private tour for the two of us that lasted 2 1/2 hours that showed us everything we really wanted to see, plus our guide had a lot of information we never would have gotten on our own.

While there were things we found we wanted to do there wasn’t enough time to do it all but we hit everything we planned and a few things we didn’t.

Upon arriving home, I had to dive back into writing. Galleys had arrived for two books, have a short story due on 8/1 that hasn’t even been written yet.

But the best news is I have a new release Passionate Desire will be released on 7/17 – it’s up for preorder right now. I will tell you this is a new an improved edition of my first book – In Plain Sight. When I got the rights back to it, I took the book and expanded it, showing more of the relationship between Joe and Vicki and how they fell in love.

By the end of July I should have more news about my two book series and when it will be released.

Until then here’s the cover for Passionate Desire and click here for the link to the preorder:



About marietuhart

I'm an erotic romance writer currently published with The Wild Rose Press under the Scarlet Rose line.
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