Kitchen in Progress + giveaway from Sarah M. Anderson

Hey everyone! First things first, so the winner of the three-book set of Lawyers in Love (A Man of His Word, A Man of Distinction and A Man of Privilege) is…moosehog83! Congratulations, Moose! Send your snail-mail address to message@sarahmandersonDOTcom!

Now, onto the pictures! So, we’re remodeling a kitchen. I posted one pic last month.


So. Many. Sweaters. 

Please hold me.

No, seriously, it’s going fine! Sort of fine! *weeps quietly*

Old Kitchen 2

I can’t believe I’m posting these pictures from about 3 years ago.







Please, look past the sweaters and the turkey I’m mauling and note the actual kitchen: Oak cabinets, blue and yellow walls, an office-like water cooler behind a dog’s butt.

We bought this house 11 1/2 years ago and we weren’t exactly cash rich at the time (because we bought a house, duh). So after a year of odd cabinets and industrial carpeting on the floor, we’d saved up enough to afford a super-small remodel. We had that lovely hardwood floor put in and that was pretty much our entire budget. We bought OOPS! paint on discount, took all the cabinets off the wall and rehung them.

It was the best we could do at the time (with a 1 1/2 year old, to boot). But after a decade of a jerry-rigged kitchen, I’d reached my breaking point.

Plus, we paid off the mortgage. It was time to invest in the house a little more.

We paid for everything in January (got some great sales!) and the work started in (very late) March. It’s May now. It’s not done yet. BUT it’s getting closer!

So, pictures!


See that chimney between the stove and the dishwasher? That had to come out.


Please note the small dog. Also, the one square of wall that was removable to get to the washer/dryer in the bathroom behind that wall. That’s changing, too.


Remember there were corner cabinets there? Hasta la vista, baby!


Can you see walls going up where those corner cabinets used to be? It’s going to be a pantry! And who could forget the Ceiling Fan That Didn’t Fan?


“Uh, this is gonna be…tricky.” Things you never want to hear your contractors say about anything, ever.


Hey, progress! No chimney! And are those new cabinets?


WHY YES! YES THOSE ARE NEW CABINETS! There’s supposed to be a fridge next to them. It’s still in the dining room.


EEE! Upper cabinets! You can almost see a kitchen from here!


Oh, wow. Remember where we started? Sure, none of the appliances are hooked up and the sink is for display only right now, but SO PRETTY!


The washer and (soon-to-be) dryer will be in the mud room area now, not in the bathroom. Still missing that fridge! But the washer works and I have a laundry line outside, so I can hang clothes to dry on nice days.


Lighting fixtures THAT ACTUALLY LIGHT UP! (Trust me, they do. It’s so bright that the fixture didn’t show unless the light was off!)

So, we’ve come a long way, baby–and heavens knows we’ve got a long way to go. If we get this thing DONE done before school lets out (IN A MONTH! *sobs*) then we’ll be in great shape.

Let’s do a giveaway! I have a collection of books I got at a conference that need a good home–is that you? For a chance to win a grab-bag of surprise books (including books by Heidi Hormel, Heather Graham and more!) just leave a comment with reassurances that I’m going to survive this kitchen remodel. Because I really need them. Please.


Have a great month, everyone!


About Sarah M. Anderson

Sarah M. Anderson is an award-winning author who writes contemporary snarky and sensual romances featuring cowboys and bull riders as well as billionaires with and without babies. She won RT Reviewer’s Choice 2012 Desire of the Year for A Man of Privilege. The Nanny Plan was a 2016 RITA® winner for Contemporary Romance: Short. Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and billionaires. Find out more at and sign up for the new-release newsletter at
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18 Responses to Kitchen in Progress + giveaway from Sarah M. Anderson

  1. Giovanna says:

    Looks beautiful it definitely be worth the wait

  2. moosehog83 says:

    lmao when we bought our house we had to gut it and live there with 3 kids while we redid the upstairs and their bedrooms first…. they slept downstairs on the couches for almost a year…. then went upstairs while we tackled the down… we all survived and so too shall you!

  3. TeresaFordice says:

    Yes we did a kitchen remodel over 10 years ago down to the studs and back out. Took 2 weeks so we were lucky!! You will love it when it’s done!!

  4. clickclickmycat says:

    Looks great so far. I will be doing a kitchen remodel next year.

  5. jodiebivins says:

    I can’t wait to start my kitchen remodel. Whenever you feel the stress just remember you are going to have the kitchen you have always wanted. You will survive because you are a strong person… Can’t wait to see the final pics.

  6. flchen1 says:

    Sarah, that looks amazing! You ABSOLUTELY will survive this remodel! AND you have have such an amazing kitchen after! Hugs!!!! Thanks for sharing the in process photos–so fun to see!!

  7. JeanMP says:

    That looks so amazing, you are going to love your kitchen when it is all said and done.

  8. Michelle L Gallegos says:

    Doing updates at my house,too! We’ve done crack patching, foundation lifting, painting and new flooring through most of the house. This weekend the duct work is all being replaced and new a/c is being installed. Kitchen is next year! Good luck to y’all. Living through this will be worth it!

  9. Shirley Long says:

    Love the new look. So much brighter and happier looking. And the cabinets??? Awesome. Yes, darling, you will survive this remodel. You may have lots of gray hair before you get finished but it will all be worth it. Just imagine cooking for your family and friends in your brand new kitchen. Won’t that be fun? And your first party? Just think how impressed everyone will be with your decorating skills.
    If it were me, we’d be having a lot of carry-out and quick crock pot meals, But then again, I’m not really one that “likes” to cook. But I’m sure you will absolutely LOVE cooking in the new space once it’s finished. And you’ll love the pantry. I couldn’t live without my pantry.
    Please keep us updated with progress pictures. I can’t wait to see it completely finished.

  10. Lori R says:

    I love your kitchen remodel and look forward to more pics!

  11. debby236 says:

    I did a kitchen and bathroom remodel at the same time. You can do this as you know when it is done, you will be so happy and appreciate it so much more.

  12. Lina says:

    You’re going to be fine. Honestly. If I can survive a kitchen with one overhead cabinet, you can survive this. Besides, you’re you. You can do anything. 🙂 You’re going to LOVE the end result! It’s looking really good.

  13. Cheryl Lemon says:

    You will survive. I’ve only been through my parents remodel, as I live in an apt, and that was a long time ago. But I did just live through water damage in my apt, and moving all the furniture in the 2 bedroom, living room, dinning room, so they could put in new carpet. That only took a week, I went to a hotel, my son stayed with the dog and cat. I’m still here and so are the son, dog and cat.

  14. Martina Arguijo says:

    You shall persevere! LOL, we are in the middle of building a barndiminium, while closing on our current house, and move into an apartment for the next 6 months this week, lol. I am scared and tired. Having a dream kitchen will be so rewarding once it is done though. It will be worth it, so keep your chin up!

  15. Kim Wade says:

    Looking good. You will survive. Hoping it’s finished soon

  16. Shy says:

    It’s looking really good, you’ve got this!

  17. Sarah M. Anderson says:

    UPDATE: We’re on pins and needles here, folks–will the countertops be delivered this Thursday? Or will the flooding down in St. Louis push it back a week? If the countertop comes in on Thursday, the plumber comes on Friday and by Friday night we should have a functional kitchen!!! There’ll still be those small things to do (baseboard, toe kicks, etc) BUT once the plumber plumbs, we should be able to cook and clean like normal people in a kitchen, instead of doing dishes in the bathroom sink! So cross your fingers–and thank you so much for all the words of encouragement!! – Sarah

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