Pride and Pregnancy with Sarah M. Anderson + giveaway!

Hi everyone! Happy It’s Really Spring out there! Sadly, we had a hard frost that took out all the beautiful magnolia blossoms on my tree. No, they were not made of steel (!). But the daffodils are glorious and the tulips are beginning to bud out, so it’s still pretty out there!

Okay! Last month’s winner was Pam H! Congratulations, Pam!! Send your info to!

IMG_2005We’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel, which means most of our kitchen is either a) in the dining room (the microwave, the fridge, the island, etc) or b) in the back yard (all the old cabinets) or c) in the garage (all the new cabinets and everything else). It’s going to be really awesome when it’s done. Whenever that is…

This month I have a two more books out on shelves! The first is Pride and Pregnancy, which is Yellow Bird’s book! It’s been seven years but Yellow Bird made his appearance in A Man of his Word in 2010 and his last appearance in , all the way back in 2011. It took that long to get the right story for him, but finally we hit upon it! Yah! I have some readers who’ve been asking for Yellow Bird’s story for years! I’m so glad we were able to get him out there. He really deserved a happy ending, you know?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of good sensePrideandPregnancy FINAL must not mix business with passion. 

Like that will keep Tom Yellow Bird from pursuing the woman who shocked his senses at first sight. Yes, the wealthy FBI special agent’s job is to work a case involving the Honorable Caroline Jennings. It is his duty to protect the beautiful judge. Yet nothing stops him from acting on the attraction between them. And once he discovers Caroline is pregnant…any good sense he’s ever had completely vanishes.

But when a secret Caroline is keeping is finally revealed, will Tom’s pride become his ultimate undoing?

I would like to point out, however, that while the title is super cute and the blurb is even cuter, this is not a book that has anything to do with Jane Austen. Yellow Bird isn’t Mr. Darcy in any way, shape or form. Marketing decided the title was adorable, so they went with it.

Buy links: Amazon | B & N | iBooks | KoboIndieboundGoogle | Harlequin

You know I always save a super-sexy excerpt for you guys so enjoy!

Tom paused for just a second, a wild look of need in his eyes, and Caroline wondered if she’d said the wrong thing.

Please, she found herself praying as she clung to him, please don’t let this be a mistake.

It wouldn’t be, and that was final. She wasn’t a naive college girl living in her own little world anymore. She and Tom were consenting adults and it was perfectly reasonable to burn off a little excess energy doing consensual things. What happened in this room had nothing to do with corruption or cases or the errors of her ways.

But the next thing she knew, Tom had pulled free of her grasp and fallen to his knees. Her hands were empty and she felt oddly bereft.

He grabbed her by the hips and hauled her to the edge of the bed, his fingers digging into her skin. “Caroline,” he groaned and then his teeth skimmed over her inner thigh. “Did you ever think of this?”

Then his mouth was upon her, licking and sucking her tender flesh. She sank her fingers into his hair and gave herself up to the sensation. Tom shifted, lifting her legs over his shoulders and spreading her wider for his attentions.

“Sometimes,” she got out in a breathy voice. But not very often.

Oral sex was just…one of those things. Her previous lovers had either not been enthusiastic about it or hadn’t been good—the worst was when it was both combined. They would go down on her for a few minutes and consider that an even exchange for fellatio.

But Tom? Not only was he enthusiastic—and that would’ve been more than enough—but he knew what he was doing. He found the bud of her sex and tormented it relentlessly with his tongue. One hand snaked up over her stomach until he was fondling her breast, rubbing his callused thumb over her nipple until it ached. His other hand? When he slipped a finger inside her, she almost came off the bed. She wanted to cry with satisfaction. She didn’t. Instead, she just held on for the ride.

Jesus, her fantasies weren’t this good. Tom found a rhythm and worked her body. He teased her nipple and licked her sex and thrust his fingers into her body. He gave her no quarter, no space for her mind to wander off and debate the wisdom of this. He kept her in the here and now, in this bedroom, with him. He pushed her body relentlessly as the orgasm built. He must’ve been able to tell she was close, because suddenly, he wasn’t just flicking his thumb back and forth over her taut nipple—he pinched it between his thumb and finger and made a humming noise deep in the back of his throat.

Caroline came undone. Her thighs clenched around his fingers as she rode the waves of pleasure until they left her sated and limp. Slowly, Tom withdrew. He went from licking to pressing gentle kisses against her sex. Instead of pinching her nipple, he stroked his fingers all around her breast and then down over her stomach. Slowly, he pulled free of her body. She shivered at the loss.

She felt she needed to say something, show her appreciation somehow. She should be polite and reciprocate, at least.

But she found she couldn’t do any of those things. She was boneless with satisfaction, able to do little more than smile at him. “Hopefully,” she said, her voice sultry even to her own ears, “that wasn’t a hazardous activity.”

Tom got to his feet. The moonlight kissed his skin, giving him an otherworldly look. His erection jutted out from his body, and she lifted her foot to nudge at the tip. “No,” he said, his voice deep and commanding, “I don’t think there was anything damaging about that.” He grabbed her foot when she nudged him again and lifted it, pressing a kiss to the sole.

It tickled and she laughed.

He leaned over her, holding his body above hers. The scent of sex hung between them as his erection brushed her hip. Unexpectedly, her eyes watered. This man—more than his dammed spring, more than his wine and pizza—she’d needed this from this man. “You decide.”

She touched his face, letting her fingertips trace the map of his skin. “On what?”

Even in this dim light, she could see his eyes darken. “Do I flip you over or make you ride me?” She gasped at his words, her body arching into his. He’d paid attention, bless the man. He went on, “Should I suck your breasts or slap your ass?”

She pulled him down onto the bed, rolling as he went. “I’m on top.”

“God,” he muttered, shifting so they were in the middle of the bed, “I love a woman who knows what she wants.”

WHEW! That’s some hot stuff! This is easily the sexiest book I’ve written this year, let me tell you.

Home on the Ranch Rodeo FINALOkay! As usual, I have a giveaway for you! Print copies of A Man of His Word, A Man of Privilege and A Man of Distinction, so you can get all caught up on where Yellow Bird’s story started! Just leave a comment telling me your remodeling story and/or offer my tips for surviving said remodeling.

Almost forgot–if you’re near a Target or a Wal-Mart, be sure to look for Home on the Ranch: Rodeo. This is a print edition of two of my favorite books–Rodeo Dreams and One Rodeo Season. They weren’t widely available in print the first time they came out, so if you like print, this is your chance to grab them!

About Sarah M. Anderson

Sarah M. Anderson is an award-winning author who writes contemporary snarky and sensual romances featuring cowboys and bull riders as well as billionaires with and without babies. She won RT Reviewer’s Choice 2012 Desire of the Year for A Man of Privilege. The Nanny Plan was a 2016 RITA® winner for Contemporary Romance: Short. Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and billionaires. Find out more at and sign up for the new-release newsletter at
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12 Responses to Pride and Pregnancy with Sarah M. Anderson + giveaway!

  1. Teresa Forduce says:

    we gutted out kitchen down to the studs in 2006 (sons Senior year) and what a mess for 2 solid weeks – washing dishes in the bathroom sink and the fridge plugged in, in another room – I feel for you – but when it is done – well, it will be awesome and this pain too shall pass – lots of take out is your best bet!!

    • Sarah M. Anderson says:

      I am jealous. We had one week of work and then the contractor disappeared for a whole week! He hasn’t even finished the demo yet! Two weeks would be amazing–we’re looking at a month and a half?

  2. Tanya Brown says:

    Since my husband passed 2 years ago, I remodeled the bathroom in the house and had the staircase redone. Then I sold the house. Had to downsize 2x before moving as I went from a 5 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom trailer (my Tiny Home). So since purchasing the trailer that we raised our kids in, I’ve added a roof-over, 5 windows, bathroom vanity and flooring for the bath & hall. Next week I have 4 more windows coming in and new flooring for the add-a room. Will I ever be done???? Painting the ceilings through-out. Made it as far as the master bedroom, bath & hallway. Still have the LR, DR and Kitchen to finish. Doing some touch up paint in the bath today.

  3. Did a kitchen gut in 2004 along with the rest of the house. My husband was disable and was home everyday with the construction crew. They did the kitchen last and he was helping me pack the kitchen up and he made a comment about packing the kitchen. I informed him that in the last 2 months every room in the house had been packed up and moved. Took 2 months for all the walls, ceilings, floors and other work to be done.

    • Sarah M. Anderson says:

      We’re taking that chimney out. It’ll be a miracle if it doesn’t have to be removed from the room above the kitchen, too. These things alway seem to spiral!!

  4. Cheryl Lemon says:

    Remodel NO – but a water pipe breaking in the next apt and flooding my bedroom, YES. Having the carpet reinstalled today for the whole unit (as I’ve lived there 5 years now), have the cat with me at work (she is hiding as they are fixing the air conditioner in the ceiling in the hallway), dog at kennel. So I’m supposed to get to go home today. Yippee!!!!

  5. moosehog83 says:

    in 1999 I bought a house that needed work,,… kids slept downstairs on the couches for 6 months while the upstairs (the three bedrooms for them) were gutted and redone down to the studs…. dust everywhere… but they survived…. lol…. then they moved upstairs and we started on the downstairs….. after two rooms were done I said forget it for

  6. Shy says:

    I have found that alcohol can help a person survive a remodel. Going out with friends and enjoying a drink helps you relax!

  7. Joanne B says:

    I have found that working on one room at a time works best because you can still live in the rest of the house. And like Shy says, alcohol does work wonders.

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