January Girl – Mari Carr

januarygirl4My latest release, January Girl, takes place in an Irish pub in Baltimore. The heroine, Caitlyn, is a lawyer and the hero, Lucas, is a billionaire real estate mogul hoping to buy Caitlyn’s family’s pub. They don’t want to sell. January Girl is the first book in the “next generation” of Wild Irish stories. The series, Wilder Irish, will continue the saga of the Patrick Collins (Pop) and this seven children (the original Wild Irish) and now the grandchildren (who are even WILDER).

Now…I can hear what you’re thinking. “Mari, what does any of this have to do with cowboys?” Well, let me just show you…

Excerpt from January Girl:

Her mother carried in a huge platter of wings, setting it on the coffee table. Like a pack of hungry wolves, the family descended, everyone loading up their paper plates, pouring on the ranch dressing and moving on to the trash-talking phase of the day.

The Ravens were playing the Steelers, which meant a serious rivalry in her family. Her dad and Lochlan—whom he’d won over to the Steelers side when her brother was only young, much to Pop Pop’s regret—started bragging about their quarterback’s stats.

The rest of the family resided firmly in the Ravens’ camp. She watched as Lucas listened to them argue and chuckled with amusement as bets were placed.

“You’re a Baltimore boy, Lucas. Want a piece of the action?” Colm asked, when Lucas remained quiet about his allegiances.

Lucas shrugged and shook his head. “I’m afraid I don’t have a horse in this race.”

Pop Pop looked at him, confusion crinkling his forehead. “What do you mean?”

“I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan.”

It was the absolute worst thing he could have said.

Caitlyn cursed herself for being a fool and not questioning him about his football ties before they arrived. Like Colm, she’d assumed he was a Ravens fan.

“What self-respecting Baltimore local roots for the Cowboys?” Colm asked, aghast.

Lucas didn’t appear offended by her cousin’s question. “One who prefers to see his team win occasionally.”

The room lit up. Caitlyn suspected a full five minutes passed as everyone spoke at the same time, loudly, as they fired statistic after statistic at Lucas. Meanwhile, he lobbed them all right back, countering with some pretty fair arguments of his own.

It ended when her mother yelled over the battle, “Cool it!”

Dad was the first to break the brief silence. “I appreciate you taking the heat off me for once, Lucas.”

Meanwhile, Colm was still shaking his head. “Jesus, Caitlyn. It wasn’t bad enough you brought a conservative into our house? You had to bring one who’s a Cowboys fan?”

Caitlyn had done fairly well holding it together until that point, but Colm’s far-too-serious question pushed her over the edge. She burst out into loud, uncontrollable laughter. And because the Collins clan was incapable of holding a grudge for longer than three seconds, everyone else erupted with snorts and giggles and chuckles too.

Lucas was the only one who didn’t laugh, though there was definite mirth in his eyes when he leaned toward her to murmur, “There’s something seriously wrong with your family.”

So you see? January Girl has absolutely NOTHING to do with cowboys! LOL.

The book is a lot of fun and SUPER sexy…like wowza–I blushed writing some of this! I hope you’ll give the series a try.

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