The Newest Prank I’m Playing on My Cowboy Kick – Randi Alexander

You may have read about my epic pranks – the fun things I do unto my family and friends all in the name of April Fools Day, or just any day something wild and crazy pops into my head.

This prank, perpetrated upon my patient and kind husband, Kick, is a long and slow one, that’s already taken nearly a month of my patience.

It all started in December, when he traveled home on a flight where the attendants handed out chocolates to everyone on board – which is a fabulous marketing idea! If I could only get them to hand out one of my books to every passenger…

The morsel was a dark chocolate truffle from Harry and David, and he L.O.V.E.D. it! He told me about it after I picked him up at the airport, and gushed about it later as well. (on a side note, if you’ve never had a pear from Harry and David, you haven’t lived a full life! Get one – quickly!)

I thought it would be fun to order a box for him as a Christmas gift, then I thought…hey, this might make a fun trick. What if instead of one box, I purchased three, gave him one as a gift, hid the other two, then kept refilling his box as he ate the chocolates. Prank Planned! A week later, three boxes of chocolates arrived at our door.

Kick has been very frugal with his chocolates. He eats one every other day or so. He keeps them in a special place, and while he offers one to me each time he opens the box, I demure. I’m not much for dark chocolate, and more importantly, I don’t want the stash to deplete too quickly and give away the secret.

Harry and David Dark Chocolate TruffelsSo now it’s January 20, and he’s had five chocolates in his box for over a week now. He hasn’t noticed that the box is “bottomless” yet, and every time he eats a chocolate, I have to force myself not to giggle. I still have almost two full boxes of chocolates with which to replenish his box, but he’s going to catch on soon, now. And when he does, I’m expecting his big, handsome grin to make my day when he realizes he has another month or two of his favorite chocolates to sweeten his evenings.

I love making him smile!

Have a sweet day and a fun-filled weekend,
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

About Randi Alexander

Writer of Erotic Romances - "Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied"
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9 Responses to The Newest Prank I’m Playing on My Cowboy Kick – Randi Alexander

  1. Teresa Forduce says:

    aw but this is a fun one to pull – would love that kind of prank for myself – hubs is peanut M&Ms that I pick up for him in the after holiday clearance aisle

    • Randi Alexander says:

      It is fun, and he’s going to laugh, which makes it all worthwhile. I wonder if you could keep refilling his peanut M&M bag after he takes a handful. LOL See how long it takes him to notice.

  2. flchen1 says:

    What a sweet one, Randi!! Love your idea, and can’t wait to hear an update soon 🙂

    • Randi Alexander says:

      I will update! It is kind of fun – I still get to feed my prank craving, but it’s a happy ending for him! Hahaha

  3. seelkfireice says:

    Doesn’t sound like a prank to me 😀 hope to hear what happens next

  4. Terri Eaches says:

    AWWW!!! Can’t wait for his reaction…

  5. Randi Alexander says:

    Update: He figured it out! He had a strange look on his face Tuesday evening (Jan 24) and I thought he was catching on. Then last night (Wednesday) he opened the box and said, “Are you refilling this?” Of course, I couldn’t stop laughing. He said Tuesday night he’d taken all but 2 of the chocolates out of the box, and when I added one Wednesday, he figured it out. He’s very happy! I told him he’ll have chocolate, one per night, until Valentine’s Day. Kind of romantic!

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