Holiday reads by yours truly…

Sidda Lee Rain

Holy smokes it’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost here. I’ve already attended one Holiday party with more in sight. And, in Minnesota to say it’s beginning to cool down is an epic understatement. This morning I awoke to temps hovering near 7 BELOW. Yup, it’s begun.

So, of course as a reader-girl I think of snuggling up with a warm blanket and a holiday read. Well, well, I just happen to have a couple of Holiday reads available and a NEW one COMING SOON! Below I’ve listed the blurbs and links to my available Holiday reads.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season 😉

******Holiday Reads from Author Sidda Lee Rain/Billy Storm******
Champagne and Candy Canes (Casual Curves)STANDALONE … via @amazon
Hard Candy Christmas (The Dirty Denim Series)NOT A STANDALONE … via @amazon
*Naughty Girls Get COLE For Christmas* COMING SOON! (standalone)



1st Lt. Dusty Miller had been fairly successful keeping himself away from Sunshine Valley Hospitals spokeswoman Julianna Korentino. 

That is until now…

The curvaceous woman drew him in and that’s a rarity since his injury. A year was more than enough time of denying his attraction to the green eyed beauty. 

But, just when he made up his mind to act on his attraction? She was gone. Her and that sexy as hell red dress she wore to the hospitals Holiday gala.

It would take his own little Christmas miracle to get her luscious body against his own before the night was through.

“Just when I think it can’t get better it does. Mizz Sidda has such a knack for writing. No sugar coating with her. Just actual raw life experience and insecurities. Dusty the scarred wounded soldier who can’t and won’t let himself believe that any woman can love only half a man with baggage and Jewels the curvy girl who transforms herself for the hospital christmas party having to decide to Spanx or not to Spanx is the major question for the night even though Jewels knows she is more than her brain tells her. So when Dusty makes Jewels break down her insecurities his come down as well to get some HOT IN YOUR FACE SEX.. This woman has me hooked for life as a loyal reader.”     5***** review

Champagne and Candy Canes (Casual Curves)STANDALONE … via @amazon


Snuggle up with a warm blanket, hot cocoa and read a heartwarming tale of family, love and unexpected gifts. 

Characters from the first three DIRTY DENIM Series novels come together once again. But, this time it’s for a good ol’ country Christmas on the Evans’ South Dakota ranch. Bringing family together is the true meaning of Christmas after all.

Even though everyone is at different points in their lives….the family still understands the importance and the true gift of having each other. 

A meddling mother, clueless men and precious children are nothing new to the holiday’s are they?

But, something’s aren’t always what they seem.

Snowy day’s and freezing night’s….luckily the men know just how to keep their women warm.

Rockin’ under the Christmas tree can result in pine needles in some rather interesting places. Don’t try this at home.

This novella is NOT meant to be a stand alone. PLEASE, read the DIRTY DENIM Series 1-3 first.

#1 ~Quick On the Trigger~
#2 ~Steel Horse Cowboy~
#3 ~Roping Him In~
#3.5 Christmas Special ~Hard Candy Christmas~

EROTIC Romance STRONG language and sexual situation’s

Hard Candy Christmas (The Dirty Denim Series)NOT A STANDALONE … via @amazon


Monica is quickly approaching  the big 5-OH, and Cole? Well, he’s not even close, but that doesn’t deter his attentions from the one woman who’s been starring in his fantasies the for nearly two years.

A successful business owner, independent lady, and a woman who is finally comfortable with exactly who she is…Monica is more than a little leery about Cole’s intentions. Then again, maybe a walk on the wild side with a young man is just what the doctor ordered.

Hey, if there’s no strings attached one can’t get tangled. Right?

Too bad Cole not only plans on some tangling, but he’d be more than willing to tie her up if he has to.


Also, I LOVE receiving Holiday cards and this year the first 150 senders will receive one in return! Fun, right? It’s fun getting mail that isn’t a bill…for a change.


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  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Happy Christmas to you!

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