All in the family by Beth Williamson

Hey y’all, Beth Williamson here! In case you missed it, I launched my very first Kindle Worlds Story on November 8. So excited, and honored, to be part of Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah! Kindle World with my contribution, AUDACIOUS.

AUDACIOUS is connected to Hell Yeah! and with my Circle Eight Millennium series. My heroine, Ronnie, is a descendant of Matthew Graham from my original Circle Eight series. She’s someone who’s had a rough life, one marked by an absent mother and a missing father. Ronnie has struggled to become who she wanted to be and made mistakes along the way, earning her the moniker Audacious.

The hero, Jack Reilly, is someone who is hiding from who he is. His life had been defined by his parents’ choices, ones he started fighting as a teenager until he lost both of them. Reeling from having a reboot on his life Jack doesn’t expect to get involved with anyone since he doesn’t have his own shit together yet.

The universe doesn’t wait for you to be ready for a change; it simply delivers it and it’s up to you to muddle your way through it. Such is the case for Ronnie and Jack. They have to decide if they’re going to seize the chance with each other or continue to hide in the shadows of their pasts.

I love, love, love this story because it’s one of redemption, love and self-forgiveness. ❤

I’m publishing an additional 3 stories in the Circle Eight Millennium series. The first, LAZARUS, is available everywhere. The next, SAMUEL, releases on January 31 everywhere! The last, GRANT, will hit shelves in April. The Grahams are keeping me busy!

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