Cowboys and SEAL’s!

Hey ya’ll,

It’s me again. I thought I’d drop in since it’s my day to blog and let you all know about a new release for me coming tomorrow, 11/15/16 in Desiree Holt’s Kindle World of The Omega Team.

Yep, I wrote a military book, but yep, he’s a cowboy too. 🙂

The title is SEALed by Love and it features new characters, Colt Ryder and Sophie Nix.


Isn’t it yummy?


Colt Ryder is tough. The SEALs made him that way. When he is sent back to his hometown to help his former best friend, he realizes tough isn’t enough once Sophie gets under his skin. Will he be able to forget her betrayal and help her save her place?

Sophie Nix is in trouble. Drug runners are using her land to bring cocaine into Texas and she needs help stopping them from cutting her fences. Her ranch hands are good, of that she has no doubt, but she needs professionals to catch the bad guys.

Enter the best of the Omega Team, Colt Ryder.

Will he be able to protect Sophie and still keep her at a distance or will the kingpin of the drug cartel manage to take his revenge?


If you like friends to lovers stories, you’ll love this! Check Amazon tomorrow under Kindle Worlds for The Omega Team and find it there for only 1.99.

I also have a short Christmas story available for .99 called A Cowboy for Christmas. This story was also in the Santa Wore Spurs anthology I was in about 3 years ago.


This is the story of Eli and Catlin and how they met one snowy evening.


Eli Chandler isn’t looking for love, only shelter from a nasty snow storm on his trip to buy stock. When the light from a roadside diner beckons like a beacon in the night, he stops only to find one lone waitress holding down the fort. One night in a beautiful woman’s arms would hold him for a while.

Catlin Walker watched the snow swirling as it fell during one of the worst snow storms she’d ever seen when a pair of headlights pulled up and one of the most gorgeous cowboys she’d ever seen stepped out of the truck. They say the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. She hoped the meatloaf and mashed potatoes would warm his heart enough to stay. One night was all she asked.

For two years, every time the snow flew, they wondered what happened to the other. Lonely nights and long winter days made for a heartache they couldn’t deny. Christmas is a time of joy and reconnecting, but will a crazy man and a bullet take away their chance at love?


Enjoy the new books!



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  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Great covers! Thanks

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