New releases GALORE!

By Sidda Lee Rain

What a week!



New releases GALORE! I’ve been a busy girl you could say.

For the first ever I had THREE NEW RELEASES in one week. And, I will NEVER do it again. Seriously, one release day can be exhausting. Three? I’m still tired and they’ve all been available for days.



He’s voting for HIM.
She’s voting for HER.
But, there’s ONE thing they can agree upon.

Feather is a true blue (literally) died in the wool Democrat.
Mr. Kent is Republican like his father, and his father’s father before him.
There’s next to nothing that these two top advisors for opposing candidates can agree on…except one.
Their attraction blindsides them both.
After all, there’s no party lines in a king size bed.

This short story is packed full of BOTH parties stereotypes, misconceptions and downright lies. Okay, the occasional truth may sneak in between the mudslinging.
*Passionate Partisans* is meant to be a tiny slice of dirty fun in a campaign season we’re all sick of. This short read is NOT intended to push any political agenda. 

LINK: via @amazon

Former Delta Force, IGNITION INFANTRY patch holder, private security specialist…all have prepared Chains for this job. Security for one of rocks great up and coming bands, Deep Bend.

Pamela Myers was the new personal assistant brought in to save Deep Bend from certain disaster. 

Letting the tailored pant suit, black rimmed glasses, and severe tight bun fool him and the band for that matter, Chains was surprised when she was far from the delicate flower he’d taken her for. 

And, more than a little turned on to tell you the truth.

She looked more like a librarian than a woman about to embark on a four and half month rock tour. He’d put money on the fact that there was more to Miss Pamela Myers than meets the eye.

Of course he wasn’t blind, Chains could appreciate her abundant curves. Nice rounded hips, tapered waist and a killer rack. But, that doesn’t matter anyhow. He doesn’t do relationships and she had commitment written all over that pantsuit of hers.

Chains tended to lean towards women who were covered with ink, too much makeup and a helluva lot less clothing. Not to mention less inhibitions…exactly the opposite of the new PA.

Or so he thought…

Extinguish is book 2 in the IGNITION INFANTRY MC Heir Saga
Read book 1 Combustion to get the full story!

The Ignition Infantry is a series for those who want to bathe in guilty pleasures and live to read another day.
Love comes FAST…
Love comes HARD…
Love comes KINKY…
And, so do these bikers.
Breeding, Insta-love, public sex, menage-nothing’s off limits in the INFANTRY.

LINK: via @amazon


bullkindleworld#1 Kindle Worlds: Western & #1 Hot New Releases!

And, part of the November launch in Miss Sable Hunter’s HELL YEAH Kindle World, ‘Don’t Mess With the Bull’ is a crossover story from 
by Billy Storm (Sidda Lee Rain).*Following Combustion & Extinguish, but CAN be read alone*


Sasha, once known as Sissy in her former life at The Shady Lady brothel. She wasn’t only looking for a new name, but a new life.

Friends Isaac and Avery McCoy not only helped her get an apartment but also a job—one she needed desperately to take care of herself…and her child.
Bull locked eyes on her the moment he walked into Hardbodies. Wanting her instantly. The curvy little blonde not only had a body that had him craving sin, but her spitfire attitude ‘bout did him in.
There’s something about Sasha besides his body’s reaction to her. A bit of mystery, a story there, a secret…and he intends to know everything there is to know about the sassy pale skinned beauty. 

If only Bull can convince her to let him in…besides her bed. 

He’s former military, a patch holder in a motorcycle club for chrissake, certainly he can handle a little thing like her. Right?

In the Ignition Infantry…
Love comes FAST!
Love comes HARD!
Love comes KINKY!
And, so do these bikers.

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Sidda Lee Rain via @WildandWickedCowboysBlog
*Don’t Mess With the Bull* (Kindle Worlds Novella)

“If your knees ain’t dirty…

                    You ain’t doin’ it right!”

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Erotic author, huntress, cowboy connoisseur, biker stalker, all around pleasant yet distasteful kinda girl.
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2 Responses to New releases GALORE!

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Seen enough red, white and blue to last me a while! Enjoy.

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