Hell Yeah! Rhonda Lee Carver

HI, y’all! Rhonda Lee Carver here.

I’m excited to be along with so many amazing authors in Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah! Kindle World. I’m part of the November 8th launch. This is going to be a crazy month. Besides my KW contribution releasing, I have another release later. So, let’s not waste anymore time and just jump right into the sneak peeks…


A love is born from the flames…

What if you survived a a car crash, but others didn’t? Would you carry guilt? Or be grateful that you survived?

For Brooke Winslow, she is faced with the demons of that tragic night when her world turned upside down. Until one cowboy steps into her life…


He hurried and dropped down on his knees beside her. “Sweetheart, are you okay?”

She didn’t answer him, just continued to stare.

“Oh shit!” He grabbed her up into his arms and easily carried her through the front door. He sat down with her in his lap on the rocker and cradled her close, her head tucked on his shoulder, her even breathing in his ear. He gently combed his fingers through her hair. “It’s okay, baby. You’re okay. The fire is out. You’re safe.” He kissed the top of her head, her forehead, her cheek, and quickly on the lips, tasting saltiness. He lifted her chin, seeing the moisture from tears. “Brooke, tell me what happened.”

Her bottom lip trembled and more tears fell. His heart jerked in realization that he couldn’t stay away from her if he tried. He was bound to her. She gave her head a jerky shake. “I-I can’t…”

“Yes, you can. You’re safe with me,” he whispered, massaging her neck to ease the tightness he felt there.

“The pan, it caught on fire…I don’t know…the flames. I tried to save her. I did.”

His gut twisted. They were no longer talking about the fire in the kitchen. “Tell me, baby.” He comforted her. “Tell me everything. I’m here.”

Watch for it on NOVEMBER 8th!

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Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah! Kindle World Event!

His Weekend Wife (#2, The KNIGHT Brothers)

Also, love a lot of spice? Alpha male?

Would you ask your ex for money? What if he was a billionaire? What if you were still married to him?

Ash James has no choice but to ask her husband for money, after she swore she’d never see him again. But when her sister’s life depends upon his help, Ash will do anything to save her…but falling into Declan’s bed wasn’t part of the deal…


17+ ONLY!

“Go to hell, Declan!” She jumped up from the couch and her heels pounded the floor as she raced toward her exit. She’d been wrong to ever come. How could she have believed he’d consider helping her?

Before she reached the door, he was upon her, dragging her back against his wide, linebacker chest. She swore she could feel the heavy beating of his heart in her shoulders, but maybe it was a combination of both of theirs. He snaked a hand around her waist, flattened his palm against her stomach and pressed her against him. She could feel the lean, muscular solid line of his body, but the thick bulge pushing into her bottom made her womb spasm and her clit throb. She couldn’t fall victim to his passion again, but she wasn’t sure she could resist the temptation.

“You need taken care of, bella,” he whispered next to her ear. “The dark circles under your eyes tell me you don’t sleep, never had. You’re too skinny. Your hair, although smelling like Georgian peaches, needs cut. Your fingernails are broken and the polish chipped. You’re not asking for the money to grab a pedicure and a new wardrobe.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled it back from her neck. His breath was warm against her skin and tingles shot through her body, nestling like beads of heat in her core. Oh, she could easily let her body go, ease back into him and allow human nature to take its natural progression. “Tell me, sweetheart. Why?”

Pre-order here!


Releasing November 30th!


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About rhondaleecarver

At an early age, Rhonda fell in love with romance novels, knowing one day she’d write her own love story. Life took a short detour, but when the story ideas would no longer be contained, she decided to dive in and write. Her first rough draft was on a dirty napkin she found buried in her car. Eventually, she ran out of napkins. With baby on one hip and laptop on the other, she made a dream into reality—one word at a time. Her specialty is men who love to get their hands dirty and women who are smart, strong and flawed. She loves writing about the everyday hero. When Rhonda isn't crafting sizzling manuscripts, you will find her busy editing novels, blogging, juggling kids and animals (too many to name), dreaming of a beach house and keeping romance alive. Oh, and drinking lots of coffee.
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6 Responses to Hell Yeah! Rhonda Lee Carver

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Looks interesting.
    At present I’m seeing a lot of romance covers featuring half-naked men. Fine to look at, if that’s the purpose, but I can’t tell the books apart when they all have pretty much the same cover. Your cover above does look distinctive.

  2. Shirley Long says:

    Love the sound of both of these. Glad you’re involved with the Hell Yeah KW. As a big Sable Hunter fan I’m really enjoying ALL of my favorites contributing to the Hell Yeah series. Boy the way, both covers are awesome.
    Preordered Weekend Wife and realized I haven’t read the first Knight Brothers yet. I have it on my kindle but somehow I’ve missed reading it. Better get on that before the second one hits my kindle. Thank you for so many fantastic reading adventures.

  3. Rhonda, these two books look GREAT! Best of luck to you in the Kindle World! ❤

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