Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.

I was scrolling through my pictures to see if I had any Halloween cowboys – unfortunately I don’t 😦

But I will has some fun pictures at the bottom.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.  I can tell it’s fall here in the Pacific Northwest. The rain has started and it’s turning very cool at night.  Soon it will be in the teen’s and 20’s at night, and below 50 during the day.  I know some of you get colder than that, and I bow down to you.  Anything below those temps and I’m afraid I would have to be a bear and go into hibernation.

So now for the the Halloween picture:


Of course I couldn’t leave you without some cowboy candy:


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I'm an erotic romance writer currently published with The Wild Rose Press under the Scarlet Rose line.
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One Response to Happy Halloween

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Thanks! Happy Hallowe’en.

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