Cowboy Trouble…

Hello, it’s Donna Michaels and I’m excited about the novel I’m releasing 12/13 and just went live at all outlets for Pre-order!

I’ve been waiting to write Keiffer’s story since I first wrote Wyne and Dine a few years ago. This is a hard write, but a good one. Suicide has touched my husband’s unit not once, but twice, and it’s never easy. I had meals with those men and their families. I just want to do this right. Do it justice. But I won’t be focusing solely on Keiffer’s buddy’s suicide. In fact, it plays a small part to the aftermath he’s been dealing with for over a year. Don’t worry, though, in keeping with my Harland County and Citizen Soldier stories, there will be plenty of smiles and chuckles, and lots and lots of heat.  

This story takes place a year after Keiffer left the Poconos of Pennsylvania and the Wyne family. His appearance has changed. His attitude has changed…and not necessarily for the better. He needs a special heroine. Someone who understands his pain and isn’t afraid to stand up to the ornery bugger. 

Caitlin is perfect for Kieffer. They have a history. A past. She knew him before he spiraled. And as you know from Her Forever Cowboy, she has a crappy past and is a survivor, too. It helps her reach Keiffer and hold her own against his miserable attitude. I’ve already laughed and cried, fanned myself, and cussed a certain rookie cowboy…and I’m not even finished with the book.   

Her Troubled Cowboy is special and I can’t wait to share it with you!



Releasing 12/13/16


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 Some incidents from the past are not easily forgotten…

 For over a year, former National Guardsman Keiffer Wyne left his past in Pennsylvania to start a new life, drifting from ranch to ranch across the southwest. Unrestricted, nomadic, unaccountable-he embraces the new lifestyle, until he’s called upon to watch over his sister Brandy during her husband’s absence. The problem? She’ll be there. The one woman capable of breaking through his barriers and making him feel. 

Caitlin Ryan can’t believe who blew into Harland County looking dangerous, hotter, sexier than the time they shared an unforgettable weekend together. She knows he’s still dealing with the death of his buddy and his mind isn’t in a good place, but neither of them are strong enough to fight their undeniable attraction. Keiffer’s troubled and all wrong for her, counting down the days until he leaves. Too bad she never learned to shy away from trouble… 

Cover photo by Cover Me Photography with Jose Ruiz

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I'm an award winning, NYT & USA Today bestselling author of Romaginative fiction. I write Romance through the H's-Hot, Humorous & Heartwarming.
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2 Responses to Cowboy Trouble…

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Great cover, thanks for dealing with serious issues in a feel-good book.

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