Knock some boots with the Calhouns! Em Petrova’s in da house…

Hi everyone! Once again life got the upper hand, and I totally forgot to post last month even though I had a brand new hot release in my Rope ‘n Ride series!


First, I’ll have a pity party and share that I hit a deer with my car. Then since it didn’t seem to be much damage, I hit another 2 days later. Which sent off a chain reaction of computer malfunctions (why do these cars need to be smarter than we need to be to drive them?!), so I was stranded. At an intersection. With no cell service. On a Friday evening.


And I got kicked off Amazon preorders! Yep, I can no longer give you preorder links to my books for a whole year, but that’s okay, because we have ways around that, right? HELL YEAH!


Also, I got back 6 titles from a certain publisher Who Must Not Be Named. But let’s just say I had a drawn-out legal battle to get back what, 2 months later, they gave authors free and without trouble. GRRRRR. But I am calling on my inner spirit animal and finding some calm over what cannot be undone.


I know these are trivial things in life, and I’m very grateful and blessed for these small hiccups while many others battle things much bigger.


And now that I’ve whined about it, I’m going to have some wine! Who’s with me? Oh and how about some cowboys to set the mood?




“You know who I am?”


He nodded. “And you know who you are?”


“Good—you’re not drunk. Now get those clothes off and climb up here and straddle my face.”


 And how about some firemen because I know you’re starting to smolder a little after reading that…




“Why are you being so sweet to me?”

“I’m a firefighter. It’s my job to rescue damsels in distress.” He glanced down at Maggie.“And their children.”

“You do this for every woman you rescue from a blaze?” Her voice was rough with emotion.

“No. But I do it for women I love.”



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HAPPY FALL Y’ALL! I hope you’re enjoying the season. I’d love to hear what good books you’re curling up with now! One lucky commenter will receive a free AUDIO BOOK from the Daltons Boys Series! Giveaway good through Mon Oct 24 and will be drawn randomly.



Em Petrova

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7 Responses to Knock some boots with the Calhouns! Em Petrova’s in da house…

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Sorry to hear about the car, I hope the deer were okay too. Drive carefully!
    Well done for your legal battle to get back your intellectual property rights to your books. I am sure that your battle and victory were the cause of the publisher deciding to hand over rights to others two months later. You blazed the trail.

  2. girlfromwva says:

    SO glad you were able to get back your rights to your books! SO sorry about the truck & the problems…the book i am reading now is by Sarah MacLean~A Scot in The Dark.

  3. seelkfireice says:

    I need to get ‘Ridge’ pronto… that snippet made me LOL
    You really had a bad string of luck… your positive attitude is awesome. Wishing you only good stuff from now on. HUGS from Canada! Enikö

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  5. Shy says:

    Right now I’m reading the Grayslake series and am really enjoying them. Sorry to hear about the wrecks a

  6. alisab8 says:

    Surrounded by so many books, not sure which one to start with. Ridge sure does look hot!

  7. Eileen says:

    Books sound great. Ridge is in my TBR pile. Hit deer huh, now I see you’re a PA girl. I’m from just over the border in Elmira NY, went to college in PA and married a young man from just north of Pittsburgh 39 yrs ago!

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