Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys!

Good morning ladies and gentleman.

I say that because you never know when a guy will wander onto our page.

Anyway, I’m here this morning with serious a contemplation about cowboys. We on this blog write western romance and I hope readers think we are pretty good at it, but what crosses my mind is the cowboys we envision are handsome, build rugged, are a gentleman with the ladies, and good guys all the way around.

So, what draws you to cowboy romance?

Is the handsome guy on the cover with the cowboy hat, nice chest, and jeans? Is it the blurb on the back giving you a little insight into what makes them tick? Is the feisty heroine who stands up to him with her hands on her hips and fire in her eyes? Is it the setting we describe with the rolling hills, tall grasses, cattle in the distance, or the horses?

I would love to know because like you, I read western romance when I’m not writing as well. Some of my favorites are Desiree Holt, Lorelei James, Hildie McQueen, and many more.

One think that bugs me though are the photographers that think anyone can shoot a guy in a cowboy hat and make him a cowboy. Yeah, nope! They put a hat on him, some bespangle jeans, a pair of boots and call him a cowboy. They usually will use those soft, Toby Keith looking cowboy hats. I almost want to shake them and say, “That is not a cowboy hat!” Get a nice straw hat, a Stetson, or a Resistol hat. You can buy a straw one that looks nice for pretty cheap.

Then there are the jeans. Good grief don’t get me started on the jeans. Real cowboys do not wear bespangled jeans like those with crystals on the back pockets. Get a pair of Wranglers for crying out loud!

They don’t have to wear chaps, but those are really nice.

And last but not least are the boots. They don’t have to be fancy. In fact, we would rather they not be. Get some nice boots, scuff them up a little, get some dirt or mud on them and yeah, we are all there.

Shirt, eh we can do without them or not. No biggy really, but they must have a nice chest. Hair or not doesn’t really matter to me,

So there you have it. I will share some nice pictures I have of cowboys that I think are the epitome of a cowboy shot.

See y’all soon!


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9 Responses to Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys!

  1. Donna Bayar Repsher says:

    Loved this post! What is there not to love about cowboys? Hard working, strong men who care for the people in their lives and the animals in their charge day after day after day. Of the ones I’ve actually met, they’re polite, charming and kind. They have rough hands, unlike office guys whose hands are usually softer than mine. Add a straw Resistol (I inherited the one my father wore), a pair of well-worn Wrangler jeans , a beat up pair of cowboy boots and if you’re lucky, a pair of chaps, and then, if he manages to also be one of the cowboy poets or play the guitar, I’m hooked.

  2. sandys37 says:

    Exactly, Donna! Yes, that!

  3. Tanya Brown says:

    I read cowboy stories not only for the reasons above but first and foremost is what I call the cowboy charisma. Their manners!! I love chivalry!! Their fearlessness!! I can think of a few more for what I call cowboy charisma but they’d fall into one of the 3 I’ve already listed.

  4. Shirley Long says:

    I LOVE COWBOYS!!!!!! For all the reasons you listed and then some. Cowboys are a whole different breed of man. Now, I’m talking “real” cowboys. Not the drug store wanna-bes that frequent the clubs and hang out around the rodeo when it’s in town. I’m talking about the kind of cowboy who’s up long before the sun, doing whatever needs to be done. They love the land, they love their Mamas, they love their country and they love their woman. (Not necessarily in that order.)
    The jeans, the hat, the boots, those Wrangler denim shirts with the snaps. Love those snaps. That’s all just the outside package. What makes a man a real cowboy is what’s on the inside. They’re good down to the very depths of their soul. They would do anything, for anybody, at any time. And if you’re a woman fortunate enough to be loved, and claimed, by a cowboy, then you are truly blessed. Am I right ladies??

  5. Sue Cox says:

    Hi Sandy, I see your rant and say Hell Yeah ! Actually the picture of the back view of the cowboy would sell me that book without a second thought !! lol

  6. sandys37 says:

    Definitely. A nice butt in Wranglers, I’m all there.

  7. TeresaFordice says:

    Such a tell all when they hand them a saddle or bridle and they don’t know how to hold it!! Hate all these @model@ trying to look like a cowboy

  8. sandys37 says:

    I totally agree, Teresa. It makes me crazy!

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