Bonfires, storytelling, and road trips!

October 12,2016  By Amanda McIntyre

It has been a whirlwind past few months and it shows no sign of slowing down—however, I am excited that October is finally here for many reasons!

Bonfires*hoodies* tailgating*farmers markets*wine-tasting*road trips* fall colors

To name a few…

This weekend we’ll be taking a road trip down south to Branson, Mo. To the Silver Dollar City Cowboy festival! I’m so excited as I’ve read so much about this event with its crafters, poets, special shows, amazing food, and all in the beautiful setting of the Ozarks in the fall!  I hope you’ll be able to get away and do a little road trip of your own this fall. It’s such a gorgeous time of year to stop and rejuvenate the senses!

If you aren’t able to get away-perhaps you can escape into the small Midwest town of Sapphire Falls! October 25 is the launch release of the Halloween festival in Erin Nicholas’s Sapphire Falls Kindle World series! I’m blessed to be among some amazing storytellers in this October group including PG Forte, with whom I collaborated characters between our stories! She is a brilliant writer and a blast to work with as has been my first experience working with Erin Nicholas. The woman is cousin of the energizer bunny, I swear!

Here is a bit about GOING HOME-my story in the Sapphire Falls Kindle world!14303002_1768818190038870_661848168_n

Kasey Seagren left Sapphire Falls in search of finding her fame and fortune through her music. Tragedy at home forces her to return to face her past and in going home, she discovers that maybe what she needs has always been in her own backyard.

A home-grown country boy, Cooper Evans had always placed home, family and his friends as a priority in his life. But his heart was stolen years before by a young woman with a gypsy’s heart and he never fully recovered. Now she’s back and he’d determined to end her wandering and prove that in his arms is where she belongs.

Filled with laughter, steamy goodness, and down-home small-town country boys, I hope that you’ll look for Going Home, coming out October 25 at Sapphire Falls Kindle Worlds.


Also, launching in October is my revised/re-published version of A Warriors Heart—a timeless story set in the untamed lands of Georgia in late summer 1837.

Here is the blurb…

In A Warrior’s Heart, best-selling author, Amanda McIntyre brings to life the passionate story of a bold Cherokee warrior and the brave white woman he rescues. Now, faced with the unknown they must rely on each other to survive.

am_awarriorsheart_4are_200x300A new teacher, Sarah Reynold’s sets out to meet her father in the untamed territory of 1837 Georgia, where she is to become a teacher for children of the white settlers. While her father claims all is peaceful between the settlers and the Cherokee, there is much left unsaid. When she is saved from certain death by White Eagle, a bold Cherokee warrior opposed to his tribesmen renegade attack, he, too, is injured.

As he fights to survive, they are thrust into the turmoil of the forced emigration of his people. Thrown together by circumstances not of their own making, Sarah and White Eagle overcome betrayal and tragedy to find a love strong enough to bring nations together.

As part Cherokee and born in Oklahoma, I’d honestly felt embarrassed that I didn’t know as much about the Trail of Tears. There is very little about it in our current history books in public schools, yet I felt the lessons learned (or not) and the human condition involved then is as pertinent today. Of course, its fictionalized with characters and has a romantic element—but the challenge was writing a story where—and this is the very reason I write romance—love will find a way.

CLICK HERE: A WARRIOR’S HEART is available now at Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

I am honored to have A Warrior’s Heart also included in a collection of brilliant historical storytellers releasing October 13/2016. HEARTS ABLAZE will be throwing an amazing

14324308_1117321365030132_6710481269078384839_olaunch party on Facebook-October 20, 6-9 pm(EST) with flash prizes, authors in the hot seat with READER questions and a spectacular GC from Amazon just in time for early holiday shopping!! Sign up now to attend!

More news coming next month! Until then, remember kindness matters~


About Amanda McIntyre

Amanda McIntyre’s storytelling is a natural offshoot of her artistic creativity. A visual writer, living in the rich tapestry of the American heartland, her passion is telling character-driven stories with a penchant (okay, some call it a wicked obsession) for placing ordinary people in extraordinary situations to see how they overcome the obstacles to their HEA. A bestselling author, her work is published internationally in Print, E-book, and Audio. She writes steamy contemporary and sizzling historical romance and truly believes, no matter what, love will always find a way. Learn more and get connected at
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One Response to Bonfires, storytelling, and road trips!

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Janet Dailey wrote a novel about the Trail of Tears; The Proud And The Free 1994. Also Trail of Hope by Heidi Vanlandingham 2012. A very sad tale.

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