Where did September Go?

Honestly I have no clue.  It’s been a very busy month for me, mainly with family. It just seems like the days go by so fast that I can’t keep track.

I’ll admit I haven’t written any cowboys lately, not that I don’t love them, I do.  The ideas floating around my head are different types of guys right now.  But I will be submitting a full manuscript in October to a publisher that is a cowboy.  I probably won’t know for several months the outcome, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

So with that in mind, how about some cowboy pictures:



Hope you all have a great day and enjoy the pictures.


About marietuhart

I'm an erotic romance writer currently published with The Wild Rose Press under the Scarlet Rose line.
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One Response to Where did September Go?

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Cowboys and horses, great!
    Have you heard about the recent proposal by the BLM to kill 45,000 wild mustangs they hold in pens? Maybe a book could address the need to adopt and train these wonderful animals.

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