Western Romance Conference – by Cynthia D’Alba

Cyndi Headshot #4I’m spending way too much time on Facebook these days. Yesterday and today, I have really enjoyed looking at all the pictures from the Historical Romance Conference taking place over the weekend. It looks like SO much fun. Have you seen the pictures and all the costumes?

I know there are a ton of Western Romance readers, both historical and contemporary western romance. In fact, this blog is only one of a number of online sites dedicated to readers of western romance.

So I’m putting this question out to the western romance readers…If there was a Western Romance Conference held on a dude ranch, or close enough that events could be held there, is this something that YOU would spend money and vacation time to attend? Would it maybe ruin the cowboy fantasy?

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THANK YOU for coming by on Saturday.

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About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.
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14 Responses to Western Romance Conference – by Cynthia D’Alba

  1. Millie Swank says:

    I would love to be able to do that. It would be a dream come true, to spend some time on a ranch.

  2. I think that would be so much fun! Maybe it could somehow be done so that it could be done on a couple of weekends or something to give more people a chance to get in on the fun.

  3. Cindy Barton says:

    I think that would be fun but, I’m not getting on a horse. Maybe a cowboy cause I’d want to save the horse….lol

  4. Tanya Brown says:

    Read & reviewed. Just loved this story!! And of course I’d stay at or near a dude ranch especially if there was a conference nearby.

  5. doveknoll says:

    This would be a blast!!! I’ve always wanted to go to a dude ranch. I love westerns and would enjoy dressing up and having fun.

  6. Shirley Long says:

    I think the dude ranch idea is good. But, I probably wouldn’t go since I’d have to travel by myself and I know for a fact that there’s not a dude ranch anywhere close to my area.
    And yes, I do have a college team ~~ Hook “em Horns!!!!!

  7. Clare O'Beara says:

    I would certainly go to the western ranch for a convention, it would be far more interesting than the inside of a hotel. Think of the fresh air and scenery. Great idea. I’ve been to a crime writers’ panel in a historic courtroom in Dublin.

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