hey from the new gal

Hi everyone!

I’m the new kid on the block, Ciana Stone.  I write westerns – sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy and often with a bit of paranormal thrown in.  I’m really happy to be here with you and hope to get to know you as time moves on.
Tomorrow I have a new book releasing – Playing for Keeps.
This is the 5th book in my Honky Tonk Angels series and is special to me for a couple of reasons.
1.  Dino Hillas, whose fine form graces the cover.  I’ve known Dino since 2008 and have been hounded him ever since we met about wanting him on a cover.  Now it’s finally happened and I am thrilled!
See what I mean.  The man is h a w t!!
2.  I love the town of Cotton Creek and the people who live there.  Having grown up in a small town (and I mean one stop-light small), I feel comfortable in small towns and with the people who live in them.  And I just fell in love with Cade and Roxy and the development of their relationships from instant heat to real emotion.
Here’s a little excerpt from the book:

By nine o’clock, the place was packed and she’d popped so many beer tops she’d resolved to scout out the local stores tomorrow and find a nice thick silver ring for her thumb. That was a trick she’d learned long ago. Wearing a thumb ring helped you pop a beer top without an opener and saved you from blisters.

“Hon, why don’t you take a break,” Cody said as Roxie rang up another sale. “Slip on back to the office and put your feet up for a few.”

“Thanks.” Roxie gave her a smile. She grabbed a bottle of water from the cooler and headed through the kitchen behind the bar to the office. The moment she closed the door, the din of noise dampened. She took a long drink of water and leaned back.

“How’s it going?”

The sound of Cade’s voice had her springing away from the door. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude. Cody told me it was okay to take a break in here.”

“Fine by me. That’s what I’m doing.”


“Taking a break.”


He chuckled and ignored the question. “You seem to have caught on to things. Cody says you’re raking in the tips.”

“It’s not rocket science,” she replied, stemming the urge to back away as he rose from his seat at the desk and approached.

“No it’s not.”

She waited for him to say more but he simply leaned one shoulder against the wall and regarded her with that slow sexy smile. “Customers like you.”

“Or the beer.” She wasn’t stupid. She’d been hit on and flirted with before tonight. And knew how to give just enough flirt in return to ensure a good tip but not leave the impression that she was available.

Cade’s smile widened. “Honey, they can get that beer all they want. You, on the other hand—you’re a temptation they haven’t tasted.”

“And aren’t likely to.” She met his eyes to show him she was not kidding.

“I wouldn’t fire you for it, sugar.”

“It wouldn’t matter—if I saw anything I was interested in.”

He moved a little closer. “So you haven’t seen anything that interests you?”

She knew what he was asking. And knew she should meet his eyes and lie through her teeth. But her brain didn’t seem to be working at the moment. The close proximity of his lean muscular body had her hormones spiking. She could smell the clean scent of soap and man; feel the heat coming off him.

“Nothing I’m going to act on.”

“Oh? And just for the sake of argument, if you were inclined to act, just what would be the subject of your interest?”

“I think we both know the answer to that.” The moment the words were out of her mouth, she knew it was a mistake. First rule of gambling—never give your opponent anything to use against you.

Cade’s smile faded, to be replaced with a look that had her wanting things she knew she had to stay away from.

He leaned a little closer. “You want to fill me in on why acting on this interest would be a bad thing?”

“I already told you. Not as long as I work for you.” Roxie edged away a few inches, then mentally cursed herself for showing weakness. “I don’t mix business and pleasure.

“Yeah, I remember.”

“I guess I’ll get back to work.” She turned to leave, eager to escape the feelings his nearness inspired.

“Hold on.”

She paused.

“We’ve got a bit of a problem, Roxie.”

“With what?”


He had her pressed against the door and his lips on hers before she could protest. She could have pushed him way. Should have. But damn he felt good, the long lean length of him pressed against her, the taste of him. She gave in and returned the kiss, grabbing his hips to pull him more firmly against her.

If you’re inclined to get a copy – here’s a handy-dandy link for you.

To celebrate the release of Playing for Keeps, I’m running a contest exclusive to members of my reader group.  To enter click  the link below and follow the directions:

Here is the question you are required to answer in order to be entered.  What is the final sentence in this book (as in the last sentence of the story, not The End.)  Entries that do not contain an answer will not be entered.

There are three prizes available:

(1) Kindle Fire
(1)  Amazon Fire stick TV
(1) $50.00 Gift Certificate

The contest closes at midnight September 15

I hope you’ll help me make this release a success and that you’ll enjoy this new book!

Oh, and before I forget!  I have free books for people who are on my reader’s group, so if you’re interested, click here to claim a free book and sign up!
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4 Responses to hey from the new gal

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Nice to meet you.
    You may like the cover, but I would not have a guy thumbing his crotch in my living room. If I would not invite the person in to my living room, why would I buy a book with that person on the cover?

    • Michelle D Beaver says:

      Girl! You might not want that on your couch but I should as heck would. And he can thumb anything he wants (me included). That is one fine piece of man right there!

    • Terri Allen says:

      Good thing you don’t want it because I’m about to eat it all up!!!

  2. Michelle D Beaver says:

    Congrats Ciana on your new release! I’ve read the other books in the series and have my copy of this one sitting on my kindle itching to be read. I hope you have a great release day.

    For those of you that love a good hometown series with love, lust, conflict and HEA, Give this one a try. Honky Tonk Angels will draw you in and make you part of the family.

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