Calhouns Behaving Badly–Em Petrova

Yeehaww, friends! I’m happy to be here today on the Wild and Wicked Cowboys blog! It’s been a busy summer filled with family and panty-meltingly hot heroes. At my desk it’s about 50 degrees hotter because I’ve been busy playing with the Calhoun family  from the ROPE ‘N RIDE series.




These bad boys (and one very bad little sister) are rodeo stars who happened to land a reality TV show. Buck and Ryder might have thrown a few punches, but Ridge is outdoing them all, lemme tell ya!


Read a snippet…


“Are you aware that charges are being pressed against you for striking that fan?”

“Don’t know anything about it.”

“Will you be helping Wynonna get out of her charges after the cops pulled her off the woman here in this very arena half an hour ago?”

Jesus. The cops? What the hell had Wynonna done? She’d just left him and Kashley. Of course, thirty minutes was nothing for his baby sister to hide a body.

Fighting back a growl, he responded, “Calhouns stick together. That’s all.” He thumbed his hat in farewell and twisted from the group. Cameras flashed, and one annoying cameraman from a popular TV show that loved to show the worst in people clung to him until he finally plastered his palm over the guy’s face and shoved him away.

Of course that was caught by another camera.



But this cowboy is definitely not just a bad boy. He’s multi-dimensional.



DIRTY Excerpt from RIDGE:

She started to climb up his body but he stopped her. “Turn around. Ever ride reverse cowgirl?”

She quaked. No, but she’d watched some dirty movies with the move. She was a sucker for any video featuring boots and hats. Throwing a look over her shoulder, she positioned herself facing his feet. His long, haired legs stretched ahead of her, and he must be getting an eyeful of her ass.

She hoped she hadn’t packed on too many pounds. She liked her body, but she didn’t really know how she looked from that angle either.

“Arch your back. Push your ass back toward me.”

Oh God.

She did his bidding, bending her torso low so her breasts brushed his legs. The first touch of his hands over her ass cheeks ignited her. He rubbed them slowly, gently. Then spanked her hard.

She cried out at the stinging pleasure-pain.

“God, yes. So perfect.” He delivered another swat and another. By the fourth she was pushing back into his hand.

“All nice and red for me. I need you wearing my fingerprints.” He warmed her cheeks, right and left, until she nearly swooned from the desire building in her core.

“Please, Ridge.”

“Please what, my little slave? Do you want to sink over my cock?” He slipped his fingers into her center, and she gasped to feel he hadn’t only used one or two fingers. “Stretching you. I want you to know who touched you.”

How could she ever forget something like this? It was all she’d wanted for as long as she could remember.

When he removed his fingers, she gulped back a whine of disappointment.

“I think you need to be punished for not coming on my command, Kashley.” Crack! “That makes three times you didn’t come when I told you to.”

“I… It feels too good. I can’t make it to zero.” She wiggled uncontrollably, needing his fingers deep again.

“Oh you’ll make it. It’s all about discipline.” Crack!

She gasped around his slap, unearthly sounds coming from her lips. His cock brushed her folds, and she jerked her hips to push down on him, but he caught her. Held her still.

Crack, crack, crack!


GRAB some Calhouns and take a ride!



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Thanks for reading and I hope the end of your summer is filled with sweet tea, lazy drawls and some hot cowboys!

Em Petrova



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  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Do the Calhouns ever behave any other way? Fun!

  2. Ginny Pearson says:

    Preordered as soon as it was available 

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