Hell Yeah! Saddle and a Siren – Fall in Love With All Three Heroes in the Saddle!

Three compelling stories of heroes – sexy ones you’re guaranteed to fall in love with!

HOT IN THE SADDLE – Off-duty firefighter Treven Arnett is the person closest to Delta Pennington’s racecar when it bursts into flames. Will he regret risking his life when he learns the reason she came to Texas?

BADGE AND A SADDLE – When the missing person he’s been searching for strolls right into his house, Detective Rex Tarrow’s investigation takes a wild U-turn. Astronomer Mina Cooper’s reappearance triggers a dangerous game of hide-and-seek. He’s sworn to protect her, but will she get them both killed?

SADDLE AND A SIREN – Paramedic Clint Black comes to rancher Kally Zappa’s rescue, but she’s desperately in need of him for more than just medical assistance. While keeping her secret, they kindle a mutual heat that neither can resist, but will their passion burn out, leaving everything in ashes?

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Heroes in the Saddle, Randi Alexander

Excerpt from Saddle and a Siren:

“Clint.” Turning, she headed across the room and out into the hallway, then jogged down the hardwood floor of the long, wide hallway to his room. She stepped inside, knocking softly on the open door, but didn’t see him in his bed. “Clint?”

Water ran in the bathroom, and light shone out from the room. Was he in the shower? The sound stopped, then he walked out.

In his black boxer briefs. And nothing else.

“Oh, I’m…” She swallowed and backed up a step, but stared at him in the bright light from the bathroom. He looked taller than he had in his uniform, and his muscles bulged everywhere—chest, arms, eight-pack abs, thighs.

Looking away quickly, she avoided staring at the area just above his waistband where white-blond hair trailed down into his shorts.

“Everything okay?” He strolled toward her.

Everything was not okay, it was all jittering and shimmering and hot. “Yes.” As she looked down, she remembered why she’d come to his room. Kally held the binoculars for him. “Something is going on by the barn.”

He nodded. “I got a call a few minutes ago. They’re changing shifts. Sorry, if I’d known you were awake, I would have told you.”

“I wasn’t. Awake. So, that’s…” Relief washed through her, then something spicier and much more interesting as she took another long look at his chest and arms. “But I am now.” Biting her lip, she prayed that what she was about to say wouldn’t sound stupid. “And I’d like to spend a little time…” The words, in your bed just wouldn’t come out. “Looking at your bedroom.” Shit, she’d chickened out at the last minute and made herself sound like an idiot.

Turning away from his gaze, Kally looked at the huge bed, the gray leather furniture in the corner near the white stone fireplace, and the modern glass bar in the corner. “This is nice.” She curled her toes into the contemporary black, gray, and white rug that covered a good part of the dark hardwood floor.

“You like it?” He pulled on a pair of black satiny shorts, then a sleeveless T-shirt.

Finally getting the nerve to make eye contact with him, she shivered with desire at the look in his eyes. Sexy, always sexy, but open and curious.

He took the binoculars from her and his gaze dropped to her breasts.

She’d changed into a pair of skimpy pink PJs before she crawled into bed, and now her nipples poked at the front of the top, and the shortie shorts stopped just below her butt. Her belly tightened, firing off brain cells at a rapid pace. “Clint?”

“Yeah, Kally?” Coming from his lips, her plain old name took on a deep, seductive quality. Taking her good hand, he kissed her knuckles. “If we’d met under different circumstances…” He laughed. “That kinda sounds like a bad movie script.”

She stepped closer, wrangling up her courage. “It sounds like the beginning of something interesting.” Kally wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip by. This guy was a hero, a hottie, and a full-blooded hunk. The fact that she liked and respected him, and the knowledge that his body did something wicked to her, just added to her resolve. “And I want to know you better.”

Almost rolling her eyes at her awkward attempt at seduction, she chose to go for the physical. Setting her hand on his stomach, she licked her lips. “Is that what you want too, Clint?”

“Aw, baby, baby.” He tossed the binoculars onto the bed and tugged her close, tipping her back a few inches. “You know it is.” He must have just brushed his teeth, because his warm breath washed over her, tingling minty fresh into her nostrils.

With a hand at the nape of her neck, he kissed her, his firm, hot lips pressing to hers, his tongue teasing and tasting.

She sighed and opened her mouth, letting in the full minty taste of his breath, his tongue, and his groan. His tongue played with hers, flicking and swirling.

Kally slid her hand under his shirt and enjoyed the feel of his muscles bunching, tightening, and lengthening with his movements. Her belly shuddered, warmth and need sliding lower, making her quiver at that very spot between her legs that needed more. Needed everything.

“Are you sure, Ms. Kally?” His nose nearly touched hers as he stared into her eyes, evidently looking for the answer in her gaze.

“I am. More sure than I thought I’d be.” What did that mean? Sometimes things slipped out of her mouth before her head had a chance to consider them.

He paused. “I’m…not sure what that means.” He moved back a few inches. “I want you, Kally.” The long, thick rise in his shorts proved that to her. “But I need you to be all-in for it, too.”


Kally wanted to let go with Clint, to let him take her to bed and give her an hour or two of complete pleasure, devoid of any thoughts or worries or misgivings.

Clint held her close to him, one hand on her lower back, one at the nape of her neck, his breath on her cheek panting with his desire. Yet, it wasn’t like she’d just yelled, Yes, take me now! or something just as wanton, but instead she’d let go with a sentence that conveyed her inner turmoil. He watched her, waiting, patient, and hot. Hot to the touch under her hand pressing to his hard stomach, hot as in too sexy for her as his hard cock throbbed against her belly, pressing tight to her as if he wasn’t ready to let go. Ever.

Truth had eluded her the last few days, and she needed to recapture a piece of her personal integrity. Stepping back a few inches, she let her hand slide off his belly and forced herself cool down.

Taking her hand, Clint smiled. “Let’s figure out what’s going on down at the barn. Then we can figure out what is happening with us.” He grabbed the binoculars and led her out onto a huge balcony facing the barn, surrounded by the same glass railing as she had outside her room. Another truck pulled up to the corral.

He held the binoculars to his eyes. “Treven. Crazy man. Probably here to check that the shift change is going smoothly.”

Kally glanced around at the chairs and table with a folded umbrella spiked through the middle of it, the chaise lounges in one corner – uh uh, too tempting – then sat on the cushioned swinging couch. This was safe. Right?

Clint wandered over and sat next to her, on her right side, setting her cast on his thigh. “It’ll be light soon. Unless you want to sleep more, we can grab some breakfast and roll down to the barn, check on the cows.”

Kally smiled at his reference to her phone call to Pepper, then the grin left her face. “What do you think happened? How did I lose time that way?”

Easing closer, he laid his arm along the back of the swing, and she took the prime opportunity to lean into him and snuggle into his warmth.

“You probably went out for a while, but the doctors don’t think you’ve got a concussion.” He cleared his throat. “It might have been shock. Maybe it’ll come back to you after time.”

Shock? Was she that fragile that she’d tune out at the first sign of trouble? Setting her head on his shoulder, she gave a little mew. “I’m just glad I had the presence of mind to call Pepper.” She laughed. “For all the good it did.”

“The lady knows how to make an entrance, that’s for sure. She did call for help, which was the right thing to do.” Clint ran the backs of his fingers up her arm, softly brushing the side of her breast, bare under the thin pajamas.

A spike of desire shivered through her, and she turned slightly, pressing his hand to her breast. “Clint.” She tipped her head up, he tipped his down, and their lips met in a soft, easy kiss that made her breath come faster.

“Whenever you’re ready, Ms. Kally.” His blue eyes had turned dark, his jaw firm and sensual. “There’s no hurry.”

Kally reached up with her good hand and stroked his cheek. Soft, white, beard stubble tickled her palm. “It won’t be long, Clint.” She had to swallow to catch her thoughts. “I’m not a patient woman.”

One corner of his mouth curved up. “Really? Could have fooled me.”


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“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

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  1. I have read all three and they are fantastic. Get them, they are wonderful stories.

  2. All three boxes were fantastic

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    Sounds great!

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