Release Day – TOMORROW! Hell Yeah!

Along with ten other authors, I’m releasing a new story tomorrow in Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah! Kindle World.

What does this mean? It means you’ll see glimpses of Sables beloved characters from her Hell Yeah! books appearing in each of these new books.

In my story, Saddle and a Siren, which is book 3 of the Heroes in the Saddle Series, I’ve brought Ms. Pepper McCoy in for a visit all the way from Highlands Ranch. Here’s an excerpt of what Pepper is up to, (and you can read the whole first chapter on my website


Excerpt from Saddle and a Siren:

The headlights of a fast-approaching car caught their attention, and one of the officers shone his flashlight toward it, waving it to warn the driver.

The low-slung vehicle slowed but still skidded a few feet when it stopped.

“Holy shit.” A firefighter wandered over to the blue, foreign sports car.

It was a custom-made model Clint had only seen on television and in magazines. Worth half a million, at least.

The car door opened, shining the interior light on the blonde woman behind the wheel.

“Oh, no.” Ms. Kally sat up straighter. “Is that…? How did she…?”

“Someone you know?” Clint watched a slender woman emerge from the driver’s door, her cutoff shorts, old T-shirt, and flip-flops incongruous with the pricey sports car. The woman’s long blonde hair flew as she looked around quickly.

“Pepper.” His patient called to the woman, who stormed toward Clint and Ms. Kally, securing her big red purse with a strap across her body.

“Damn it, Kally, you don’t just call a girl and say you were in a wreck and need help, then not say anything else.” Storming right up to Ms. Kally, the young woman gave her a quick hug and a brief full-body glance. “Anything broken?”

“I called you?” His patient squinted.

“Hmm.” Clint pulled his small flashlight from his chest pocket and clicked it on.

The newest arrival cocked her hip. “Oh great, now you’re going to get a flashlight shone in your eyes.” She looked at Clint. “I’m Pepper McCoy from out by Lake Buchanan. Kally called me, said her truck had been hit a few miles west of Wild Oak on the main highway through town, and would I mind coming and helping her with the cows.” The blonde widened her eyes at him. “She actually called them cows.”

“I did not.” Ms. Kally’s lips tightened, then went soft. “Did I really?”

Clint checked his patient’s pupils. Equal and dilated.

Ms. Pepper spoke to Clint. “She said to bring a gun.” The woman reached into her purse. “Because the men that had run into her were outside the truck cab.”

Clint looked at Ms. Pepper’s purse, her hand tucked inside it and presumably gripping a pistol. “Ah, ma’am, would you mind…?”

She removed her hand from her purse and held it up, flipping it back and forth to show that she wasn’t going to shoot anyone – not right then, anyway. “That’s when I called the sheriff, the fire department, and—”

“Oh, God.” Ms. Kally jerked forward and grabbed Ms. Pepper’s arm, smearing blood on it. “You didn’t call Norris, did you?”

“No. Hellfire.” The blonde looked offended. “I know the game we’re playing. I’m not stupid enough to rile him up.”

Ms. Kally released her and sat back, looking more worried than she had before the mention of this Norris guy.

Trying not to look too interested in the private conversation, Clint eased Ms. Kally back against the raised section of the stretcher and worked bandaging her cut as the two women spoke in coded language that made no sense to him.

“What’s with the new hair color?” Kally finally said something he understood. “I mean, it’s very pretty, but it was nice when it was brown, too.”

Pepper glanced at Clint, then away, shaking her head. “I did it for a man.” She held up a finger toward Ms. Kally. “And don’t ask.” They went back to speaking in code.

Clint finished bandaging her head. The cut would need stitches, but would wait until the hospital. He took the bloody cloth from her hand and dropped it in a red biohazard bag, cleaned the blood from her hand, and dropped the wipe into the bag along with his gloves.

The emergency crew kept an eye on the stabilized trailer, and someone reported that the first tow truck was three miles away.

Clint didn’t care to get involved in a patient’s business, but there was something no one was considering. “Ms. Kally?”

“Please just call me Kally.” Her blue gaze caught his again, and that strange zip ran wild inside him. “The Ms. thing is too formal.”

“Uh, Kally.” Her name felt almost too personal, too intimate. Clint cleared his throat. “Once your trailer is pulled up out of the ditch, it won’t be much use, not the way the hitch is bent.”

“Aw, shit.” Kally hefted out a long breath and looked at Pepper.

“Don’t look at me.” She gestured toward the fancy sports car. “That thing is not going to haul any cows.”

Kally frowned. “I didn’t think of that. I should have told you to bring a rig and a trailer.”

“Sister-girl.” Ms. Pepper crossed her arms. “The way you were blathering, I just wanted to get here and figure out what was wrong with you.” She looked toward the sports car. “That thing was sitting in the middle of our driveway with the keys in it, so…” The woman shrugged.

“So you stole a car? Perfect.” Kally dropped her head back onto the stretcher, flinching at the pain it had to have caused her left temple.

“It probably belongs to a lady friend of Philip’s.” Ms. Pepper shrugged. “Or maybe someone just visiting the ranch. I’m not sure—”

“Anyway…” Clint brought the conversation back to the current issue. “I’ve got two buddies who live close by. I can ask them each to bring a trailer.” Could he ask them to haul the cattle to wherever she lived? “Where are you from…Kally?”

“She’s from Santa Anna, but she can’t go home until she has the truck and trailer fixed, because her brother—”

“Pepper!” Kally nearly shouted the name. “Can we try to keep some of my personal life personal?”


Be sure to head to Sable’s Kindle World tomorrow and check out all the new stories we’ve written for you. I know you’ll have a fun time reading each and every one of them.

Catch the Hell Yeah! fever!
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  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Have fun!

  2. lacombejc says:

    I love Pepper McCoy and this sounds great. Can’t wait!!

  3. What can I say I love Pepper and Kally is a super fantastic name for a character!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!

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