Operation Cowboy and a #FREE chapter–Em Petrova

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’ve had a crazy summer with 4 kids home, trying to hit the word count and editing as a side hustle, and I’m sorry to say I missed the past two months of blogging here at the awesome Wild and Wicked Cowboys blog!


I’m here to share some ups and downs in the publishing industry, and one of them is about Samhain. They have all my Boot Knockers Ranch series, as well as my Country Fever series.






Recently they announced they were closing their doors, which devastated many of us authors! I’ve always loved Samhain–they’ve treated me well, given me amazing covers and the best editor in the world. Well, a few weeks ago, we got a surprise saying that lately the company had made some financial adjustments, that they are now viable and able to stay in business. All of this was reason to celebrate for me, especially since I had a book in the queue, ready to publish with them!


This book is near to my heart–I had so much strong emotion for these characters that for a week after I finished, I couldn’t even THINK of writing a new book. I officially had a book hangover. No, his was more like a BENDER!


Here’s a little about Kickin’ Up Dust, book 1 of the Operation Cowboy series:


This Marine follows the rules. This cowgirl is all about breaking them.

Operation Cowboy, Book 1

After losing his best friend and CO, Matt, in combat, Brodie Bell didn’t think his spirits could sink any lower. He was wrong. One look at his and Matt’s storm-flattened hometown nearly levels him.

Los Vista needs a leader, and as Brodie takes the weight of the world on his shoulders, he comes up with a plan. Merge the two ranches left standing, pray for a good calving season…and keep his hands too busy to get busy with Matt’s sexy little sister.

Danica was in pigtails when Brodie and Matt went off chasing glory. Now she’s a woman with a broken heart, but if Matt knew of the depraved cravings Brodie ignites in her body, he’d haunt her from the grave.

As they work to mend miles of broken fences, Brodie fights to ignore Danica’s tiny cutoff shorts and mile-long legs—and to ignore the “weapon” that’s locked and loaded in his Levis. Because the last thing he wants is to dishonor his friend’s memory by ravishing the sweetest little cowgirl he’s ever laid eyes on.

Warning: Involves a sweet and sassy ranch girl who knows her way around a rope, and a Marine turned cowboy who’d like to tie her down and spank her until she begs for more.





I’ve been blessed with a lot of reviewers giving me great praise on this book, saying it’s the best of mine yet. I hope you’ll read a sample chapter and let me know your thoughts in the comments section!












I hope you’ll help me celebrate Samhain’s decision to stay in business by supporting them. Small publishers are so important to our world, as authors and readers alike benefit.


Thanks for reading!

Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~



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4 Responses to Operation Cowboy and a #FREE chapter–Em Petrova

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    I’m glad Samhain are staying open, they have published a lot of women authors.

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    I don’t have time to read chapters I’m afraid, too many full books on my Kindle.
    Also if a man is going to tie up a girl and spank her, he had better allow her to do the same to him next. Turn about is fair play. If he won’t allow it he is just a bully. Authors have a responsibility not to put the idea of women as victims or dominated into the heads of readers.

  3. Brodie is amazing! Can’t wait for more of him and Danica in the future! Completely understand the book hangover

  4. girlfromwva says:

    so glad they are staying in business. glad for your new book! congrats!

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