A Bag of Swag Could be Heading Your Way!

I have a whole passel of swag to give away! I recently attended Writers on the River in East Peoria, IL and came back with a HUGE bag of swag, over 100 goodies!


If you would love all this swag, head to my Facebook Page and follow the instructions to enter.

If you’re not on Facebook, just leave a comment below telling me, No Facebook, But I Love Swag! For your entry into the contest.

Stay cool, everybody!


“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”









About Randi Alexander

Writer of Erotic Romances - "Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied"
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33 Responses to A Bag of Swag Could be Heading Your Way!

  1. laurellasky says:

    My FB is undergoing problems so I’ll have to enter this way. I love hot Cowboys and western stories, more if they are erotic. How did you get all that swag home? I would love to have some swag. Thank you for the chance.

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    No Facebook, But I Love Swag! For your entry into the contest. Thanks, hope the trip was great fun.

  3. ronnie c. says:

    Woo hoo….love the giveaway!!! I entered…..

  4. I have Facebook and liked all the pages as Stephanie Grant but I couldn’t comment on your Facebook post. I’d love to be entered tho :)!

  5. Ann McRaney says:

    No fb but I love your swag

  6. Not on Facebook. But love giveaways!

  7. Shirley Long says:

    No Facebook. But I love swag.

    No way to stay cool i my part of East Texas. Heat index is 105 – 108 deg today. So……..I’m inside sharing the nice cool air with my A/C.

  8. Stephanie Orr says:

    Hi Randi, I liked ALLL those authors listed on your Facebook post, but couldn’t find a way to comment there, so here goes. I love swag just like the next gal! Hope I’m not too late for the giveaway!

  9. Jana says:

    No Facebook, But I Love Swag! Thanks for the chance!

  10. Deidre says:

    Facebook link not working -but I love swag – please enter me for giveaway .Thanks!

  11. bn100 says:

    No Facebook, But I Love Swag!

  12. I would love to be entered to win Thanks so much for the chance Thanks

  13. carol L says:

    Not on Facebook but I love swag, a lot. 🙂 thanks for thinking about those of us who don’t have FB or twitter.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  14. miki says:

    no facebook but i collect swag so i love sawg

    thank you a lot for thinking about all of us

  15. patty curry says:


  16. Christine M says:

    No Facebook, But I Love Swag! Thank you for considering the non-Facebook people as well!

  17. Željka R. says:

    No Facebook, but I love swag!

  18. Jean White says:

    No Facebook on my phone and computer is with geeksquad, but I love swag!!

  19. Lois Imel says:

    Randi- Love those Wild & Wicked, Erotic Cowboys. Thanks for the chance to win all those awesome books in your swag. No Facebook, but I will say that your website & other authors in your swag are a like & thumbs up for me!!!!

  20. adina Weinstein says:

    No facebook but I love swag

  21. orginalsin says:

    done….No way to comment on FaceBook. Thanks for a chance to win an awesome prize..

  22. sapphirepa says:

    I liked all the authors on the Facebook page but for some reason it wouldn’t let me comment.
    The swag looks amazing and I love reading. I’m never without a book!!

  23. Mary Preston says:

    No Facebook, But I Love Swag!

  24. Meredith Miller says:

    Not on Fb too often, but I love swag! Thanks for the chance!

  25. Sandra Rodriquez says:

    Love swag its awesome thanksfor the Chance sa

  26. Melissa Crisp says:

    It won’t let me comment on Facebook but I already liked most but now I like all.

    My email is leighannecrisp at Yahoo dot Com

  27. Jennifer Lessard says:

    I liked and visited all the FB pages requested, liked your author page and personal page, shared post on my FB page and commented on your author page but was unable to comment on the original post that was on your personal page because I am waiting for response on the friend request I sent you. So I thought I would also submit on your blog also to make sure I was signed up. Thank you for the amazing opportunity!

  28. Misty D. Cecil says:

    Hi, I tried going on FACEBOOK but it wouldn’t send me to the right place. But I love swag. Thanks for the chance.

  29. No Facebook at the moment but I love swag

  30. Sharon Baker says:

    Problems with FB. Live Who. Lived there for awhile and still have family all over. Cowboys are the best. Thank you for the contest.

  31. drmchr says:

    No Facebook, But I Love Swag!

  32. Jenifer Redmond says:

    I liked all the pages on Facebook but was unable to comment on the original post because my friend request is pending. I love swag as much as the other gals.

  33. Randi Alexander says:

    We have a winner! Congratulations to Sandra Rodriguez! Thanks to all of you for entering, and be sure to stop back and watch for more giveaways coming soon!

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