Join the party for a chance to WIN!

by Sidda Lee Rain

Hey ya’ll!


I hope your summer is going well. I’ve been a very busy girl in the garden and for the first time I’m canning pickles. And, I’ve made nearly a dozen loaves of different kinds of zucchini bread, I’ve made zucchini lasagna (delicious btw), zucchini fritters…I’m nearly zucchini’d out. Okay, enough with the zucchini, lets talk BOOKS!

I’d LOVE if ya’ll would join in my dual release party with Mizz Dorothy Shaw. Oh! And, INVITE others for a chance to win a $20 Amazon card!
We are both releasing a biker book soon-very soon. Hers a full length novel and mine a novella.


I decided to have a lil’ fun…the •Ignition Infantry MC Heir Sagas• has tropes galore, insta-love, alpha males (and perhaps a very alpha female in a later title), sex considered “taboo” (public sex, breeding, ménage, etc).
Why? Because, why the hell not?😁 Why not have a series where there’s no rules? I don’t do well with rules (in case you hadn’t noticed).
•Ignition Infantry MC• are all former Military men who have found a brotherhood within the MC. This is NOT a dark MC series, the men of •Ignition• tend to lean towards the legal side of MC life…even if it takes a bit of illegal to get there.
*Ooey gooey (blue box) kinda cheesy mixed with grit, gravel and the scent of leather as these modern day vigilantes follow their moral compass that’s always reaching due north…but occasionally there’s a slight detour.

Billy Storm’s (me-Sidda) *COMBUSTION* doesn’t have a blurb yet, but Mizz Dorothy’s *STRIPPED BOUNTY* does (meme below) and boy-oh-boy is it a steamy read let me tell you.


C’mon over and join the party!

There’s some AMAZING authors doing 30 minute takeovers! Mizz Desiree Holt, Sable Hunter, Lori King, Elle Boon, Em Petrova, Donna Michaels, Julie Morgan, Jennifer Sage, Christine Ashworth, Anita Cox, Madison Sevier and MORE!

Join the party and post that you came from the WILD and WICKED COWBOYS blog for a chance to WIN a FREE READ! (1+ winners will be randomly chosen)

Psssst…have a zucchini recipe to share? I’d LOVE to hear it, there’s definitely enough growing in my garden. 😉

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Always remember…

        “If your knees ain’t dirty…

                   You ain’t doin’ it right!”



About siddaleerain

Erotic author, huntress, cowboy connoisseur, biker stalker, all around pleasant yet distasteful kinda girl.
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2 Responses to Join the party for a chance to WIN!

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Have fun! I don’t do facebook but I’m sure it’ll be a good party.

  2. lacombejc says:

    I joined the party and posted on the event, thanks for the chance. 🙂

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