Benjamin’s story arrives by Beth Williamson

Hey y’all! Beth Williamson here. 🙂

After a long journey with the Graham family, I’m proud to say BENJAMIN is officially releasing July 26. I know readers have been waiting for the final story in the Circle Eight series and I want to thank you all for being patient with me. The wait is nearly over!

This is the eighth book in the Graham family series. I’ve come full circle with Benjy – the boy who had become a man only to live in the shadows. The heroine is Grace, the woman who yanks Benjy from his hidey hole and back into life. Together, they’re going to ride into hell and battle monsters. Get ready for raw emotion, danger, murder and living on the edge of sanity, and of course, the deepest love either of them has ever experienced and never expected.

Here are the links for preorder – Google Play and print versions are in the works!

Kindle AU:
Kindle UK:
Kindle Canada:

The shadows can consume us, if we let them. Love can redeem us, if we believe.

Benjamin Graham has spent all of his adult life hiding from his past. Kidnapped as a child, he’s struggled to leave the dark memories behind him until the fateful day when he comes to face to face with a monster from his past. He loses control, he loses himself, and tries to disappear into the wilds of Texas.

Grace Beckett hasn’t had an easy life. Her grief pushes her to disguise herself for revenge, but her path takes a right turn when she meets the Grahams. Ben becomes the only person who can help her, much to his dismay.

When their mission brings them back to the dark past in Ben’s nightmares, they have to find a way to rely on each other, stay alive and become the people they want to be. Love will become their salvation, if they forgive themselves and heal their hearts and souls together.

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2 Responses to Benjamin’s story arrives by Beth Williamson

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Hope you had a good Fourth of July.

  2. Benjamin could put his boots under my bed anytime.

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