Trouble in Disguise by Gem Sivad

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This week I’m sharing a snippet from Trouble in Disguise, my Eclipse Heat title releasing tomorrow. I hope you get a chance to pick up a copy and enjoy.

Deacon waited until the other man disappeared down the steps. Then he fitted the key into the lock, entered and relocked the door before he faced the woman who’d been sent to entertain him.

Shock coursed through him. Lydia’s promise of someone special had for once been fulfilled. Deacon crossed the room and stood before the waiting girl. Women rarely reached above chest high on Deacon since, even barefoot, he dwarfed most men. But his night’s companion met his gaze without tilting her head or craning her neck.

Sooty lashes framed gray eyes flecked with silver, making her appearance strangely exotic. Charcoal brows contrasted with both her pale skin and the white-blonde hair hanging in a silken mane down her back.

“You work for Lydia?” His astonished words were out before he could stop himself.

“Tonight I work for you.” She laughed and touched his sleeve.

Surely she remembered him. But she didn’t mention that the last time they’d met, he’d been staked out over an anthill with strips of flesh torn from his back. Was it possible she’d never gotten a look at his face?

That was the first surprise. Her clothes or lack thereof was his second. Usually Lydia had her girls decked out in transparent costumes that left nothing to the imagination.

This woman wore a ruffled white shirt buttoned from shirttail to neck. It revealed little but what he could see made his breath catch in his throat. His gaze trailed upward, enjoying the shape of her bare feet, defined calves, not quite bony knees and pale columns of sculpted muscles. His gaze stalled on the tail of the shirt where it touched the top of her thighs.

She brushed her hands down her front as if trying to make the material cover more of her. The gesture served only to mold the fabric to her plump breasts, marking the white shirt with dents from the stiff peaks of her taut nipples.

She glanced at her chest and unexpectedly chuckled, the husky sound making its way straight to Deacon’s groin. He forgot about his mission to save Beauregard and ended all thoughts of spending the night alone.

Matter-of-factly she raised her arms to divide the thick mane hanging down her back. When she pulled two thick strands over her shoulders, her shirt pulled taut, displaying puckered nubs. He wanted her.

“I need to clean up,” he said abruptly. She gestured at the tub in the middle of the floor. He shook his head. “Shave first, then bathe.”

He scrubbed his hands and then made short work of lathering his face. He didn’t want to get dirty prints on the white material when he removed it. Excitement rippled through him. “Unbutton your shirt so I can look at you while I scrape off this beard.”

Absently he palmed the soap, rubbing it into lather while he surveyed her. The pale skin and light hair should have made her appear drab or dull but instead they served as a creamy landscape framing each vivid splash of color in her features.

Apricot blush tinted her cheeks as she obediently reached for the shirt plackets closest to the bottom. Long tapered fingers unfastened the lowest four buttons and stopped. The sight of her calloused palm and strong wrist startled him but he forgot about it when he glimpsed the soft nest of curls on her mound.

His glance traveled over the ruffles on the linen shirt past the full swell of unfettered breasts, up the elegant line of her neck. He paused and watched her use the tip of her pink tongue to wet ruby lips. His gaze continued upward until he stared into her eyes. He’d been wrong. They weren’t gray but dark silver, the color of pewter. Laugh lines crinkled at the corners as she lifted a brow inquiringly.

“You don’t remember me?” He tensed, waiting.

“Of course I remember you,” she laughed, her tone husky when she added, “Beau said you needed rescued so there was no way out of it. You owe me a honeycomb. I’m glad to see I didn’t waste it doctoring you.”

“You let Beauregard talk you into going into that camp. That was crazy.”

“Well now,” she drawled agreeably, “we could talk about that. Or—we could play.”

It had been a long time since Deacon had played. A growl of pleasure rumbled in his chest. Though his hands were covered in lather, he touched the ruffled shirt’s neck, ran his finger down the front placket and paused when her breasts swelled on either side of his fingers.

“To here,” he said, leaving a wet mark that clearly defined where she could stop. He resumed shaving, staring at the reflection of his jaw in the mirror instead of at her. Deacon concentrated on keeping his hand from trembling as he scraped away dark whiskers.

“Want me to use that on you?” She gestured at the straight razor, stepping closer to him so he could see her reflection.

The button marking the wet spot he’d left in the middle of the shirt kept it from falling open. Lust roared through him.

“No, you do sloppy work.” He rinsed the razor in the bowl of water, flicking the excess water from it before slicing through the threads holding the last button in place. “You missed one.”
Trouble in Disguise © Gem Sivad 2016

Trouble in Disguise_Eclipse Heat-Final 400x600Since both his partners have married and retired from the hunt, Deacon McCallister is alone when he visits the Pleasure Dome, an infamous brothel in Fort Worth’s Hell’s Half Acre. He’s tracking a counterfeiter but what he finds is TROUBLE—dressed in a man’s ruffled shirt and nothing more.

Bounty hunter Miracle Beauregard calls herself Beau and for years has fooled the general public about her gender. But underneath Miri’s disguise, beats a feminine heart in lust for Deacon McCallister. Though she spends a lot of time dreaming about her rival, she never expects to act upon her longings.

When Miri follows an outlaw to the fanciest whorehouse in Texas and crosses paths with her heart’s desire, she trades her buckskins for bare skin to play the part of Deacon’s paid companion. But, she’s wrong when she thinks her time with Deacon will be just once. After she leaves her bounty hunter rival behind, she discovers he’s so enthralled by his one night lover, he’s on the hunt to find her again—and he’s got forever on his mind.

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