By Sidda Lee Rain (was supposed to publish yesterday but I messed that up. Ooops! Sorry.)

I’m just beginning to get back to my new normal following my dads unexpected death. There were a few weeks there where I didn’t write a word in any of my current projects. I’m slowly getting back into the writing chair with my fingers at the keys. And, I’m very excited about some of the new projects I have coming up.

Many of you know of Mizz Sable Hunter’s HELL YEAH Series. After all theres over 2o titles and growing in that series. Well, I’m beyond excited to say I was invited to write a title in the HELL YEAH Kindle World! (Seriously, how cool is that?)


30 awesome authors will be writing books in the HELL YEAH Kindle World – first launch is August 11th. My title will be releasing in November. Join the reader group and keep up with the authors, with Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah! and with the new world to come.

The book that really inspired me was BADASS #5 in the HELL YEAH Series.



Isaac McCoy is every woman’s dream. He’s a cowboy, one of the Texas McCoy’s of Tebow Ranch – tall, dark, handsome and sexy as hell. To add to the mystery, he’s a biker – clad in black leather, riding a big Harley – he makes the girls swoon. To put it simply, Isaac is the black sheep of the family. And what his family doesn’t know is that he’s also a Dom. Always a little different from his brothers –Isaac has been into fast cars, fast women – and the kinkier side of sex. Until Avery. That’s right’s the Texas Badass has fallen for the angel of Kerrville County – the Baptist Preacher’s daughter – Miss Prim and Proper. And that will never do. As much as he wants her, Isaac pushes her away – sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
Avery has been in love with Isaac for years and she’s ready to make her move. But Isaac makes it clear that they come from different worlds, there’s no way she can fit in to his life. She’s not the kind of woman he needs. So, Avery decides to take matters into her own hands. What she intends to do is take lessons in how to be a bad girl. Avery is determined to learn what it takes to please Isaac in every way. She’s seriously after her Badass – and soon, he’s not going to know what hit him.


I LOVED both the hero and heroine in this story that they inspired me to write DON’T MESS WITH THE BULL…yup, that’s the title I’m working on for the HELL YEAH Kindle World.

Bull is a patch holder for the Ignition Infantry motorcycle club, bike mechanic and former adrenaline junkie…which included time served in the US Army, bull riding and motorcycle racing. He’s rough around the edges and not looking to settle down anytime soon but that might change when he meets Sasha aka Sissy.

Sasha is trying to reinvent herself, a new identity, a new her. But, she’s only got four and a half months to accomplish that. Isaac (hero from Sable’s BADASS) gives her a part time job at his bar Hardbodies where she meets Bull. Bull…far from the suit and tie men she’s usually attracted to that awakens her body in ways she can’t remember ever happening before.

But, she’s running from her past and trying to build a future-not only for herself but another. And, a sexy ass biker is a distraction Sasha just doesn’t need…there’s a big difference between need and want though.


“Can I get you drink to go with that creepy stare you got going on or are you good?”

Lost in his own thoughts he hadn’t seen her watching him in one of the mirrors mounted on the wall. At least now he could see her face. Definitely wouldn’t be a burden doing her face to face. Oh yeah, he wouldn’t mind some good ol’ vanilla missionary position with Miss Lips and Hips. She was beautiful actually. A tiny feminine nose, big eyes that weren’t quite blue but they weren’t really green either. Gray, maybe? Pale skin, now he understood what people meant when they compared someones flawless complexion to milk. Full pink lips were the only thing that could’ve drew his attention away from her milky skin.

“Are you mute or just stupid?”

Sassy. Definitely sassy. “I’ll wait for Isaac.”

She dropped her gaze in the mirror and turned towards him. Sauntering the twelve feet like a walking talking wet dream. “So he speaks.”

“I do.” Bull let his eyes take her in from head to toe. Rarely had he had a physical reaction to a woman like this. By rarely? Next to never.

“Well, well, what do you know?” the corners of her mouth lifted slowly.

When she smiled at him Bull felt his breath hitch. That was new too.


“Isaac is with the beer distributor but I’d be happy to get you a drink.”

Bull glanced up at her. “Wouldja now?” Maybe he sunk a little deeper into his Texas drawl but women tended to mop it up like sausage gravy to a biscuit.

Her blush was adorable. “Well, yeah it’s kinda my job.” she retorted with cloying sweetness.

He chuckled. “I suppose it is.”

Leaning forward Sasha rested her elbows on the high table where he sat. “What’s your poison?”

His eyes took in the deep line of her cleavage that was practically being served to him on a tray.

Snapping her fingers in his face. “Those aren’t being served on or off the rocks.”

“Shame.” Holding her glare he repeated, “I’ll wait for Isaac.”

Rolling her eyes she turned and walked away mumbling that she knew how to mix a drink. That’s not all she knew by the way she practically sashayed across the floor.

DON’T MESS WITH THE BULL…by Sidda Lee Rain coming this NOVEMBER in Sable Hunter’s HELL YEAH Kindle World!

I also have a biker/cowboy book already available in my DIRTY DENIM Series, STEEL HORSE COWBOY.



Chelsea hadn’t been living her life to the fullest…until her beloved Grandmother Rosie past. A letter she left her granddaughter inspires Chelsea to walk away from the life she had and start living the life she wanted. Even if she wasn’t sure what that was. Leaving her condo in Colorado, stepping down from her high paying job and walking away from her fiancé was just the beginning on her journey to find her true self. Thinking she’d find answers on the road Chelsea found herself following the rodeo circuit.

Scotty had never seen a more gorgeous creature before the day he saw her ride up on a horse next to his sister. Auburn hair shining in the sun, skin tight jeans that looked like they had been painted on and sassy, sexy as hell red cowgirl boots in the stirrups topped off her smokin’ country girl appeal. Just so happens a couple months later he would have a chance to get his hands on her as he escorted her down the aisle…of his sisters wedding. Sharing a dance at the reception wasn’t enough of her or her whiskey colored eyes.

Not understanding the draw she had to him was confusing. The man was as far from a cowboy as you can get-yet Chelsea still found him to be the sexiest man she’d ever seen. One night of unadulterated passion would haunt her for far longer than she had ever guessed. Living with the longing, the pain and sadness on her own was her doing but would caving into Scotty again leave her healed or leave her hurting once more?

Could a motorcycle bring them back together and is it their journey now and not just her own?

Warning: This novel contains one certified cowgirl searching for her cowboy but stumbling across a hot ass biker man instead. He gives her the road trip of a lifetime and she rides him like a Harley on a bad piece of road! 

This book is part of a Series but can be read as a stand alone





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Always remember…

    “If your knees ain’t dirty…

                 You ain’t doin’ it right!”


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Erotic author, huntress, cowboy connoisseur, biker stalker, all around pleasant yet distasteful kinda girl.
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  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    Thanks for this. Sorry to hear of your loss, it can be hard to settle back to life when your world is shaken up like that. You wonder how everyone else is getting on as normal when nothing will be normal again. I hope the writing will serve as a positive connection to your future.

    • siddaleerain says:

      Yup. You nailed it perfectly. It’s so strange that life goes on normally for everyone else and I’m left wondering what am I doing? What just happened? Where do we go from here?
      But, life does go on…even when it doesn’t seem like it should.
      Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.

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