Plot This Story For a Chance at One of Two Prizes!

I’d love to send you a super-cute The Sons of Dusty Walker notebook (signed by all the authors plus a cover model and the hero of my stories in the series) and a Randi stylus pen, and I’m also thrilled to name a character after you. All you have to do is help me plot this book.


Here’s the setup – it’s book 3 of the Heroes in the Saddle Series, and we have Clint Black (yes, he’s often teased about the famous name) as our hero. He’s a cowboy, a rancher in Wild Oak, Texas, and works as a paramedic for the town’s fire department.

I’d like the plot of this book to revolve around his being a paramedic. That’s all I’ve got.

If you’ve read Book 1 of the series, Hot in the Saddle, you know that Treven met Delta on Wild Oak’s racetrack, and in Book 2, Rex met Mina when she appeared on his doorstep. Clint appeared in both books. Remember him?

Heroes in the Saddle2

Our hero… Clint is kind of cocky and quite the ladies’ man. Here’s a sample picture of a blond cowboy (extra points if you actually know who this is!)

blond cowboy

Our heroine… she can be anyone from anywhere, so grab a cup of coffee or a caffeinated soda and let your imagination go wild!

Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered in the random drawing for the notebook, but if I use your plot for Book 3, you not only will get a notebook and pen, but you get to name the heroine – and it can be your name if you’d like!

Thanks for your help! I’m crazy-excited to see what you come up with for me!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

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33 Responses to Plot This Story For a Chance at One of Two Prizes!

  1. ELF says:

    Oh…I LOVED Heath Barkley, lol, and thought his ‘sister’ Audra was pretty stunning as well. (yep, showing my age!) Good luck with the new story, I am sure it will be as much fun as the other deliciously sexy ones.

  2. Being a paramedic can be hectic and traumatic, not much can worse than coming up on an accident with children involved. What if the heroine meets the hero due to an accident. Say her only relative, a cousin ends up in a major car accident with her 2 sons and the youngest child happens to be around 4yo and the only survivor because his older brother tried to protect him. The child is mildly injured and attaches himself to Clint and refuses to go to anyone else, so he is more or less forced into takeing temporary custody until our heroine can arrive to take over his care. The heroine is forced to stick around to manage the funeral and help the kiddo with his trauma. This while event throws a wrench into clints life as the child obviously needs his help and finds that he needs the little guy in his life just as much. What if there was something in his past that helps bridge that rare bond with the little guy?

  3. Charlene Whitehouse says:

    Here is my story. He comes across a accident and helps Charlene LeClair a women from Georgia on the run and try to get away from Jackson Willoby. She saw him kill someone and he wants to shut her up before she can testify. After the accident she can not remember who she is and starts to bond with the paramedic. You pick the name. Jackson shows up in town not knowing she can not remember what she saw. Then little bits of flash backs happen and Charlene Panics and starts to run again. You get the gist. Run with it Randi.

    • Randi Alexander says:

      I like it, Charlene! Clint is part paramedic, part protector of helpless woman. Great idea!

  4. flchen1 says:

    Hmmm… maybe he’s been thinking of retiring from being a paramedic because he’s been juggling all his commitments… being a cowboy and rancher isn’t exactly something that gives you a lot of free time. But a woman moves to town who’s looking for ranching work (she’s been a fore-person somewhere else but lost out on the job to a man?)… And he happens to be able to respond to a call or two where he really sees what an impact he’s able to have as a first responder, and she happens to be a kick-a*s cowperson who can help get all his ranching woes taken care of?

  5. Clare O'Beara says:

    Plot the book? But you’re so good at that!
    A firefighter in Ireland has come up with the app to let you know where essential lifesaving equipment is in your vicinity. He’s asking people to snap a picture of a defibrillator, life belt, first aid box etc. and upload so the app will have a bank to work with when your phone GPS wants something located nearby. He has seen that lives could be saved if members of the public just knew where the equipment was.
    Maybe you could work this in to the story. Maybe the paramedic wants to start a similar app in America and the lady is a computer coder who could create one. She’s busy and stressed due to personal circumstances but the paramedic keeps thinking it is urgent and if he helps her out maybe she will help him.

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Oooh, what a fabulous idea, Clare! Thanks for sharing, and I think that app is a smart idea, too!

  6. Tanya Brown says:

    That’s our 6 million dollar man also known as Heath from Big Valley. In real life he goes by the name of Lee Majors :). Since Clint is a paramedic, I believe he needs to save somebody. She has an abusive boyfriend she’s trying to get rid of. She leaves her hometown to escape him and finds a job as a waitress to make ends meet. He finds her, beats her but she still needs to work so she goes in and collapses. Calling 911, Clint Black to the rescue! He’s comical, has a big heart, savior to the underdog. She’s tiny and petite. She unknowingly takes the cockiness right out of him and brings him to his knees. He tries his best to put a smile back on her face. Of course we need the rest of the guys to take down the ex. Let’s throw in a baby she has kept secret from the ex and is in a safe house with foster parents until she can get her feet back underneath her. A little girl who’s the splitting image of her mother and Clint falls instantly in love with once she reveals her whereabouts and they go together to retrieve her. Oh and we can’t forget the border collie that keeps our heroine safe which Clint also has to save from death even though he’s not a vet because the ex gets to the dog while trying again to get to her while under Clint’s protection.

  7. Teresa Forduce says:

    wow that is a great OLD picture of Lee Majors as Heath in The Big Valley!! He retires from being a paramedic after a child dies from injuries in a bad car/semi accident – all I have this early in the morning!!

  8. Ruth Smithson says:

    The woman is working on a ranch hiding from her past trying to keep her head down. When she goes into the barn to get or find something it starts on fire and she gets trapped. Clint gets there first and pulls her out. When he sees her he gets a strong feeling to protect her. The rest of the fire team stays to take care of the fire while Clint goes with her to the hospital to take care of her injuries and wait for her to wake up. When she does wake up she not only needs help to get around from her injuries but she now needs protection from her past as it has caught up with her. Clint is the one that takes on that roll and will not give up. She doesn’t want the help, she just wants to get away and move on to a new town. Clint moves her to his ranch to watch over and help her. He notices that she keeps getting hurt and he keeps fixing her up. Her past can be that she is running from a “mob like group” after her father dies and they think she knows what her father did with the money. Not sure where to go from there.

  9. p60revbear says:

    How about 2 paramedics. She. Came from the city her dad was the chief at the fire station and didnt thik she should be there he refused to let her be a fire fighter so she became a medic. But after figting the guys at the station she was do done. Plus there wss so much fighting in the streets she needed to get awsy. So she took what money she had and head out to texas. Shes always loved horses so she figured she get some tyoe of job until she can check out being a paranedic/ firefightet because with her dad not being their dhe wanted to do both. She loved being paramedic but also loved the outdoors. Even though shes 510 and built on little on the bigger side she new she could work and do just as much as most nen. Matter of fact men was was a little afraid of her. Maybe she could fight brush fires or be a ranch hand u til she could find a paramedic job. She just didnt want to be around a bunch of men who didnt think women coukd fo what they did cayse garauntee she vould do it

  10. p60revbear says:

    By the way love Heath the only show I liked him in.

  11. Natalija says:

    My idea is pretty simple. He is a paramedic, she is a nurse/doctor at a local hospital. They have professional relationship only, but one call changes everything because she is injured. He discovers there is no one to take care of her after the release and he steps in. She is reluctant to accept his help due to him being a flirt/ladies’ man, but after some time she starts to see that there is a different side to him and things go from there…

  12. Barb Jack says:

    Clint is on a call as a paramedic.
    The call is to a vehicle collision , between an Suv and a 3/4 ton Chevrolet Silverado pickup pulling a cattle trailer. The woman driving the pickup has a head wound and a badly broken right arm. There is a bull and heifer in the cattle trailer . The other drive is unhurt . When attempts to help the woman, she doesn’t want any help she wants a vet to check her cattle . She refuses help until a vet is called for her cattle. Clint thinks she ‘s crazy , it’s just cattle , and he tells her what he thinks. But these are blue ribbon Chiangus cattle that have just won premier Championship bull
    At the State fair ! The bull is worth $100,000 dollars. And the woman is going to make a lot of money selling his semen.
    He feels she’s just a silly “stuck jockey” and she thinks he’s just a dumb , stupid “cowpoke”
    The bull is being shown in 3 weeks in Louisville at the “North American Livestock Expo ‘” and the heading to Canada to ” The Canadian Western Agribition ” . Two of the premier livestock shows in North America.
    The heroine needs help showing now at these shows and Clint gets , convinced to help her . A love story ensues
    Just a thought

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Barb, this is so awesome! I love that she’s more interested in her livestock than in her own comfort. A true cattle woman!

  13. Shirley Long says:

    This cocky paramedic has finally met his match. She’s the new doctor on staff at the local hospital. In fact, she is the new Chief of Staff and responsible for getting the hospital back up to standard and making any changes necessary.

    She is also head of ER and tempers fly at their very first meeting. She thinks he’s a joke and he thinks she’s a cold, unemotional bitch. At least he thinks that until he sees and overhears her dealing with a grieving mother who’s lost her child. He now understands why she appears to be so standoffish. She too has suffered the loss of a child and the only way she can survive her job is to close off her emotions and deal only with medical facts.

    At that point, he sees the “real” woman behind the scrubs & decides to go after her, on a personal level. But she’s heard about his reputation as the big ladies man in town and she refuses to have anything to do with him. That is until a mad man, whacked out on drugs, is brought into the ER and goes crazy, using the Dr as a hostage/shield. Then she realizes what a true hero Clint is and decides to give them a chance. Because, you see, she’s always thought he was an awesome paramedic and an even more awesome hot guy. .

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Shirley, this is fabulous. So much great detail, I’m impressed with your storytelling skills!

  14. The picture is Lee Majors as Heath Barkley from The Big Valley. He is a paramedic and she is an E.R. Nurse. They fight like cats and dogs till he is called to the scene of an accident. She is on her way home when another car hits her and leaves the scene. She has a head injury with an arm fracture. She doesn’t have anyone to look after her at home and her best friends are out of town(on a cruise). The E.R. doctor won’t let her go home by herself. It comes to light that a patient she took care of has been stalking her and the police think he is the one that causes the accident. I also like Shirley’s suggestion. I know what ever you write will be fantastic!!!!!

  15. Jackie Wisherd says:

    For part of the plot have Clint help out a good looking fair blonde woman who seemed to be a very nice person and later whenhe tries to find her he thinks he has but she is snippy and not so nice to him.It takes a long time for him to discover that he has met up with twins who have been playing a game with him. By the way the good looking guy is Lee Majors when he was on the tv show The Big Valley.

  16. Shirley Long says:

    Hey me again. I forgot to mention that the picture is of Lee Majors starring as Heath Barkley in the Big Valley. Sure did make a good looking cowboy.

  17. Katherine Horvath says:

    Clint loves his life, ranch owner and paramedic or EMT. He loves playing the field of love. The right woman hasn’t court his eyes and his heart. Firefighters he works with make fun of him because he is a real Casanova. His heart is in to saving lives as an EMT. He loves come to the rescuer of a female in distress.

    He turns up the heat when he can with them. One day when Clint was on his way to start his shift at the firehouse. There was a blue mustang on the side of the road with fire redhead standing next to the car. Clint pulled over to the side of the road to see if she needed help. When he got out of his truck he notice something wasn’t right about her. So he when up to her and said miss are you all right and she looked at him and collapsed in his arms. Clint laid her down on the round and ran to his truck to call 911 because he didn’t have his supplies with him. He check the basics pulse. Pupils, any injures that could be visible. He notice a cut on her for head. He check ever were else. Didn’t seem to been anything else. The ambulance pulled up and it was one of his buddies that he works with. Jeff said so you them falling at your feet as well now, Clint said very funny and explain everything. Clint started jumping in to see if anything else is possible that could be wrong with her. Jeff said to Clint do you know her and he said no the tags on her car say Colorado. Clint said though she is gorgeous. I would like to find out more about her. Let’s get her loaded into the back of the ambulance. I will follow you and call a tow truck for the car.
    When he was on his way to the hospital he call his Chief at the house to let him know what’s going on. Chief grunt and said ok but don’t hang around to long. Clint said ok. He didn’t hang around for to long but asked the nurse to let him know. Clint mind kept going back to the redhead. He kept saying to himself there is something about her that interests him. The look in her eyes and her hair. He just gets all hard thing of her and wanting to making love to her. He has yet officially meet her. The guys at the station are trying to get his attention and he is just day dreaming. So they say it must be a girl because has that look.

    The 3 day on shift for Clint he was making sure everything was ready if they got a call. Will he was cleaning and stocking the ambulance his buddy and partner said hay Clint is they your demsil in distress. He said I think so and went over to what he could help her with. She said I was told by the nurses that I could find my rescuer. He said that would be me. She said thank you so much. Could I treat you to lunch or dinner for helping me. He said sure.

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Lovely idea, Katherine! Thanks for sharing it with me. I can just see the red hair attracting bad boy Clint!

  18. Randi Alexander says:

    Thank you to everyone who left an idea. I have a whole document with these plots now, and you’ll be seeing them sometime in the future! For this story, I’m going with Barb Jack’s idea of the cattle breeder. I’ll contact you, Barb, for your address for the prize, and for the name of our heroine! The random drawing goes to Shirley Long! I’ll contact you directly, Shirley.

    Thanks so much for being followers of Wild and Wicked Cowboys Blog!

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