The mother’s of the DIRTY DENIM crew…

By Sidda Lee Rain


Since Mother’s Day was just this past Sunday I figured I’d introduce you to the many mama’s from my DIRTY DENIM Series. Not one of their stories is a like and not all of them have had an easy road to nor on motherhood. But, each has found their way to happiness with their little ones in tow.

The FINAL book in the DIRTY DENIM Series *Saddled, Straddled and Cinched* will bring us a brand new mommy-to-be and another papoose to an experienced mama.

#1 in the DIRTY DENIM Series *Quick On the Trigger* brought us divorced mother of four girls…Miss Siri.

“You are what I want. I’m ready to move on from the bulls. I am–no doubts,” Jamie declared. “I don’t think you realize how much I mean what I say. I’m gettin’ to damn old for this-not just the aches and pains but I’m gettin’ to old to wait any longer to start my life outside the chutes. I wanna go on to the next stage of my life and you’re the only thing I absolutely see clearly when I imagine what’s next. Do you get that?”
“Jamie, I just can’t make promises that I’m not sure I can keep,” Siri said. “I think you need to live your own life for a while after stepping away from the rodeo after so many years. You might change your mind and head back. I can’t casually bring a man into  my girl’s lives if it’s not for the long haul-I won’t do that to them…I won’t do that to myself.”
He sighed and pulled her tighter in his arms. “That’s what I’m sayin’ Shug. I want to be there for the long haul. I’ve been on my own for years I don’t want to live my life alone anymore. I want it with you and your girls and eventually maybe one or two of our own. Damn if we wouldn’t make some cute kids.”

#2 in the DIRTY DENIM Series *Steel Horse Cowboy* brought us Chelsea. A mother to a baby that was never to be. After suffering silently through a miscarriage alone she realizes that she wanted that baby more than she ever would’ve guessed.

“Ahh, it happened huh?”
“What the hell you talking about, Jamie?”
“You looked at her sittin’ there holdin’ my daughter and then your brain started showing pictures of her pregnant with your kid or her rockin’ your baby to sleep.” Scotty was shocked.
“How in the hell would you know that?”
“I’ve been there, done that. I think it happened the second day I had known your sister. I was by the chutes waitin’ on a ride when I looked over and saw the most beautiful picture I had ever seen at that time. Siri sittin’ on the bleachers, swaying, holding Cody and Monica’s daughter, Shandy. I bet I had the same visions you just did.”

#3 in the DIRTY DENIM Series *Roping Him In* brought us Carly. A single mother to one little girl who she was raising completely on her own. She’d been in love with Shane since she was a child herself but with his indecision Carly was careful to keep her daughters heart safer than she’s kept her own.

Damn, that little brown-eyed girl sure could grow on a man awfully quickly. How the hell Isabella’s birth father could walk away from her was something Shane would never understand. Some men just didn’t know what they had until it was gone; hell, even then they still didn’t. Shane would give the world to have a little girl like that. The way she looked at him, the way she followed him around the farm, the way she acted like he hung the moon when he handed her a stupid little barn kitten. All things a father should cherish…just like her mother.
The woman was far more than he ever deserved. How she made it this far in life without being snagged was beyond his understanding. Carly was a grown woman and had been on her own for years. Handling life alone, raising her daughter alone, and doing a damn fine job of it. All Shane could think was she didn’t need him in her life. Especially, the man he is, the man she didn’t know existed in him.

#3.5 Christmas Special in the DIRTY DENIM Series *Hard Candy Christmas* caught us up with the whole DIRTY DENIM crew. One couple receives their own little bundle of joy during the holidays. And, even a mother of grown children knows her job as mom is never done.

To be fair, she’d come from a different generation, a much different time. She had become stuck in that era’s way of thinking. Being raised a devout Christian, her daughter’s divorce was so much more than a fresh start for Siri and her children. To Janet, it meant a failure both in life and in her faith. Questions at church from some of the ladies of the congregation had humiliated her. Working part time at the library in her small town many of the gossips came in and even more queries about the state of Zack and Siri’s marriage bombarded her.
More than her Lucille Ball hair had changed recently. Her whole realm of thinking had been reworked. Others’ expectations of her had been weighing her down; that is when it hit her like a brick that she had been doing the same thing to her children.
Her eyes stung with unshed tears.
The time to heal was now. Going forward was the only way to get over the past.
Gentle arms circled her waist from behind and from the scent of almond and sugar, she knew it was Siri without even seeing her.
Resting her chin on her mother’s shoulder, she asked, “What are you doing over here by yourself?”
“Just thinking.”
“Care to share?”
 Turning around, she took Siri’s face in her hands and, for the first time since she had been a child, she really looked at her. Not at the beautiful woman she had become—the perfect combination of her father’s good looks and her own feminine features, but the actual woman she had become.
“You really are truly amazing,” she squinted her eyes at her. “You do know that don’t you?”
Janet interrupted her. “No, let me finish please.”
Siri gave her the slightest nod.
“I don’t think I’ve ever told you how proud I am of what you have become. It’s taken me time to understand that it wasn’t you who that broke your vows; it was Zack, and you were merely on cleanup duty, weren’t you?” Janet had viewed Siri walking away from Zack as a failure. She had seen it as Siri breaking her vows taken before the Lord. Wrong.
“You have given me so much.” She closed her eyes and let the emotion take her away. “I never would have imagined the passel of grandkids you’ve given me.” She laughed quietly through the tears. “You’ve been there for your brothers when I should have.” She stopped talking and just looked at her again a new revelation struck. “I should’ve been there for you, and I wasn’t, was I?”
Siri said nothing. That was her answer. She would never intentionally say something that would cause her mother pain—even if it was true.
“I’m so sorry,” the barely audible words still hit like a cannonball.
Dropping her hands, Janet wrapped her in a hug that should’ve happened years ago—when Siri had needed it instead of the grief and recriminations.. It was hug that should’ve happened when Siri remarried and a hug that should’ve happened a million times since.

#4 in the DIRTY DENIM Series *Saddled, Straddled and Cinched* will be bringing you a new expectant mother who not only has to deal with a broken heart, a new life, but also the thought of becoming a single parent in just a few short months.

Excerpt: (Name of the father and soon-to-be-mama have been removed.)
“That bag has a bag of diapers, a few bottles, some bubble bath for you and a box of Whoppers—”
“Just one box?”
“You are an absolute angel, woman, I’d swear by it.” NO NAME kissed her cheek.
Even though she’d only been in South Dakota for two weeks her Whopper craving was well known. Before she found herself pregnant she could care less for the candy but suddenly chocolate covered malted milk balls haunted her dreams and called to her daily.
Running her fingers down the terrycloth sleeper covered in rubber duckies it hit her. “This is really happening.” Laying the garment over her protruding tummy she looked at Siri and this time she didn’t try to hold the tears in. “There’s really a baby in there. I’m really gonna be a mom.”
“Yes, you are. You’re going to be a great mother, NO NAME.”
“Am I?” She wasn’t playing coy she honestly wondered sometimes.
Siri squeezed her hand. “Of course you are.”
“How do you know though?”
Setting the bags on the table, Siri turned towards her taking both her hands in her own. “You loved a man who at some point didn’t deserve your love anymore. You cared for a man you no longer recognized until his dying day. You…” raising her chin with a single finger, “never stopped trying to save him no matter what he did…to himself and to you.”
“I loved him so much Siri—”
“And you will love this baby—the baby you and NO NAME created.” Siri pulled her into her embrace and held her as she cried. “You will love this baby more than you ever thought possible. You don’t have it in you to be anything but an amazing mother because NO NAME? You’re simply an amazing woman with an amazing heart.”

*The DIRTY DENIM Series will be receiving NEW COVERS shortly.* (here’s a sneak peek of the all new look for the bestselling series)


All the DIRTY DENIM books are available on Amazon-except the FINAL book *Saddled, Straddled and Cinched* which will be released later this year.

*Quick On the Trigger* is ONLY .99 NOW!

*Steel Horse Cowboy*

*Roping Him In*

*Hard Candy Christmas*

*Saddled, Straddled and Cinched* COMING LATE 2016!

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  1. Seems like I have some reading to do. Loved the excerpts.

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