Her Bucking Bronc hits the shelves by Beth Williamson

Hey y’all, Beth Williamson here!

I’m super excited to announce the release of HER BUCKING BRONC, book 2 in the Devils on Horseback Millennium series. For a change of pace, this is a contemporary western novella, the descendants of my beloved devils.

Book 1 is HIS FIREFLY COWGIRL, and now we have book 2, HER BUCKING BRONC. This is Hannah Graham’s story and she is a strong, kick-ass woman who needs someone to break her out of the walls she’s built up around herself. In walks a contractor, Dylan Bennett, who is also a hard-ass and no nonsense guy.

Sparks will fly, smexy times will happen, and love, as always, finds a way. ❤

Her Bucking Bronc


Love doesn’t knock at the door. It breaks it down.

Itching to vent two years of repressed anger and grief, Hannah Blackwood is jonesing for a fight. Luckily, some idiot has wandered into the charred remains of her restaurant, just begging to give her and her .380 a little target practice. When he turns around, her body burns with a dizzying reaction she hasn’t felt since she lost her fiancé. Hannah’s rugged, good-looking intruder is the man her brother hired to help her rebuild.

Part-time general contractor, part-time cowboy, full-time hard-ass, Dylan Bennett likes things done his way. The equally stubborn Hannah is a serious pain in the ass, but with a body that should be cordoned off with caution tape, she’s soon invading his fantasies. And becoming a very real wildfire in his arms.

Before long, they’re swimming in darkness born of their need. But to find their way to the light of love, they must let go of the anchors they once thought were lifelines.

Kindle: http://amzn.to/1PDQSqY
Nook: http://tinyurl.com/jcq7doo
iBooks: http://tinyurl.com/jbsdwbr
Kobo: http://tinyurl.com/jcxoylx
ARe: http://tinyurl.com/jtr59rp
Google play: http://tinyurl.com/zx5uo2u
Samhain: http://tinyurl.com/jrcc4nc
Kindle AU: http://tinyurl.com/hwbnbgf
Kindle UK: http://tinyurl.com/zzfzw5j
Kindle Canada: http://tinyurl.com/zlk69kv

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2 Responses to Her Bucking Bronc hits the shelves by Beth Williamson

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  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    I think you might mean he’s a builder or handyman? Here a contractor could be anything like an IT contractor or catering contractor.

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